The Health Care Systems of America Are Failing

Because of the increased sophistication due to technology and bureaucracy, the health care system of the United States is increasing not only administrative costs and the cost of training for health care professions and specialists have skyrocketed since the 1960s. In the 40s healthcare consumed only four percent of the gross national product but during the year 1992, the health care costs in America expanded to fourteen percent. This not sound too alarming except that the fourteen percent is off an eight hundred billion GNP where in the 40s it was only four billion dollars. Today health care cost Americans over a trillion dollars annually.

The sad thing is almost a third of America is without health insurance at all while many others have inadequate health insurance. To increase the number of covered Americans many organizations are coming together and they are focused on making the current system less expensive or refurbishing the entire health care system all together. This could take a very long time and in the interim, many Americans will go untreated with both their health and their lives at stake. The debate on health care and the intentions are failing so it may not happen at all. Today almost forty million Americans are limited in how they function because of chronic illnesses that range anywhere from pain, digestive problems, heart problems, mental conditions and arthritis. Even people with potential deadly diseases such as cancer are going without care and counting their days on this earth. There has to be another way.


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