The Indigo Children

Who Are The Indigo Children?

Who are the Indigo Children? What makes them different from other children? I have heard snippets of conversations when others speak of them, but never took the time to learn more about the subject until now. People speak openly about them, in casual, friendly conversations, or in more meaningful ones in Metaphysical Shops. Metaphysics is the truth which lies behind what is hidden, something that always interests me. So I decided I wanted to see what was true or false about these children. I did know that many of these children have very high IQ’s, yet are often diagnosed with learning disabilities. How can this be possible? So began my quest for answers.

My first source was Wikipedia, which gave me limited facts. The information I found there called Indigo Children “an unscientific name or label used for children whom are thought to show special, supernatural, or out of the ordinary abilities in whatever subjects interest them the most.” The title of “Indigo Children” came from a woman named Nancy Ann Tappe in the 1970’s, in a book Understanding Your Life Through Color. Ms. Tappe could read auras, and realized that during the late 1960’s, many children did have auras or energy fields around them that were a shade of blue we call indigo. But the concepts and other information about these young people became more frequently discussed during the 1990’s, when books were published that were often found in “New Age” bookstores. Something that is difficult to explain often ends up in the “New Age” category, although much of the information found in Metaphysics is either old information being relearned by societies, or new ideas that science has not caught up to yet. It appears that a whole group of children with ages that vary by about fifteen years and exhibit many different traits are being lumped into one category. In 1998, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober wrote The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived. This book brought much publicity about Indigo Children, making the subject more open to discussion. Carroll and Tober viewed the purpose and goal of these children as one of “bringing peace into the world.” They do, however, link the concept of Indigo Children to the ADHD diagnosis. But they went on to explain that these children are in a new stage of evolution, and need more than medication, they need special treatment.

Many parents and schools claim that certain children have special needs, and this is often true. But in this case, it appears that the school systems feel that children identified as Indigo Children have learning disabilities such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and want them to be put on Ritalin or other drugs. Susan W. Whedon held a conference in 2009 where she discussed an article she wrote called Nova Religio, which spoke of the crisis of American childhood. She noted the large increase of children being diagnosed with the learning disabilities mentioned above, and her concerns that just as some parents refused to put their children on medications, others were overmedicating them to help them deal with the classroom situation better. She also notes that these children have a “heightened awareness” of what is happening around them, and that these over-sensitivities were responsible for many of the problems they experienced in the classrooms, often with violence and arguments. Many parents are opposed to drugging their children, believing they are special, but in a different way. These parents think their children are bored with the uninspired curriculums at the schools, and it’s this lack of interesting lessons and engaging teachers that causes the children to act out. In other words, the children are just plain bored.

Conferences have been held, one in 2002 in Hawaii, which attracted six hundred people who wanted to learn more about Indigo Children. Subsequent conferences were also held in FL and OR, also well attended by people trying to understand this special breed of child. Many books have been written about Indigo Children, whom are believed to be a more intelligent species of people whom are more evolved than older people on Earth. Many of them do have paranormal, psychic, or telepathic abilities, and they seem to be much more creative and empathetic than other children in their age brackets. Stephen Hinshaw, a professor at University of California, Berkeley, agrees with the concerns of overmedication, but feels that gifted children still learn better in a structured setting. This is in response to a large number of parents all over the U.S. whom are taking their children out of the public school system and home schooling them, or enrolling them in Charter Schools. 

I believe everyone is special in some way, but do understand that teachers and schools can do only so much, especially for bored students who may also be lacking in discipline if their parents believe they are so “special.” Unfortunately, these children must be diagnosed to either get help or special programs, and no parent likes to be told that their child must undergo psychiatric care to determine what the problem may be. This is especially true if the parents are seeing creative art work, or that their child is exhibiting higher levels of any skill than their peers. In the past years, many children have been overmedicated by a medical system in the U.S. that would rather spend a few pennies on pills per child rather than spend much more money for hours of psychotherapy to find out if a child is really having difficulty learning, or is just unhappy in a school environment that is insensitive to their needs. Autism is also becoming prevalent in school aged children, and often people with Autism are highly intelligent, though it is very difficult to find out where they should be placed on the Autism spectrum. Some speak later than other children, or have aversions to noise or crowded classrooms, which overstimulate or frighten them. But children with Autism can function at very high levels in certain subjects. So the next problematic issue is to discover whether the child does have a learning disability, or if they are an “Indigo Child”, who do actually have a list of specific traits, as explained by Lawrence Wilson, MD, in his book The Indigo Chidren.

Characteristics of Indigo Children

Extreme sensitivity



Independent Streaks

Strong Wills

Often viewed as strange or different

A clearly defined sense of themselves and their orientation or purpose in life

Concern with Spiritual matters

They see angels

Have a strong recollection of relatives that have passed on, and either dream or still communicate with them

See spirits or ghosts regularly

Have trouble sleeping

Feelings of entitlement or royalty

Have high levels of intelligence

Seemingly short attention spans which could be due to boredom

Will resist authority if it is not democratically oriented

Have preferred learning methods, especially in reading and math

Psychic and intuitive abilities

Artistic and linguistic talent

They feel misunderstood, and school becomes harder if they become less accepted by peers

They are assertive and energetic

They are generally labeled as either “Gifted” or “Troubled.”

They need to be treated with respect and honesty

Answer their questions, even if you need research in order to do so

They need the room to explore to find their own strengths

Artwork by a young Indigo Child
Artwork by a young Indigo Child
Artwork by a young Indigo Child
Artwork by a young Indigo Child
Lonely Indigo Teen
Lonely Indigo Teen
More Artwork from an Indigo
More Artwork from an Indigo

Indigo Children Are Very Intelligent

Mental health professionals emphasize that Indigo children may be difficult to deal with if they are disciplined in an incorrect or demeaning way. They may be unsociable unless they are surrounded with people like themselves, and withdraw, preferring to be alone. It is best to try to let them make decisions with the parents about whatever concerns them, as long as the parent is clearly in control and there is discipline. These children think big, and some school systems lack the resources or personnel to assist them in carrying their ideas to fruition. They are not “rote” learners, but need to learn by exploration and examples. They do not like a subject unless completely absorbed by it. But this could be true of any child who is labeled, especially one intelligent enough to know that the label is wrong. Some professionals do agree that these children have the potentials to bring great and positive changes to our planet. They say it has been proven that in the last fifty years, although test scores have gone down, IQ scores have risen. It used to be that only 1 in every 10,000 people possessed an IQ of 130, but many of these children have a score that high. An IQ of 160 is a genius level, and some that high are being seen in Indigo Children. Some schools do not have programs creative or exciting enough to be prepared to teach these children, especially if they are smart well beyond their grade level. They can become withdrawn if they have to stifle their creativity in order to “belong.”

Opinions regarding whether these children are actually special seems split in the medical community and in the court of public opinion. It has also been discovered that Indigo Children have an extra strand of DNA that is active. DNA is a blueprint of life, and is located in every cell in the body. In addition to each chromosome 2 strand double helix of DNA available to each of us, there are an additional 10 etheric strands which have been dormant since known history. The “etheric” element is the one that “hovers” in our energy field. Scientists acknowledge that we currently only use 3 percent of our current 2 strand DNA. But there are some children born throughout history to raise the planet with their intelligent and loving natures. They use the 3rd active strand of DNA, and they are Indigo Children. This extra DNA helps them possess attributes that help them perform greater human accomplishments. Along with the extra DNA, these children also have different livers, which seem to have adapted to accommodate much of the “junk food” humans eat in these times. Some doctors truly believe that they have been seeing children maturing emotionally beyond their years in the last fifteen years or so.

The feeling of not fitting in
The feeling of not fitting in

I watched a video on YouTube that was hosted by Anderson Cooper, a well known commentator on CNN News. He had an expert in Kirlian photography, Nancy Stevens, on his show to take pictures of several children whose parents claimed that they were “Indigo Children.” These cameras show the energy fields or auras surrounding the subject of the pictures. She snapped a picture of Anderson Cooper, and his aura was yellow, a sign of high intellect, and white, showing that he was surrounded by helpful spirit guides. When she took pictures of several of the children, the auras were indigo blue, meaning that they are good communicators. Each person has seven chakras, or energy centers in their bodies. They begin at the bottom of the spine, the first one is red, and follow the colors of the rainbow as the chakra center is found higher in the body. The indigo blue one is the “third eye”, located right between a person’s two eyes, but it cannot be seen. It is the center that processes what is seen on the psychic level, and is only one level below the purple or violet chakra, called the crown chakra, where we are either open or closed to new ideas, information, and our own psychic abilities.

I have added a video and given a few examples of artwork created by these children. There have been many brilliant and powerful people in the history of the world who caused much destruction by the misuse of power and knowledge, both of which are neutral in themselves. I prefer to err on the side of believing these Indigo Children are blessed with special intelligence, psychic powers and gifts, and that they also temper that with the common sense and restraint necessary to help make our Earth a better place. I have learned in my Metaphysics classes that the rate at which more spiritual people vibrate is faster. More people are vibrating faster than in earlier times. Perhaps this means that as we approach the future, we can finally learn to share our knowledge, draw upon our spirituality, and together begin to work together towards solving the world’s problems as we live together in peace and harmony.

© 2011 Jean Bakula

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Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello hush4444,

Being interested in Metaphysical topics, I was aware of Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal children. But my son is the permanent sub in a local school district, he is certified K-5, and is waiting to find a position in K or 1st grade, as he's gifted in working with young kids. I was shocked to hear from him how many children are "classified" as they now call it. Apparently many are showing signs of autism, but in those grades they are so young. He says if they improve, and they really don't have issues, just needed time to mature, they are "declassified." He just graduated last year, and teaching jobs are scarce. We need more good teachers. I got really dissed for this piece on Reddit, a site I backlinked on. But in New Age world, people have known about Indigos for about 15 yrs. now. Thanks for commenting.

hush4444 profile image

hush4444 5 years ago from Hawaii

This is such an eye-opening hub! I work in an elementary school and I now realize several of our students could be indigo children-highly sensitive, intelligent, creative, and just different. I appreciate that you've given me a new way of looking at their idiosyncracies. I'll definitely have to read more.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello marimccants,

I am happy you found something in my piece. In my metaphysics classes, people speak of rainbow and crystal children too, but I have run into many skeptics even going as far as the Indigos when they were termed that about 10 yrs ago. Take care.

marimccants profile image

marimccants 5 years ago

Great hub. Lots of new information here. Thanks.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

Thank you so much Denise. One man on this hub said he also saw auras as a child, and his Mom told him to keep it to himself. I am trying to learn in my Metaphysics class, I'm meditating alot in my own time. Can you still see them? It's great that woman met you and you helped her. I was hurting for ideas when I wrote this hub, but hear stories like this all the time as my son is an elementery school teacher and an Asst. Director at a karate academy who works with 4-6 yr olds, in that age group where some have trouble learning how to act and conforming. He's good with them, and a double Scorpio, so I think his psychic abilities are at work! We seem to have many interests in common! Jean

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

I've been aware of the Indigo children for some time now. At one time my youngest daughter bought a book b/c my first grandchild was very different and it seemed that she fell into this category.

I have always been fascinated with metaphysics, astrology, horoscopes, numerology, tea reading, palm reading, tarot card reading, psychic information, reincarnation and past life info, auro reading, etc.

As you explained-all of it can be learned-it is a skill and some seem to have a more natural talent than others in this field.

I can read auras at times. I find it a huge disservice to discount any experience a child has. I love Maria Montessori's methods of child development. She was a huge influence on me re: parenting and my relationship with my children.

One day, while living in Alaska, I was assigned to a petite woman who was diagnosed as psychotic. As I went into her room to introduce myself she began to pace and was mumbling something about 'colors' and she kept looking at me. In a 'normal' assessment anyone could have taken this as her being delusional. I sat down and asked her to describe to me what she was experiencing. It turned out that her 'hallucinations' were auras. I explained to her what it was and that some people have a special gift to see those 'colors'.

A year later I met her on the public bus and we got into conversation. Since my meeting her in the hospital her life turned around. No longer a dysfunctional 'hallucinating' schizophrenic, she was at peace, maintaining her functioning in the community and no longer afraid of her hallucinations. She was happy and grateful about what I had explained to her and understood what she was experiencing. I was so happy for her and to know that a year after we met she was doing so well.

Wonderful hub, Jean.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi Steph0596,

It seems very common for the schools to label the children with ADHD or autism, as early as kindergarten. But at that point, it may be the child's first large group or formal group experience, and he or she may just need time to adjust. When my son was completing his practice teaching, he had kindergarten and 5th gr, and already in K they start catagorizing. He saw it as a negative. He is also the Asst. director of a Martial Arts school, also working with little ones, and again, some just need to be a few months older and learn more social skills. Be careful with the school and don't let them bully you. If you have 5 children, you know them better than the school does. Maybe they just don't like a certain teacher, or something else is bothering them. You have to rule out more than a system will, they just want everyone to conform!

Steph0596 profile image

Steph0596 5 years ago from Ontario

I love this topic! As a mom of 5 kids, all completely different, one diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities, yet excelling in other areas in school. I'm not sure if shes an indigo or not yet, but very sensitive to others energy, to the point of picking up their negative energy. I have another that is apparently a "rainbow child", not sure yet exactly what that is. If you have any info about that, I would be grateful if you passed it along. Thank you for the interesting article.

Jean Bakula 5 years ago

Hi Jillian,

I'm so surprised this hub is so well liked! I've been taking Metaphysics classes, so some of what I learn and like seems to find it's way as a hub. You know sometimes it gets hard to keep thinking of ideas. I found a great author who wrote "The Goddess in Everywoman" years ago. Now she's back with "The Goddesses in Women Over 50" so I am almost done with a series of 4 hubs. It's really empowering as women in my age group live longer and have more years after the family is grown, or retirement, to just do what they want. I hope it goes over well.

Jillian Barclay profile image

Jillian Barclay 5 years ago from California, USA

Dear Jean,

I had never heard the term 'Indigo Children', so of course, I had to read! This is amazing to me! Children are so open to things and are all different. I have always thought that children were far more capable of 'seeing' things that adults have closed themselves off from. And I imagine that when children are made to feel different, it can become harder and harder for their intelligence to shine through. I do not have too much knowledge in this area, in fact, none, but I am now interested in finding out more.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

My pleasure, I'm glad you "stopped" by my hub! Best wishes to you and it sounds like Jacob has a great family!

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

My Grandson Jacob lives in Ark. He is being tested by the State, even filming him in a class setting. I think they are amazed by his scientific mind, yet his attention span is limited to anything not related to sceince. I will give all of your information to my Son. Thank you for taking the time to enlighten me.


Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

I'm happy to be able to help, I knew of the Indigo children, but know much of the other info from experiences my son has with his students. Apparently it takes several months for a school to find where a child is on the "spectrum" as there are many levels of Autism. But these children are very intelligent, and do normally excel in certain areas. Their communication skills can improve as they mature. It can take several months to be "classified" the word used in NJ that tells the teachers where Jacob should be in relation to the others his age. I hope he gets help. I don't know where you live, but in Philadelphia the Ben Franklin Museum is really great for science buffs, even my husband loves it! The Liberty Science Center in NY is interesting too, made more for children. Plus Jacob may be an Indigo too, is there a Metaphysics or New Age store in your area? Just don't pay money up front.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

Thank you again Jean. I didn't know Einstein was Autistic. Your information on 'The Spectrums 'is valuable to me.

Best Wishes to you

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello always exploring,

It seems Autism is the "big" thing in elementary school right now. My son just graduated college and is looking for a job as a kindergarten or first grade teacher, and is the Asst. Director of a Martial Arts school, so is very familiar with the issues in schools with young kids in our times. But he sees so many kids being diagnosed. As Jacob gets older, it's important for the family to focus on his strengths and interests, the things he can do well, not the things he has problems with. The school systems are aware that they have many children on what they call "the spectrums" of either ADD or Autism. By law they will have to give him special programs to fit his needs. But keep taking him to science museums or to events that keep him interested. Einstein was Autistic, and didn't talk until he was five! Best wishes to you and Jacob.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

Hello Jean, My Grandson Jacob has been diagnosed with Autism. He is very intelligent, yet displays repetitive actions. He has a scientific mind well above his age. He is ten years old. Thank you so much for writing your article. I fine it extremely interesting.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello, always exploring,

Thank you for "visiting." It seems the most intelligent people are the most different too. I don't know the age, but you probably will notice your grandchild excell at whatever is a favorite interest. Once we get older, we realize everyone thinks they were "different." And I think we all, in our own ways.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

This was so very interesting. I have a grandchild who is

' different, yet extremely intelligent. Thank you so much.

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I will try to find Jewels from Australia.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

The classes I go to are from the Metaphysical Center of NJ. They may have one where you live. But even when I learned Astrology, I did it at a local High School evening course for adults. I bet if you had the gift of seeing the auras once, you could do it again. You got older and a little less psychic, plus you felt like you were doing something bad. Now that you know better, I bet you could do it again. A woman on HP named Jewels from Australia writes really good hubs on meditation, I think you would like her.

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

Thanks. I will look forward to your hub and any new info you can give me. I never considered getting that ability back. Just thought it was gone for good.

I never really paid attention to whether my dreams are in color or black and white. I will make a conscious effort to make a note the next time i dream. I just may look around at the local colleges to see if they offer any classes in metaphysics.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

Thank you so much! When children are very young, up until about age 5, they are pure energy. Their instincts, or actually ESP ablities, are right on target. That's why if a little kid tells you "Uncle Billy is bad" you should investigate it fast! I had visions of things that would happen--usually bad ones. But I was awake, they were not dreams or meditations. It began when I was in my twenties though, and still continues. The same is happening with my son now that he is in his early twenties. I wonder if you meditate if you can see the auras again? My Metaphysics teacher can see them. We are supposed to cover auras in this semester's class, so I will probably write a hub on what I learn, or pass on anything worthwhile to you. I just learned some people in my class do not dream in color. I thought everyone did too.

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

What a wonderful article. When i was a child (many, many years ago) i used to see auras around people and i could tell who was nice and who was not by the size of their aura. The different colors had no meaning to me at that time. I simply thought this was something that everyone saw. When i tried to discuss this with my mother, she told me i was nuts, and not to tell anyone else about this or they would throw me in the looney bin. Consequently, i lost my ability to see those auras and it was many years after i did, that i finally realized that i was, in fact, not nuts. Parents should always encourage their children to discuss whatever they feel is important and accept that their differences are special and not abnormal. Good hub. I am going to attach a link to this article on the hub i just posted today.

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