The Many Benefits of Tomato Juice for Your Health

Homemade Tomato Juice

There are a lot of benefits of drinking tomato juice and they are even bigger if you make the juice yourself without any additives and preservatives. You can already get all the health benefits of tomato juice from packaged drinks but it will also taste better if it is homemade.

Tomatoes ready for juice
Tomatoes ready for juice
Tomato juice
Tomato juice

Recipe And Instructions

It’s really easy to make your own tomato juice. In fact, you will get more nutrition out of freshly made juice since there will be no preservatives or additives. And because it’s fresh, it will taste a lot better, too. One benefit of making the tomato juice yourself is that you can add in your own flavor if you like. If you think it is not sweet enough then you can add in some vanilla extract.

For a fresh after taste then you should add in some mint. The possibilities are endless. You would get to the health benefits of tomato juice and at the same time, have a drink that is different from the rest.

You can even share the recipes with your friends. Everyone benefits from drinking tomato juice, so why not?

Making the tomato juice is also not as complicated as you think. You need to quickly boil the tomato (more about tomatoes here: for about 10 seconds in hot water and then place them in cold water immediately.

Next, peel off the skin and stem. And finally you can extract the juice by pressing it over a filter. Use the peelings of the tomato to intensify the color of the juice by blending it together.

You can even use the remains to make your own tomato sauce. Other than enjoying the great health benefits of tomato juice, you will also not waste the remains by making a sauce.

The juice and sauce made can be kept in the refrigerator if you can’t finish it at once. They both taste great when cold, too.

How To Make Tomato Juice

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