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Our Master's Camp Christian Addiction Recovery Center

Our Master's Camp Christian Addiction Recovery Center Pikeville, TN
Our Master's Camp Christian Addiction Recovery Center Pikeville, TN | Source

Coach Kevin Shelton

Kevin Shelton, Director at Our Master's Camp
Kevin Shelton, Director at Our Master's Camp | Source

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5 stars for "Our Master's Camp" Addiction Recovery Center

The Master's Coach

I met him for the first time the day I checked my son into the Camp. As the staff member did the check in search of my son’s belongings, Kevin breezed in and politely said hello. Introduced as the new Director of the Camp, he stood easily over to the side of the room as “the new guy” (my son) got checked in. His demeanor was one of effortlessness. As I scrambled to take in all that was happening I assumed this guy had a history that included football; broad shoulders, muscled arms, sports stance. One thing for sure, one would think twice before going up against this dude.

Over the next several weeks I began to see a transformation in my son of which is not unlike a true miracle evolving. I routinely commented that they had the recipe down pat at this Rehab facility, “Our Master’s Camp”, set on a 90 acre tract on the tip top of a Tennessee Mountain. What that recipe was exactly, I was unsure, but I had some good clues. The camp is led in a very Christian, humble manner where walking closer to God is the priority. The rest will follow they say.

Since Sunday is visitation day and I’m allowed to attend church with my son, spend the afternoon with him and then returning him back to the camp. The church is a community church and one of the warmest and loving churches I’ve ever been to. The guys from the camp arrive in the OMC vans and attend their own Sunday school class. Later they join the entire church for the worship service. It is extremely humbling to sit and watch these guys that are in attempting to rebuild their shattered lives. Heads bow, hands go up as if to reach for the one who loves them, and knees bent in prayer at the altar. These are all common sights throughout worship.

Recovery is what these guys come for, and this is what we families pay for, but what makes this place so different than the other rehabs? What makes a drug addict or an alcoholic begin such a metamorphosis as what is seen in each of the clients at the camp?

Living in the middle of TN VOL college football country, the radio and TV news is always filled with the latest buzz about the current game. Even without being a big sports fan, one cannot escape the topics of the latest sports actions. Sports talk shows dissect the game, the players, the fans, but most especially, the coach.

Recently, while attending worship service with my son and the others from Our Master’s Camp, I noticed that during the invitation, when one of the guys at the camp headed to the altar, Kevin did it again; that Coach’s pacing. It wasn’t long before he joined the guy at the altar. That’s when it hit me.

It makes so much sense now. As I wrap my mind around this I realize that Kevin is the OMC Coach. The game plans come from the Bible, and the Head Coach is our Lord and Savior (who also happens to be the talent scout).

Kevin; Here he has the responsibility of taking what the world has given up on as his team. They are tired, hurting, weak, exhausted, heavy hearted, shackled and living with more burdens than a fully packed camel. Yeah, that’s a good team right there! But Kevin doesn’t complain. He doesn’t even bat an eye. He has the utmost trust in his talent scout, the one who personally picked and selected each and every member of this team. The game for which he must train and prepare these guys for is not for someone’s entertainment for a couple of hours. His coaching job is for a much more important game, the game of Life, the game of Salvation, the game of winning with the field goal of everlasting life. Wow! What an amazing comprehension! The long term VALUE of winning the game that “Coach Kevin” prepares his team for versus the insignificant game Coach Dooley prepares the VOLS for!

Kevin welcomes each new client to Our Master’s Camp; He gives them a good dose of safety and assurance, and then sends them off to the Kitchen where Doug, the Cook, fills their bellies with nourishment for their deficient skeleton bodies. Cleanly scrubbed bodies in dirt free clothes, resting in fresh beds completes the immediate physical needs.

Then the real job begins of scrubbing up their souls. Most of the time this requires digging down and opening up old wounds that have scabbed over and festered with fire for a long time. Kevin knows, even though it might be a bit painful at times, that the blood of Jesus Christ is more soothing than any salve and heals the most painful wounds. Our Master’s Team Members are fed a full steady diet of Bible classes and sermons, teaching and preaching, praying and worshiping, guiding and directing, instructing and correcting. Old habits must end and new habits must begin which is so unlike turning a fleet of Titanics around. In most cases Kevin only has a brief 90 day window to prepare each team member for “The Game”, and rest assured, the game is REAL! The opposing team and the opposing coach play dirty, extremely DIRTY! How does one prepare his players for such a task? Well, Kevin knows the plays in his Master’s play book (the Bible) do not fail. So he goes about to instill them in each and every player’s heart. No, not every team member that goes “into the game” scores immediately and without fail. The Dirty Playing Devils tackle with a vengeance. Sometimes an OMC player gets wounded and needs to return to OMC for a little more healing and a little more training. That’s ok, in fact, when wounded on the playing field; OMC is the best place to heal. The most important thing is for a player not to give up and go play for the other team. All these guys have previous experience of being on that other team and it is not a pleasant place to be.

Out of Our Master’s Team, Kevin selects a couple of Team Captains. These guys don’t get to just work on their own issues; they must step up and assist in guiding and training the team. Kevin oversees the training of the Team Captains which builds a stronger and more focused team.

As I watch Kevin coach the team at Our Master’s Camp I see the focus and drive that produces a winning team. I see the humbleness and sincerity that is so rare these days. So many preachers, pastors and sports coaches are motivated for self glorification. Not Kevin Shelton, nor his senior coach, (and pastor of the Community Free will Baptist Church) Jimmy Jewel.

The Satiation for OMC is Kevin’s wife, Melissa. She supports her husband’s calling to be Our Master’s Coach 110% and commits herself, her home and her children to this great team. It is obvious her commitment to her husband and the Master’s Team increases the success of Kevin’s coaching.

I feel so blessed that my son is a part of The Master’s Team. The Nation may watch Derek Dooley coach the TN Volunteers, but all of Heaven (and Hell) watches Kevin Shelton coach Our Master’s Camp Team. And we are having a winning season this year.

Our Master's Camp Recovery Center

Our Master's Camp Recovery Center
Our Master's Camp Recovery Center | Source

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CrystalWhite777 profile image

CrystalWhite777 24 months ago from New York, New York

My brother also went here and, to be honest it hasn't been a smooth path. What I will say tho, is that what has slowly happened is that when he found doing the wrong sorts of things, there has been a conviction in his heart to stop, and get back on the right path ASAP. This was absolutely not the case before, and something I contribute to his time at the camp. He has almost 8 months clean! Their website by the way for anyone interested is

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