The Five Most Common Symptoms of Diabetes

The Five Most Common Symptoms of Diabetes

The pancreas is the organ in your body that produces insulin. Insulin is the enzyme that processes the sugar in the body. When you have diabetes, the pancreas produces no insulin (Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes) or is produced, but not enough to cover the consumption of sugar in the body (Diabetes Type 2 Early adulthood). View the five most common symptoms of diabetes.

1. Urinating to often

It will appear as you go to the bathroom every five minutes, making it appear that you spend most of your day in the bathroom. The body can not process all the sugar you eat, then it releases the excess through urine.

2. To much thirst

As a result of successive trips to the bathroom, you have to drink plenty of liquids to replace water loss through the urine for the reasons explained above.

3. High Rate of Blood Sugar

The reading of blood sugar is normally between 80 and 120. If the pancreas is functioning properly, you can expect a number well above 120. Stay tuned! A reading above 200 is going to be very uncomfortable.

4. Fatigue

After a long period of high blood sugar, you can get very tired and spend the day sleeping. It is the opposite of what normally happens. When a child has a high sugar intake, it becomes super-active: She's suing the sugar you eat. A diabetic can't handle the sugar properly, and therefore can not use the energy from it.

5. Quick Weight Loss

Long periods of high blood sugar can lead to a condition called ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis in the cells of your body do not have to use sugar as fuel. So, to restore this deficit, the body uses its fat and muscle, resulting in loss of weight very fast. This is the most severe symptoms of diabetes, if you have this symptom, see a doctor.

One possible scenario is for diabetes if you are feeling one or two of the symptoms listed above. If you are having frequent urination and thirst, this does not guarantee that you have diabetes, but it is definitely a reason enough to seek medical attention.

How can you combat the symptoms of diabetes? If your pancreas still works correctly you may be able to reverse the disease by changing your diet and your lifestyle by eating less sugary foods and exercising more.

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