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Push It More With the Push-Up Stands

While there are still many who do pushups the traditional way, several fitness enthusiasts have already discovered the great benefit provided by the use of push-up stands. You have probably noticed some people who elevate their feet while doing the push-ups to improve arm strength. Raising the level of the feet shifts most of the weight for the arms to carry and thus provides a better workout for your arm muscles.

Raising the level of the hands, on the other hand, targets a different muscle group. Push-up stands are the tools you can use to elevate the hands while doing the push-ups. In conventional push-ups, the level of your hands, which corresponds to the level of the ground, serves as the limit to which you can push your body down. The stands, however, allow you to position your body even beyond the level of your hands. This provides more resistance and thus, better workout for your chest. Aside from that, it also stretches the arm muscles as you go further down.

Choosing the Best Push-up Stands

Making the choice of using push-up stands is the first step towards a stronger upper body. Deciding which push-up stand to purchase and use is another crucial step. To fully enjoy the benefits of using stands, it is best to keep a few tips in mind.

  1. Choose push-up stands that have non-skid bases for better stability during workouts. Your performance will be affected by the quality of your stands. You need to focus on the routines and need not worry about slipping stands. The feet of your push-up stands must facilitate proper balance to ensure that it does not move every time you do.
  2. Make sure your push-up stand is light and portable, yet durable. You will not have to agonize about bringing heavy equipment when traveling since the stands can be easily carried inside your bag. You must make sure, though, that they are strong enough to carry most of your weight during exercise programs.
  3. Check the grips and how they feel on your palms. Make sure they feel comfortable, as blisters may form when your palms are always in contact with rough or hard surfaces. Grips with foams are recommended. You can always go with what you have been used to doing - traditional workouts and all. However, if you want to see significant improvements in your body, you would find that the use of push-up stands is actually a great addition to your strength training.

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khushe 7 years ago

I too feel that push-up stands must be used while doing push-ups. The article provides great tips for choosing the right push-up stands.

Usarmymike319 7 years ago

I also think push up stands are great and also being in the military i actually use them at work for some of my soldiers they work well for a pt test to get ready for and for the soldier in the office so there hands don't slip on the floor

Nitro 7 years ago

I feel that this is ridiculous. Honestly, why should you have to buy something to do the easiest task in exercising, pushups?

Anthony 7 years ago

Thanks for the information. Seeing these types of stands, I had always wondered why they were being used. This explains that and more. Using these tips I can now sort through the variety of models to find what I need for my purposes.

pushup man 5000 7 years ago

i do pushups without pushup stands cuz i fell on my face when i used them

everythingandnothing 7 years ago

I think I might try those. A friend has some I can borrow.

Marie-Jeanne 7 years ago

Push-ups are the exercise I like the less. So I would like to try a ''Push-up stands'' for a change.

John Mazza 7 years ago

Seems a bit silly to me. But hey, whatever works for you.

connielee 7 years ago

I can see how that would really make it tougher.

hge 6 years ago

If you want to elevate you hands so that your body 'dips' you can use books or bricks.

You don't need equipment to do push-ups.

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