The Immune System at a Glance Part VI

Do you take too many antiobiotics?


Lets continue down this road of the immune system suppressants, leaving the food and food additives for another time.

We now know that when our immune system is healthy and fit, our bodies are able to fight off the infections and bacteria that are doing us harm. However, sometime along the way, our immune system can't handle some of the bacteria or serious infection and we have to rely on the help of the chemicals and/or the drugs.

Enter, the antibiotics. The drug of choice, developed for the purpose, to aid the fight, by assisting and destroying the harmful bacteria. For a long while, an antibiotic was the most abused drug on the market because they we're used for everything like any time someone had a sniffle...and the overuse of antibiotics became very harmful.

The main reason for this harmful affect was that the antibiotics killed everything. They killed the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria in the body. Not good, because we need the good bacteria in the body to function properly. We need the good, friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract to fight off the bad bacteria and keep everything in balance. We need that 80% balance of friendly bacteria for a healthy digestive system to perform properly.

Very educational lecture about the different strains of bacteria and viruses

Normally the ratio of good to bad bacteria in the gut should be an 80-20 split ...that being, 80% good or friendly bacteria and 20% bad bacteria. But, because of our "lifestyle habits", it ends up be reversed, with 20% good and 80% bad bacteria. That's where the trouble begins by further inhibiting the immune system by allowing the bad bacteria to become more resilient.

Now the cycle begins. The bad bacteria mutate or change to the conditions in the body just to survive...and the drug companies make stronger antibiotics to wipe out and destroy the mutated bacteria and the cycle goes on. Time for the swat team!!

Sooo, some say the antibiotics are good...some say they are bad. Some say the antibiotics are solving one problem, but on the other hand, creating another problem. Some say, for the minor sniffles or the low risk infections, that it might be better to just let the body do the job on it's own. This all affects our immune system in it's own way.

What say you? ..."who's to bless and who's to blame."

Stick around, more to come.

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gjcody profile image

gjcody 8 years ago Author

Thank you for stopping by ...I appreciate your views. I too take vitamins and herb. My opinion is there are a lot of studies in Europe because many of the herbs have been used for centuries. But two cheers for you for taking the natural route.

I thank you for visiting and joining my fans ...stop by again! My best to you and your health!!

Jeanette M 8 years ago

Antibiotics can be life savers, but I agree that they are wayyyyyy over prescribed. When I can, I try to use diet and herbs to combat colds and infection. Though there isn't a lot of research on the efficacy of natural treatments, in my personal experience I've found them to be very beneficial.

Thanks for informative hub-


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