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My mother, is well known for her fitness. She always has the latest fitness gear and doesn't stop banging on about how exercise is so beneficial. Yes alright mum I KNOW!
See now as much as I'd like to think I was fit and healthy... well I'm just simply not. And I know exactly why! - I'm just plain lazy. Okay so I'm not going to moan that I am over weight or obese, because I know I am not. But that doesn't mean that I'm healthy!
I am a member of the gym, and when it comes to the cross trainer, the treadmill and the bike I tend to avoid it. Instead I go over to the corner and do my sit ups and stomach crunches or I go pull some weights. Much more my thing (you don't get out of breath!)
See that is my problem, I have a toned upper body, but because I rarely do any actual cardiovascular exercise, I find my bottom half to be fairly flabby and totally not toned! And I don't really do anything about it to improve my situation. Until the other day when my fitness fanatic mother came home with a pair of FITFLOPS.
Now I hear you ask me, what on earth is a Fitflop!?
A FitFlop is basically a flip flop, but it has a lot more benefits than just keeping your feet cold and breezy!


The FitFlop!

A FitFlop is a shoe that is designed to keep you in shape, but without all the hassle and hard work!
The shoe has been designed so that it slightly destabilises you causing your muscles to engage each time you step. Basically making the muscles in your legs and bum work harder than normal whilst walking, which eventually results in the muscles toning up.
The material that is used in the sole of the shoe, to cause this effect is a foamy material called EVA Foam, which also makes these FitFlops a comfortable wear.

The whole idea behind the FitFlop is to tone up, without having to think about it. You can wear the shoes around the house whilst doing your chores, or when you go out to do the weekly shop and with out even thinking about it you are toning your calves, thighs and bum!
Another great benefit from the FitFlop is that it appears to decrease the stress in your feet, legs and back which results in less tear and wear and even lessen some common aches and pains.
Pretty amazing right?

So why is the FitFlop good for you?

Basically, the way the FitFlop is designed is like the "barefoot technology" shoe. Because of the material that it is made of and the midsole densities it helps support the muscles and joints and decreases the stress in the great toe joint as well as making the muscles work just that little bit harder than normal. Unlike the flip flop which can actually have the reverse effect on your joints in your feet, legs and back the FitFlop could help you in the long term process to decrease your aches and pains. And if worn long enough could start to tone up your muscles.

Though it is advised that you "break into" the FitFlops slowly, because they are designed to work your muscles, meaning your feet and muscles won't be used to the activity and you will find that your feet will ache when you first start to wear them. Just like any other kind of exercise when you first start off.

Also the FitFlop is not your answer to getting fit, but is definitely a no hassle and practically effortless way to start toning you calves, thighs and bum up! AND they look great on, they are very casual and easy to just slip on!

My Favourite Designs

These "Rebel" FitFlops have a real edgy rock star look about them, and I'm all for the rock star look!

The second pair, are more glam and fun looking, say if you were on holiday and were off out for something to eat then these would be the pair I would pick!

My 3rd and final favourite are the Pietra bronze FitFlops. They they kind of FitFlop I would call casually smart. They look goo again if it was a hot summers day and you were off out for a meal etc.

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Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Great Hub - Some of these Flip Flops do look Trendy.

Really nice and Comfy. I just need a beach to show them off. :)

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