Why You May Have Trouble Sleeping

Gotta' Rest, People!
Gotta' Rest, People! | Source

You're Messing Yourself Up!

You don't sleep and you're not healthy! You're dang right it's your fault. Don't get down, though. A lot of people who have health issues bring the calamity upon themselves. What's that? You said not sleeping enough is not considered "health issues"?

Okay, well, if that's the way you feel then stop reading because the fact is that sleep deprivation can lead to some serious health risks! A person's brain is 40% less reactive than those who get enough sleep. And that's about 7-9 hours. You know what that means?

I know that studies and medical journals like to candy-coat it for you and say things like "less reactive" and "lacked clarity" but the fact is that if you don't sleep enough you could be 40% stupider than the guy or girl next to you. It's like temporary brain damage!

Factors That Interfere With Sleep


If you're stressed than you're body is wound too tight, mentally and physically. Try working out more and breathing techniques to help relax. When possible, remove stressing catalysts from your life. If it's a spouse...well, you're on your own!


About the amount of caffeine that can be found in 1-2 cups of coffee is okay. Swilling gallons of joe is bad. It can mess up your nervous system and keep you awake! There are diet benefits that can be reaped from caffeine but drinking too much of it, especially near bed time, is a bad idea.

Alcohol Consumption

Some people feel that alcohol helps them sleep better...okay...we'll go with that if we're talking about a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail every other night. But if you drink every night to get to sleep then that is called "passing out drunk" and you most likely have other health issues. Get some help.

Your Sleep Environment

Too cold. Too hot. Not dark enough. Too loud. Uncomfortable bed. Your sleep environment is a big deal. A prime sleep environment is completely dark, void of noise and cool...not cold.

Other Reasons

There could be other reason that mess with sleep such as work schedule, especially shift-work. Ever try sleeping on the road all the time? Respect the truck driving life! How about if you're job has you sleeping when everyone else (your family?) is running around awake and lively? T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Traveling can also be a large sleep hurt factor. "Red-eye" travel and time-zones will play havoc with a sleep schedule.

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