The Health Benefits of Paprika


Paprika is high in vitamin C and nine times more than tomatoes. Paprika originated in South America and now has spread around in European countries especially in Spain and Hungary. Paprika also contains carotenids and capsaicin.

Health Benefits of Paprika

1. Paprika helps with regulating blood pressure.

2. Good source of vitamin c, which helps with preventing scurvy, colds and absorbs iron.

3. Paprika contains antibacterial protein and helps control the growth of some bacteria’s such as Salmonella that can be transferred during ingestion.

4. Paprika has antioxidants that help the immune system to be strong.

5. It also an energizer, stimulant, and paprikas are used to treat depression, tiredness and lethargy.

6. Paprika is also good for the heart because of the capsaicin it is used to reduce substance P a transmitter responsible for swelling.

7. Paprika is also good for the cardiovascular system and helps with blood circulation by preventing or controlling cholesterol.

8. Paprika helps to lower the risk of cancer because of the capsaicin it contains.

9. Paprika increases the production of saliva and stomach acids to aid digestion.

The above health benefits will be useless if you use the dried paprika it is best to use paprika while is still fresh and juicy.

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moiponetsoka profile image

moiponetsoka 3 years ago from South Africa Author

@S it is listed as one of the foods that help with fatigue but no amount is shown, eat it in moderation i say...

Moiponetsoka 3 years ago

Thanks for reading @Vampsdes

3 years ago

How much paprika to be used to help curb depression/fatigue?

monahamed profile image

monahamed 4 years ago

I don't like eating paprika too much . But I think I could give it a try after knowing its benefits. Good hub.

moiponetsoka profile image

moiponetsoka 4 years ago from South Africa Author

i am glad you found this hub informative and thank you for reading.

Vampsdes profile image

Vampsdes 4 years ago from Missouri, US

I honestly knew nothing about Paprika, let alone it contained all of those benefits! Other than using it as a spice for flavoring, I didn't think it had much use for anything else. Knowing all of these things and how nutritional it really is, I'm sure I'll be using it much more in the future! Very informative, voted up!

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