The Many Emotions of Pregnant Women

Try not to worry.  Love every minute of your pregnancy.
Try not to worry. Love every minute of your pregnancy.

Newly Pregnant Woman's Feelings

Learning you are pregnant can be a very joyous time.  Instead, for some people, they can be terrified.  For many women, they are filled with a roller-coaster of emotions.  Women can be excited, nervous, anxious, scared, and happy all at the same time after finding out they are expecting a child.

When I found out I was pregnant back in January of 2011, it wasn't much of a shock.  I pretty much knew I was pregnant before I even took the pregnancy test.  I had previously talked with my boyfriend about possibly having a child together.  I thought I was ready to become a mother; however, when I saw the plus sign appear on that pregnancy test, I wasn't overcome with feelings of joy.  I was scared to death.  I didn't believe it.  It was almost like what people might see in the movies: I couldn't believe I was pregnant, so I had to pee on 3 more tests until it sank in.  

It took some time to start getting excited about it instead of scared.  Don't get me wrong: I still get scared sometimes.  I sometimes worry if I rushed into this.  I sometimes worry about how good of a mother I will really end up being, but every pregnant woman goes through that at some point.  I am certainly more excited now.  I know I may be far away from my family and friends since moving to Oklahoma, but I know I will have them when I go home.  I know I have Jason.  I also know that no one is ever 'ready' to be a parent.  

First Trimester Emotions

The first trimester is the time in which most women have some extreme ups and downs. The reason behind this is because the hormone levels are drastically rising. The pregnant woman can go from happy to sad in a split second, sometimes for no apparent reason. This is the time that she will go through uncertainty about the pregnancy and having a child. She is more prone to worry about bills and other baby related issues during this time. It is really one big roller-coaster of emotions for her. Women will experience joy, fear, anxiousness, anxiety, loneliness, happiness, etc. These feelings can be all at once or she can go from one extreme emotion to another in the snap of a finger.

During the first trimester, most women's libido will take a dive. It is common for pregnant women in this stage to not feel sexy to their partner. This is usually because of all of the emotions she is going through. The rising hormones are also causing physical changes (such as dry skin or acne) which can cause her libido to drop.

Second Trimester Emotions

As the hormone levels steady out and the pregnant woman becomes more used to her hormones, the feelings, emotions, and mood swings will level out. This usually happens right around the start of the second trimester.

At this point in time, the pregnant woman will usually feel less fear and anxiety about the pregnancy and other issues surrounding it. She will grow more comfortable with the thought of having a new child.

She will also start feeling more comfortable with her body.  The libido of the pregnant woman should increase in the second trimester.  Her emotions as well as physical reactions (dry skin or acne for example) even out and she will feel better than ever.

Third Trimester Emotions

As it gets closer to her due date, the pregnant woman will start experiencing more anxiety and fear again. She is worried about making sure everything is ready for the new baby. Bills and finances may be a worry. For many women, especially first time moms, they fear over the pain of labor and delivery. Many women also experience mood swings again during this time (kind of like in the first trimester).

The libido is likely to take another dip during this time. As most pregnant women get further along, they tend to become more body conscious. They might worry about how attractive they are to their partner. That, in turn, will a lot of times make the pregnant woman question their relationship with their partner and make them worry about the stability of their relationship.

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