The Final Acts.

The Final Acts.


Oh how dramatic they become,
when I enter their lives,
stepping through
the curtains of darkness
into a spotlight they never expected.
Some weep and plead forgiveness,
others tremble and close their eyes..
Many deny my calling
and try to flee in vain.
I don't get much applause,
because they are all the actors here,
acting healthy, happy,
ready to go on,
but their encores have passed.
Often they glare at me with hate,
but some simply throw up their arms
and embrace me.
Many are flung at my feet,
rag doll marionettes,
transported through
high speed stops.

Far too often they

leave me little to work with.

I cast and direct tragedies,

my best cattle calls are in Iraq,

Afghanistan and the Sudan of course.

Thousands come daily
to take part in my final show,
for I am well known as Death,
the master of the
grand finales where:

"All the world is a stage,
and I was born to sweep it."

( o o )
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