The Equipment Needed For Yoga Exercises

Restorative Yoga

Equipment for Yoga

There are many kinds of yoga, one of which is called "Restorative Yoga." In these positions and postures, you will use various pieces of equipment to support your body.

For example, the "Legs Up the Wall" pose requires that you place a bolster next to the wall, then put your legs vertically up the wall, while your buttocks rest on the bolster. This pose "helps calm your nerves, balance your endocrine system, relieve fatigue, and increase blood flow to your pelvic region. It also offers your body complete relaxation."

That's the purpose of restorative yoga - to calm your nerves and relax your body, and balance the various systems of your body.

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Your floors are carpeted, so why do you need a yoga mat? Simple...when you're doing postures such as "Extended Triangle Pose," it still possible to slip. With a sticky mat, you avoid that. And you can never have too much cushioning. Where Yoga is concerned, anyway.

Yoga Chair

Yoga Blocks


Another reason for a sticky mat is so that you can place a sturdy chair upon it, when you're going to perform certain postures that require it. You never want to use a chair to assist you in your poses unless it's on that mat. The type of chair you need is one with an open back, so that you can slide your legs through it.

Yoga blocks

Blocks are used to help you balance, support your head or hands, or to provide a base on which to sit while you stretch and elongate your spine. These blocks typically come in either styrofoam or wood.

Yoga Strap


Straps are used when you're in seated or reclining poses to help you stretch your hamstrings. Any type of strap will do, but there are straps specifically made for yoga, that come with a buckle. This is important when you're doing "restorative" postures, where you want to keep your feet and knees in a certain position without having to strain your muscles to do so. By using a belt with a buckle, you're able to cinch the strap so it keeps your limbs in the correct position.

The above are the essential products that will help you do your Yoga exercises without undo stress and strain.

There are a few more items that you could invest in if you cared to.

Special "Yoga blankets" are made from finely woven wool or cotton, and are used to support your back and neck in certain supine poses, to raise your buttocks while in seated poses in order to help keep your spine straight.

You can fold two or three of these blankets over for use as a bolster as well - also used to provide support in restorative poses. Or, you can purchase a couple of yoga bolsters, specially made for the purpose.

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Comments 15 comments

khushe 7 years ago

The article has enhanced my knowledge about yoga. I had no idea about such equipments. All the products listed above seem to be very beneficial and effective.

Usarmymike319 7 years ago

It is interesting to see how many items you need for yoga but how many are everyday items i.e. you could use a tie or chair that is just laying around the house

luisj 7 years ago

If you are going to practise yoga (and you should according these stressing times and jobs we all have) you should know the right equipment ti use. This article elucidate us to do the things well and obtain the maximum without risks. Very good.

Mantra 7 years ago

Hmm. I've never known one needed equipment other than a yoga mat to do most forms of yoga... Is that really true? I've always done it with only a mat...

yoga man 5000 7 years ago

yoga equipment is useless

i use concrete

Dallas B 7 years ago

I never realized how many things were necessary to exercise effectively doing yoga.

Alex 7 years ago

Women never looked so sexy in yoga outfits.

Jane 7 years ago

Using a strap or band is the only way I can do leg extensions to the side in yoga. I find the bands very comfortable.

everythingandnothing 7 years ago

Pretty interesting. I've always wanted to try yoga but have never had the time.

Marie-Jeanne 7 years ago

I also enjoy sometimes using a little bench made of wood for meditation.

My knees get some relief.

John Mazza 7 years ago

Good article. I never knew I needed so much for yoga!

connielee 7 years ago

Anything to help relieve stress is a good thing.

curtangel profile image

curtangel 7 years ago from Warr Acres, OK

I agree that the one item you absolutely must have is the yoga mat. I've owned a yoga mat before and its much safer than say... a blanket or a towel. I am curious about the "bolster" though -- I wonder if it needs to be a particular size, particularly for a position such as "Legs on the Wall". I'd imagine too high might be uncomfortable, but too low wouldn't have the benefits.

midge 7 years ago

I hadn't seen the blocks before, I didn't know there was equipment to yoga. I always thought it encouraged simplicity.

ufgcom profile image

ufgcom 7 years ago from Florida Author

Yoga does encourage simplicity. If you see the equipment that people use, its usually things you can find at home, like a chair or towel. You can use boxes or folded up towels as block, so you really don't have to spend money on equipement for yoga.

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