The Healthy Planet Diet

The Healthy Planet Diet -- One Step At A Time

The Healthy Planet Diet is my solution to the many failed diets that have not stopped the puzzling epidemic of obesity sweeping America.

I say the "puzzling" epidemic of obesity because it's hard to know exactly what has caused this giant health problem to appear essentially "out of nowhere" in the past 35 years. There are so many factors that influence our weight, but here are my top suspects as the biggest influencers on our astounding weight gain:

* High Fructose Corn Syrup -- Our Weight Really Took Off When HFCS Was Introduced Here

* Fast Foods and the Drive-Through Culture: A Diet Based on Animal Protein, Fat, and Sugar, Laced With Appetite-Stimulants Like MSG

* An Affluent Lifestyle Where Hard Work and Ingenuity Are Rewarded with Expensive Mechanical Toys, Such as Autos and Big Screen TVs

* Less Physical Work, Less Exercise, More Stress from Traffic Jams to Office Tensions

* More Exposure to Environmental Toxins Through Our Diet, Air and Water Pollution, Increased Usage of Pharmaceutical Drugs

* We Get Too Little Exposure to Natural Sunlight -- the best source of Vitamin D

All that is necessary for you to know is that eliminating as many of these wild cards as possible and sticking to real, (ideally) organically grown vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, whole grains, legumes, and nuts -- while limiting meats, sweets, and processed foods in general -- will help you begin to lose the fat and improve your health. That is really all you need to know.

Knowing that processed foods have been designed and focus-group tested so that they will cause us to eat more than we intend is very motivating to me. Understanding that the addition of flavor enhancing chemicals, which have been proven to cause obesity in lab animals, is a conscious practice by the food industry makes me want to deny them the pleasure of having my money while they knowingly damage my health.

But, Again, You Don't Need To Know This

All you need to know is you have a simple road-map to follow that will get you back to being slim, fit, and healthy again. The Healthy Planet Diet is that "road map" that has worked for millions of people in the healthiest cultures in the world. The only reason it might not work for you is if you choose not to follow it.

I should mention that about 20% of people don't respond to the Standard American Diet by getting fat. This is a genetic thing, but it doesn't necessarily mean they won't have serious health problems resulting from our non-nutritious diet. A diet that doesn't contain the building blocks our body needs to grow and repair and protect itself from disease will harm all who eat it -- we just all reflect that damage in different ways.

When the terrible health consequences are so clear from our general diet and lifestyle that gradually leads most of us from being healthy and normal weight ... to overweight ... to obese ... to diabetic -- we would be crazy not to do something drastic about it.

If you are the rare person who knows that correcting this massive problem requires that we strike at the root of it, rather than smother the symptoms with alcohol, more vicarious pleasures, denial, and pharmaceutical drugs, then you have come to the right place.

I'll be frank with you: You're going to have to eat and drink differently than most of our fellow Americans are now eating. How much different is up to you. But to the degree you eliminate the worst parts of the Standard American Diet of meat, potatoes, a sprig of parsley and a few overcooked vegetables (and a big dessert!), you will have a much easier time avoiding the overweight, and/or the diseases that go with it.

Because my parents were 42 and 40 when they brought me into the world, I have seen at a young age a lot more of the sad, ugly end stages of life. I am more willing than most to do anything I can to avoid what happened to my father, mother, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

You don't need to go that far. In fact, with just small changes in your diet and exercise habits, you can successfully -- (for a change!) -- avoid the growing obesity and/or lifestyle diseases that dog the later lives of those all around you.

This is called the "Healthy Planet Diet" because, not coincidentally, our diet is very hard on our environment.

It is very inefficient to raise acres and acres of corn and soybeans -- which cows, in particular, are not able to easily digest -- and feed it to them anyway. Most of it is turned into highly acidic manure, with a net loss of food calories. Even the manure is useless, being so acidic that farmers can't easily put it on their crops. As a result it is minimally treated and for the most part left to wash into our rivers, where it kills the fish, frogs, and even a huge 5000 square mile Dead Zone as it pours out the mouth of the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico.

So, there is a huge benefit to our economy and our ecology if we simply eat less animal-source protein and convert more acreage to feeding people, rather than cows, chickens, pigs, and farmed fish.

Author Peter Diamandis, MD, a carnivore, points out that raising beef takes 54 calories of energy from vegetables and petrochemicals to produce 1 calorie of beef food energy. Vegetable sources of protein typically cost about 16 calories for each calorie of food value.

Livestock production takes up 70% of all agricultural lands and 30% of all land surface on the earth. If global demand for meat doubles by year 2050, as predicted, where are the rest of us going to live?

Through USDA subsidies to farmers, generally huge corporations, you and I are paying for this waste of oil, natural gas, land, and food that is being run through the digestive systems of animals, which turn it into a hazardous waste problem -- and a relatively tiny amount of protein of questionable value for our health.

This is a big, BIG story, which is covered in more detail in Fast Food Nation, Food Inc., The Omnivore's Dilemma, and Diet for a New America. I have read them all and recommend them highly, if you want to know how the food that is making us sick is also harming our environment.

So, this is one more clue that we need to change our diet -- not just for our appearance's sake, or even our health, but to safeguard the quality of the earth we leave to our children's children.

Nevertheless, the environmental effects our chosen diet causes is a side issue. You are here, hopefully, to learn how to get slim and fit and stay that way for a long, healthy life.

Here is how the Healthy Planet Diet works:

It is as simple as 1) Eat more Vegetables, ideally cooked lightly or eaten raw from organic sources whenever possible; 2) Eat less meat, dairy products, factory-farmed fish, and eggs; Cut out as many processed foods, packaged foods and snacks, sugars(especially!), and other refined carbohydrates, such as white rice, bread, soft drinks, and pasta; 4) Drink purified or spring water, not from the tap(fluoride); and 5) Get 30 or more minutes of brisk cardiovascular exercise a day.

Prior to starting this program, take a digestive system cleansing product to rid your liver and your colon of toxic buildups. This will make your digestive system so much more efficient, so you will get more nutrients out of the food you do eat -- and therefore, will need to eat less to feel satisfied.

During the program I have found it very helpful to take a combination metabolic stimulant and an appetite suppressant to ramp up thermogenesis in your body and take your mind off wanting to eat when you're not really hungry.

If you are not willing to do any part of this program, that is fine. You can be in our "control group". You can sit back and watch, to see if what I predict for you comes true. Or, you may join the latest fad diet that catches your fancy.

The problem with watching and waiting -- doing nothing -- is that chronic degenerative diseases have a way of sneaking up on us slowly. By the time we realize we're sick, it is too late to easily solve the problem.

The Healthy Planet Diet is all very mainstream and backed by good science, though the meat, dairy, and processed food industry lobbyists will protest -- but that is what they're paid to do!

It all comes down to this: If you want different results than the average person who eats the Standard American Diet, you are going to have to do something differently. If you are sincere about changing the way you look and feel, you need to change the way you eat.

Notice I didn't say you must totally give up meat, milk products, eggs, sugars, or any of the rest! I am just suggesting that moving towards a healthier diet and activity level will give you positive visible results -- and these will motivate you to continue, rather than quit or backslide.

This diet is not rocket science. It is basically what your mother used to tell you: "Eat your vegetables!" Meat -- believe it or not -- is a luxury, not a nutritional necessity. I am living proof that you don't need to eat meat to be healthy. For that matter, Gorillas are even better examples that eating meat is not necessary to build a strong body. We are genetically very similar to gorillas and chimps, who eat very little in the way of animal foods, such as grubs and termites, mainly. (You may eat all the grubs and termites you like on this diet.)

The Healthy Planet Diet works to the degree that you use it. You don't need to count calories. You don't have to avoid carbs, as long as they are natural and unrefined. Eat your fill and lose weight without hunger is a workable program that will motivate you to keep getting healthier.

This Next Sentence Is Key!

Unlike the Standard American Diet, which is like a funnel that helps you slide further into unhealthy eating -- and for most, more excess poundage -- the Healthy Planet Diet will give you natural incentives to keep moving toward healthier choices, because you will want to see how much better you can feel.

The speed you progress is up to you. No-one will be standing over you to prevent you from enjoying an occasional piece of cheesecake. The Healthy Planet Diet takes an adult approach to making you conscious that your progress depends on how much you choose to follow simple, proven rules of eating and lifestyle.

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