The Mirena IUD: Is It Safe?

You’re a modern woman with a modern outlook on sex. You’re positive your boyfriend/husband/sex partner doesn’t have any STD’s and you’re sick and tired of condoms. You want a spontaneous sex life, like your aunt Trixie had back in the 60’s. Well, so do I, girlfriend, so do I.

What I don’t want, is an unplanned pregnancy. And, since you’re obviously Googling IUD’s, I’ll just assume you’re in the same boat. Like me, you’ve probably been reading about the latest birth control methods science has to offer – and scratching your head over the multitude of conflicting reports on how each will affect you. The Mirena IUD is becoming quite popular, but is it safe? How often do people have problems with it?

If you skip to the comments below, you'll find a long list of personal reviews and opinions from women who have used the Mirena IUD. While it seems to work well for some women, others have been less fortunate. If you've got a story to add, please feel free to post it.

What is it and what does it do?

An IUD (IUS, for the Brits) is a small, plastic, T-shaped device that your OB/GYN inserts into your uterus. The old-fashioned IUD’s (sans hormones) are famous for nasty side-effects, but the Mirena is often touted as getting around most of these due to the Levonorgestrel. This IUD works by preventing sperm from reaching the egg and fertilizing it. It also thins the lining of the uterus, which is what leads to reduced bleeding over time.

Why’s this better than other methods like The Pill which also contain this hormone?

Well, for starters, it contains far less of the Levonorgestrel hormone than you find in The Pill. And, it sends it directly to the uterus lining, as opposed to filling your circulatory system with it. Much safer, for obvious reasons. It’s also praised by some women for it’s effect on the menstrual cycle – it reduces bleeding, and, in some cases, eliminates menstruation altogether for the duration of its placement. Let’s see The Pill do that.

How long can it be in there for?

Up to 5 years – you can take it out sooner if you want to.

Who can use it?

It’s important to read the Mirena site carefully – they actually say this is intended for women who’ve already had a child. Pharmaceutical companies do not say things like that without a very good reason and that's definitely something to take note of. They also mention women who’ve had cancer should avoid Mirena because of the hormones. Other than that, it seems like anyone with a uterus can use it.

How effective is it?

Bayer claims Mirena is 99.9% effective. That means 1 in 1000 women will still get knocked up. Believe it or not, you supposedly get the same efficacy from sterilization.

How much does it cost?

If you live in the UK, their National Health Service covers it. If you live in the US, you already know health insurance companies often suck and do anything they can to make you pay out of pocket. This is actually covered by some of them, however, cos having a baby costs them a whole lot more than an IUD. If your insurance does not cover it, it will cost you about $585. You can pay it all upfront, or you can put it pay monthly installments. Let’s hope they don’t mean Layaway… Ok, it all sounds cool thus far, right? Even with that price tag. Well, let’s get down to the real issues. The ones that have kept me from having this thing inserted.

Side Effects:

Bayer alleges there are very few side effects, and that 9 in 10 women recommends the Mirena to their friends. I assume that means 9 in 10 women don’t have trouble after it’s in there. Bayer does mention the following are possible, however: Weight gain, acne, cramps, pain, dizziness, headaches, breast tenderness, mood changes.

Wow, kind of sounds like what many women go through once a month without using this thing.

Ok, maybe not. They say these effects are rare and, when experienced, tend to go away within a few days. So, fine. The problem I have, is all the women posting all over the internet with their horror stories about devastating acne, weigh gain up to 15 pounds despite healthy eating and exercise, and pain akin to being stabbed with a needle. Obviously, as with anything that changes the body drastically, there are going to be some people who don’t tolerate it well.

Bayer claims this has been used safely, and without incident, by 8 million women for the last 16 years.

I don’t know any of them personally, so I can’t do much more than ask those I know who’ve recently started using it.Truthfully, everyone I know currently using it doesn’t report problems. They say they haven’t experienced weight gain, acne or other distressful symptoms. I find this comforting, but for me the jury is still out on whether or not I want one of these things living inside of me.

My recommendation:

The Mirena website is biased, obviously, but they do have loads of info posted and it will help you figure out whether or not you’re a candidate. Once you’ve determined that, scour the internet for real woman with real experience, and keep it in mind when making your decision. At this time, I’m not any more in favor of Mirena than anything else, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn't be. Just be sure you do your research!

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Eisi 5 years ago

I have had mirena 5 year IUD for about 8 weeks now. I think it is making me put on weight, but I also haven't been exercising regularly. I have a firm lump on the right side of my abdomen now, it my not be from the mirena but it wasn't there before. I'm scared about the IUD getting lodged in my body somewhere now that I read these posts. That is terrifying. I spot randomly all the time and have frequent discharge which is annoying. With that said this is all mild ad I will keep the IUD in for a while to see how it goes. No mood swings or acne. Everything else ooh.

Em 5 years ago

I'm getting mine taken out next week, FINALLY!!! I've had it for 4 1/2 months now and that has been 4 1/2 months of HELL. Spotting to light bleeding for 6 weeks straight immediately followed by daily cramping which has NOT stopped since. Cramping which at times can be extremely painful. I have also gained 18 pounds above my 6-week postpartum weight (my baby is 7 months old). 18 pounds! I weigh almost as much as when I gave birth to her!!! AND it lowers the effectiveness of my meds! Which I didn't find out until AFTER I got it put in. And while my meds are safe to increase in dosage whilst nursing my baby, I'd rather not increase the dosage for the simple fact that I found a good dosage, I'd like to keep it at that.

I want it out! Thanks to an incompetent caseworker, I still have no insurance coverage to get it removed, so I finally got some money that I'm having to stretch so I can afford to pay out of pocket to get it removed (so glad I have a midwife who has very fair rates).

I cannot wait to get it out. I'm in pain right now as I type this. I am so sick of this. I don't know what I'll do for birth control and as a result it may be a VERY long time before I have sex again (single mom) and I'm fine with that. I'd rather that than have to go through this pain any longer.

Jaime 5 years ago

DO NOT GET THIS IUD! My doctor told me how great it was and I had nothing but long periods, moody, weight gain and the worst thing is I GOT PREGNANT ON IT!

Brittany 5 years ago

I had my daughter last July of 2010. I got this Mirena put in on my 6 week check up after I had her. Getting it put in wasn't the worst pain ever but definitely uncomfortable. The only thing I like about it is the fact you don't have to worry with birth control. I am actually researching right now because I am highly considering having it removed. I thought I was crazy when I was thinking it was preventing me from losing weight. I haven't lost a hardly anything since my daughter =(. It's horrible. I am a small frame and normal weight is between 130-140. I can't get under 180 and I have tried everything. I know a lot of people say that but I was a housekeeper at a hotel ok lol and also a student. I am busy all the time and don't sit around and pig out. Not only that... my period! OMG! I have been on it for LITERALLY 19 days this month. These past few months of having this damn thing I have had nothing but heavy periods. When I really sit down and think about it, I don't like the idea of this foreign thing in me and for the record...even after a year.. it does hit the dh's penis lol. But I would not recommend this thing to anyone!

Meg 5 years ago

I had my first Mirena inserted in 2003 after the birth of my second child. It was recommended because of my heavy periods after the birth of my daughter. The first one was fine for 5 years no problems, a bit of discomfort at first but nothing hectic. I continued having light periods. I had my second mirena inserted in 2008 and all was well for 2 1/2 years then wam bam extreme pain during intercourse, went to get it removed and the doctor can't find the strings or for that matter my cervix! Had an x-ray in ER and they found it but now have to wait over a month to get an appt. With a gynae. I can't help feeling the longer I wait the worse it gets, but I am also not sure which is the bigger problem, not finding my AWOL cervix or lost IUD strings?

EmilyRenee89 5 years ago

Wow, I had gotten Mirena inserted on Dec 17 2010 after having my son in October. On the 22nd, I experienced my first panic attack, which was a horrible and embarrassing experience, and also a very terrifying one. I didn't know that Mirena could cause that sort of thing! Also, I'm still breastfeeding my son who will be 11 months on Sep 22, and I have GAINED 15 pounds since I've gotten my IUD. I've also had awful constant anxiety, depression, mood swings, and I mean, my face has never been great but my acne has gotten worse over my body. It honestly didn't even cross my mind that Mirena could have caused this stuff that has impacted my life recently. It all makes sense now! I am glad I found this article, because I am having this removed. I'm tired of my blurred vision and mind fog, my daily throbbing headaches that debilitate and make taking care of a baby and doing homework/studying almost impossible. The anxiety is the worst part, fearing death or any number of morbid things for no reason on a daily basis can really take it's toll. I have metal taste in my mouth often, tingling in all my limbs and face, heart palpitations all the time, lethargy and exhaustion (even after sleeping for 8 hours it feels as if I didn't sleep at all), lower back pain, bulging left eye, and constant eye floaters, and that is just naming a few. I had been going to the doctor for a long time now looking for a cause to this, getting my thyroid checked, blood panels, MRI's, cat scans....I had no idea what was going on! I really hope this is the cause.....I am getting this thing removed asap, and resorting back to condoms. Not as fun, but hey, anything to get rid of this life impacting symptoms.

Is there anyone else who is having the same symptoms as I am? I would really like to relate to someone. I hope getting it removed helps!!

Kathie 5 years ago

The idea of having mirena is great, but idk,,, I still regret that I had one placed, actually twice, the 1st time I had it place was 2 a couple months after having my child, that one came out by itself in just 2 weeks ,, I was not sexually active during those 2 weeks. Then a year later I decided to give it a try once more with a different doctor, I had it in for about 8 months, all the weight I had lost, gained all back, I was extremely moody all the time, evierything my husband did borther me, I had no desire for sex whatsoever $6, back pain, the day I woke up with 2 or 3 cystic acne on my face I was dumb founded, ive never had cystic ance, I went on to research on blogs on google and I found my answer it does csuses cystic acne, I decide to have it remove because my skin was getting wrose by the time I had it removed, I stoped breaking out,.... Bottom thing, do not have mirena its insane, Ih still have mood swings from time to time not to mention it has messed up my period, my hormones are still off, ... If you had ance when young, this prodict is not for you...

Christina 5 years ago

Thank you all for your brave comments. You have all helped me decide NOT to get one. My body means to much to me to take the chance.

Janet 5 years ago

I am now on my second IUD first one was a 10 year implant I then had it removed at the 10

Year point and had a five year inserted. I am now ready for the mirena to be removed 5 years already. I WILL be having yet another Mirena inserted. I love it!!

Sherry 5 years ago

I am researching Mirena. I am 42, overweight and have had three children. I had my tubes tied at 35 after my third child and suffered a pulminary embolisim. I was told I have the factor 5 deficiency in my blood and should never take or ingest hormones. Now years later I have a fibroid tumor and am having extremely heavy and very painful periods. My doctor is pushing Mirena as an option, but with my blood disorder and history of pulmonary embolism already I am very skeptical and down right scared to have this inserted. Does anyone have an unbiased website I can go to and get current information on my choices to prevent my heavy periods.

capoccia 5 years ago

I've had my mirena for about 2 1/2 yrs now and so far have loved it till now! I was wodering if it could me causing my extreme mood swings here in the past 3 monthsor so! It seems to be worsre the more I workout also. I was looking that up today when I found this hub... my periods were horrble before with whole bleeding heavily for a week and awful cramping and the mirena def helped with that! I had the copper one but experienced way more stabbing cramps plus blead all the time. So now I guess I struggle with the convience of it and the help with my periods or do I take it out before I rip someones head off! I don't like being this moody but sure didn't like heavy periods!

stacey 5 years ago


im 25 yrs old after having 2 children i decided i wanted some long term contraception so i had the copper coil for 3 years ts had feel out twice due to having very heavy peroids but other than that it was fab no problems insertation never hurt i bit after the 2 copper coil falling out the doc advised on me having the marina because it lighten your period so yesterday afternoon i had my app to have the marina fitted and was very painfull the insert i screamed like i was having a baby that pain was terrific i cryed and cryed she had to take it out i really do not recommend the marina but highly recommend the copper coil no problems xxx

hiit 5 years ago

Amazing hub thanks so much for post!


Bluie 5 years ago

I've had mine in for 4 months now, in the first month I had cramps and light bleeding, now my periods are regular and very light, what I'm reading however, scares me, I hope mine doesn't get lost inside of me!!!!!!!

my gyno advised me not to wear tampons and seriously, I don't even need them, LOVE it how my period is lighter, cramps are still there tho, haven't noticed much else, I'll put it in again should it continue to play good :)

sorry to all those that have had problems, not nice at all

Trisha 5 years ago

Hi Arianne,

everyone is different, so it could work out well for you, unlike me. Honestly, unless you have horrible pain, I would at least keep it in until your 4 week check-up and go from there. As for other methods, I have usually been on Tricyclen Lo before and between my two kids. It worked wonders, but I just tried the iud so i could get away from taking a pill everyday.

I found out I have to have surgery to remove my iud. I go in on Sept. 20th and I am nervous. I had so much pain the other day I couldn't pick up my 4 month old. Wish me luck!!!!!

arianne 5 years ago

Arianniud put in about 5 days ago I had a little boy 2 months ago. And so far it seems like everything is going fine. Except for I've been bleeding kinda heavily since I had it put in but I don't know if its normal cause my period always been so light. But I haven't soaked any of my pads yet.

After reading all these horrible things I'm kinda thinking of taking it out and getting a different type of birth control does anyone have any suggestions on which birth control worked for you? It seems that the mirena been more negative then positive. :-(ariaaannee

Rachael 5 years ago

You guys are terrifying!!! I had mine put in this afternoon and have been sitting with a heating pad all day. It's pretty uncomfortable. I googled Mirena to see how long this initial pain was going to last and fell upon this. I am sorry for those of you having all of these issues. I hope I can post a good experience here one day.

Trisha 5 years ago

Hey Megan,

they didn't see mine at all a couple weeks ago on an ultrasound, but it was pure as day on the xray. They do the ultrasound first apparently because of the radiation with xrays and also to ensure that maybe there are no cysts. I would insist and say that you know of people who have had the ultrasounds and there was no sign of the iud but it was there in the xray. I am beyond scared right now, cause I really don't want surgery, but I am thinking that is the only way to get it out. I have had HORRIBLE pain today, and I don't see my dr. again until tomorrow. Waiting on pins and needles (literally). Good Luck!!!!

Megan 5 years ago

I am 36 years old and I have had 4 children. In between the times when I had my kids, I have had 3 IUD's. I have never had any problems with the first 2. Insertion with all 3 was mild discomfort. It's not anywhere near the pain of natural childbirth, trust me. I didn't need any medication for dilating the cervix. My doctor just scheduled me when I was having my regular period because your cervix is dilated naturally at that time. I'm thinking if the insertion is really painful, then you need a new doctor. The third IUD I received was fine for the first year. Insertion was fine, moderate cramping for several days, spotting for about 3 months. After that, my periods gradually became lighter until they almost went away. Then 2 weeks ago I started bleeding heavily out of nowhere. I had an ultrasound yesterday and the IUD is nowhere to be found. The doctor talked about the possibility that it had perforated my uterus, but said it was unlikely. I have not been experiencing any pain, just mild cramping. Has anyone had a perforation without pain? I am nervous since I don't remember it coming out at any time. I know that there is a chance of the IUD perforating other organs if it is left there and that it requires surgery to remove from your abdomen. I wonder if I should insist on having the x-ray to be sure?

Trisha 5 years ago

Hi everyone ... I just had mirena put in at the end of June 2011 and it was the most horrible pain I have ever felt. I have had 2 children and the births were painful, but not as bad as the insertion. I went home (my husband had to drive me) and I took two tylenol and passed out almost immediately for 4 hours. I bled for 2 days, then the bleeding stopped. However, a week later I started having pain so bad it would stop me in my tracks. It was pain across my abdomen and down underneath all the way to my bum. I had checked for the strings, but I was nervous and wasn't sure if I was even checking far enough, but I did not find any. At my 6 week check up, the doctor was checking to see if it was still in place, and couldn't find the strings at all. I explained the pain, and he said it was probably due to ovulation. However, still to this day (August 29th, 2011) I haven't had a period. I ended up going for an ultrasound, transvaginal and abdominal, and they found nothing. I went back to the dr. and he said it must have fallen out (stated 2% chance of falling out and 0.2% chance it was in there and had moved). I knew it haadn't because the pain was unbelievable and it was like mothers intuition, I knew it was there. He sent me for an xray just to be sure. I went this morning and sure enough, the xray techs showed me the xray, and it is turned at a 90 degree angle and is located up on the right side of my body, almost as high as the top of my right hip bone. I called his office and the receptionist put me on hold immediately once I told her the iud was in there. She then said she wanted me here this week. I am going in 2 days, however I see my family doc tomorrow. I am reading these horror stories as I sit here uncomfortable with pain on my right side and underneath. Does anyone know what will be next???? I am really scared that it is surgery, because looking at the xray, there is no way he is going up to get it, at least not without having me put under anaestetic. I am thinking since he wanted me to come to the office so quickly, that is what will happen . . . please someone help me out!!! I am super nervous now, and this was the last thing that I was supposed to worry about. I am so mad right now too, because I have 2 beautiful children, and I asked him about tying my tubes, and the dr. said not to, but instead use mirena . . . now look at where I am!!!!! I also have a horrible ear infection/blockage in my left ear, and reading this, it seems that it might be caused from mirena!!! I am so confused right now!!!!

annaiam 5 years ago

I have had the mirena for a month. My symptoms:









Dunasha 5 years ago

Love it! Love it!! Love it!!! I'm 32 and got mine 5yrs and 3 months ago after the birth of my daughter. I remember it was uncomfy and I was worried that something was wrong for at least 2 or 3 months after getting it because of everyday bleeding and cramping, but then my cramping and periods stopped completely. I think i am now thinner than what i was when getting it, have never had mood swings, acne or any complications. Time to get it replaced, dreading the first month or so but looking forward to another 5 yrs of period free, pregnancy free bliss!!

feliciacote 5 years ago

ok i got my mirena put in after my 2nd baby i had it since march 2011 and i am starting to think that it is bull shit i mean for the last month ive been bleeding a bit but it only last an hour and i always have that lovely sharp pain isent mirena just fun!

danielle 5 years ago

i have had my copper IUD for three weeks normally my period is only 4 days i have been bleeding for a week and 1 day. it is horrible. i fill up a pad within 5 miutes of putting it on. i havenever done this before i am getting it taken out

Amanda moore 5 years ago

I got mirana like 8months ago after my second child idk if it is causing my pain but i have pain everyday in my sides i also have a stabbing pain in my lower abdomen started like 2months ago after a night of cramoing so bad it felt like labor pains for like 45 minutes tne next day or two i started having bad pains any advice?

Lacy 5 years ago

I am over thirty-five and a smoker. I was suffering from terrible periods and my doctor suggested that Mirena would be a safe choice for me. She mentioned that I would not have adverse affects with blood clots and that my period should tamper off and be nearly nonexistent after the first three to six months after insertion. I got Mirena in September of 2009 and needless to say insertion was very painful. I was excited about not having to deal with heavy periods and birth control. I spotted for three months, six months, and on into the year. In summer of 2010 I began losing weight at the rate of three to four pounds a week. I was also exhausted all the time. I work full time, I am a student, I was trying to lose weight, and I was exercising regularly. All of my weight loss and exhaustion could easily be explained. I was still spotting daily and having regular periods. I was told by my doctor that some women take a little longer to adjust to Mirena. In fall of 2010 I got a yeast infection that would not go away. I had irritation that was explained away by my doctor with the excuse that it must be the soap or detergent that I was using. With antibiotics and other drugs, I was still unable to get rid of the yeast infections. I had Mirena removed in September of 2010 and still could not get rid of the yeast infections. I was then in for a regular yearly exam with my doctor in November and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. At thirty seven I was in shock because I thought only juveniles got Type 1 diabetes. Not true, Type 1 can happen at any age and is caused by an underlying infection (viral or bacterial) that is not caught or treated. My pancreas could not handle the infection and I ended up with this disease. I truly believe that my body could not handle Mirena, as evidence by a year of constant bleeding, yeast infections, and irritation. I truly believe had I not had Mirena, I would not be dealing with this disease. Beware ladies, Mirena is not all it is cracked up to be. Simply put, having Mirena caused me the worst year of my life and left me with an incurable disease.

marissa82 5 years ago

I had Mirena after the birth of my twins in June 2008. I had it for one year. I thought for sure it was just my normal depression that I always had prior and during to pregnancy that was making me crazy. I have been on an SSRI for 5 years. I thought it was just the post partum being multiplied by multiple births. I took it out after one year of 24/7 PMS and noticed the DIFFERENCE right away!! My life was changed because of how I acted during those 12 months......I just got the Para guard/copper IUD a few days ago and now really scared of what is to come with this one. I was without BC for a while and only got the para guard because another twin preg would affect my family bad because of the preg hormones...


I researched to find the hormone it releases into your body is the same one at the highest level right before you menstruate-duh PMS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! The most precious time of my life was ruined. THANKS MIRENA!!!!

julie 5 years ago

I had my Mirena put in back in mid April when my baby was then 3 months old. Just found out at my annual gyno appointment last month that the strings weren't there. Went for an ultrasound to learn that it's nowhere in the uterus at all, and went for an x-ray two days ago. The thing has perforated my uterus and is laying sidways somewhere in my pelvic region. Nice! As if the pain of having it inserted wasn't enough, now I need it surgically removed. Hopefully soon. This seems to be dragging and I just want the thing out of my body. Not getting another one, ever. I have 2 healthy children, possibly want one more, but not worth the pain and risk of an IUD. If I had any idea how common this problem was, I would have skipped the IUD and gone on the plain old pill instead.

Vicki 5 years ago

I guess I'm the lucky one, the Mirena has worked absolutely wonderful perfect since the day I had it put in I have not had a period yet, I've had it 2 years and 2 months and I don't want to get it out, I have no cramps, no anything. I had it inserted for heavy bleeding and it's a godsend.

andrea 5 years ago

hey i got the mirena about 3 months ago and yesterday I went to my doctor completely sure i just wanted this thing remove. well he could not find it and after an ultrasound they found out it had perforated mu uterus does anyone know what follows ?? i know i have to have surgery next week to get it remove but i was not inform at all of all that may involve .. please help

Jerri Chavis 5 years ago

Got the IUD last year in June after having my baby in May and ever since I have gotten it, it has been horrible. Non stop bleeding for about 3 to 4 months. I also have experienced many of the same symptoms some of the other women have. Just yesterday my IUD came out and that experience was very painful. I am still hurting for that. My lower back hurts, my upper stomach, and my lower stomach as well. I also have experienced weight gain. I would not recommend this for anyone.

NiaLee profile image

NiaLee 5 years ago from BIG APPLE

I just had an Iud place and get really scared of the stories I read...though I know things can be different. I just feel uncomfortable with a strange body inside my body! The thing is the pill doesn't work for me and I really can't afford a number four now!

So, I will take time, pay a lot of attention and make sure everything is alright.

If I could choose, I would definitely use nothing...make it natural but I know I will end up with another wonder!

It is going to be alright, it is!

dbailey 5 years ago

I had Mirena inserted in November of 2008 after having my son in september. I had constant heavy bleeding after insertion.... so bad that my doctor decided to put me on a weeks worth of Premarin to stop the bleeding. Since then, i haven't had hardly any bleeding or spotting....maybe once every 6 months or so.... I haven't had any problems with it either, or so i thought until i was reading some of the other posts. Now so many things that i have been experiencing make sense! I have had a very difficult time losing the weight i gained from pregnancy. I get tingling in my fingers, especially if im not moving for a few minutes, or even working on my computer....sometimes the tingling comes with pain. My hair seems to go through cycles where its coming out in GOBBS...more than i have ever had in my life and more than the normal 1 or 2 hairs everyone loses when they brush or shower. I have had absoulutely no desire to have sex with my husband since i had it in. When we do have sex, it is painful for days afterward. My skin was really clear for a while after having it in, but it is very oily and i am getting a lot of breakouts even though i use an exfoliating wash daily and don't wear makeup. I am always fact i find myself struggling to stay awake sometimes, even after a great night of sleep. Im not sure this is related at all, but since i have had Mirena, i have been diagnosed with pseudopapilladema (minor swelling of my optic nerves) and it seems i am always bloated to the point i look pregnant and my hands and feet always feel swollen. I have an appointment for an exam in August, i think i may have Mirena removed.

michelle 5 years ago

get it out immediately. had mine removed it made me sooo ill. and it makes thousands sooo ill. its made of silicone the same silicone ban in breast implants... and along comes symptoms your doctor accuses you of lying about: ear throat nose issues, hearing loss, joint pain, oily and wrinkling skin, hot flashes, tingling sensations.... look up silicone poisioning... it also causes severe bloat and intestinal problems. not to mention the depression anger and rage. i went on it 6 months ago it nearly ruined my life. im young and have hands that feel like im 60 now, and have problems even post removal that will never go away. joint pain numbness brain fog...etc...etc...etc.. seriously this is no joke. it makes thousands of women sooooo ill and when they report it the healthcare provider trys to tell them to stick with it even though its causing infection after infection nurological damage physical damage emotional damage...etc. your running the risk of getting pid... esp if you already have an infection. its a synthetic hormone noooot natural. good luck with thyroid problem heart palpitations and feeling like your 70. there are women who are suffering. i can give you a link to new a support group where women post daily. they are going crazy, mirena made them crazy. and no one will listen. i like to call it the harsh truths of mirena. its sick to think they are allowed to cause all of the harm they do to women even after removal they are scarred with crippling very real problems. its no joke. serious harm... if you could live a day in my shoes. even post mirena it is still like your in some sort of weird trance in hell.

my side effects:

ear infections untreatable with antibiotics

hearing loss 40% left ear

muscle weakness

muscle spasms

joint pain severe in hands feet knees and wrists

sinus infections


hot flashes

cold spells

severe sweating

sun light sensitivity

skin rashes

tingling sensations all over body

numbness of fingers and toes

thigh pains

blurred vision mixed with 20/20

poor coordination


lack of energy


extremely swollen thyroids

severe bloating

hair loss

dry eyes

constant bleeding



ages apperance wrinkles

oily skin

disgusting acne

brain fog lack of mental clarity

anger and rage

severe depression


panic attacks

memory loss

mood swings

jaw pressure like a squeezing

intestinal problems


taste changes

horrible taste in my mouth

over eating never feeling full

spasms of small veins in foot


periphal vision changes

seeing floaters

infections of the vagina

PAIN: lower back, upper stomach and ribs, lower abdomin, middle back, joints, muscles, hangs knees theighs.

just to name a couple.

Emily M. 5 years ago

I feel silly posting after all these comments but I just want to get my story out.

I had Mirena for a little over 2 years. A horrible 2 years. I was depressed, saw a therapist for a while, took an anti depressant, everything. I had horrible periods, not by flow but just hormones. 2 weeks of the month I was super hormonal like I was an angsty teenager again. I always felt like I was pregnant, I took a pregnancy test almost every month. After some random pains and being fed up with not feeling "normal" I finally decided to remove my IUD.

I cannot believe the difference. As soon as it was out I felt an elation. I stopped taking my antidepressant the same day to see what happened. It was like magic, I was out of my funk, I felt great. I still feel great, and have lost 6 pound (in 1 month) to boot. Weight that I could not get to budge before. I should be getting my period any day now and there had been no PMS like there was. I'm me again. Happy funny me.

But I think the most serious part came in the form of a confession from my husband. After talking about the difference in me, he admitted how much he was thinking about leaving at some point because of who I was on the Mirena, but he never really thought about the fact that a birth control could do that. Now he says he wants to renew our vows and he feels like he has his old Noodle (My nickname) back. We couldn't be stronger as a couple now. I would take condoms any day over Mirena.

nicole 5 years ago

I had mirena inserted 4 days ago...I still have cramping and now I have a stabbing pain in the right side...and I'm peeing like I'm 9 months pregnant....frequent and not fully emptying my bladder it feels like.

Ginger 5 years ago

Hello, I thought I would add my 2 cents... I have had the Mirena in for almost 5 years, and have had no problems. My weight and skin are fine (unless I eat unhealthy, which sometimes happens...) and my husband and I enjoy spontaneous, hassle free, anxiety free sex. I rarely get a period - I haven't bought anything but panty liners for the last 5 years. Sometimes i kinda miss getting a period, but being vegetarian, it is probably good for me to not lose a lot of blood anyway. That's about it really - when I consider the other options I have tried - the pill, diaphragm, condoms... the Mirena has been a blessing. I don't really remember if I had a lot of pain during insertion or after... maybe a bit of cramping and spotting for a while - but compared to the years I have had where I have even forgotten about birth control and pregnancy anxiety, it's totally worth it.

tl 5 years ago

It has been a month and no real problems. I did spot for about a week. I think it was due to not having a regular heavy period right after insertion. I am currently having a period but it is nowhere close to the crazy heavy ones I used to have I can actually use a regular tampon with no pantyliner! yippee! I have had odd acne like a big one in my ear and on my neck. I don't think I have ever had one on my neck ever even during my teenage hormonal years.

kabunya17 5 years ago

I have the mirena, i had it put in about 5 or 6 months ago. I experienced some of the worst pain i have ever had in my life shortly after that. my periods would last longer than normal, also spottin in between periods. It has all stopped, and i still have it. acne is rather worse than i can ever recall it being, and also the milky discharge and mood swings (much like that of a pregnant woman)....i wanna call my obgyn and have it removed after readin all this.

Bella 5 years ago

Getting the Mirena inserted and having it removed were easy.

The nightmare is that it kicked me into menopause within about three months.

No one told me that the Mirena doesn't work like regular birth control pills that trick your body into thinking you're pregnant; it works by tricking your body into thinking you're in menopause. And BOY does it trick your body. It tricks your body so well that you actually GO INTO menopause.

My breasts got flat and hurt all the time, and my periods stopped completely. I had been average weight and athletic, but I lost weight (my butt got flat and my muscle tone got saggy) and looked like an old woman, I had dark circles under my eyes and dry, old-looking skin all over my body, I lost my sex drive, I started having drenching nightsweats and painful hot flashes. I fell into a deep depression, which was bizarre because I am a happy person.

I had hormonal blood and tests done and it was confirmed: I had entered full-blown menopause in just a few short months, and I am only in my mid-30's.

I had the Mirena removed a month ago and was put on hormone replacement therapy (aka birth control pills) by my OBGYN. Yes, my periods came back, and oh boy what periods. Torrential, full of clots, every two weeks. I feel crazy and depressed and have the weirdest things going through my brain, including obsessive suicidal thoughts.

For someone who's never taken hormones and always been happy, sane, and stable, I would call this whole experience a total nightmare.

I would really recommend anything but the Mirena.

What about a good old fashioned copper IUD?

Kristin, GA 5 years ago

Hi, I recently got the mirena placed in on june 2nd. Since then if I am walking around, or moving things, working out, just anything besides laying down on the bed I bleed. If I'm just sitting its light, but if I excerise or walk around shopping it bleeds horrible like on a period. I also keep having light pains in my abdominal area.

I keep calling the doctor to try to get in a for an ultrasound or just something, and no luck. I dunno what to do. I wanted to just get my tubes tied and the same doctor wouldn't do it because he thought I was making a wrong choice.

Chaz1989 5 years ago my doc says I have a condition called pcos....polycystic ovarian syndrome causing my periods to go completely wacko....3 a month is ridiculous doc suggested the mirena because I can't take tuw pill....I have 2 weeks before I go back....I am considering it but am still very unsure.....I am 21 with a 5 year old....any one that can give me suggestions that would be great.....thank you.

Brittany 5 years ago

I had Mirena for 3 years. No pain when they inserted it, but after I spotted for pretty much a year straight. Then I started to have 2 periods a month, with terrible cramping at times. I finally decided to get it taken out a week ago. They went to take it out, and I started to feel really faint, sick to my stomach and HOT. The nurse said to keep breathing that my blood pressure was dropping. Apparently my IUD had become severely displaced and one of the points was stabbing into me. THAT is why I was bleeding and cramping so bad. I had bleeding after it was taken out and they said I was scared inside. I say try it, but if you experience ANYTHING out of the ordinary, get it checked.

Vikki 5 years ago

WOW! Some crazy opinions up there! I have had my Mirena for about 2 months now and have a 1 year old so the LAST thing I wanted was another baby right now. I heard terrible things about copper IUDs and risk of infection not only during research but from my gyno and assumed that since I was on the BCP and the horomones weren't so bad (but my memory when taking it was) that I should try this. I had pains when it was inserted, and it sucked but it was short-lived and since then a little cramping here and there. I have been spotting a LOT, which apparently is normal..and have had some pretty bad mood swings, headaches and a little weight gain (which could also be because I eat like a teenage boy). But, like any medication, you attribute any ailments you have to the possible side effects because you can, not necessarily because the med is actually causing them. It's not GREAT, but it's not bad either. Honestly, I know that condoms and BCP pill do not work for me; I'm forgetful and horny: a bad mix. The fear of having another baby trumps spotting or fear of perforation or any side effects I have had thus far. That and messing around with condoms or wondering if I took my pill were a mood kill. Yes, there are other options, getting the shots or patches etc, but I found the IUD to be one of the oldest tested forms of BC in general, so when making Mirena they had a little help. So far I have no real complaints, and only ask people to RESEARCH. Knowledge is power!

Lani 5 years ago

I have had the Mirena for a little less than 2 years. I just found out this week that it penetrated the uterine wall and is in by abdomen. I had done my research and realized this was a risk, but it seemed like such a small risk from what is reported. The other thing that scares me is I don't know how long it has been out of my uterus... we just got insurance after a year of not having any, so this is the first time I've seen a doctor about it since we haven't had insurance. For the last year (at least) I've had normal periods every two weeks, which is twice as much as I had before.

I just strongly recommend that if get it you make sure you keep an eye on that string and talk to your doctor as SOON as you can't find it!

.... 5 years ago

Had mine inserted two months ago for prolonged period (would last as much as three weeks) because BC pills aren't an option. Mild cramping during insertion nothing to get excited about though. Have more cramping during ovulation that before Mirena but again nothing extreme and breast tenderness the few days before period starts. Period length hasn't gotten any better but heaviness is less. Doc said give it six months to regulate period length. Have had no problems of any kind (acne, hair loss, weight gain) other than breast tenderness so far.

As with anything everyone will react differently and have a different experience. Since I have only had this in for two month I won't recommend or not recommend to anyone but so far I am happy with the Mirena IUD.

Mila 5 years ago

I do not recommend....

I have had that implantated 3 weeks ago and since that i am in pain, bleeding non stopping...feeling cramps, dizzy, nausea and etc and PLUS gain weight as if i was eating like a PIG! Hate it! :(

TL 5 years ago


I think for how long you need BC ~Short term, condoms would seem the best bet for you. Especially since you are already sensitive to BC pills.Then you are not messing with anything hormonally. Having a kids messes enough with your hormones. :) Just my two cents... I did the condom for 14 months between my kids...

IUD 4 days now... I am getting the dreaded acne... well I have a deep pimple that wants to form but I am trying to stay on top of it. I also got one in my ear which is not common for me... I attribute it to the IUD.

On the plus side my menses stopped Yippee! Which is the main reason for me to get the iud..

awaite 5 years ago

I just had the mirena IUD inserted today. It was pretty painful, which was a surprize because I spoke to two doctors and neither of them prepared me for it. It also made me feel like I was going to faint, which is common apparently. I would recommend taking ibuprophen before the procedure. I had my first child five months ago. I was supposed to start my period but never did, so maybe my cervex wasn't as pliable as it would have been if I had started and it was inserted during my period. Other than the insertion and cramping for about an hour after, I feel fine. It remains to be seen if I will have any of the complications detailed by the other reviewers. I was on the pill for many years so I know how my body reacts on hormones. Bottom line - it was really painful. Be prepared for that. But after a little while its not so bad. (At least for me.)

mbauman 5 years ago

Hey, I just had Mirena inserted last week, at the suggestion of my dr. I had my first child 7/10 and I wanted s BC option that would allow me to continue nursing my son as I begin the gradual weaning process and my fertility comes back full swing (options are limited when nursing at all). I was interested in it because I would not have to worry about forgetting a daily pill, the lightening period, as well as the fact that I would not have to wait as long to try to conceive after removal (I intend on having it removed in 9-18 mos to try to conceive #2) as I would with reg BC pill. It seemed to be the best option to fit my current lifestyle, however I have had sensitivity to hormones associated with BC in the past. Luckily my insurance covered everything, so cost was a non issue. Knowing this, I planned with my Dr. to give it a month or two and then see where we stand.

The insertion was far more uncomfortable than I realized it would be. I was warned that there would be cramping associated with it and to take the max dosage of ibuprofen at least 30 minutes before my appointment. I was also told that when inserted while on your period it would be less intense - so that was the only reason I was excited to get my first postpartum period just in time for the appt. When my Dr. performed the insertion I was actually white knuckled, and uttered several awkward yelps and got water eyed even after the recommended ibuprofen dosage. The severe cramping continued through the rest of the day. The following afternoon I still had severe cramping so I called the Dr, and they had me come in for an ultrasound to make sure there were no problems. It turned out it was exactly where it needed to be, I was just one of the few that would be sensitive to it. Awful cramps continued for about 4.5 days, then disappeared. Now I feel no discomfort except for the occasional pinchy prickly feeling of the strings in my vagina. That is supposed to be solved once they are trimmed at my 1 month follow up. However I'm pretty sure I'll have it removed at that time because as I feared, I'm already experiencing some hormonal side effects - bad headaches, major breakout, and even more major mood swings. Also my milk production doesn't seem to be where it was, so I got some herbal lactation support pills to try to help. Although we're in the process of weaning I did not want things to dry up suddenly. I didn't think I would experience changes so soon, but you never know how your body will react. In my case, I just don't see the point in going through a heinous transition period that could last 6mos-1year when as I mentioned I plan on having it removed a year or so from now anyway. Also, after looking up my symptoms the past several days and reading all these horror stories I'm much more concerned about something horrible happening. I'm going to give it the rest of the month and see what happens, and if/when I have it removed I will either switch to copper iud or good ol fashioned condoms.

yllovet 5 years ago

Hi, I've had the mirena for about 2 years. At first it was the best thing ever since I got engaged I didn't have to worry about getting pregnant before the wedding. As time passes by I realize all the bad side effects I've had due to the mirena. For the last 2 weeks I've been having constant lower abdominal pains that are exremelyyy painful. Also, I've never had my period again! I'm really worried, I've also gained weight for no reason when I've been dieting and working out like crazy! I'm really starting to HATE the mirena, I'm getting it removed as soon as possible.

p.s. For those of you thinking to get the mirena, please read all the side effects and think it through. Sex is not worth all this pain and misery many of us are going through with the mirena.

Tl 5 years ago

Just got my IUD in May20 9:00...

I also have a small uterus 6cm. My doctor thought she was still in the cervical canal, she actually measured twice.

For me the procedure was uncomfortable but not unbearable. There was a moment of breathe through this but nothing horrible.

She showed me the model of the procedure and I was amazed that a uterus usually only measures 8 cm and the model was life sized. From what I gather the arms of the mirena should stay at the top of your uterus but It can flop to the side and you still have no problems.

The Mirena is in the strings are tucked behind my cervix and my heavy menses should lighten up.

Just to clarify how heavy my menses was this month. Most people are within 15-80ml for the entire period. My menses this month is 30ml for the first day, 120ml for the second, 90ml third day, 60 ml fourth day and this is my fifth day so we are still counting. That is 1 & 1/4 cups.

My biggest thing this morning was "How the hell do you carry the huge box around to bring it to the doctors?" It was sticking out of my purse.

Denise A. 5 years ago

I recently had my child in February and talked to my doc about mirena. Had it inserted about 6 weeks after giving birth. My doc had a hard time getting to my cervix, so she had me cough....boy did it hurt when she inserted the measuring device. She told me my uterus was small...and said that was awesome...i guess bc I just had a child? i don't know. The insertion did hurt me. I usually handle pain well, but this hurt. Contractions during labor was nothing compared to this. But, after insertion, the pain went away and I had mild cramping for about an hour. I did bleed for about 2-3 weeks. More spotting than bleeding. Which was fine with me bc before being pregnant, I always had horrible periods.

I got it inserted on March 30, 2011. On April 2, 2011, I went on an MS Walk in Dallas. The day afterwards I began having pain on the back of my feet. Figured it was from walking so much. The pain is still present. Then a couple of weeks ago, I started having joint pains in my hands when I wake up in the mornings. Hurts really bad. I looked up all my symptoms and I thought I might have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Last night, I was reading about Mirena (just about spotting) and came across complaints of joint pain. Then I realized that Mirena is probably causing this. I feel soo old. I'm only 21, used to be very active. But am now in pain. I'm going to talk to my doctor soon. Probably get mirena removed to see what happens

tl 5 years ago

Insertion Friday morning.

I have taken the Mirena out of the box & it is rather long!

Here's a picture that I took of the Mirena the straw is for reference

My doctor has also prescribed misoprostol vaginally for cervical softening, and I am going to take some ibuprofen & acetaminophen ( I like the combo ) for pain a few hours in advance. I have talked to my pharmacist about levonorgestrel & the side affects vs the pill. I think the mirena is the lesser of three evils being getting pregnant & super heavy periods.

anonymous 5 years ago

Why doesn't anyone check for their strings? That's the point of them. All these women who are saying that theirs got stuck or perforated through the uterus i'm sorry that happened to you but you should be constantly checking your strings

STP 5 years ago


I had it placed about two years ago by a reputable OB/GYN about six weeks after my last baby. My periods never stopped. I have noticed an increased amount of acne (which I never used to have)in the last year or so and have been experiencing a sharp pain in my lower abdomen when I make certain moves.

Lately, I was feeling sick to my stomach and had all the symptoms of pregnancy. About three weeks ago during my pap, my OB/GYN announced that I was pregnant and that she couldn't find the IUD. Imagine the horrific look on my face!!! She still couldn't find it with an ultrasound and ordered an abdominal x-ray.

Guess what, the mirena is out of my uterus and lodged somewhere in my abdomen. I am scheduled to have a Laparoscopic surgery on 05/27/2011 to get it out. My OB says that she might need to make a longer incision to search for the device if she can’t find it laparoscopically. I am a recently divorced single mother of three babies with a high deductible insurance and no childcare help. I am scared of how much this whole thing will cost me and hoping it doesn't escalate into a more serious situation.

Please don't use it.

TL 5 years ago

I am contemplating getting a Mirena in. I am 42 and have two kids. I have been on two types of BC pills which have ethinyl estradiol & Norethindrone acetate in them (lo esrtin & orth tri cyclen). After my second child my menses have become crazy heavy ~15 ml/hour for about 3 days then slowly tapering off till the 7thday.

For people that did experience Acne & weight gain. Did you have the same effects on the pill? Or you have never taken the pill?

Here's a link to the amount of hormones in the pills

I have read that mirena releases 1/7 the amount of hormones than in the pill

It goes directly to the lining of the womb, rather than through the blood stream where it may lead to the common progesterone-type side effects. Will this not reduce the chance of acne & weight gain?

I glad that I have read the above post and thanks for sharing. Someone mentioned it before out of the 2.1 million women with a IUD there is a percentage that it doesn't work. I think the above cases are the ones that didn't work

Liz  5 years ago

Being a nurse myself I researched it well and consulted in a few physicians with which I work before deciding on placement of the Mirena. Getting the Mirena inserted was the best choice I ever made.

My typical menses consisted of running fevers, severe abdominal cramping, nausea and vomiting this lasted the first two to three days the bleeding lasted 7 to 9 days. My periods were horrible and sometimes had to take time off work if medications weren't helping, due to vomiting.

Insertion of the Mirena in was quiet uncomfortable. The cramping for me continued off and on the whole first month and was about equal to my typical periods this also included intermitent bleeding. After the first month my periods were down to three days and all I needed to be pain free was two motrin. The bleeding continued to decrease and by month four there was only a mild blood-tinge to my urine for two or three days and that was a period. I had mild back pain an occasional abdominal cramp I wasn't using any medication at this point.

I have never had children, but my physician informed me that this recommendation from Mirena was purely due to comfort and ease during insertion.

I have since removed the Mirena and my husband and I are now trying to conceive. I had the Mirena in for 1 year and 7 months and Loved it!

When I am done having children I will get this handy little device inserted again. My OB/GYN will insert directly after delivering a child. This makes the insertion easier and more comfortable because the uterus is already dialated.

Hope this helps anyone making a decision, ENJOY!


kevin 5 years ago

my wife had theiud inserted 2 days ago and it is not all that bad she is comparing them to the first few contractions before u go into labor. does any one know about the ectopic pregnancy it is where her pregnancy occurs in side the fulopian tube and sound like it will cause extreme discomfort and has serious side effects on the baby aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

lohi13 5 years ago

Let me begin by saying that it is not my place to tell anyone what they should or should not do with their bodies. The purpose of sharing my story is only to give others food for thought while they are weighing their options.

If my friend, sister, or daughter came to me and asked if they should get the Mirena, my answer would be absolutely not. I had the IUD placed 4 years ago after the birth of my daughter. My husband and I have gone back and forth on whether or not we want a third child and so Mirena was the best way to prevent anything from happening before we were ready. Insertion of the IUD was very uncomfortable but within a few days I felt fine. Within three months I no longer had a period or any of the monthly cramping that goes along with it. I have been extremely happy with it for the past 4 years and not long ago, I would have recommended it to anyone. This all changed about a week ago when I began to experience some bleeding, cramping, and green discharge. During a routine OB exam (that was conveniently scheduled around the time this all started happening) my doctor became very concerned when he could not locate the Mirena. He called for an emergency pelvic and trans-vaginal ultrasound to find out what was going on. The IUD has perforated my uterus and I will have to have surgery to have it removed. This surgery poses short term risks that involve death and long term risks that could prevent me from having more children. The real kicker to all of this is that there is a chance that I could be pregnant at the moment. The risks to myself and the potential pregnancy are unbelievable. They include ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, premature labor, and even death. I have two beautiful children and a wonderful husband and I am terrified.

As I said before it is not my place to tell anyone what they should do but I recommend seriously considering all of your options before making a decision. Mirena works wonderful for some people, but it can change your entire life in a heart beat. It is true that every birth control has potential side effects, but some are greater than others.

Andrea 5 years ago

I had my Mirena inserted in Dec 2010.

I'm breastfeeding and found the mini-pill a pain to take at the same time daily.

I had three months of continuous bleeding, which was draining. My periods now are no lighter than before, and come every 3 weeks as opposed to every 4 as before.

My main problems are: weight gain (7Ibs so far...on top of the baby weight), spots, which are more like boils on my face and leaving marks, bleeding after sex, sometimes painful cervix during sex and my partner being scratched by the wires leaving him 'fish hooked' and sore for days. :o/

Every time I get another spot I say "that's it!! It's coming out!!" as they make me feel paranoid about my appearance...but my skin is currently clear, and weighing up the pros and cons, I still think it's an 'okay' option for me right now.

Good luck ladies!!

Angie 5 years ago

Let me start by saying I hate all types of birth control. I've tried the needle, about 8 different pills, the patch and mirena. My body really doesn't handle medications well at all.

I really wanted to love Mirena, but I didn't. It ruined my skin. My skin is fine normally, but I got severe acne within a few months of getting Mirena. I tried everything to get rid of the acne, but eventually had to go on acutane (for 6months), which cost a fortune, and had it's own side-effects. My skin was perfect again for 6months after that, but then it started to get bad again. I tried a few more things for my skin, but nothing was working. So I had my IUD removed last month.

Having said that, I loved everything else about it. I didn't gain any weight, I didn't get my period, my mood was fine, and I loved the freedom of not having to worry about bc everyday and being able to have sex whenever/where ever. Unfortunately my skin was just too bad to continue with it :(

I still recommend it for other people, at least to try it. It may have some scary (and rare) side-effects that could affect you today, but I have been hearing some scary things about the use of birth control pills over the long-term (and every other birth control medication). Basically it's a pick your poison type of deal.

As with anything else, do your own research on the medication, and also the doctor inserting it.

Red81 5 years ago

Okay. Seriously, people. This thing is NOT WORTH THE RISK!!!

I've always been the kind of person who does well with pretty much every kind of medicine known to man. I've never had any kind of adverse reaction to anything. And when I got the Mirena, I went around telling everybody how great it was - no period and you don't even have to remember to take BC. Awesome, right?? (I was even told I didn't have to worry that my strings had travelled up inside my cervix only a month after insertion.)

But that was until I realised that all of my nightmare side effects (32, to be exact...THIRTY.TWO.) only started *after* I got the Mirena and have gotten progressively worse since then. And I haven't even had any cysts or perforations (that I know of - apparently you don't always find out until it's too late).

And I'm not alone or a *rare* case by anyone's definition - thousands of women around the world are suffering from exactly the same side effects, and all with ONE thing in common: Mirena.

(And just so you know, Bayer's Canadian patient information booklet lists more side effects than in other countries. And physicians in general are informed of more side effects than the patients themselves. I know that for a fact - I've see the differences on Bayer's websites.)

Now, two failed (and extremely painful) removal attempts later, I'm on a waiting list for surgery to have it removed. Imagine what that's like. With the Pill or any other BC, you are in control at every step of the way. But who's in control with Mirena? Not you, that's for sure.

Is the risk really worth the convenience? For me, HELL NO!!!

BGirl 5 years ago

I'm 24 with no children and an EXTREMELY HEAVY period.....I'm talking the need to literally be admitted for a blood transfusion once due to such low iron because of blood loss. Not cool. I have actually had Mirena in as of 1 yr. today and wouldn't you know it, it actually worked its way out of my cervix/uterus and into my vaginal cavity yesterday and ended up coming out with a tampon. My insurance doesn't cover Mirena so this means that I just had a$980 device come out of me.Thank goodness my ob/gyn. was able to talk the manufacturer into sending a replacement free of charge (maybe there's a 1 yr. warranty or something?)!!! I haven't had any horrible side effects accept mild cramping here and there. The best part? For the last year I have been able to wear light tampons for the first time since beginning my menstrual cycle at 11!!! I've heard the horror stories but I think that every kind of hormone-birth control has certain side effects that effect some but not others. If your ins. co. will cover it, definitely at least give it a try.

Mimi Houston 5 years ago

Well, I can say that I was satisfied with my Mirena IUDuntil I started noticing that I have been breaking out with really bad acne. I did have the pains when first inserted right after my first baby, the mood changes and slight weight gain. It really helps with pregnancy prevention but it's embarrasing to have so many black spots on my face when they're so use to seeing it so clear. I really wish I had researched it more though. I'm getting it removed this month after almost 3 years. :)....I'll be happ

y to be me again.

Emilija 5 years ago

I have had Mirena for almost two years now (I am 41 year old). It is my 5th IUD (4 former copper, now first Mirena). I have 3 kids meantime, and after third labour and 4th copper IUD, developed myomas. Since I always have heavy bleeding during menstruation, my gynaecologist recommended Mirena. Even I was very sceptic about hormones inside her, I agree. Insertion was the same as with all others IUD, painless. I have never had any cramps or PMS, neither have I had it with Mirena. My bleeding is almost completely gone after 2-3 months, so for now, I have only a day or two of spotting. My myomas are stabile, without growing for now. But, first three months after Mirena insertion I had a terrible insomnia. I hardly slept any without sleeping pills. Then, weight gain was enormous, over 10kg for first year. During second year I was trying to lose some weight but without any success. I develop acne, all over my neck (even I had never had them, not even during puberty). Acne situation is repeating around every few months for two years now. My headaches becomes very frequent and horrible during first year after Mirena insertion, then stabile during next few months, now I think that situation is normalizing. So, in conclusion. I need contraception, and I am used to IUDs so I couldn't change it. I need to use Mirena because of heavy bleeding and myomas (cooper IUD would worsen them). But, side effects are not as minor as producer claims. And if there is some other kind of IUD compatible with my medical condition, I will change Mirena in no time.

Lindsay Peak 5 years ago

I have had the mirena for 3 years, I have not had any children, and I absolute love it. The insertion process felt like the worst gas pain or cramps I have had in my life for about 3 minutes, but I'm guessing it was nothing like the pain of childbirth. We are women, in other words, we are tough! I had light spotting the first few months and now I don't get my period at all. I occasionally get cramps during the days when I would normally have my period, but they only last a couple days and are not a big deal. I love that I don't have to remember to take a pill, or change the nuvaring every 3 months. If I get paranoid that it's not working, I can check myself to make sure it's still there (this sounds gross, but you gotta do what you gotta do!) I feel terrible that others have had these side effects but I wanted to share my story also since it is a very positive one!

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 5 years ago Author

Just to be clear, ectopic pregnancy, perforation of the uterus and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease are risks of any IUD, not just the Mirena.

kirbyannmomof4 5 years ago

Here is some info that I found right after I typed in "mirena causes sterilization"

"Half of all pregnancies that occur to users of Mirena are ectopic (outside of the uterus), which can impair future fertility or even cause death..

It cannot be used by women with irregularly shaped uteruses..

Some IUD users get a serious pelvic infection called pelvic-inflammatory disease (PID)...can also be caused by germs entering the uterus during the insertion procedure...more serious cases of PID may require surgery. A hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) is sometimes needed. In rare cases, infections that start as PID can even cause death..

If the uterus is perforated, it may require surgery to remove Mirena. Perforation can cause internal scarring (leading to infertility), infection (which can cause death), or damage to other organs (which can also cause death)."

These are excerpts from a site giving clear concise information regarding Mirena. ( I was astounded by how non-chalant so many sites are about the incredible risks this ONE teeny tiny device has!

Flobag 5 years ago

I've had mine in for 2 months and I'm not very happy with it.

I found it very painful on insertion and I've had 3 kids so now the pain of childbirth.

I opted for the Mirena because I was sold all the benefits and wanted to something to stop/control the heavy bleeding and terrible period pains I've been experiencing. We've used the withdrawel method for the last 7 years and I thought this would be great.

I'm still getting the pains with my periods, I've gained all the weight I lost last year, I'm so moody and short tempered and my hair is terrible. My hair has always been my only redeeming feature and now it looks absolutely shocking, it's dry and doesn't seem to be growing. I've had acne break outs on my neck and melasma developing on my forehead.

I'd like to have mine removed as I feel like my body has been taken over but I'm actually quite scared to ask them to take it out in case they try to convince me it's all in my head.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 5 years ago Author

Well, at the time this article was written, I saw nothing to that effect anywhere on the internet. And I did look for it. I can't say whether or not this claim is true, as that would require hard evidence, but my previous comment was written in response to what seemed to be someone reacting to something they'd thought I'd written.

kirbyannmomof4 5 years ago

Actually Isabella Snow I have recently discovered (via manufacturer) that there is a chance it can cause sterilization... aka no longer able to carry a pregnancy to term/have kids.

If you google potential bayer mirena reported side effects - it is listed there as well there is other information I have found regarding the fact that findings have shown that embedment or perforation (which more often requires surgery) is common if the doctor hasn't checked via ultrasound to ensure proper placement... something mine (and I am betting tons of other doctors) don't do

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 5 years ago Author

Diana, I don't think anyone said there is a chance you couldn't have kids again... it's just that they recommend it for women who have already had kids... and I think some other people commented to the effect that this was because the cervix has already been dilated and insertion is easier. I am not positive, but this is my understanding...

diana ll 5 years ago

i hate mine i wish i would have read all this!!! i have gaind like 20lb!!!! and have been spoting and having really bad craps!! and they never told that their was a chance i could just never have kids again! im so scared and im scared to have it move and not b found!

Lauren Q 5 years ago

I hated it it makes me sick all the time and it falls out when i use a tampon. I will never tell any one to get this, to be honest this is the worst thing i have ever taken, the pill is the best thing for anyone. We all have r own thoughts on things but this was painfull and i had a baby i passed out when i got it put in and thats bad. But if you want it go for it, i will never get this again.

kirbyannmomof4 5 years ago

Oh how I wish I could have seen this before I got mine in. I searched and searched for more info but only really found pro with a little negative attached. I haven't felt comfortable with the idea of this but so many people were doing their best to convince me this would be the best decision/option esp. since we are moving halfway across the world and it would be very expensive (and even stressful rather than blissful) to have another baby in the first year we are there. So I went against my better judgement (& intuition) and suffered through 6 (SIX) attempts to get it into place. I have had 4 children and this was certainly comparable!! My doctor neglected to inform of all these issues and very serious consequences that a LOT of ppl have endured. After I left I could barely walk and COULDN'T sit down in my van so I waddled straight back in and had him check it and it turns out one of the wire/strings had gotten bent (some how) and was jabbing into the side of my vaginal canal. With a lot of coaxing with a long stick he was able to straighten it enough to snip it (again). I felt fine but very anxious and worried about this whole thing. After reading all these (and other posts that have spontaneously shown up during more searches) I marched into the bathroom, squatted and found the strings with my fingers. With a slow and steady pull I removed it and tossed it into the trash, where it belongs! I feel 101% confident that I have made the right choice as something that can carry so much risk of permanent damage or even POSSIBLE (seems more like likely) result of requiring surgery should NOT be an option to any one! How awful doctors just assume the best of something that can be so detrimental!

jobe 5 years ago

Currently, I am on my second Mirena, and I absolutely love it!! I guess everyones body is different and one must try several methods to find what is best for them.

As far as the horror stories go, with the Mirena going into the abdominal cavity, it is really kind of complicated to insert. My second Mirena was stuck in a muscle and had to be taken out and re-inserted in the O.R. I recommend this method for insertion, as it is much easier to scope the Mirena than guess if it is inserted right. My first Mirena was inserted about 3months after my second baby, and because my uterus was still soft, it went in without a hitch; getting it out was another story. Not so easy after 5 years, hence the improper insertion.

The only side effect I feel is loss of libido, but that may be my age and life circumstance as well. Also, with my first Mirena I bled and spotted for about 3months straight, but now I have no period at all which I love.

So to conclude, try many different forms of contraception and the mirena is not always right for everyone, but give it an honest chance, and make sure your doctor has inserted them before or just ask to see a ob-gyn to have it inserted with the scope in the O.R.

Good luck!!!

KIM 5 years ago

after reading this,everything now makes sense.first i thought maybe it was my hormones from breastfeeding BUT i have had the mirena for 5 months . and have had so many of the symptoms everyone describes. from lower back pain, night sweats, constant headaches, ZERO sex drive, moody , impatient, depressed,teary and now the most worrysome of the lot, blurry vision......... all lead to =================>MIRENA.

Sarah 5 years ago

I had Mirena in 6 wks after birth of 2nd child and it kept falling down to where I would feel the metal wire constantly poking my vagina and went in like 3 more times for the doctor to "trim" the wire, well I got sick of that and had it removed. Then like week or 2 later, my bladder partially fell out, so now I get the joy of having my bladder hanging out, I think it is called cystocele and was told it was part of giving birth. I don't believe that b/c it happened after the Mirena came out. Anybody thinks I have a chance for a lawsuit b/c I believe my bladder falling out is related to the Mirena?

5 years ago

I am supposed to get one in two and a half hours, and what a dumb ass I am for not even reading anything about it until right now. Iv got to say that now I am really freaked out. I just had my baby six weeks ago and got married two days before he was born. I have not even got to have sex with my man yet as my husband. I was excited that after my visit to the doctor today I would be able to get busy. Now I'm thinking what if I have terrible problems. Anyone reading this would be crazy not to notice that there are so many more negative comments about it than good ones. Is it because only people who have had problems are the ones searching online sites about it???

Maddi 5 years ago

Planning on getting mine on Monday... I am 20 with no kids about to get married have four years of school left and I have migraines with auras so can't take the pill... Doesn't leave me with many options but the Mirena... Char could you keep me updated with how your experience goes!!

Char 5 years ago

I had mine put in a couple hours ago. Im 21, no kids. The insertion wasn't all that painful, some mild cramping and I left feeling just fine. It took a total of about 20 minutes. I was relieved, because I was pretty scared after reading these horror stories. So far, no spotting, just mild cramps. Hopefully I'll be back to normal in a week or so!

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 5 years ago Author

Amy, you're welcome to re-post your story if you could just leave out all the expletives...? :)

R Wright 5 years ago

I had the Mirena place din Feb. 2011 after my second child. I experienced the worst pain in my life but no bleeding so the dr's thought it was placement pain. Aftr 2 weeks the pain wasn't as bad, still there nut bearable. That 3rd week I bled for DAYS and DAYS the heaviest bleed ever. Again the dr's said it was normal. 4th week was fine other than off and on pains, and then I had it checked and it was no where to be found. Ultrasound couldn't find it. X-rays showed it was in the upper portion of my left side. None of the drs have ever seen it come out as far as mine has. I have to have surgery in May to have it removed.

I don't think Mirena is awful. I am considering have it placed again. the dr says they can place one while I am under so if it pokes the can see it and take it out then. My only suggestion would be, read up on it and wait LONGER than 6 weeks after having a baby before having it placed.

I was told that because I had two kids back to back that my uterus never had time to return to normal, so at the 6 week check when it was placed there were still soft spots in my uterine wall and when the IUD pushed on them it broke free. Which to me sounds crazy since this is marketed to persons who have already had children. The site does say they recommend waiting 12 weeks before placement though.

Angie 5 years ago

I am getting my mirena out tomorrow after 3 yrs of having it. Didn't like the way I was feeling tired,mood swings,facial hair,blurred vision,breast tenderness, and much more. I'm really not ready 4 baby #3 yet but refuse to live another day feeling like this! I know a lot of women think it's great and I was one of them until I started feeling this way and realized that the culprit was the mirena and decided it was time to get it out of me!! Hoping my symptums go away so I can feel normal again!! I'm not gonna say it's good or bad to each his own but it just wasn't 4 me!! And I would like to say thank u to all who told their stories so I could make my decision about my removal of my mirena thank you!!

Amy321 5 years ago

I had the Mirena inserted after my last child. I was told I would feel a pinch like feeling when it was inserted... Pinch" was not at all what i felt it hurt badly. The Dr who put it in claimed it was inserted correctly and if I remember well enough she even shortened my string. She told me to feel for it so she knew I knew how to find it. i couldn't feel anything. She still told me to check for it weekly, or was it daily? I cant remember now. either way, if you cant feel the string the first time you arent going to feel it anytime there after. Well needless to say, next time I went to the Drs it was missing and I was sent for an ultra sound and an Xray. I knew it didn't fall out. Ladies I look into the toilet every time I go to the bathroom. Dr OZ got me on that one. Anyhow, sure enough there it was in my abdomen. The Dr whom inserted it and the one that led the practice told me it was safer to leave it in. Here I am thinking, I have three beautiful children and it is safer for me to leave this thing in my body litterally floating around. That really wayed on my mind. So I watched my normal hospital shows and a couple times they talked about fetus in fetous and how some times fetus' are born out of the uterous or cervix, at any rate these babies over time become calsified due to the abdomen rejecting anything forein. Well, what do you think will happen to a Mirena over time? Ah Ha moment here. So I go to a new Gyno and she is adament I need to try to have it removed. It has been 3 years since it was "Placed." My babies are still perfectly beautiful and I have to go into surgery for the first time in my life do to the Mirena, a plastic thing that is supposed to be very safe and better for you than birth control, which may I add I am illergic to do to all the added hormones and chemicals or whatever they are made out of that being why I sout out the Mirena. This surgery is not a sure fix, I can become extremely ill or suffer death if they puncture one of my major organs. This is the scariest thing I have ever had to face in life, by far. I could die due to some small device that was supposed to be safer for me than a pill. I could die, my three babies could have to face life without me and live with whom, there crappy father whom in the last three years cant find the time to see them but can get married and make another baby with someone else. The Mirena is NOT something i recommend to anyone cause it can have dire consequences.

Brandi 5 years ago

Hey all,

I haven't had any issues with the Mirena whatsoever. In fact, I'm on my second one and have had a Mirena for about 7 years. I'm considering taking it out soon as my husband and I are planning to try for baby #1. I would recommend it for sure!

Lisa 5 years ago

I have no children, been on the depo shot for 3 years, but had to go off it because of the weight gain and loss of sex drive. I had the mirena placed a few days ago and it was the worse pain of my life, but it has lessened and they told me it is completely normal as your uterus is getting used to it in. I had to comment because of the issue of having mirena without having children. The only reason it was recommended for women with children was because originally the FDA trials were only done on women who had given birth..that is not the case now, Mirena FDA approved for women without children. The only downside is that they usually dilate your cervix before insertion to make it easier because it has not been stretched from childbirth but I had no problems with the dialation...just the pain was unbearable when inserted!!!

Infinitee 5 years ago

I had this thing taken out of me February 11th, 2011 and got it inserted June 2010. I thought it wasn't very good. Since it's been gone, the bloating in my stomach has gone away and I have lost 5 pounds. The acne is gone, and I feel happier and have more energy. I personally think my body is sensitive to hormones. I never want to get another IUD. Plus, I don't have pains randomly any more...And I get my period :) (crazy but I missed my period only because it is natural to get).

3.y years 5 years ago

I have been on mirena for 3.5 years. There are just so many horror stories I am always afraid and actually have been going to gyno about twice a years to make sure it is in place. I feel like my life style has not changed and I work out just as much but have gained weight and think it may be due to the mirena. I have gotten older but am only 27. I love not having my period though or taking a pill. I was on a low estrogen pill before I got pregnant then decided on the meriena and had good luck with it too. I would just skip my sugar pills a lot so I would not have a period. I am thinking about getting it taken out and getting put back on the pill for fear of something bad happening. I have had my kids and do not want anymore but think that having this foreign deivce in my body may not be the best thing anymore. Yes I have had an increase in acne too.

rose, Ph.D. 5 years ago

I went from having no acne to now severe acne. I visited a dermatologist who put me on accutane, which have horrible side effects as well. I'm having no luck, and now I'm seeing scars from the acne(along with all the side-effects from accutane-cracked lips, serious dandruff, and serious dry skin and hair). I don't think my mood has changed, but I am not exactly in the mood to go out on the weekends looking the way I do. Also, I was informed that the cystic acne on my neck, jawline, and chin are hormone related...thanks Mirena.

I switched from low E birth control to the Mirena as a result of persistent melasma, but the Mirena gives me melasma too, along with weight gain (about 10 lbs). Uhggg.Guess this thing is not for me!

Oh and by the way, it hurt so bad when they put it joke. I was cramping for a good 40 hours. My doctor told me to take advil...that clearly did not cut it.

Jordan 5 years ago

I have had my mirena since june of 2010. At first I thought it was amazing. But I have put on over 40 pounds since then. I exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet and I cannot lose any weight. I don't know what else to do but to get the IUD removed. My other major problem is I get very bad cramping when I try to have a bowel movement. It doesn't happen every time I go, but when it does happen it is almost unbearable. Does anyone else have this problem, or ever have this problem?

Natallia 5 years ago

I have got severe ache after 7 years of using Mirena. I am trying to figure out if it is related. I will have it removed. I turned 30 and last month I got my very first cramp with Mirena inside. I think something is going on with my body and Mirena is not working well with the changes.

Juniper_Berry101 5 years ago

Well, I just got mine and so far, I'm not sure if I love it. I know that my sister adores hers and I'm waiting for the day where I'm going to love it as well. I'm also worried about how effective it is. Some people say it's effective immediately, some if I didn't get it on my period it's not effective for a week. I'm slightly confused but, I do believe my doctor told me immediately, so I just have to wait until I love it.

I recommend it.  5 years ago

I got my IUD yesterday and the pain during the insertion was awful! After I had gotten it done I felt dizzy and almost like I couldn't walk because I was so concentrated on the pain. The nurse had then given me Advil and some water and I sat down for about 40 minutes in the worst pain I've ever felt. BUT after those 40 minutes were over I felt totally fine and I haven't had since. I've felt like a light cramping but that is also because I'm on my period. But to be completely honest after those 40 minutes I think the Mirena is completely worth it. OH and to top it all off my period has actually stopped today. My doctor had told me that I could have light bleeding for the next 6 to 9 months (and my wedding is in 7) so I was kind of iffy about it. The only thing that I'm worried about it the strings. My doctor didn't tell me anything about them and i read on the internet that I'm supposed to feel them but I don't and I don't want to check them because he didn't tell me that I had to, but I do back to the doctor in 2 months to see if he still can see them... whatever that means. But I look forward to seeing how well it works and how my life style can be now that I don't have the worries of the pill and condoms ect.

But to whoever is thinking about getting mirena don't read these comments and talk yourself out of it, try it yourself but do ask for medicine such as Advil so help ease the discomfort. I've heard of many friends getting medicine before and they didn't have any pain.

katie 5 years ago

I do not recommend this product to anyone! I have had my merina for 3 years. I found out last week that I am 7 weeks pregnant. And to top that…….the doctors can not find the merina. I feel betrayed by it all. I did not plan to have anymore children. My dr. convinced me that this was the best birth control available! So naturally a patient is going to trust the dr. right????? I wish I could tell you more, but I don’t know what’s next.

Kimberly 5 years ago 5 years ago

I had an IUD put in Jan. 2006. I had not one problem the whole time. I had it taken out 3 weeks ago and another one put in 4 days ago. I figured since the 1st one was a breeze why not get another one. My new doc had to use a device to open my cervix more and she cut me. She had to put something on my cervix to get it to stop bleeding. Then she put the IUD in and it was painful. My 1st IUD I just felt a tiny pinch. 4 days out and I am having severe cramps and head aches. Im hoping this stops real soon. I don't want to have it removed but I will not leave it in feeling this way.

cheryl 5 years ago

I have IUD for over 6 years and no problems! A little weight gain and a little hair thinning but nothing dramatic! I have to go to get another one but my insurance doesn't cover it. While looking online, they are cheaper, about half the price, to order from Canada than in the US. Has anyone ordered from there and how long can you safely go before changing it? I have not experienced any change with it as of yet after 6 years.

jessica 5 years ago

I just had my mirena put in 2 weekss ago only problem so far is my mood I have the shortest fuse ever and just happen to start 2 day after it was inserted my boyfriend wants me to get it out so bad bc he is seriuosly making me madder than ever but I think its the hormones I'm freaking crazyyy!!!! That's my main reason for scheduling an appointment for it to be taken out and allllthese srories I've rad is making me very positive on my decision :) bye IUD

AJ 5 years ago

Everyone's situation is different. You really shouldn't listen to one person's situation or even 100 peoples. You all have to make the decision for yourself.

I have had mirena for 4.5 years. I chose to have it removed a little early. They couldn't get it out the first couple times they tried. So I took medication to soften my cervix to help getting it out. Day two of trying to get it out and yes it was painful. They once again couldn't get it out. Another OBGYN came in to help but even he couldn't get it out. Some how he was able to break a piece of it off (the vertical portion). I was then scheduled for surgery the next week for removal of the other half. Since then I had this thought of kind of BC did I want now. I am horrible at taking pills, I got pregnant while on the patch and the though of the implanon was frightening! (3-6 months of continuous bleeding) Even after it being stuck and going through the surgery I realized that mirena was the only thing that worked best for me and I wouldn't mind trying it one more time. Now after the next 5 years if it got stuck again then I would not get another.

After making this decision my doctor calls me to say that pieces of the iud are in my uterus, and they really don't know what to do from here. So some of these stories are saying don't get it because of the cramps, the bleeding or what not. That honestly can't be as bad as your doctor telling you pieces of your IUD is stuck in your uterus and not knowing what the next step is.

Even through all of this, I may or may not still get another one. Right now I don't even know if I will have a uterus after this.

So I am not going to sit here and say don't get it because of my situation. Everything in life is a case by case situation. Only you can find what right for you and your needs.

Jeanette 5 years ago

I just talked to my dr. about getting mirena, and after reading all these stories im horrified! I have been on and off the pill (yaz recently) for 10 years. After giving birth almost 2 years ago ive been on the nuvaring and thought it was great exceot that i still forgot to take it out, inset new one. I was hopeful fr the mirena and after talking to my dr decided to continue on the pill for acne and regular menstruation even with mirena. What frightens me the most is mirena getting lost or perforation. I had already done shots before which caused me to gin about 60 pounds and while i initially lost 15 pounds after stoppng the shots losing any more has been impossible. After reading this id rather stick with nuvaring, however i feel that all birth control so far has decreased my sex drive and makes me feel very unemotional.

While i can be skeptical about my experiences being like others' the overwhelming responses and similar stories are frightening. Thanks for all the comments!

JoAnn 5 years ago

I just had an IUD put in two weeks ago. MY doctor told me I shouldn't have sex for three weeks and to go back to her in a month. I was on the pill for 10 years and felt i needed a change. I feel fine nothing is bothering me, it doesn't even feel like anything is there. I am just concerned how do you check it and what am I looking for because I have tried a couple of times and I don't feel anything should I be concerned?

nikki 5 years ago

Hello all :) I have had mirena for the full five years. It as been great insertion was painful but well worth it I have little side effects from mild spotting to mild cramps. I have not gotten pregnant which is awesome one is plenty. My sex drive sometimes I notice I'm just not in the mood but its usually because I'm exhausted after a long day and I really want him to lead the way and do his thing rather then me take control. Sometimes I feel it during sex but switching to a different position isn't a problem. Over all its great I am going weds. To get this one removed and another put in. I do recommend this method to everyone.

Lindsay 5 years ago

I'm 25 years old, and I've never had kids. I had my Mirena IUD inserted about a month ago. The procedure wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Had some moderate cramping afterwards, took some Tylenol, rested, and I was fine. Since then, I've had off and on spotting and cramping. Nothing that I can't handle. I go in this afternoon for my one month check up.

Not too long after I had Mirena (a week maybe), my boyfriend and I had, that was quite painful. If he went too far, I felt a terrible SHOOTING PAIN in my lower abdomen. Never happened before. Almost felt like the Mirena was being pushed in farther or something. I don't know. We've had sex since then, and it's been pain or anything.

So far, I would recommend the Mirena. I'm hoping the spotting and cramps will eventually go away. I've actually lost a few pounds, I don't feel moody or depressed (at least not any more than usual. lol), and everything has been fine.

I know all of these stories you read can be scary. I have what I think is a pretty good, normal story. :o) If you decide to get it, good luck!

Katie 5 years ago

Just had mirena put in today. I was on Implenon for three years before that, and the depo shot for seven years before that. I assume my body is used to progesterone by now, so I'm not that concerned about weight gain/acne/depression. One thing I am a little upset about is that the doctor didn't tell me the bleeding might be worse for the first couple months, just that the bleeding would get lighter!! I have not had any children, and don't really have plans to ever have any, so I'm not too concerned about infertility. Even though I haven't had kids, it was a breeze to put in. I took Ibuprofen, and Tylenol an hour before the procedure, as I was instructed, and just felt a pinch and two cramps (once when he measured my uterus and once when he inserted the mirena tube). The cramps were almost completely gone after five minutes. I didn't take any more pain killers, and went rock climbing a few hours later. It's been 12 hours now, and I am cramp free, and barely even spotting. I am a little concerned about the number of people complaining of lack of sex drive. Sex is a big part of my relationship with my husband. I can't imagine not wanting to have sex with him though so I'm not to worried about it I guess. That's how we show each other love...

Ashley 5 years ago

I got the Mirena IUD at the end of October. I was convinced by the councellor at the clinic that this was a fantastic choice. And I also took advantage of it because, due to certain conditions at the time, it was free. I had some cramping for a week, but nothing advil couldn't handle. for the First 3 months I absolutely loved it!!! but then everything went downhill. I am a single mom and have had alot of things go on in my life, but I have never ever EVER experienced depression like i did in the last 3 months. I was drinking every day, by myself. I quit working out, something I absolutely LOVE to do. I use to go to the gym for 2 hrs a day, but last week I cancelled my membership. I feel like there is a little mini me staring through a foggy glass in my head as I go through the day, and my arms and legs are robotic. I have felt like there is no reason to live, I cant sleep, but good luck getting me off the couch. In the past month I have quit drinking, as I've realized this isn't me and something is seriously wrong. I feel a little better when my friend stops by for a visit, and I force myself to get up early on Saturdays to clean the house and get a routine going. I have been so short with my son, I disgust myself. I have never had a problem with acne and yet I continually get little pimples around my nose and mouth. I have begun exercising again, just at home however with my elyptical, free weights and exercise videos, but i feel so sludgy all the time I make excuses not to. NOt only that I feel bloated, almost like I'm pregnant (definitely not prego tho), whether I eat carrots or pasta. I was so baffled until I read blog after blog after blog about Mirena possibly causing this. I have had the most scruciating headache for the past two weeks, nothing will stop it. I feel like I am hungover all the time! I don't know how many of you ladies smoke, but I started wondering if maybe this is why i start to feel extremely sluggish (altho it's never happened before). I have been trying to quit on and off these past couple weeks and noticed I feel a little better when I don't smoke for a couple days. I have booked an apt on friday to remove my Mirena, but now I'm wondering if I should wait or if these symptoms will subside. I'll feel so stupid if they continue and I'm dumb enough to keep this thing in. LIke really?! what ever happened to good old condoms?! Is there anyone out there who's symptoms subsided after 6 to 8 months????



matilda 5 years ago

hi , me again. my back pains have become a lot worse. esp since i am a person that has never suffered from a bad back before. i wake up in the morning so uncomfortable i've been thinking about buying a new bed. but the pain lingers thru the day. i don't think i am doing anything different to cause this pain. i also get weird feelings like i am about to get my period but don't. i have a feeling the pains are from the iud. anyone else with this???????????

Kaitlin 5 years ago

I had the Mirena put in 9 months ago and have had nothing but issues, not only the constant bleeding and cramping but stabbing pains, moodiness, cysts, acne, weight gain i feel like a 13 yr old girl going through puberty again I was told by the doc that it was my only option being that I have a blood clotting disorder and am not able to take other birth control pills, patches etc... i would rather use a condum and deal with the crap involved with this thing I am calling my doc office tomorrow to schedule an appt to have it taken out I do not recommend this to anyone... Cant wait to have it out ... DON'T DO IT!!!!

sdreed76 5 years ago

I had mine removed friday March 4, 2011 after 1 1/2 years. At first it was fine, no problems w/ insertion, felt like a pinch. No bleeding at first, then bleeding was a constant companion. 2 weeks on and off then every time my husband and I made love. That lead to me not wanting to do anything for fear of cramping and bleeding.

Then after reading posts this week I have finally realized the source of my awful mood swings, acne, anxiety, heart palpitations, depression, weight gain and back pain.

I seriously thought there was something terribly wrong with me. However since having the "thing" removed friday (which was painless) I have not had a mood swing, anxiety attack or anything else until today when I started the worst period since I gave birth. I am clotting, cramping and bleeding just like I gave birth. So here is to hoping this detox is quick. I for one will never get an IUD again.

NLM 5 years ago

I had my mirena put in June 2010, i noticed I had not gotten my period, which was odd because i had been having it regularly since I had it put in for the first 4 months. To go from having your period for four months, then you don't, I was a little nervous, yet I thought i was fine because the chances are SO rare that you would become pregnant (so they say). Well, watch out, I became pregnant. Apparently it had moved and that is when I became pregnant. Every woman is different, and it effects everyone in different ways. This was not right for my body. I am still on the hunt for something that is going to work.

Mirana 5 years ago

I have noticed since I got mirana that I have more vaginal discharge. It's clear and odorless. Just wondering if anyone has had this?

Benda Golden 5 years ago

I had an IUD and got pregnant because it moved. My daughter in law had an IUD and became pregnant within 6 months. The reason for both of us getting pregnant: Loss of weight apparently made the Mirena move or tilt or whatever! So be careful people, if you go on a diet you better have your Mirena refitted.

dana 5 years ago

I just had the mirena removed today after 10 was ok at first but then I started with severe sudden headaches,anxiety,no energy,nor sex drive,feeling depressed, and most worry some was CHeST PAIN. Everyday I have chest pain and heart palpitations.the constant side effects made me change my mind about the mirena.

courtney 5 years ago

Today I went in for my postpartum checkup and was going to get mirena , my doc tried 3 different times to insert it , it was excruciating, he decided not to try any more and said that my uterus kept expelling it. Now I'm at home in pain and bleeding heavily. After reading the reviews I'm glad he couldn't get it inserted, but still not happy about the pain

Courtney 5 years ago

I have had my Mirena for 5 years now. I thought that the cramping was from it being misplaced or the strings were gone. I have been to the doctor a few times because of it.But come to find out it was IBS.I am getting a new one Friday and am nervous about it. I don't think it hurt 5 years ago but Im preparing for it just in case. But I would recommend it.Everyone is different. I hear and read problems about it but I can honestly say 5 years and never pregnant.Is fine with me.

matilda 5 years ago

i have had mine for four months. i am still deciding whether to keep it or not. i have been bleeeding a lot esp in the begining. it has slowed down a lot but am still spotting. just wondering if anyone has had lower back pain from it..............

im feeling nervous to keep it in after all the horror stories i have read??????

adrienne 5 years ago

i have had my mirena for about 5 months now and i have had me period straight for about 2 weeks every month. Has this happened to anyone else? i have had severe shoting pains and cramps that left me not wanting to move. My doctor said it was normal, the cramping, but the 2 week periods.. i never asked about it. i was just wondering. please, if anyone knows, email me at


AndiJ 5 years ago

I had my first Mirena inserted in 2003 and after a couple of days of spotting and light cramps I felt great. Never had a full blown period after that. Had the second one inserted in 2008. I occasionally will have a little spotting and I have gained a bit of weight but then again I am 43 and I suppose my body is changing but in the main I've been very lucky. I was actually discussing it with a colleague today and she was saying that R2000 (in South Africa) is a lot of money but when we worked out that she would save in excess of R2500 on tampons and/pads as well as an average of over R6000 for a contraceptive pill every month for 5 years you are looking at a phenominal saving. I obviously am one of the lucky ones but I'll be a Mirena spokesperson anyday!

tdub 5 years ago

I also have nothing good to say about Mirena. I had it put in june of 2008 and am about to get it removed. I started having really bad mood swings about a year ago also with depression,acne and weight gain. I talked with my doctor about 2 months ago and told her its time to get it out my husband cant deal with it anymore and neither can I it just seems to be getting worse. I had an appointment yesterday to have it removed but when they went to try and remove it they couldn't get it ! The tried dialating my cevix along with the hook and no luck after about 20minutes of trying to remove it they decided to do a sono to make sure that it was still in there and it is but its to the left. I was also told that since the strings have curled it would take a procedure that involves a camera to "fish" it out they will numb the cervix and use cytotec also it doesn't sound like much fun so i strongly would never recommend this device to anyone ! and i will also add that it is the most uncomfortable feeling just having it in there and has been since i got it just thought since it cost so much to get it put in that i need to just deal with it well ive delt with it long enough!

Zee 5 years ago


I recommended Mirena for a friend who also has 2 kids like me. She had an awful time - heavy bleeding, continuous bleeding. She had to have the Mirena removed. It turned out she had fibroids.

Looks like the Mirena made the existing problem worse, but did not cause the problems.

Zee 5 years ago

I've had my Mirena for over 5 years. Yes, it's past time to come out, but it's still working fine, I have no menstrual flow or cramps, plus I'm over 40, so I coils actually use it for up to 7 years, but I think that's push in things a bit too far.

My only problem is that the strings have gone up so I need to go to theatre under general anesthetic to get it removed. That will cost quite a bit b/c I'm in South Africa, and we have to pay for healthcare.

I would recommend the Mirena to anyone in a stable, monogamous long-term relationship. Before Mirena I used the copper-t coil for 10 years (2 coils, 5 years each). It worked but I had heavy periods and cramps every month.

When I remove this Mirena, I'm getting another one put in.

Sprocket 5 years ago

Have had mine in for 4 years. I am 42, two kids and was having heavier periods.

I love this Mirena. I have had NO negative side effects from it, I have no periods and I love it. It was no big deal for me to have it put in, no more bother than a Pap. I will have another put in next year. Can't say enough good about it.

Lise 5 years ago

I have had my Mirena in for 8 years now and getting a new one put in this week. I had read that in Europe, they leave them in for ten years. So far I have had no problems. I am done having kids and am now 41 years old. Love it! No cramping, no period, even moods and regular sex drive. Definitely a fan! I am concerned about not having my periods though. However, nothing has alerted me to any problems with annual exams.

Elena 5 years ago

I had a Mirena placed 8 years ago after my son was born and LOVED IT! When the 5 years was up, my husband and I decided to have another baby (it was time for removal anyway). Our daughter had to be born via c-section so the Dr made me wait a little longer to have the new one placed (to prevent perforation){that was in March of '09}. 3 months ago I started having rally heavy bleeding and cramps... finally i went to the Dr and had to have it removed because it had moved. Actually, the Dr said that it was doing NOTHING tp prevent pregnancy b/c it had migrated into the bottom side of my cervix. I had it removed and have been bleeding for 16 days! Horrible cramps and miscarriage-like symptoms... the dr told me it was "normal". I'm not so sure I will have another one put in, as I've started using the NuvaRing. I'm just hoping it's a little more dependable.

alma 5 years ago

im happy with it ive had it for3 years but its scares me to think there could b concequences due to not gettin a period at all. since i had it put in and yes i have gained alot of weight 30pounds.

Chrissy 5 years ago

I"m 27 with NO KIDS! Doctor said no problem. I've had Mirena for almost a year and its been great. I went from having not really good experiences with pills- just not consistent periods at all to just great. I did have the ring for a year before Mirena and that was great too. The first month was spotty for Mirena and since then, barely anything. Minimal period, minimal menstrual symptoms, couldn't ask for anything better. It all comes down to the differences in everyone. It might be good for some and some for not- but give this a try. No kids, no problem. Try it and expect different symptoms but give it a try.

Belyndaa 5 years ago

The mirena stole a year of my life. My anxiety was through the roof! Its not worth it. I was miserable, and the docters just tried to get me on meds. Thank goodness my hubby researched it online, and convinced me to remove it. He saved my life!

Ranaji 5 years ago

Hi all, I got my Mirena since 1 and half years now after my second baby and i am feeling good with it. I hardly felt any pain when my doctor inserted it and ever after that everything went smooth except for some acne, my periods slowed down gradually to no periods now since a year. I visit my doctor for a regular check up of the Mirena and do a vaginal swab test for infections every six months this way i can be sure that nothing wrong is going on inside of me. the only thing bothering me is that does the periods suppression cause any problems and if i want to get pregnant after removing the Mirena, the doctor says no problems at all, but i am still worried and cant find answers. anyway the Mirena is an issue of each woman's body's reaction to the Mirena and hormones it gives out inside our bodies. my best friend used Mirena and had a horrible experience with excessive bleeding and then she got it removed. There should be a way that doctors can determine if Mirena or any IUD will cause problems for the women who will use it or not.

Nicole Pretorius 5 years ago

To Adavis123. I am not a doctor, but my logic tells me a small flexible plastic device cannot perforate a uterus. I believe when this happens it is the doctor who perforates the uterus while trying to insert it. If you had/have so much pain, I believe you should have it checked out quickly. I suspect your doctor stuffed up.

Nicole Pretorius 5 years ago

Hi, I had a Mirena inserted because I was always iron deficient. Now I know the iron deficiency was because of a badly treated underactive thyroid. Anyway I started getting hair loss that only got worse and worse. Finally I read about other women having problems with hair loss after having the Mirena inserted and when I calculated when my hair loss started, it was just after that period in which I got the Mirena. I have now had it removed, but am not sure when I am going to have thick hair again.

Nesa 5 years ago

I had the IUD inserted 1 year ago

I am 31 and have never had children yet,the insertion was the most pain I have ever felt at least for me it was. They just gave me a motrin or something which didn't help.

But after doing more research I just found out that it isn't recommended for women who haven't given birth. They never mentioned this to me. I had done my own research I never came across that statement before. I don't know how I didn't see it somewhere.

After 1 year my periods are lighter and don't come regularly which is fine with me, but my breasts swell up sooo much every month and I have horrible cramps which scare me and have made me think I am either pregnant or something is wrong. I make sure to check it is in place every now and then when I shower, but since finding out about it not being good for women who haven't had children I am getting it removed next week. It scared me and its not worth it if there is a small chance it will affect me having a child in the near future. This is just my experience.

SunnyBrown 5 years ago

My mirena is coming OUT Friday. I'm so upset with it and even more upset with not being warned about possible side effects. I pissed that my OB/GYN seems to "excuse" all mu side effects away. I have my mirena inserted on 12/30/10. I've had nothing but issues since. I've experienced breast pain, severe dizziness, lightheadedness, severe headaches, nausea, and weight gain. Thos are just listed as the "common" side effects ... that i knew nothing about. The "severe" side effects I've experienced are itching, chills, mood changes, prolonged heavy menstrual bleeding, sudden sever headaches, dizziness, and the unusual or odorous vaginal discharge. I do take responsibility for not researching the mirena before having it inserted. I had he copper IUD several years ago and had NO issues. I thought the same would be the case with the Mirena. NOT!!! While I should have done my research, I do think doctors have some responsibility on educating their patients on the possible side effects, both common and severe. Friday can't get here soon enough for me.

Dee 5 years ago

I've never had a child and requested to be put on Mirena in Oct 2010 because of all of the problems I had with the pill. It's been a over a year since the insertion and I still love it. After a few months of irregular cycles my flow went from a 7 day doozy to a 2 day walk in the park. I had a small bit of weight gain but I lost it with a little extra effort. PMS symptoms have decreased and my cramps changed, but didn't go away. This was definitely the best choice for me. If you decide to have mirena inserted, be sure to pay attention to any changes or side effects that come up. All medications react different with each individual.

Brittni  5 years ago

Im thinking about getting it ive never had any kids and I want some advice

REBE 5 years ago

I've had it for 4 years, and I dislike the funky smell in the discharge every month(I guess this is what I supposed to have instead of my menstrual cycle), I've experienced loss of sexual appetite, I've gained over 15 pounds in the 4 years since I had it fitted, and I've experienced mild depression mood, and anxiety, I'll remove it when it expires, I tough it was only me, but after reading these reviews, I understand now all these changes.

adavis123 5 years ago

I read most of the comments on here and I was really against the iud for almost a year and then I gave into the pressure from my doctor. she wanted me to get it because I am a teen mom and she doesn't want me to have another baby any time soon. After reading some of the comments I am scared that I made the wrong decision. When I got it inserted my doctor really hurt me. After she put the long metal thing in i felt a horrible pain in my hip. Then a couple hours later my entire right side was in pain, i could barely walk or get up and down the stairs. And then the next day only my left thigh was in a lot of pain. and now today i cant stretch cause it hurts my uterus. Can someone please help me?

Heather 5 years ago

Had my Mirena IUD for 3 years before realizing that it was not in my uterus. It had perforated my uterus and was floating in my abdomen (which probably happened within weeks of having it inserted). The most likely reason for the perforation is that it was inserted incorrectly. I was apologized to by the nurse practitioner who put it in. The thing also caused a large ovarian cyst in the process. I had that and the IUD surgically removed. I was also plagued with awful acne and extremely heavy periods the entire time I had the IUD. There is a good possibility that I may not be able to have any more children due to scarring of the uterine wall. The whole reason I got the thing was because we weren't sure that we didn't want more kids. Getting pregnant may not be an option now. A good friend of mine is an ultrasound sonographer and (after the fact) told me that she sees so many issues with IUD's, she would NEVER get one. Guess I should have talked to her before deciding to get the thing.

Cortnie 5 years ago

I had my first IUD placed 5 years ago after giving birth to my second child. It did hurt initally, which is expected. It didn't last longer than 2 days though. The only complaint that was had in the first 5 years was by my husband...I had to go get the strings trimmed because the bothered him during intercourse. I have actually lost 75lbs with diet and exercise and have not had any of the side effects other women describe. I just today got my second Mirena inserted and only cramped for a couple of hours. I will continue to get them inserted every 5 years! I love the Mirena and am very grateful for modern medicine!

Jackie 6 years ago

i had the IUD placed in May of 2005... 3 years later (April 2008) my husband and i decided we wanted to have another child, so i get it removed. since then (3 years now) my periods have been irregular and we haven't been able to get pregnant no matter how often/hard we try... im starting to think im sterile now... has this happened to anyone else???

Ebony 6 years ago

I've had the mirena for three days now

these story's ate scarry but, it really all depends on the persons body. God created us all different


Xtina 6 years ago

so, i am searching for "what happens if you go past your expired date on iud" Mine expired almost 5 months ago. I have had no problems with mine what so ever... love it. no periods at all. spot once in a while but maybe for an hour then its gone. I've noticed i have had a sudden weight gain and am wondering if its because ive gone past its date. I know it was due to be taken out almost 5 months ago... but all seems the same except the weight gain part.... any suggestions? I know i can have a new one put right back in while they are taking this one out, but i am so afraid to mess with a good thing.

libby 6 years ago

I've had a mirena for 17 months. The pro is I have light periods, only needing pantiliners typically. The con is I wear a pantiliner every day of the month. Also, the constant discharge has a funky smell, similar to a period. My cycles are quite short too, and though the bleeding is very light, it goes on for days.Additionally, I'm seeing a dermatologist for acne flares. A round of mincing helped tremendously, but I couldn't stay on that long ter,. My derm said she sees women all the time who are using progesterone based birth control(& mirena qualifies as such). She wants me to go on spironolactone. I had very heavy periods before, and my iron levels were low. They have both improved.

My problem is I'm 41 years old with high blood pressure. I have few options for bc, most of which are sterilization. I'm not ready for that. And I can't stand all the close calls with condoms....too many of those!

Ashley 6 years ago

I got the Mirena inserted in Sep.09 right after my second son was born. It hurt when it was put in, I was told it was normal and that I would experience cramping for the next week! I figured okay that is better then having to worry about pregnancy, so I thought... In the middle of 2010 I started having a lot of headaches that turned into to migraines. Then I also had lower back pain, pelvic pain, loss of sex interest, and I always felt exhausted and like I was in a daydream or fog! It was all moderate pain but irritating! That is until these last three days, I have had severe stabbing back pain almost similar to back labor when giving birth, I don't have insurance right now but I couldn't care less tomorrow I am going to the doctor and getting it out hopefully no damage has occurred because I still would like more children! I hate that I have this pain because on the plus side for mirena I had no periods and no unexpected pregnancies, but I am starting to think I would rather be pregnant then feel this pain!

Britny 6 years ago

Alright here is the deal. I have had my Mirena for almost 3 years. My insurance covered the whole cost. I have absolutely no problems with it what so ever. I don't get cramps i didn't get fatter i don't get headaches or dizzy. The best part about it is that i have not had my period since 2 days after it was put in. I love it and i would recommend it to anyone who is curious about it. honestly getting it inserted hurt a great deal from cramping but it went away within an hour or two. It has not imbeded itself in my uterus or anything like that. But that's me and my personal experience. I would totally say go for it it's worth it.

stephss639 6 years ago

I have had my Mirena for 2 and 1/2 years and have recently started bleeding between periods too. The doctor thought it may be an infection, so I was put on antibiotics, but all tests came back negative. The bleeding is really heavy (especially after intercourse), so now I have to go for a scan to see if it has imbedded in the wall of my uterus. I think if you have always had little bleeds between your period, then it's probably just a side effect of the hormone treatment, but if you've had your coil a while and it's only just started happening, go see your doc to get checked out.

Pyw1 6 years ago

Has anyone on the mirena experienced abnormal bleeding after their menstrual cycle was complete? If so what was the reason for this happening?

Suzanne 6 years ago

I had the Mirena coil removed 3 days ago and am feeling better already.

Where do I start, I had it fitted 11 weeks ago and over the last 4 weeks have started to feel anxious, very panicky, unsettled, headaches, nightmares, heat across the left hand side of my back and complete lack of sex drive.

I have a 6 month old daughter and am completely happy and settled so could not imagine what on earth was causing this, which was adding to my anxiety, I just happened to Google the Mirena coil and anxiety / depression and could not believe the stories I read, all stating the same side effects.

I still didn't think it could be related to the coil as I had had the mirena for 10 years previously, until I realised that during these 10 years I suffered with anxiety, depression hence I took anti depressants, you do the maths! If only I had known about the side effects then

I immediately made an appointment with my doctor to have it removed and they were not very keen but I insisted I wanted it out, I was literally shaking with anxiety in the doctors and they said that maybe it was post natal depression but I said I am the happiest I have ever been and that I felt completely not myself, I didn't want to tell them how bad I felt as I was worried they would want to monitor me looking after my daughter.

I cannot tell you how different I feel, back to my bubbly, confident self again and calm and peaceful again, my husband says the difference is clear. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go with your instinct and do NOT rule out the coil giving you these horrible side effects, the doctors insist it is not the coil, but you only have to look on the internet to see different. I am going to write on as many websites as I can, even if it only helps one person, good luck.

renee 6 years ago

I had an Mirena put in 6 months after my second son....and so far it has been the only thing in my life I regret! I had it taken out a month after it was put in bc i t started hurting so bad my husband had to carry me to the car so we could go to my OB. He searched for 30 min, set me to get an ultra sound...they searched for 30 min, then sent me to get an xray. Of course it was not were is was supposed to be. I had emergency surgery. They removed it from my abs. That was almost 3 years ago. My husband and I have been trying for a year to have another child with no luck...i can't help but think the mirena has something to do with it.

Tabbh 6 years ago

I got my Mirena inserted in July or Aug of '10. I am a complete baby when it comes to pain. When it was inserted in me, I was a mess. I was dizzy, nauseas, couldn't see, i almost passed out on the way to the bathroom because my body couldn't handle the anxiety. I ended up throwing up in the procedure room and I felt better.

I didn't go for a check-up because I was scared to death that they would poke me inside all over again. So, I am just hoping for the best that they didn't insert it in my wrong.

I don't realize that the IUD is in me but now it is January '11 and I seem to find that I am spotting a lot. I don't understand. yes, having sex without condoms or taking birth control is AWESOME but I wish the random bleeding would stop so I can DO what I want to do!

Michelle 6 years ago

I had my Mirena places in August of 2010. By Sept. 2010 my hair was falling out. I noticed it but brushed it Fall shedding. I developed acne in my face, chest, back, had a throbbing pain in my throat (very weird), joint pain, fogginess, tireness, depression, axiety and NO sex drive as well as sharp stabbing pain with sex. My hair continued to fall out more and more, I was pulling out fist fulls. I would brush my hair and try to get all the hair out before a bath. After my bath I would have hair floating all over the water. It was SCARY. I was going BALD at 31!!! I looked up women hair loss on google and BAM--Mirena came up!!! I called and had it removed the next day. I have had it out now for about two months. My hair has stopped falling almost all the way, my acne is getting better and my sex drive is a little better (NOT the same yet. throat throbbing pain is gone as well as the stabbing pain, tiredness and depression and axiety. I also do NOT recommend the copper IUD, I had that for 1 year and got several YEAST infections along with GREEN discharge YUCK!!!! My husband even got my yeast infection!! Now my husband had gotten a vasectomy!! I EARNED it!!

kelly 6 years ago

I have been taking Yaz for almost three years and am fed up with having to to take the pill every single day. I have an appointment with my doctor later this week about getting on a new method of birth control. I read most of the reviews on here, as well as from many other sites; some sound very scary while others sound quite promising. I am sure that my doctor will answer this, but since my body has already become accustomed to receiving a greater daily amount of hormones from my pills, will it be less dramatic if/when my IUD is inserted? I am also looking into getting Implanon if anyone has comments (positive or negative) about that. Thanks!

chantel 6 years ago

I just got the Mirena inserted a week far I have had terrible experience with it. The doctor that inplanted it didn't explain to me at all what the side effects were...from day one I have had period like cramps except ten times worse...I have had very bad mood swings...and also had it move further up into my body. Not only does it hurt you but it also hurts you partner during sex...from that day til now sex has been awkward and painful for both... I wished i did my research before i got me i think all the birth control that gets implanted in a womens body is bad news...even the sister in law got breast cancer from sister had to have surgery to get mirena out of her body because it was so far into her body. To me I do not like mirena.

Jess 6 years ago

I just got the mirena inserted so far the cramps feel like normal

Period cramps, I have not bled yet since it was

Inserted, yes the insertion was extremely painful! I had even taken a medication to help soften my cervix before insertion but still found myself tightening up and screaming in pain. I was given 3 choices by my obgyn as far as bc is concerned after being on yaz for 1 month I developed a blood clot in my lung and 2 days later multiple pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in my lungs) bc of my history of blood clots I am not allowed to take any bc containing estrogen or any oral contraception containing progestrin... They said it was either condoms (which I will

Still use regardless, I just wanted back up), the shot

Which is said to cause extreme weight gain (up to 100lbs!!) the paraguard which has the same

Negative side effects as mirena (potential for perforation etc) but increases bleeding and cramping for the entire 10 yrs it's inserted, as there are no hormones at all. My last choice was mirena and although I am nervous bc of my blood clots in the past my dr ensured me that the hormone used is not connected with blood clots and bc it is intrauterine the hormone does not enter your system the same way as the pill and thus effects your blood differently. I am

Nervous reading all of these posts but I

Am hoping for the best. I know 2 ppl

Who have mirena both about 2 years now one had lost her period completely and has no cramps or pain. The other bleeds 3 weeks out of the

Month, yes still, and would not recommend it I believe it is

Different for everybody and you need to take your medical history into account. I am currently in a lawsuit avaunt Bayer for Side effects of YAZ, so trusting Bayer with this is tough to do, I guess I can just hope for the best.

Jasmine 6 years ago

I had Mirena placed in me right after I had my daughter two years ago. Since then, I have not experienced any unusual side effects other than the fact that my period did not get lighter at all...crap!

I think Mirena is great and it's done it's job. It's so nice not to think about protection before having sex. However, I'm not with my husband anymore so I wonder if I will need to take Mirena out and have it replaced (?) I think I remember the doctor saying it should be replaced if your sexual partner changes.

I NEVER have side effects to anything...weight loss pills, energy drinks, etc. I'm pretty lucky, medical-wise. But every woman will probably experience different issues with Mirena, which IMO is to be expected.

Happy New Year!

Tracey 6 years ago

Hey ladies,

I have been deliberating about removing my IUD, which was inserted about 9 months ago. I had severe lower back pain for 3 or 4 months and it wasn't until after it subsided, that I realized it started around the same time as the IUD insertion. I have gained over 20 pounds. I have sporatic back and neck pain all the time in various places. I have joint pain pop up hear and there all the time. I have zero sex drive, and believe me, I have a very attractive younger boyfriend whom I am very much in love with. Thank goodness he loves me regardless, but it just doesn't seem right. I am listening to some earlier advice about knowing your body and knowing what is or isn't right for you, and I am calling tomorrow for the removal. It is great not having a period, but he wants us to have a child together and the uterus issues scare the crap out of me. I also have periodic depression and uncontrollable urge to cry at times. We have had a lot of stress in our lives lately, so could be attributed to the stress. I will try to post a follow up after removal and let everyone know if there are significant changes. Also, a friend of mine has had one longer than me and started getting bad acne outbursts recently. I forwarded some of this info to her as well. Thanks for all the wonderful information ladies and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Dreya 6 years ago

I had Mirena inserted today and I have never felt so much pain in my life. I do not have any children, but have read stories from ladies who say that having a child is less painful then having Mirena inserted. I got really sweaty and the cramping was intense. I am still having cramps after taking 4 ibuprophrens, and 2 aleeve's. I am going to use the heating pad tonight and see how I feel in the morning. I will give it a chance to see how it works for me. It will either work side effect free, or it won't. Good luck ladies.

msfifthy 6 years ago

ive had the mirena in since oct/09 and i had mine removed 12/22/2010 ive experienced every side effect on here like they say mirena isnt for everyone so ive decided to go back with the depo shot not thrilled but it was my only option.....

icee 6 years ago

I haven't used Mirena. But if that's up your alley, try the Implanon. An Implant in your inner bicep, that lasts up to 3 years. I had it for a year, and liked it for the most part. Side

Aimee 6 years ago

I am on my second Mirena. It has been the best and easiest form of birth control -- I rarely have a period and never have to think about it. I am nervous about the hormones being released in my body. Even though they are localized, I've been told they do make it into the blood stream. I don't like hormones and want another form of birth control, but have a hard time wanting to start having periods again. My sex drive is a bit diminished, but maybe that's not related -- I'm not sure. Otherwise it has been such a great form of birth control!

SHELE1975 6 years ago

I had mirena put in about 4 years ago after i had my daughter, i didnt experience any pain or discomfort when it was put in, just mild cramping that lasted the rest of the day. I had to have it removed in September when i had a LEEP procedure done. I just had it put back in yesterday and have to say it was very painful because of the scar tissue the LEEP created. The cramps which were much worse then the first time around went away by this morning. I was given a pamplet that i had to sign and date before they would insert the mirena, letting me know of the side effects etc. I have been happy with it the last 4 years and hope to have another 5 years of good experiences with it.

Nikki 6 years ago

Holly when I had mine inserted back in February of this year, it was about $900, but my insurance covered about $700 so it wasn't too bad, totally worth it IMO.

Holly 6 years ago

Has the cost of Mirena gone down yet? I've had Mirena for 5 yrs so I'm due for a replacement. I love having it!! Last I'd checked with my doctor, it will cost me $600 to get a replacement one.

Trisha 6 years ago

I have had my IUD in for about a year and a half, and the only problem i have had with it was a white discharge that comes right around the time i would normally have my periods. I went to the doctor and they told me it was normal and that it is just that it the mucas from my cervix and that everyone leaks it when they are on their period but you dont notice it because of the blood from the period. They told me that i have to clean it out every month because if i leave it in there it could cause some kind of infections. I love mirena and i will recommend it to any one who asks about it. I had a c-section so i was use the cramps the first two days when i got it inserted. But i know this one girl who had mirena in and it ripped her cervix so she couldnt have any more kids, and that was the only problem she had and she had it in for all five years. So it was the doctors fault when he took it out it ripped something in her cervix

Navywifey 6 years ago

I had Mirena put in at 2pm yesterday, I am 20 and just had a beautiful baby girl 3 months ago. My doctor said it would be a good choice, as I don't know if I want any more babies, but want the option. I originally wanted implanon, but they were out, so she offered mirena. I wasn't too sure about it, but wasn't told any of the possible side effects, so I figured how bad could it be. The placing was the most painful thing I've ever felt. Giving birth hurt less. I passed out after she did it, and couldn't leave for 30 minutes, then sat in the car for a good while. I had horrible cramping and bleeding. I passed out 2 more times yesterday evening, once while shopping. I was pouring sweat, had a horrible migraine, and felt lethargic all day. Not even two motrin helped my pain. I went to the er and they REFUSED to take it out. Said they needed a special "tool" which is total BS. So my husband took me home. I couldn't sleep for more than a few minutes at a time from being in so much pain, and had to stay curled up in a little ball. I was in so much pain this morning I couldn't get up. So my hubby took me back to the doctor office (when I called they said they wouldn't take me in for at least 2 days) and demanded they take it out today. She took forceps, and tugged the strings, it didn't hurt at all having it removed. Have had it out about 4 hours now, as soon as it was out, all my pain was gone, no cramps, no anything. Just tired from no sleep last night. And it had been placed correctly, still where it should have been.

I'm not saying anyone shouldn't get it. I was just one that couldn't handle it. And I wouldn't want anyone to feel the way I did in the short time I had it.

Temika 6 years ago

Hello Ladies I've had my Mirena now going into the fifth year. I am scheduled to get it removed in May of 2011, with everything I've read here I'm pretty freaked out. I got the IUD 6wks after my third child and my OBGYN recommended it since I was 27 at the time. But I've been engaged for 2 yrs now and about to get married soon. My fiance is about to be 26 yrs old and doesn't have any children, he wants to at least have one addition to our ready made family. Now that I've heard all these stories I'm terrified I won't be able to have a child for him. He has felt for the string many times with no luck and now to find out that it might be somewhere else in my body, I'll have to go to get it checked ASAP. But Ladies I've had no periods, gained like 30 pounds, and a severe migraine here and there other than that my IUD has been great. To all of you with bad stories you are in my prayers and I pray that all goes well to those of you who have recently gooten one. I also pray that mines comes out with no complications and I'm able to give my new husband what he's been asking for a child og his own. Be Blessed Ladies!!!!!

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 6 years ago Author

ASHELY -- You must not have read many of the comments if you think it's only women who haven't given birth who've had serious complications. Not all of the women here have indicated whether or not they have children, but those who have said they have children already and have had bad experiences including their Mirena "getting lost" or "perforating their uterus" include :

Jillian, scorpiovixen, Jenny, Heather, Christine, mkm85, Leigha, Ashlee, Sarah, Rachel, Heather, Jessica, Sara, Ashely, Lee, Charlotte, JEF, Deb and some of those comments are only just above yours.

Many other women above who'd given birth prior also report bad experiences of a less extreme nature, but bad enough for them to have it removed.

Incredibly, there's one woman up there who says she got pregnant with the Mirena inserted, which must put her in the amazing odds category!

To be fair, I suspect the perforations and "getting lost" or "stuck" may be the result of medical incompetence on the part of the respective GYNs. But I have no idea, it may also simply be a manufacturing fault. I would hope a study could be done to verify which it actually is.

All I know is that I personally would never get one. It's fine for some of these people to say, "Didn't you research this beforehand?" but all the research in the world cannot tell you if your Mirena is going to go missing or wind up perforating your uterus.

But clearly some people love their Mirena. There are risks with many forms of birth control, the key thing here is that anyone who has a Mirena inserted should pay careful attention to their bodies and go to the doctor immediately if they have any problems. And they should have it checked at every exam to make sure it hasn't gone missing or perforated the uterus.

Ashely 6 years ago

I was told before I had a baby that as long as I was in a committed relationship that I could get an IUD. I didn't get one and about a month later got pregnant which was not in my plans. I adore my little one but I plan on getting my IUD in about a week.

I have the slightest feeling that the women that had the horrible sounding side effects didn't already have a child. I trust my OB/GYN with my life. She doesn't have the IUDs on hand. She orders them from the manufacturer so that she will have the freshest most up to date model available. I will post back in a few months with an update.

lisa 25 6 years ago

got mirena after a termination (dont have kids), hurt with six months of cramps, got better, loved having it, now just over a year later. i got my period 3 days ago....i think. the only thing i have to go on, is that for the first time in ages i have horribl cramps AGAIN and some type of bleeding. so thats it, im done, i also gained weight, now i know y!! going to see what i have to do to get it out!

charlotte 6 years ago

I had mirena inserted about 6 weeks after I had my second child. I DID want one more, but my first two are only 16 months apart and I needed a few years to settle with the two we had. For 3 days I was doubled over in pain, felt like someone had sliced my lower abdomen. Went back to the doc and told her, she said there is nothing wrong. Waited another couple days, went BACK to her, she did an ultrasound. Still said nothing was wrong. I informed her that the strings were never present and to check again. She then tells me it "fell out". WHAT??? Seriously??? Anyway, a few months later, I went to a new doc. She said she had NEVER heard of them "falling out" and she wanted to do a D & C because she thought the whole situation was odd. When waking from the D&C she shows me pictures of the BROKEN PIECES of mirena that were EMBEDDED into my uterus. She said she couldnt find all of them, and soon I am having laparoscopy surgery to see if there were any perforations and to look for the missing pieces. She also told me that the other doc HAD to have broken it during insertion AND if that was the case she would have KNOWN it was broken while she was placing it!!! It is now not advisable for me to become pregnant because there may possibly be a piece left in my uterus and could cause pregnancy complications! PLEASE, if you do want this appliance, MAKE SURE your doctor has preformed MANY of these procedures successfully, AND be aware of the consequences of a doctor who is competent in this procedure. I have never sued anyone, and I am now getting a crash course, because I am sueing the doc who placed the IUD AND Bayer!!!!

katybird 6 years ago

Just a note about why some doctors recommend this be used for women who've already had a baby - one of the reasons is that birth dialates the cervix and nulliparous women (never had a baby) have a harder time with the insertion because their cervix will be tighter. My doctor (a woman around 30) said the after pregnancy thing is old-fashioned and that recent studies have not backed it up at all. She also said that it can be more difficult for it to settle on nulliparous women because the uterus is not as stretchy and forgiving.

Mirena definitely isn't for everyone. I've only had mine for a couple of weeks - the first day cramps were wicked but they're gone now. I spot now and then but not badly. When I exert myself, I get cramps (running upstairs, lifting things etc), but that is lessening over time. All I can say is talk to more than one doctor and be aware of all the possible effects BEFORE it goes in so you can be aware of changes in your body. An IUD is a great way to be responsible for your own body, just make sure it's the right option for you and listen to what your body is telling you.

Josee 6 years ago

NO good for sex drive no sex!!! back pains,abdominal pain still bleeding,and just being a bitch whit no patience..even whit the ones i really love.. my man and my kids ;o( this is not me ..oh no now it's out and very happy about it..had it for 8 months and that was even too long..listen to you're body's girls it was talking to me and i was ignorant..poor kids having a mom whit no patience and the boyfriend wondering who i was.. i use to have all the patience in the world..and a teddybear..

rclausen 6 years ago

i am 49 and i had the mirena put in two wks ago, omg two days later horrid back pain and hip cramps, nausea, anxiety and depression. i went to my family doc and at first he thought i strained my back and i told him my ob/gyn put in the iud, he said call her immediately. so i did had an ultrasound, and found out two days after insertion it moved because my body didnt want it there. i almost went to the er a few times due to the pain, it scared me i couldnt hardly walk or bend over or stand up straight due to back pain and i could hardly get out of bed, i had it removed today i feel better but i still hurt in my back and hip and feel anxious, does anyone know how long this will last? dont ever get the iud what a joke

Brittany 6 years ago

Had one put in today. It was mildly uncomfortable--but nothing I would say was painful. Very VERY minimal spotting--no need to even use a tampon. I have had zero cramping.....

So far so good--we will see how I feel in a few months!

Kristen 6 years ago

I'm 26 and I have had the Mirena in for 4 years now and I loved not having to worry about getting pregnant, but last night I had horrible cramping/pains and I decided to google Mirena for some reason. Well I came across this and other sites and read a ton of stories and it was like reading something I wrote! When I got the Mirena I was under the impression that there were no side effects so when I started having panic attacks and feeling depressed I just figured it was life. I also started having horrible acne which I never had before, and I get bloated so easily now. Also every once in awhile I have dizziness spells. So I have been on Zoloft for the panic attacks/depression for awhile and have to buy expensive ance products. It's crazy how I never thought to attribute any of these things to a foreign object in my body.

amber1224 6 years ago

For the last 2 years ive been an irritiated depressed women with extreme mood swings. Ive gained almost 30lbs Im always bloated. My hair is falling out. I couldnt figure out what has changed in my life. I exercise and eat healthy. Then it dawned on me. I got the Mirena IUD 2 years ago. Everything my doctor told me would not happen DID... I want to have it removed ASAP. Only problem is that I have no insurance right now and Its not cheap to have removed..... I would not recommend Mirena to anyone.

Jazmina 6 years ago

I got my IUD when my first baby was 4 months old, i've had it for about 2 years now, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I started to cramp right after insertion, and after that, i have NOT had a menstral cramp since that very day. I still get a period every month, it's very light, only lasting maybe 2-3 days. I cannot feel it, it's not uncomfortable. Sex is stress free. My fiance cannot feel it. I LOVE it. I haven't gained any weight, my hair seems to be growing. Everythings GREAT, i make sure i tell all my ladie friends and relatives how awesome this device is. When it expires, i will most likely be going to get another inserted. I thank God that i haven't experienced any of these awful side effects.

Erica 6 years ago

I experienced extreme pain with insertion. They had to dialate me to 7cm 2 times which felt like an eternity! I almost passed out and was doubled over with severe cramps. I basically bled for 2 months straight, got horrible acne almost right away and I decided to take it out after my left shin went numb/tingly the morning after having sex for the first time with it in. Not to mention he said he could feel it. I got it taken out and the numbness is still in my leg and it's been a week. I am really upset with how tramatic my experience was. Other women have suffered nerve damage from Mirena...some even in the face! I am just hoping my leg will go back to normal and my face acne will go away. It's not worth it to have this foreign object in yoour body. Naturally shit will go wrong and your body will tell you to get it out.

A-Non 6 years ago

I had my first Mirena put in around 2002. I loved it so much that when the 5 years was up, I had another inserted. I had no abnormal weight gain, just a pound or two here and there like everyone else does. I am a runner, so maybe that kept things in check with my weight. My blood pressure has increased a bit, but my doctors don't think that is due to the IUD because it releases so little hormone. I mean, it's only 52 mg and it releases over 5 years!

With the first one, I had some leakage the first 2 months, I guess. After that, very light periods. A box of tampons lasted much more than a year. Many months I didn't have a period at all.

I've had this new one since 2007. It seemed to be working just like the first one for just over 3 years. However, in the past 3 months I've had 'regular' periods. It's like old times, before I had this thing. In fact, in August, the period went on for about 10 days. I went in to check whether it was still in its proper place, and the doctor said it was fine.

I suspect that the particular Mirena that I have is defective and has already released all of its hormones. If that's the case, I would not be protected against pregnancy, which is NOT Ok!! (I am almost 46.) Is anyone else having this sort of "worn out Mirena" problem?

LEE 6 years ago

I had a mirena put in about 7 weeks ago,it was extremly painfull having it done i swear it was like being in labour again,I had a lot of pain for about 3 weeks then it wasnt to bad,i went for my six weeks check up and the doctor coudnt find the string so i had an ultrasound nothing showed up so they did an exray and now iv,e been called back to the doctors they have said that it has traveled off to the left somewhere so i am so scared i have to go and find out what they are going to do.

With my experience i will be having it removed and i would not recommened it to anyone.

Pissed off 6 years ago

I had mirena for almost 3 yrs and was never told it could cause hair loss, breast discharge that could turn n2 cancer, and when I got it removed it felt like a bag of nails being yanked from a straw which n turn caused scar tissue...I got pregnant 7 mos after having it removed only to miscarry at 5 1/2 wks due to the scarring and had to have an emergency D & C done!! I'm hoping it has not made me infertile because of this. I also have had a cyst from my ovary surgically removed and a cyst from my breast removed only to have it come back bigger than b4!!!! I do not recommend this to NY1. It sounded great at 1st but that's because they sugar coated it that way they only tell u about all the good stuff but leave out the rest! Keeping my fingers crossed that when I TTC again it sticks cause I don't think I can go thru another miscarriage again?

Tinkerbell 6 years ago

Now I'm super scared

km 6 years ago

I had Mirena for a little over 5 years, and just had it removed. My doctor swore it was the greatest thing ever - no more periods, PMS would be lessened, no worries about birth control, etc. I read nothing about it other than the brochures prior to having it inserted. The insertion was terribly painful - I was not warned about this and was very surprised. After insertion my periods gradually disappeared, which was wonderful. However, I found I was extremely moody and often felt depressed, which I was NEVER prone to in the past. I also had some weight gain (not too much, but I'm very weight-concious). I did not attribute any of this to the IUD until a year or so ago when I started reading reviews. Even when I went to have it removed, my doctor said she had never heard of such symptoms with Mirena since the hormones were localized to the uterus. I'm now on my first period since the removal, and will be interested to see how I feel overall. I can't say I "instantly" felt better, but I do feel I've lost some weight and feel a little more even keel moodwise. I will not have another put in simply because I did not like how angry and depressed I felt at times while on it. I loved not having periods, however!

Ruby 6 years ago

When a Mirena, or any other IUD/IUS perforates the uterus or otherwise ends up 'floating about' that is a sign of incompetent fitting. Those in litigious countries should seek legal advice on suing the practitioner who fitted the coil badly.

I've had Mirena for 5 years, coming up to replacement time and I will do it in a heartbeat. No side effects of any kind really, no period at all (I was on Depo for 6 years prior, so haven't had one for 11 years and hope never to have one again, I'm 42). It doesn't suit everyone, but those who it suits it suits incredibly well. Do research, find a Family Planning practitioner or ObGyn who is fully trained and certificated in placement of Mirena, and give it a try. For me, it's the best contraceptive choice by a country mile.

dazzel37 6 years ago

In 2000, I had a cyst removed that was almost the size of a newborn baby. I was almost always on my period (on average 235-250 days of the year). After several years of what I felt normal, the problems began again. 2006 (182 days of the year). Finally in 2007, I was sent to a different doctor, the doctor convinced me to try the Mirena, in June 2007. When I went in, I fought the man. Demanded a hysterectomy. Of course I was told I was too young. The biopsy showed that I had Adenomyosis. After about 5 months of having the Mirena, I noticed changes. I didn't have to plan my day around bathrooms, finally something was working in my favor. I went in for a check up with the doc, and after only a few seconds of being in the room with me. He demanded an apology. I can laugh about it now, because he told me the Mirena worked for women like me (and of course I didn't believe him). And I had to promise him that if it did, then I was to apologize. (I did after about 5 months of having the mirena). As far as like goes, it has been like heaven. Walking across the clouds during the most beautiful sunrise. My periods, are funny; lasting usually 3-4 days. Yes I did have side effect; weight gain, and emotional issues. But if I had to do it all over again. SIGN ME UP... I never will forget what life was like before the Mirena starting helping. Living off of pain medications, going to wal-mart to buy groceries. And having to give money to a friend to buy you clothes to change, because of the extreme blood loss. Yes I would do it over again. I do not look forward to the time when I have it removed, and I pray they will put another in the same day. I do not want to go back to where I was.

NessB76 6 years ago

I got my Mirena in 6 wks after the birth of my daughter 4 years ago. In response to ew1981 I believe insertion doesn't hurt so much after child birth due to the cervix having softened. I do feel sorry for those that have it inserted at any other time. As for my experience with it, I have had on and off spotting at times without any sort of regularity to it. My main problem was and still is, the mood swings 1 week prior to the spotting. I have had no other issues with the device and will be considering another when it is due to be removed in 12 months.

ew1981 6 years ago

I had Mirena inserted three months ago, two months after a vaginal birth. I didn't find the insertion at all painful, at the most there was a moment or two of discomfort as it was inserted, but it was no worse than a pap test. I did have spotting fairly constantly for two months having it inserted, but that has cleared up now, I've continued to lose the couple of kg left from pregnancy, have no problems with mood swings or acne and my libido (that was MIA after 15 years of the pill and then pregnancy) is returning.

Kelly K 6 years ago

I got Mirena about a month ago. I'm 36, never been pregnant. I needed something besides a hysterectomy to help with very heavy bleeding during periods. I'm not sexually active so I could care less about the birth control aspect at this time.

After insertion, I didn't have any bleeding, just some spotting. But the cramps were ranging between a little annoying to doubled over painful! I had my first period about 3 weeks after insertion and it was a lot lighter than usual. That's good because that was my goal with this stupid thing. I'm sincerely hoping this will cut down on my bleeding or make it go away entirely because the mini-pill had zero effect and I'm sick of being anemic!

My concern is that when I went for a follow up visit with my gyne 2 weeks ago, she couldn't find the strings. She sent me for an ultrasound and they couldn't find the IUD behind my fibroid. I have no idea if it's still in my uterus or not! I've had borderline very painful cramps off and on the entire time so I have no idea if that's the usual cramps due to having Mirena or if it's due to perforation. I am terrified of perforation, so I have no idea what I'm going to do! I'm hoping it's still where it should be and the fibroid is just covering it up from being seen on the ultrasound. But when it comes time to remove it, how the heck are we going to find it again??? :( I'm so scared!

Sarah E 6 years ago

I've had my Mirena for 2.5 years, and I absolutely love it. Important tidbit - I have not had a child. My original doctor was not willing to install it because of this, but nothing else was viable for me. Still, I felt confident about the benefits of Mirena and found someone who was willing. I cramped the first day or two like most, but after that it's been smooth sailing. I usually get very mild cramps every other month or so, but nothing compared to what was my norm. Other than the cramps, my periods are gone except for extremely rare spotting, which thin liners handle with ease.

I love my Mirena, and I'm sorry that so many women have had trouble with it, because I can't imagine life without it. I really recommend that everyone try it - the benefits are AMAZING if it works for you (I haven't bought tampons since it was put in), and if it doesn't work then it can come right out.

Kathryn 6 years ago

I have been using IUD's as a method of birth control for over 30 years. In that time I had a bad reaction to one of them and had it removed after 3 months. I currently use the Mirena. I have had it in for 5 years. I love it. It seems that more folks with horror stories want to share but my experience through the years has been very positive.

ashley miller 6 years ago

i have a iud but i have so much pain with it wat do i need to do i dont bleed at all

Rose 6 years ago


lcharm 6 years ago

Hello All....I definitely would recommend the Mirena IUD...but only with a professional and credible OB/GYN Doctor. I'm 29yrs old w/ Sickle Cell Anemia and i had the IUD inserted when i was 24yrs old(after two abortions). It's been 4 1/2 yrs exactly since i had it and I just got it removed yesterday evening(was sorta painful but wasn't my doctor). I was bleeding a bit more heavier than usual and felt a bit more moodier, thats why i had it removed early but over the course of 4 yrs i never had one single problem with the Mirena, except the usual every day spotting. I never even felt for my strings(which i prob should have done). Now that it's out of me..i feel lighter and a bit happier. But when i become sexually active again or have another relationship...i am def getting it again. I don't want kids anytime soon(at least until I'm like 34 or 35)and I wanna have a normal cycle for a while...and see the difference w/ out the hormones. Its a shame for those who had problems but always know the background of your Doctor and get detailed info before any procedure is done. I didn't research the Mirena..only what my Doctor told me("It's the Mercedes Benz of Birth Control") That comment alone sold me. My experience with it was awesome!!!!.... God Bless.

Jen  6 years ago

Wow the stories are scarry I have had the mirena in for 2 years now. Yes my husband has always said that he can feel it however the doctor reasurred us that there was no way but he did trim the string he thought that this might be what he felt when we would have sex.Now I went to the OBGYN to have a pap done and he couldn't find it at first but then he said that it was in my uterus he acted like it was no big deal. However now I am cramping more, no sex drive and I feel depressed I cry alot now. I definately made an appt to have it removed. I cannot wait hoping my sex drive comes back soon and so does my husband!!!!!!

amberjones21 profile image

amberjones21 6 years ago from Pensacola, FL

I have had my Mirena IUD for 1 year. For the first couple of months I loved it and couldn't understand why so many women were complaining about it.

Now, I understand. After repeated infections, horrrible acne breakouts everywhere, crazy mood swings, weight gain in my stomach, and abdominal pain I am planning on getting my IUD taken out. I just don't think it's right for me and although I LOVE not having to worry about a pill every day or pregnancy, I would much rather deal with taking a pill than some of the side effects that have been affecting my fiance and I for 7 months now.

Heather 6 years ago

I just started experiencing pains About an hour ago and I can't feel the string I'm thining it slipped into the uterus :( what do I do????

cynthia 6 years ago

i have an iud and i am 31 years old and i have had 2 children and i was woundering if it is normal to have stopped my peirod for 1 and a half.i just what to know if that is right.sooo please help me out with this.i have vary bad cramps tooo.

Meg 6 years ago

Ok, well, after getting my IUD, I thought I was going crazy. I had read up on Mirena, but maybe not enough. I am 26 and no kids - the insertion was the most painful thing I have ever experience. I almost passed out and couldn't even breath...and I have had various surgeries and have a pretty high pain tolerance. I got this inserted in Mid July...since then I have gained 15 lbs. My hair is falling out in clumps, I am depressed and cry all the time, and I look pregnant because my stomach is so bloated (whereas before I had a VERY flat, firm stomach). I feel awful and I have horrible cramps ALL the time, not even right around my period. I am making an appointment to have this thing out - can't take BC pills anymore because I just found out I have a blood clotting disorder. My Dr recommended the IUD because it is supposedly great for people who also have endemetriosis (which I do, and have had ablated once). However, by this point, it's not worth it to be fat, bald and crazy just for the sake of not getting pregnant. Can't wait to get this out - and I think my husband can't wait either because he knows I will be so much happier!

Amie 6 years ago

I haven't had the Mirena inserted because of insurance issues. I haven't seen any posts about this and thought there has to be others out there like me!!!

My doc told me I had to first make sure the IUD was covered by my insurance-done and Check!

The office faxed my insurance info along with a form to Caremark, who supplies the once $400 but now $846.39 device. Caremark said they are no longer working with insurance companies and that either the doctor's office has to buy it and bill my insurance or I have to pay for it out of pocket and seek reimbursement. Yeah-I have already shelled out a grand for having a baby and am still out of work, I can surely afford this stupid piece of plastic that the manufacturer doubled the price of!!!!!

After reading how painful and horrible this thing is, I will just pop the pill and call it a day-stay healthy ladies!

Brea 6 years ago

I got my IUD back in March. The first few months were rough with the constant cramping, long periods, and such but it's Aug now and most of that has settled down. I become intolerant to any estrogen-related birth control (I went back on the patch a year after stopping it and it gave me the biggest and only migraine I've ever had). It seemed hopeless. I was tired of periods, I was tired of pills, I was tired of high doses of hormones in general. I then learned about the Mirena and had one installed. The insertion was more painful than my kidney stone and eventually opted to be put under, but once it was in I felt liberated. I do not want children, and finding a doctor to sterilize a female of early 20's is nearly impossible so this is the next best thing. The cramping has mostly disappeared and same with the bleeding. I can now go hiking and such without worrying or planning my life around my flow. I would say the only real side effect I had was a gain of 5 pounds, and it's not bad because I'm pretty tiny as is.

Adele 6 years ago

I've just had Mirena placed. I wish I'd read this before I had. The insertion was incredibly painful and I suffered severe blood loss. My doctor then performed a scan to see if the bleeding was caused by a cyst. She discovered a 7week old foetus - now dead foetus. I had the evacuation with another Mirena - I pray I don't have the symptoms I read about.

AndreaH 6 years ago

I had my Mirena placed two weeks ago exactly. I read all these posts and get a tad anxious. I'm 42, have three kids and honestly don't want to have any more kids. I have had severe cramping/endometriosis and this was my Dr's suggestion instead of going the hysterectomy route or having the coils inserted because of the reduction of cramping. Two weeks into it, still having cramps daily and slight bleeding. I might also mention I'm still on b/c pills until my month check up. You think I wouldn't even be bleeding right now. I check for strings daily due to reading about how they dissapear. The only thing its really put a damper on is my sex life with my boyfriend. He has stated he feels something "poking" him and also the constant spotting sorta puts a damper on it. Anyone who has had good experiences, did you spot for weeks or months? I feel like I should buy stock in Advil and tampons/pads. Also the last few days I've been experiencing heart palpitations, anyone experience this?

Patty 6 years ago

I have had the mirena for almost 2 years. The pain upon insertion was so intense and painful and then it was gone. Make sure you take motrin before you go. I did not stay on top of it (taking it when it was time to take it again) and therefore the pain got ahead of me. My uterus was quite mad and it took me a while to get the pain medication working again. Best bet is to set your cell phone alarm to tell you when the 4 or 8 hours is up for you to take your motrin or other pain reducer so you will stay on top of it. I think I would have been fine if I had done that.

The past year I have started having issues with cysts, which are warned about in the reading for the mirena. I have to say, if it weren't for the horrible pain from the cysts, I'd love it. My period is pretty much gone but I do get ovulation pain where I don't remember having so with regular birth control.

It's important for you to decide on your own and research your doctors recommendations on a variety of birth control options what would work best for you. There are drug reps who post on here to scare you into not trying it. I would recommend mirena to anyone who doesn't have a family history of cysts. The mirena doesn't cause cysts but it doesn't prevent ovulation like regular estrogen based pills would. This is why I am constantly getting cysts. I am scheduled to have mine taken out in two weeks. I'm sad because I really do like the low dose hormone and no remembering to take a pill or remove the ring. But, mirena is not appropriate for my body and I need to not have the pain from the cysts anymore. I'd recommend it if you don't have a history of cysts.....I have two other friends that use it and love it with no issues.

ash 6 years ago

alazay- I totatlly agree! You spend money to get it and then when it goes wrong you still spend money to fix the problem. that company and your dr. gets money. it IS a huge money maker for dr offices!

alazay 6 years ago


ash 6 years ago

NM- I hope you have a good doctor. Mine didnt listen to me at all when I told her it was still there and I could feel the strings. she completly ignored me about where i KNEW it was and claimed that it wasnt the strings I was feeling and it had falled out, as you can see my previous post I asked her to use her own fingers to feel the strings, she didnt comply she yanked out mirena not even a second later like she knew darn well where it was the whole time! I always felt bloated, I had gotten really bad acne on my forehead which I never had acne before, it was also ALWAYS oily. I got very bad cramps out of the blue, there didnt even have to be any periods after. I spotted some days, other days I didnt. not to mention i always felt tired and had no interest in being intimate with my husband. I got it out Monday and felt instantly better like my body just yelled "whew! glad thats over!" My rashes are subsiding along with the hives. I feel more energized through out the day. My forehead is no longer oily! I am no longer bloated and I feel much happier! If I had known the things I would have to endure just because I was too lazy to take my pill I would never have considered Mirena. Its aweful! All these wonderful things just after a few days of no Mirena! I LOVE it! Its my husbands turn to suffer! Condoms here we come!

NM 6 years ago

I'm 30, I had my second child back in 3/10. My OBGYN recommended Mirena because I'm not sure if I want more kids. I got it put in on 4/10 after having a c-section. It was painful the first couple of days and I was bleeding for a full month. I also had to go back to the doc after 3 weeks because my husband could feel the strings and it bothered him a lot, she cut them a little, they don't bother him anymore ;) I get very mild cramps sometimes. However, I do get periods avery month, sometimes is light other regular. I've gained 15 lbs in the past 4 months, I get horrible headaches, dizziness, nausea, mood swings.....I just don't feel right, I feel just like the begging of both of my pregnancies! I'm now scared about all the bad things others had experienced with it. It is still there for sure I can feel the strings with my fingers, but I now have doubts about it....!!!!

Pam 6 years ago

I am currently on my third Mirena ...

I have to say, like others, I was an advocate for it until very recently.

My first 2 Mirenas gave me no problem at all - I loved not having periods especially.

I had my second one removed as we were trying for a baby - I fell pregnant within 4 months.

I had my third inserted when my son was about 8 weeks old and have felt I am slowly going out of my mind since.

I have developed acne which was never a problem for me before.

I've put on a ton of weight and was also diagnosed as having depression.

This has all occured within the last 18 mths.

A lot of the problems I had put down to being a new Mum and just being tired but now I am sure it's the Mirena.

My husband also feels the strings during certain positions.

It is a great form of conctrception if it suits you - I wonder if I've had a "build up" of hormones as I've been using it for such a long time but I am making an appointment to discuss removal with my local Family Planning Clinic.

Condoms here we come (pun intended).

ash 6 years ago

I also wanted to let you all know. as soon as it came out aside from the tense OUCH! my body just felt better, it felt good. :) i feel like i can feel its gone. its amazing. im so happy :) for those who are thinking about getting it, really read up on it yourselves. i wish i had. i wish i had seen these sites before hand. none of this was in that pamplet :( im sorry for this thing being made :( for those who it works for great for you :) im glad it works for you. mine did too for a while :( if anyone is allergic to copper, this might not be for you. my rashes arent itching since it came out :)

ash 6 years ago

So here is an update to my post. 2 weeks ago went to a new dr. (military base) i mentioned the mirena was causing an allergic reaction. the nurse said mirena doesnt do that when clearly on the mirena site (and im not sure about the pamplet they gave me) that you are having an allergic reaction if you have rashes/hives call your dr. she only said, you are allergic to penicillan right, have you been using that? ARE YOU SERIOUS! if you KNOW you are allergic to something why would u use it? Ive known since i was very little penicillan is a nono for me, stupid nurse. well dr couldnt find mirena. she said it probably fell out on its own im sending u for a sonogram to see where its at just incase. went home that night and checked for strings, they were infact intact, i also had hubby check, yes. cancelled the sonogram and went back to my dr today to have this removed. same nurse :(. she asked if i went to have the sonogram and i said no because myself and my husband have been checking the strings for the past 2 weeks and they are there, im not going to get something done when i dont need to, i checked this morning they were BOTH hanging down. nurse just said well i think she wanted to see wehre it was at. my husband said the strings are there i felt them. (my husband was in his dress AF uniform, yeah dont question him >:O) so dr comes in and checks me...i dont see the strings.. they are right there dr. she said im really thinking i have to send u to get a sonogram. i said no, because they are right there. i felt them this morning and i demonstrated with my fist (as cerv) where the strings were at. well i still cant see them. Okay dr, then can you please use your fingers to feel the strings because they are in there. less than a second mirena was out! that bad dr knew where it was! she didnt even say oh i see it, she just grabbed and yanked OUCH! i think she just didnt want to remove it because i said im not going to take any birthcontrol methods (just condoms) so i can let my body go back to its natural state. and i ofcourse was asked if we were wanting kids, no. well do u want pills? no! both visits and i honestly think that she didnt want to take it out because i wasnt going to take any BC. honestly it wasnt a full second later after i asked her to use her fingers to feel the string and it was out. she then said, i dont think it was the strings you were you are a horrible doctor. it was the strings, what other strings are hanging out of my vagina? oh this is texas btw. so not only did i have actual problems with the mirena itself i had problems with the doctor/nurse who wouldnt take it out and wouldnt listen. ladies, you know your own body better than a dr. sure they know fancy medical terms and what not. you know just know when something changes. mirena is man-made, it isnt natural for me, my husband said that before i got it in, i wish i would have listened. its not worth it. it was great the first few months, but it turned into a nightmare soon after. im taking a break and letting my body be as God made it, and then pills...oh how i love them pills :) you really appreciate those little things after going through this!

Jess 6 years ago

I am thinking about getting Mirena,I have just graduated High school and I am going off to college and my boyfriend and I have no kids (and have been dating almost 2 years now)we have been talking about me getting on birthcontrol. At first this birthcontrol appiled to me because I dont believe in the pill, I wanted to take something without high hormone levels, that I wouldnt forget to take everyday,and to really work.

But looking into the other birthcontrol options out there I have come to one answer: I am sticking to Condoms, I want to have kids someday;without having to go into major surgery because the method I used messed up my body and then I cant have any kids. Besides they arent messy, and I dont have to shove some plastic cup or ring up my neither regions.

To those of you Who are paying a very hard price for trying to be proactive with your sexual active lifes I am so sorry that happened to yall. It isnt fair that the FDA is still letting this company make a product that is doing more harm than good. I have learned a lesson from yalls pain and I hope everything works out in the end.

JEF 6 years ago

I had Mirena inserted March of 2010, insertion didn't hurt at all, however I have had three kids. Bleeding never stopped, went back to doctor after six weeks, was told to give it three months then bleeding should stop. It NEVER stopped, somedays it was light others I had to change out a tampon every hour. Then I started to get horrible headaches, and facial hair started growing on my chin suddenly, my mood went from happy & very energtic to very depressed. After five months the IUD suddenly came out, I guess I should be thankful that it did come out and wasn't "lost" in my body somewhere. However I am now clotting as if I had just given birth, I called my doctor and explained what happened & was told to come in for an ultrasound ASAP....seems like Mirena works for some but has some pretty severe side effects and the FDA should take a closer look at this IUD.

dja 6 years ago

So I said so far so good well spoke to soon. Got it put in last friday 5 days ago and last night started running a fever (100.7 no other issues) and started bleeding, cramping, having pain down there, and very weak. Called Dr and she said don't worry just body getting used to it. Still have fever today with same pain. Hope it goes away

SKGIRL 6 years ago

I am 20 years old and have gotten the Mirena inserted 2 months on my 6 week check up after I had my babygirl I've had it for 2 months now and experienced no pain what so ever except for after the insertion but went away right after, so far I love it I've had no other pains like headaches, tiredness, hairloss, moodswings, or even spotting. I would highly recommend it to ever is thinking about getting it.

april 6 years ago

So.... I go to the doctor yesterday to have my mirena removed after almost 2 years with it in. The doc says he can't find the string and sends me to ultrasound. Can't find it in my Uterus so now I have to go in for xray to find where the thing is. After reading online it seems this is fairly common and now the doc is saying I will have to have surgery to get it out. I have read that it usually perforates when inserted and it's more common for women with previous c-sections, however doc never told me this or told me I needed to be checking monthly for the string on my own. So upset and the fact that my menstrual cycle has been normal this whole time makes perfect sense now. Mirena seems to be a good form of birth control but knowing the risks before hand is probably a good idea. I wish I would have educated myself a little better before now!!

dja 6 years ago

I got the mirena put in last week. So far so good, I think. My csection scar just started hurting after it was put in which I thought was strange and my knees started hurting. Hoping it will go away. We will see.

ash 6 years ago

I've had mirena in for a year and 7 months (inserted 08.) The first year was good, no complaints. Until this past march(2010) I am getting the awful dreaded rashes that wont ago away. I have a steroid cream that helps a little but then another spot of rash appears. Its a rash of hives. It itches all the time its driving me nuts. Its the worst in the shower. I believe after researching mirena side effects that my body is now showing an allergic reaction as is a possible side effect. What else could it be, I havent changed anything else in my life and this device is not natural. I regret getting this thing. Its been a nightmare. Not to mention the acne I have no, my skin was always clear b4. And also sometimes my discharge after sex smells weird since ive had mirena, whats that about? I have to wait to get insurance switched before I can get it taken out :( . I also checked today for the strings and cant feel them. After reading all these posts I am scared its hiding somewhere its not supposed to be. I have no kids but I want some soon and am so scared I may have ruined that! I will never ever curse at my period or cramps again I swear! Took the pill for granted and they worked just fine and I always remember to take them on time!

Jenn 6 years ago

Ive had the mirena since sept 2008. i was crampinq for the first weeks or 2 and my periods were a bit irreqular at first. everythinq was fine untill i started qettinq bacteria infections. i had asked my doctor about them and she said the IUD can make them occur more often. then today i went to the hospital in majorrr pain. i have a larqe ovarian cyst which are also common with the Mirena IUD. there not fun at all. i dont want to curse this IUD since its doinq a wonderful job in the preqnancy prevention. but the side effects are qettinq a bit unbearable. cant exactly say if i do or do not recommend as everyone is different. but i believe the only reason its still inside of me is cause i fear qettinq it removed. not ready for that pain just yet. qoodluck eveyone

christina,tx 6 years ago

I just had the mirena placed last Tuesday. I am 27 years old with no children. The doctor did tell me that my uterus was a bit bigger than the device itself so I fully expected pain. I have now been in pain for a week and I am on hydrocodone and motrin 800 mg. I am starting to wonder if I am in the 1% that have the bad side effects. I don't plan on having children so that's not my concern, I just don't want to live in pain everyday like this. I am depressed, cry at the drop of a hat, and have never craved sweets in my life until now. God bless the women that this has worked for. I think I will be having my removed ASAP! Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I now feel that one percent is just a mumbo jumbo number the doc threw at me!

AB, Canada 6 years ago

That's why i always going to only one my family Doc, Even thought he's almost retire, but he's the best doc i ever seen in this country. In order to see him, i have to wait for 1 and half month.

Deb - Mom of 3 6 years ago

Hi all.. I had Mirena put in in December 2008 after the birth of my third child. I loved the fact that I barely got my period... I hadn't been feeling all that hot - tired all the time - no energy at all - get annoyed very easy. I was also still having a problem losing the baby weight (from all 3). Well, I went to my primary and they found I had Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) and that is why I couldn't lose any of this damn weight.

Well, I've been on meds for over a year and I still haven't lost anything. Well I started doing a lot of research and ALOT of women who have Hypothyroidism and have Mirena have LOTS of side effects.

I never attributed it to Mirena but sluggish - no energy - mood swings - weight gain - thinning hair - muscle joint pain....

I was all excited to have Mirena removed and to finally feel better... Guess what??? THEY CAN'T FIND IT!!!!

My Dr. poked around for a while and I can't even tell you how much that hurt and I have to go for an ultrasound so they can find it...

I know everyone is different - different bodies - body makeup but man I didn't sign up for the possibility of having surgery to have it removed...

AB, Canada 6 years ago

I have Mirena for 5 year. It was great except my melasma. It is horrible. I’m so suffer about it . It’ all over my 2 cheeks. I just removed 3 week ago for hoping my melasma could be faded. If any one have this problem, could you please share the your story with everyone and the forum. Do you know how long does it take to get the period again ? I haven’t seen my perior so i hope the period could push the hormone out of my body in order to get melasma fade.

Jennifer 6 years ago

I had mirena placed 12/28/2010 8 weeks after my son was born. I had gained 54 lbs while pregnant. I had lost 44 of it by the time I got it. After receiving it I expected some bleeding. But 6 months of a period was not ideal. I began to get acne, which I never had, pretty much hated my husband, gained almost 10 lbs back, cramped bad at least once a week, tired all the time, and very moody. The doctor told me at my removal appointment he had no complaints for a few years and then all the sudden everyone complains. Possibly a change in the way its made. I have had it out almost a week and can already tell a difference. I am just ready to lose these extra pounds!!!

claire moyse 6 years ago

my coil has penatrated through my uterus and is lying between my bowel and bladder they are going to op but they said it would not move on wed it was in my uterus they dont know what there talking about the docs its moved if its penatrated my bowl is life threting there in no hurry its so frusstrateing i m so scared x

Sara 6 years ago

I just got my iud inserted yesterday , it hurt pretty bad .. I went home and took a long nap and relaxed for the day. Day two is a lot better .. I feel discomfort obviously .. But nothing serious . But it's not bad . I am 18 , so I'm hoping these side effects aren't what I end up with .. And for other readers who are thinking of getting an our , obviously people that have no side effects aren't going to waste there time writing on a blog . So don't feel to negative about getting it , it honestly wasn't that bad

laurie 24 6 years ago

i have read some concerns about having difficulty getting pregnant after an iud is removed. i had no trouble getting pregnant. if you know someone who had trouble getting pregnant after iud removal, it was probably caused by something else. had an iud for almost 3 years, and then my husband and i decided to try for another baby so i had it removed. i never had a period while i had my iud in, so i waited for my periods to come back after i had it doctor told me it should come back very soon after removal. it was over a month after removal and i still didn't get my period so i went to the doctor to get checked out and i was pregnant.

i had another little girl who is 1 1/2 years old. i had another iud inserted after her birth. i have had some side effects, but nothing that would make me not keep using an iud.

Canada 6 years ago

I have Mirena for 5 year. It was great except my melasma. It is horrible. I'm so suffer about it . It' all over my 2 cheeks. I just removed 2 week ago for hoping my melasma could be faded. If any one have this problem, could you please share the your story with me and the forum. Do you know how long does it take to get the period again ? I haven't seen my perior so i hope the period could push the hormone out of my body in order to get melasma fad

interested in a saver sex life 6 years ago

guys...i see your complaints...does anyone have a better recommendation for me then.....i am so convinced that i am not going to go through the stress...i already have bad cramps normally as it is....

Mookie 6 years ago

I got the Mirena put in on my 20th bday in March as a present 2 myself, ya kno no kids and less period/probems. I have no kids do they had 2 dialate my cervix and what not, it hurt when it was 1st put n like most, I mean really hurt so take ibprofin b4 & after if u do decide to get it. My period lasted for 2 weeks the first 3 mths and hasn't stopped now for about 3-4 wks. I want it out bcuz of sum of these stories have shaken me. I really didn't do research bcuz u get symptomz with any bc but I should have. I dnt have kids but my periods r horrible: I throw up, get pain in my back, butt, and thruout my left leg, and feel xtremely fatigued. But i'd rather deal with all that than have to deal with lifetime complications from the Mirena bcuz I want children. The health clinic that put it in 4 me won't take it out hey say I have to wait 3yr bcuz they paid 4 it and it was so xpensive. Last time I checked my strings they were still there but its been like 2 mths. I think ima wait it out til my six mth or whenver I save up enough I'll get it removed. Side effects: weight gain and lack of weight loss, no sex drive, less energy, slight mood changes, and I just don't feel 100% like myself. I wouldn't recommend it but 2 each its own. Does any1 know how much it cost to remove it?

Ashley 6 years ago

I was diagnosed with endometriosis I then got pregnant and had a healthy baby girl Well I got the mirena right after because I have heard how amazing it was. Well let me just say that it was a huge mistake. I have been in the emergency room 3 times because of excruciating pain to the point where I couldnt move well I went the other day to have it removed and its stuck in the left top part of my uterus and I have to go through a whole procedure to get it out. I am in so much pain all the time and I do NOT recommend it.

IUD #2 - year 2.5 6 years ago

Hi all. I'm sorry to hear of the troubles. Here's my experience - perhaps a more well-seasoned, balanced viewpoint...

I'm childless, in my early 40's and on my second Mirena IUD. Getting it put in (both times)was surprisingly uncomfortable.

I'll share my first time experience in a moment.

Getting the first one OUT was a shock. The doctor said, "one, two PULL three " . I inhaled, gasped in shock - there was a feeling like a severe period cramp - then it was over. Maybe the surprise method works better! I had the second insertion done right away and the discomfort lasted for two days.

However, the first insertion was the worst.

After the first time insertion, I had cramping and pain for a few days. Gradually, it got worse. There would be times at work when I would walk away from my area, doubled over in pain - sweating, breathing heavily and sometimes crying . . .

With a history of long and painful periods, this was a whole new level for me.

I went back to my doctor who told me that the IUD seemed to be in correctly, but sent me for an ultrasound to make sure. She was quite unconcerned.

The ultrasound came back fine. I debated having it removed but thought I'd stick it out for three months.

Eventually, with the help of ibuprofen, yoga and acupuncture, the discomfort subsided.

My periods became almost non-existent - we're talking a small tampon for an afternoon. (yay!)

About 3 to 4 times a year I would experience cramping as if I were getting my period - but no blood. The last time was about a year ago.

I enjoy the 'no periods'. I enjoy the stress free sex.

The downsides?

I have a somewhat strong vaginal odour that is not due to infection. With some hygienic diligence (and occasional douching)it can be reduced. I was prone to yeast infections before the IUD's and it certainly hasn't helped.

I gained a little weight - maybe 10 pounds.

I also started to sprout a few dark hairs - not on my face, but under my chin towards my neck. Not a full-on beard happening, but irritating, yet easily dealt with by plucking.

My sex drive has diminished - but there are other factors in my life to influence this as well.

I am a bit moody - but I was a moodier bitch on the pill.

I'm now on my second IUD and I'm at the 2 1/2 year point. I have far fewer cramps and a dusty package of tampons.

Clearly, for me, the positives of the IUD outweigh the negatives. I find the negatives manageable for my lifestyle. Every person reacts differently. I feel for those who have had serious side effects.

Make your choices carefully. Don't let the experiences of others freak you out - just inform you of the possibilities.

ready to move on without this thing! 6 years ago

I thought that the Mirena sounded like "perfect" option for me and my husband, I have two daughters, six years age difference. I had relyed solely on the use of condoms after the birth of my first daughter, due to break through bleeding from the pill....and my innability to take it as prescribed. My doctor recommended Mirena since it was fairly new and we had ruled out pretty much all of the other options, I thought I had researched and made an informed choice but now two years later feel that is incorrect, the inserting process was tolerable but by no means comfortable, even with the numbing medication they injected, I had extreme cramping the entire first day, mostly all in my lower back. I bled for a month nonstop, until after my 4week check and ultrasound to ensure proper placement. I was told everything looked good and went on about my business. I noticed rather quickly my EXTREME decrease in sex drive...i had always had a very good drive and noticed that I had NO interest at all!!!. I assumed this was in response to the IUD, went back to the dr and was told it was not possible it could effect me in that way, not enough hormones...waited still no improvment, went back and had all of my hormone levels checked as my sex drive was still nowhere to be found....nope everything was normal! Ugh frustrating to say the least, then I kept questioning had anything else "changed" that may be causing this?! Blank...I noticed that my midsection (which was always flat and toned even after my first childbirth) still had the apperence of being several months pregnant! My migranes progressivly got worse, my lower back pain as hair was thinning, anxious and depressed feeling...probably because noone had any answers as to what was going on with me! My relationship suffered since the thought of being intimate was NONEXISTANT. At first I only thought the iud was causing my sex drive problems but have started to think it is the culprit for many of the other problems I have noticed since having this iud...i chalked alot of it up to oh I'm tired and worn out! I too was an advocate for such a "wonderful" product, however have come to see that if you are one of the many that has even a handful of the syptoms I've had and read about, it's just not worth works, in my case because no sex is being had but in the end I think it is a personal choice but this information is none that the doctors will tell you, they seem to think it is the best thing ever and refuse to see that SO many people are having these side effects as a result. Just be informed and listen to your body....if you feel that something isn't right listen....i have had many "hardships" due to this device and wish I knew then what I know now....could have saved everyone in my family from dealing with this "perfect" solution that has turned into a pain causing, mood altering nightmare for us! The one upside is that I have had only one spotty period in over a year (of the two years I have had this device)

Frustrated 6 years ago

And feel nuatious, my husband had to carry me to the car and to get to the E.R I found out the IUD was turned @ a 90 degree angle and blood was beginning to collect around the area. Never the less it was removed exactly one year and a week later. That was in October of 2008 now it is 2010 and I still have extreme pains during intercourse in the insertion sight, I never had this problem before my husband and I have always had a healthy sex life and not be naughty but we like to do it all kinds of ways and now we cant even do it stationary with out me quivering or braising myself for the pain that is to come. I hate it. I don't like to complain but I am really getting frustrated becuase it seems as though our intimant relationship will never be the same.

mommyofTWO 6 years ago

I had my son April 2006 and decided to get the Mirena during my 6wk PP exam. The procedure was a little uncomfortable and I cramped afterwards but, nothing I couldnt handle. I had bleeding for the first month and then afterwards, I rarely bled and if i did it was minor spotting for a few days. I never had any side-effets that many people mention (weight gain, depression, acne) maybe just a little bloating. But, it worked well for me. In May 2009, I got it taken out to try for another child and I bled for 3 months straight. The doctor told me that my body was just trying to "hormonally" adjust. I finally stopped bleeding, had a normal menstrual cycle and then got pregnant. In April 2010 I had a baby girl and decided at my 6wks PP exam I was gonna get the mirena again. The procedure was similar, crampy and uncomfortable. I've been bleeding since then but I'm assuming it will take a while for my body to adjust. I hear horror stories from many individuals but I have loved the mirena since I first got it placed. I would recommend it to anyone out there. Maybe I'm just a little lucky but, its really worth the try for those that want long term contraception.

justareader 6 years ago

Well after reading these comments looks like 9/10 ladies don't agree with the mirena! Say no more, I won't waste my time or health on the mirena x

Kim 6 years ago

I got my Mirena one year ago, six weeks after having my son. Hurt very bad getting it in, and had pretty bad cramps for about two days after getting it in. But i love it now, havn't had a period, no pain, and i check for the string about every two months or so, to make sure it is the correct postiton. Hubby could feel it at first and every now and then it will poke him but generally doesn't bother him. I LOVE it and if i decide to have another baby i will probably get another one afterwards.

Emily 6 years ago

I had my Mirena put in July of 2007 when I was 19 (no kids). There was some initial pain & cramping after insertion, but that only lasted for a few weeks. I have not had any of the side effects listed here (increase of acne, lowered sex drive, weight gain, consistent cramps/pain etc.). I have only had 2 slightly negative experiences regarding Mirena:

1. The first 3-4 months after having it put in, I was constantly secreting a thick, brownish mucous which totally grossed out my boyfriend and myself. But after that it was done and I have had no more periods or any of that mucous.

2. My boyfriend, who has been my only partner with this, is larger (8 1/2 inches) and depending on the sexual position, can feel the string poking him. Sometimes we have literally seen the dots on his penis of where it was hitting him.

But other than that, I have been extremely happy with how it has worked for me and that it is basically no-maintenance (except for the yearly exam).

DanielleM 6 years ago

Amber go to the doctors and make them check the strings mine (now out with surgery) went through my uterus about 2 days after I had it placed, it ended up suck in my abdominal wall. Very painfull! Not normal I really sugest you remove it before it's to late! But up to you I wanted to "wait" it out and I should of not done that. I waited four days thinking it would past before I did anything about it and that four days was the worst pain I have ever gone through.

Amber 6 years ago


stephi 6 years ago

I had the IUD put in a little over a year ago after my 3rd kid. was wonderful! so i thought. I still want to think it is. I had twin off of the pill ( which i never missed a pill) i had the single (my recent baby) off the pill... So i tried this, my period stopped til now, recently i have been having massasive bleeding! fill up the tampons and blood through the pants, ugh, blood clots, off and on for about 3 weeks now. I have sex with my husband trying to see if it stops it HAHAHA ya right. a day maybe. then right back to the massive bleeding i have a doctors appt on monday. the blood clots are weird, the blood is all sorts of colors, sorry so graphic but no one else to ask..... doctors and nurses take forever!!!! so ugh i don't know waht to think or do! it's so frustrating. any one know??? i didn't bleed at all! i was having discharge alot of it, then i would bleed alot, it's like the discharge comes first following the blood... help, please....

Jo-el Loyal 6 years ago

I have had Mirena in for 2 years and 1 month. The first two months it was in i bled constantly and heavily until they eventually put me on bc pills to regulate me. Since then I have lost hair, had little to no sex drive, moderate acne, gained 25 lbs despite watching what i eat and exercising, i have had severe mood swings and am bloated constantly. i went to have it removed and was told it had migrated, strings and all, completely into my uterus and cannot be retrieved without surgery which i am going in for next week. I would not recommend mirena to anyone due to the side effects that "5% of users may experience" i have not had any side effects to any other birth control and i have tried everything else. I am going to try yaz next week.

maria 6 years ago

i had the mirena put in january of this year and at first i had periods that lasted 3 weeks and then my periods stopped just last month. now i hate that my husband tells me that im different. Why is that? MOOD SWINGS. the cause? Mirena. also the first months he would say the strings poked him ...and now he doesnt seem to feel it anymore??? I am scared to think that the Mirena might of gone somewhere else other than where it is supposed to be. Has any one been through this.

Brittany 6 years ago

Hello! I got Mirena implanted after my youngest child (who is now 2) was born. I this will be awesome. I never have to worry about taking a pill or getting pregnant. I was WRONG. All of a sudden, my body has a mind of its on. I have gained weight. I feel exhausted all the time, my breast feel like I am having a heart attack, my hair falls out, and my hands and feet fall asleep constantly. I have been to my PCP numerous times and tested for all kinds of neurological disorders, all coming back negative. There is no explanation for it, except for Mirena. I am getting it removed.

And P.S..if you have Mirena, don't be suprised if your husband wants to stop sleeping with you. I asked mine what was wrong one night, of course feeling terrible that he was somewhat rejecting sex. His response was "Brittany...when we have sex those strings poke my penis and it hurts." So of course I feel terrible for him now.


Chrissy 6 years ago

I am pregnant with my 5th daughter and do not want any more children. I really want to get mirena but after reading the negative comments am scared. My OBYGN says it will really lighten my periods. Anybody have it put in after having alot of children and what was you're experince. Thanks!

Sara 6 years ago

I got the Mirena after my first child. After the first month they couldnt find it at my checkup, so I had an ultrasound, and found out the string was just up there with it. The doctors said it was fine. So I left it in, June 2009, after 1 year, I decided I wanted it out to get pregnant again. My doctor tried and couldnt get it, so I had to go to an actual OBGyN so she could dilate my cervix to try to get it out, come to find out it had implanted itself into my cervical wall, and I had to have it surgically removed. I am due in July 2010 and dont know what I am gonna do about birth control after this child is born, because I have had complications with almost every birth control, I am thinking about trying the Mirena again just because I didnt have any other complications with it. But I dont know. It really is different for each person, and depends on the doctor who puts it in.

amber 6 years ago

I have had mirena since May 2007. I Love it.. I havent had a period since. I have two heathly children already. and I think after my 5 yrs is up with this one I will get it again. I believe this is the best thing around for birth-control. The only bad side-affect was for the frist week after it was put in I had very serve cramps. Other than that everything has been great!!!!!!

Katrina 6 years ago

I just had my IUD inserted a week ago. My question for all these ladies that have had complications is did your doctor measure your cervix before insertion to make sure he/she did not perforate your uterus? My Doctor used some device (she told me what it was but I have forgotten) to measure my cervix and uterus to ensure that she did not go too far and thus perforating my uterus. She told me that is the number one reason women have the IUD perforate their uterus is because it was physician error. Also, I have not read where someone would check the strings to ensure it was still in place. My doctor told me to check the string once a month to make sure I could find it and it was still the same length. That if it were shorter than it should be or i could not find the string at all to come in and get it checked. Insertion for me was not really that painful at all. Just a slight pinch and that was it. No cramping or negative side effects after insertion. I have had a few headaches since it was inserted, but I can't honestly say it is because of the IUD because I had headaches like that before I had the IUD inserted. The only negative I have noticed so far is that I have already started my period. I had just finished my period two days before the IUD was inserted and have started a very light period today. Like most women have said, it effects everyone differently. Every womans body is different and you just have to figure if it is right for you or not. As of right now, I would definately recomend!!!

Sally 6 years ago

I have had a Mirena now for a since Feb 2010... after having a copper IUD's two times in a row...this Mirena is a huge improvement. I had inserted by an awesome professional... no problems at all... apart from my body adjusting to the hormones... which include Skin Breakout and some spotting... it's reduce my periods heaviness by a million, I haven't put on weight like I thought might fact I don't eat as much as I use to...and have lost heaps instead which is also due to the mere fact I have started eating better and exercising...... yes my body is still adjusting which is a little bit of a pain...but hey it's worth it. I recommend to anyone... but think you also need a positive outlook and attitude and not be too scared of the negatives... (im a big believer in the law of attraction)

Jennifer 6 years ago

I had the Merina IUD Inserted In September of 2009. Since the insertion of the Merina I have had many Ovarian Cysts and a blood clot in a superficial vein in my right calf. i did gain a few pounds after having it inserted but with a FIGHT I have managed to control the weight gain. I have had major swelling and Breast Tenderness.One of the things that has bothered me the most, besides the blood clot in my leg, is I have experienced some Heart Palpitaions that always come about around the time of my period. All the doctors I have spoke to regarding this says that it has nothing to do with the Merina but after reading some of these posts I am thinking differently. Has anyone had problems with blood clots or Heart Palpitaions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

mirena is horrible 6 years ago

I got my mirena 6 months ago.Previously years ago I was on the pill and it caused severe mood swings and weight gain. So after the birth of my daughter I asked the doctor if mirena caused the same side effects as the pill and he said no and this would be a great choice for me.

Now I am sitting here 5 pounds heavier then my weight 6 weeks after having my daughter, eating like a rabbit, working out at least 4 times a week and can't loose a pound. I just always look bloated.I would hate to see how much more weight I would have gained if I ate a bad diet. I have horrible mood swings, and am so depressed and have zero self esteem. I just wish I would have seen this blog before I got it because I would not have done it.Dont always trust what your doctor tells you.

So my advice to people who have had problems with weight gain and mood swings on the pill DO NOT get Mirena.Do LOTS of research, wish I had. Cant wait to get this horrible thing out of me.

Belinda Palfreman 6 years ago

I have mirena placed on April 23rd this year. I am still getting painful and heavy period. I have not stopped bleeding since i had it in placed not sure should be this way. I just hope start to get better soon

KTjane 6 years ago

Well today I had my mirena placed.... painfull, very.....the nurse had to hold me down and I felt like i wanted to puke. But I also am 22 with no children, also the docter had to push through scar tissue from where i had a cone biopsy done when i was 19. So insertion took almost 15 minutes, if the pain was only a few minutes long (the usuall placement time) i would have handled it much better. After was painful with cramping (I reckomend not driving urself) but i took some ibuprofen and now the pain is mild almost like a bad period, some bleeding but not much. Definitly managable. unfortunatly i had to learn myself by reading the website how to check the strings (I was not told that by docter), i do have a question it common for a follow-up to check placement after insertion? My doc never mentioned that either!

Kitty 6 years ago

I have had my Mirena for 13 months now, and twice so far it has shifted and pierced my uterus. I recently just moved to another state so I am living with the horrible pain it causes, but this time, there is no 3rd chance to try it, i think the second chance was 2 too many! If you choose this method of birth control just remember, it's not for everyone, but keep in mind the chances and risks. Some people have good luck with it others not so much.

No issues 6 years ago

I've had the Mirena IUD for 8 years with no problems. I highly recommend it; perhaps it isn't for everyone, however, so do your research. The first 6 months I had it, I was still nursing my baby, so I had spotting. My doctor persuaded me to wait and assured me I would love it eventually. He was right. I have no menstrual flow, and while I still experience some PMS moodiness, it is not nearly what it was.

Amy 6 years ago

I have had mirena for about nine months now. Getting it inserted HURT, worse than labor contractions.. I bled lightly almost continually for two or three months but I have had only had one period since then, and it was very light. As far as MY side effects go it's much better than the pill and i would recommend it. But my husband complains of the 'strings' stabbing him and we're pretty sure they've scratched his urethra. I'm making an appointment to have the strings shortened, so hopefully my only problem with mirena will be fixed soon.

DanielleM 6 years ago

had my IUD put in on a Wen. it was so painful and after the pain was just getting worst, Had called doc. on Thur. and he said it gets better so I thought I will just wait it out. Felt the strings on Thur. night in shower so I know it was there then. Fri-Sun had family in town and all I could do was sit in pain (sharp mind blowing pain) by the way just had a baby girl 9 weeks before. At this point I decided that I wanted it OUT so on Monday morning I went to doctors office and demanded that he remove it. He tried to talk me out of doing it saying the pain will get better. After 20 min. he decided to take it out but when he went in to find the string it was not there! Sent me down the hall for a X-ray and found it not in my uterus but way up in my left side, still not sure where it is, going on Wen. to a pre-opt for surgery. will tell everyone now don't ever get a Mirena IUD it messes up your life. will keep everyone posted on the outcome. I just wish this pain was gone I have been throwing up ever since he put it in because of the pain. DON"T GET MIRENA

Kim 6 years ago

Well i should say that i've had a good experience but ending in a bad one... the first year was fine no problems and was happy. Until November of 2009. My period was black and i had them for 2 weeks then i got 2 days break then the same for 3 months after that. I get MASSIVE cramping and it is not fun to have sex. I currently still have the Mirena but i have been refured to a specialist. and we will see what goes from there.. lets just say i hope to god that its nothing major and they can remove it.

Dahlia 6 years ago

I got a Mirena IUD, despite reading so many scary reviews and I have absolutely loved it! I think some people may have some issues if they aren't completely off of their birth control pills before placement. I was off mine for almost 6 months just to make sure that I didn't experience a lot of problems because of hormones. Yes, there are some side effects, but thankfully I know of several other women who've gotten IUDs and loved them (that gave me the confidence to go ahead and try it). I haven't experienced many side effects other than some spotting. If you are interested, talk to your doctor they can help you figure out what type of birth control might be best for you. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to birth control, some women love birth control pills, some love the nuvaring, some love the IUD, some prefer cervical caps, and so on. Whenever you try a new type of birth control you don't know whether it will work for you or not. If you are interested in an IUD, don't be scared, it doesn't hurt that much when they place it and most women don't have a lot of negative side effects. Also good to keep in mind that yes, with any procedure like that, there can be complications or problems, your doctor will discuss those with you and you can decide, but you most likely won't have issues or terrible complications.

nikki 6 years ago

hi, I got mine october last year have had constant pain on the right side and in my lower back, tired all the time and no sex drive, i have constant spotting and feel period like symptoms all the time, can i please ask what symptoms the women had when the marina decided to go walk about

jackie 6 years ago

my mirena is great no side effects or nothing. side effects with a birth control i really looked into because i didnt want any n my answer was answered. but everyone has a different body just like not everyone is allergic to chips but there are a few who are!

Sasha 6 years ago

I'm 23, I have one child, and I just got my mirena installed this afternoon, about 6 hours ago actually, it was virtually painless, a menstrual cramp at most. I was not on my period at the time and the doctor warned me that it would hurt more do to that, I've been on the depo for a number of years so weight gain, depression, acne,spotting and the such is pretty old news to me, I switched directly from depo to mirena, a good call in my books, I'm hoping the lower dose of hormones will aid in weight loss but if it doesn't no great loss, I still get 5 years of stellar birth control for the price of $380, thats less than half the price of depo. from the sounds of these comments it seem like a lot of people just have gone to gynos who don't insert the mirena very often, or they are actually complaining about the side effects that can be expected from any progesterone birth control.

not sure if its worth it 6 years ago

Nothing hurt more that getting this put in. Got it 2 days ago and now pinching and bad cramping when is seated position. had it checked today by ultra sound and they said it all looked good and to give it a week yet. If it is still hurting then im getting it taken out.

scared 6 years ago

ive had my mirena for about a year n a half and i went to the doctor and they told me they couldnt find te strings and to get it checked out and me being stupid didnt and now when i have sex it is so painful i felt like i was going to pass out and im shortness of breath and stomach pains what should i do?

LR 6 years ago

I've never had children before so my doctor recommended the mirena IUS. My doctor was kind of a jackass. He didn't prepare me for the pain associated with the insertion or give me advice on how to check that it is still there, nothing. I wished I had took advil or motrin or something because I've never felt anything like that before. For the rest of the day, I was in a massive amount of pain even with advil. I had it inserted during the time of my period and for the next month, I experienced a lot of pain in my abdomen, hips, and thighs. I had cramps 10 times worse than period cramps and experienced a bit of numbness in my right foot. After 1 month I went back to my doctor to have it removed and he said give it 1 more month then he'll remove it, so I did. Since then, the pain has reduced to almost nothing. Occasionally (2-5 times per month), there is the pain or numbness again but it is not nearly as severe as it was at first and it only lasts a few minutes at most. I have only had it for 4 months now and hoping the side effects reduce even more as time goes on. I had a lot of spotting at first but no longer do and it is wonderful not having to worry about a period or the pain associated with one. My advice is to get a doctor who cares about what they're doing. I asked my doctor to give me a step by step of what he would be doing for the insertion and he showed me. He didn't say anything about a sound measuring device however, and it wasn't until after the procedure that I found out he should have used one. I guess that could have been one of the contributing factors to the pain. I haven't experienced any mood swings or weight gain or anything like that. All these other comments have me worrying about hair loss but as of yet, I haven't noticed anything. I'm very happy I stuck it out with the mirena so far. However, because I'm aware of the pain of the insertion, I'm not sure I would ever get another one.. maybe after I have kids it would be better..

Debbie 6 years ago

I had my Mirena put in Feb 2007. It didn't hurt bad but I was told to take Motrin ahead of time. I spotted some for the first 2-3 mos then the spotting slowed to nothing over time. By summer I had on spotting for a day, much like break through bleeding if your late for some pills, once in a blue moon. At this point I haven't had any spotting for 2 years now. Everything was fine till a few months ago just before the 3 year mark of having this. I don't spot but I get random cramping, I also have pains in my rib cage and shortness of breath as well as dizziness and fatigue. I want to nap all the time and weight gain how does 45lbs sound??? I'm pretty sure from what i have been reading this is all related to the IUD. I'm calling Monday to get this out I just can't do it anymore. It was nice the first 3 years but it really needs out now.

Natalie 6 years ago

I had Mirena put in 2/2007; I bled for a was HORRIBLE but I stuck it out because I didnt/dont want any more kids. After that first year my body adjusted and its been great BUT as of Dec I started having spotting again...that stopped after about two weeks. Now I havent had my period in a month( first time this has happened) and I have been feeling light headed, also I have some very mild cramps here and there through out the day. I took a HPT and it came back negative, I think I should take a blood test though. I am thinking Ectopic???? I hope not, I am going to the doc today.

Lwazi 6 years ago

I had a Merina for almost 6months now and I am not hating it or liking it , because it comes with pain , spotting and itchiness, but I am not going to remove it I really don’t want a baby now , and I cannot take pills” I have fail “and injection is not for me as well , This device is cool, just that it comes with complication. I do believe that anything planted in a humans body comes with Consequence. I hope by the End of 2010 , It will have settled as my gynecologist said I must give it another 2month , so I will do that.

Jennee18 6 years ago

I had the Mirena placed in Oct of 2005, it was the worst pain I have ever experienced in MY LIFE and Ive had TWO emergency C sections!! It hurt I thought I was going to pass out from the pain!!! The first year, I had a lot of bleeding and cramping, the second year I had NO bleeding but TONS of cramping and pain, the third year after a YEAR of constant pain they finally did an ultrasound to find out I had two 12cm ovarian cysts on my uterus, because they were so large and Id been in pain for so long I had to have surgery to have the removed. Since then, Ive been in more pain and fear the cysts have returned. I am on my 5th year with the Mirena and have to have it removed soon, I AM TERRIFIED of how thats going go!! Does it hurt

??? Does anyone know?? I know I will DEF NOT be putting another one in thats for sure!!

QUEENBEE 6 years ago

So i had Mirena put in October 2009 ... I really think its time for it to come out. I have experienced weight gain... Ive been in pain on and off ever since ive had it.... I have abdominal pain... sever pelvic pains... upper thighs in constant pain...reoccuring acne.....been bleeding almost everyday since ive had it....ive had it in place for about 6 months.... really not a fan.... frequent urination... dont really know whats going on.... Need to make an appointment hoping iots not something more severe.... IM not going to say dont get it.... just saying Im having a really bad experience!!!!!! ahhh!!!!

Jessica 6 years ago

I had the IUD put in around May of 2006. It was great and I had no problems. After my second child I had it put in again in March of 2009. I have not been able to lose weight, I am constantly bloated and I have horrible, horrible acne, not to mention, I have a period every TWO weeks and I always have spotting. Not worth it AT ALL. I went in yesterday to see what was up and it was embedded completely in my cervix and they had to take it out immediately and give me a pregnancy test. What a bunch of crap. They should pull this thing off the market for good. There are more horror stories out there than success stories. I am just glad to know that I am not the only one with these problems and I hope that my bloating and acne will go away not and that my period will regulate itself to once a month instead of every two weeks. Good luck ladies!

Leighanne  6 years ago

I have had my Mirena for 1 year and loved it. The insertion hurt for a brief second then it was fine, no cramping or lasting effects. I've had no period (although at 13 months postpartum I'm still breastfeeding so who knows if the lack of periods is from that or the Mirena. My husband HATES the device saying it feels like he's being poked with a knife every time we have sex. My doctor trimmed the strings but it didn't help. About 2 months ago I started to have a lot of pelvic pressue and tingling in my left leg. My doc thought it was from an ovarian cyst I'd had for over 3 years that never had bothered me before. During a laprascopic surgery to remove the cyst they noticed that the Mirena had perforated my uterus and was probably the source of all my pain. Since this has begun the the symptoms have progressed to severe pain and constant tingling and numbness in my toes and feet. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this symptom related to Mirena or a perforation and if it's reversable? Having another surgery tomorrow to have the device removed and scheduling my husband for a vasectomy!

Never again 6 years ago

i got the Mirena IUD in May 2006 it worked very well, no periods or even spotting for about a year then I started my period again and the doctor told me it happens and not to worry. I continued to complain and eventully went to the ER Feb 2010 where they told me my IUD had perforated my uterus. I ended up seeing 3 doctors and no one would take it out because "it was still working" I finally made an appointment with an internal doctor and told him the pain was unbearable he made me an appointment with an OB who did an ultrasound and found my IUD was lodged in my c section scar. As soon as it was removed I felt wonderful, there was no more pain. I will never use another IUD, I also have 3 benign tumors on my liver as a result of oral birth control...which I only took for 5 months.

heather 6 years ago

hi mirena users. i was wondering. i had a horrible mirena experience. i had my son last august and this feb i had the mirena put in. i have had severe pains for the last montha and a half since i had it pu in. im only 21 and i still want kids some day buuut since they jus did xrays and found out i need surgery \because the iud is sooo far up into my abdomen and just missed the right side of my spine. i dnt kno if i can. it is so painful i am getting surgery tomorrw to have it removed. they do a laproscopy from both sides of ur abdomen and through your belly button as well. i was jus wondering if anyone new any lawyers that take on these kinda of cases or if anyone has sued for malpractice. my iud did not travel there itself. i kno this because after i left the doctor i was pale and throwng up in the toilet cause i was in shock i immediatly called the doc and he said it was normal. they all lie. i jus want my med bills payed for. i could have permanent damages to my intestines.?? any advise people?!

Marie 6 years ago

Hi I got the mirena may 2009 after having my daughter in march I really don’t want to have any more children I have 3 boys and I finally got my girl so I’m done but everyone was telling me to get the mirena my midwife even recommended it to me and suggested to get the mirena instead of the para gard which she had years I listen and get the mirena first of all it hurt soo bad when she inserted it that when I left I went home and took prescription strength ibreprofun it was the worst I spotted for almost 5 months, constant infections from vaginistis to yeast infections to a smell that I was told from my doc is normal because my hormones are adjusting to the iud, and then my urine smells terrible, prior to this iud I have only had a vaginal infection once and it was from taking antibiotics for a sinus infection, now there common and I hate that nasty crap, not to mention the depression that comes with it my poor husband my gosh I applaud him for his ability to deal with me that’s probably where his gray hair came from and he’s only 30 ,at times I feel like I can sleep for days , and my sex drive totally left I have an appt April 2nd to get this horrible thing removed..........good luck to all who love

penny 6 years ago

I had my mirena placed 2 months ago and my problems started almost immediately. I have had 4 urinary tract infections (or so we thought). Apparently I have pid. The antibiotics I was given for a uti were masking the symptoms of a more serious infection. I just had it removed in the er last night and am now taking 3 different antibiotics. The pain and bloating were horrible. I have three children and will miss my son's birthday party because of this.

Alex 6 years ago

I had Mirena placed in 2005 and liked it for not having mood swings or having to deal with my period, but I was having bothersome acne and I gained 66lbs since I had it placed. I also experienced unpleasant tenderness in my breasts and hair loss. I got it out yesterday and it was not fun. The IUD migrated up somewhere and my OBGYN doc had to use a scope and bunch of other instruments to find it and to remove it. Overall, would not recommend it to my friends.

ANGELA  6 years ago


bepps14 profile image

bepps14 6 years ago

BYE BYE periods...BYE BYE SEX LIFE. Thank God my husband is so wonderful to me...bc he would be gone by now. I got the mirena a little over a year ago --and I LOVE it. I have friends who have the horrible cramping storries like I read above. But not me.

I had wonderful results. I was 130lbs before I got pregnant...gained 50lbs...a year after my mirena I'm now 116. So it's possible to lose weight. I watch what I eat and I work out and do yoga.

I lose a lot of hair...a little moody at times but what woman isn't?

But lets go back to NO PERIODS!!!!! NO BLOATING!!!!! NO PMS!!!!!!! I have endometriosis...and have had laparoscopy surgery for it...this is a dream come true for me! Who is curled into a ball every month blacking out from pain. But now considering having to have it removed because of the NO (NONE...WHATSOEVER...for a year now...) SEX DRIVE may be ruining my marriage. :*( Any suggestions?

Chris 6 years ago

I have had the Mirena for almost 2 years. I thought it was a great solution for me, but have since changed my mind. I cannot lose any weight, I used to be very athletic and active. Now, I struggle to do most things! I have this weird "distended" look to my belly-which used to be flat as a board even after kids. One other strange symptom is that I always feel pressure during urination, almost like going to the bathroom when I'm on my period-but all the time. Has anyone had any problems with small amounts of urine leakage??????? I know it sounds gross, but the fact is-IT IS!! My youngest is 2-I shouldn't be having those issues anymore.

Oh, and sex life-HA-HA-what is that????? I'm getting it out next week. In my opinion, I don't think it is healthy to have anything like that in your body, hormones included. I want sex-satisfying sex!!!!!

Rachel 6 years ago

I had the mirena fitted 7mths ago and today I found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant! I am 38 with 3 children and I am having to

make a decision what to do. The worst of it all is that they cannot remove my coil as it is stuck in the wall of my cervix, I have to make a decision of what to do and then they will remove it by sweeping away part of my cervix which poses a high risk in miscarriage.

I'm scared of making the wrong decision and wished that things worked out different but I feel that there should be more warnings that these devices can move even after a check up :'(

hoping no one else ends up in this predicament because it's not a nice place to be right now

x x x x x

CHRISTINA  6 years ago

I am 36 have had it for 5 years I love it - periods are barely spotting for a day (panty liner only) my periods use to 5 days or more. I have never had cramping or issues. I plan on getting a new one this spring.

mtfsmom 6 years ago

I had Mirens for about six months. It was horrible, i thought it would be a great solution but i was wrong. I had awful cramps, bleeding and spotting constantly, strange bloating and for about 6 wks before i had it removed I thought i had a severe UTI. Not the case, it was that thing! I had it removed and immediately the pain went away. Did I mention that within 2 wks I had to have an ovary and a fallopian tube removed. I have struggled with female issues since I was 13 but this was ridiculous.

al 6 years ago

Im considering switching to an copper IUD because i don't want hormones and i don't want my sex drive dampened! I am 23 and have been w/ my guy for 8 years, and i have always been on the pill. I just lost my pill supply and have been without them for the first time ever, and our sex life has gotten soooo much more pleasurable for both of us compared to before. Since we are using pull out method and this is not safe, I need to find something else soon but i am scared to try the iud because i want kids and don't want to take the risk of becoming sterile! what a quandry, i'm still on the fence about what next...

Mark 6 years ago

It's not just affecting women. I'm a man and my other half has the Mirena and it's changed so much in such a short space of time.

As background she was given this for medical reasons, not birth control but to help with heavy menstruation. Apart from this she's been really healthy and sporty, I love sports and the outdoors but she could often make me look lazy. Four months later and I'm online search for answers to help. It's late at night, she's not talking to me and I don't know where to turn.

She's been getting cramps and numb sensations, she doesn't sleep well and even when she gets lots of sleep she can struggle to get out of bed. Our sex life is no more. She's become really withdrawn, it's hard to even talk about the simple things. The worst thing is the mood swings, I'm in the firing line all the time.

I sometimes feel like moving out for a while just to avoid the aggro but I know she needs help.

Did the Mirena cause all of this? Well I'm from a science background and I know solid proof is hard to come by. We've been together almost 8 years and all these changes started within weeks of getting the IUD fitted so I'm working from the assumption that the hormones have changed a lot, for the worse.

I'm glad to read it works for some women but it's surprising how many accounts from women who have similar negative side effects. OK, we can all understand that more people will complain online about something rather than say "it's ok, I haven't noticed a difference" but the web seems full of bad stories. These aren't minor gripes in the way people might log on to rant about a bad hotel, this is real pain and a lot of anxiety.

I don't know if writing this will help anyone but if you plan on taking this, think carefully and watch out for any bad symptoms. Above all, make it a joint decision as the symptoms can be so powerful they affect those around you. Also if your other half is aware then maybe they can help and support you.

maria 6 years ago

hello, well I've been doing a lot of reasearch on mirena, and Im still not sure if I want to get it or not, I mean Im only 19yrs old and already with a 2yr old toddler and don't want any more kids for atleast 4years so I was thinking of mirena but all these stories scare me, and I don't want anything to go wrong, so can someone give me an advice? because of what I've read not all doctors tell you the whole truth and thats what scares me, so please ladies, can someone help me on my desicion? thanx

Sherry 6 years ago

I had this IUD put inside of me during the 6 week check up of my 2nd kid. With my experience I had MAJOR cramping (crippling crapping) right after for around 4-6 hours (though my dr. told me b/c I get cramping during periods, it was more of a possibility). for the first week, the strings kept poking me and it felt like a needle inside my body until the strings absorbed the liquid to become more "solidified" (can't think of a better word). I had a period for about 3 months, but after that during my period I could only see blood when I wiped (didn't even need a tampon/pads) that was much thinner in color that lasted 5-7 days. I use to have heavy periods- w/ plenty of clots that would last 3-4 days. I'm in my 2nd year and starting to show signs of pregnancy (which have been doing my research and a lot of females have gotten pregnant after 2 years). My personal opinion- It is ok (for the longest time I was worried about PID), I just think they should change it to a 2 year period instead of 5. I would rate is a 3 out of 5- just b/c it is made for BIRTH CONTROL and they need to advertise that the risk of getting pregnant improves after the 2nd year (the effect of the IUD deminiushes), I still believe women would buy it if it was only a 2 year control.

Michelle 6 years ago

I got the Mirena yesterday. I have four kids and my youngest is 7 weeks old. The Dr. was able to do it right there in the office when I was there for my follow-up visit after having the baby. It is no worse than your yearly exam. A little bit of pressure but absolutely NO PAIN. I am however spotting slightly today but just barely. So far so good. Sure as heck beats having to take a pill everyday!

Saraface 6 years ago

I curently have a copper IUD, which I got in January. I had been put on birth control after my first child and it apparently didn't work, so I went to a different doctor after the birth of my second daughter, did some research and decided to go with the copper IUD instead of the Mirena.

For starters, most of the doctors I had the opportunity to talk to informed me that a high percentage of women react badly to the hormones in Mirena, and that, since I already had problems with hormones due to the pill I had been on when I got pregnant with my second daughter, Mirena would not be ideal for me.

If you are not sure about it, ask an OBGyn about the copper IUD. It is painful to have inserted (though for me it was similar but not nearly as bad as child birth). It is common to cramp somewhat badly for a couple of days, but not doubled over in excruciating pain. My first two periods after that were somewhat painful, but now, they're not painful at all, and not nearly as heavy as the first two. I would suggest looking into the copper IUD if you're nervous about Mirena.

Mrs Provost 6 years ago

I've had my Mirena for 2 years. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I'm young (20) so that's on my side.

The only side effects I could say I've experienced would be that my period has become longer, but lighter. Also, the majority of my period has become "old blood". So if anyone is worried about lots of brown blood, you're probably just fine!

The only issue I had was the placement. I've never had a child (it's recommended to have had one) so my cervix was TIGHT! It took two appointments to get it in because they couldn't get through my cervix. It was definately the most painful thing I've every experienced. But by the next day (maybe two) I was perfectly fine!

Another important point- that doctors will tell you isn't possible- is that my husband could feel the strings. They are very thin wires and were stabbing (and hurting!) him. It wasn't a mental thing because I checked the strings like they told me to and after a week I could no longer feel them and at the same time (without me telling him) neither could he. My strings were "sucked up" into my cervix.

If you experience the problem of him being stabbed, urge your doctor to cut the strings shorter as soon as you know it is no longer at risk of falling out.

JF 6 years ago

I had my Mirena inserted 1/4/10 and I love it! I know everyone is different, but it has been great for me. I'm 24, never had kids, and was on the pill for the past 6 years. Insertion was uncomfortable and painful, but not horrid (and I have a low pain tolerance). However, my doc did give me a local (lidocain) which I'm sure made a huge difference and I would not do it without. I felt dizzy and nauseous for the first hour after and relatively bad cramping for three hours. The next day I was a bit tender, and by day three I was my normal self. Had some very light cramping for two weeks and now nothing, not even my period. I did have a little acne at first, but that may have had to do with going off the pill. No weight gain, in fact, I've lost weight (though many other things play a factor and it would be virtually impossible to find causation of an IUD causing weight gain/loss, might just be correlation). And with anything medical, make sure you educate yourself as to the potential side effects. I was almost scared off by all the horror stories on posts like these, but I'm so glad I wasn't. Just remember, people with bad experiences are much more likely to share them than people with good experiences. I totally love how free and safe (from pregnancy not std) it makes me feel. I'm never going back!

Lisa 6 years ago

I had the Marina IUD inserted in October 2004 after i had my 2nd son.. I loved it at first...until intercourse..then i was curled up in the fetal position crying for hours, not just once or twice, it has completely ruined my sex life, i am scared of my husband!!! I have had horrible acne as well, but cannot say weather or not this came from the IUD because i had acne before, just not for a long long time.. Also, I have had problems with anxiety and depression, only since this has been inside my body ( i deffinately believe it has something to do with it) and a lot of trouble with weight gain even though sometimes i barely eat at all (i've always been very tiny, until after the IUD was inserted). I have had my IUD in for 5 years now, actually i have gone over the 5 year mark almost 5 months ago!! I just haven't had a way to the doctors.. But I have also had problems with tingling sensations throughout my body and my arms and legs going numb on me very very easily, which i am only 23 years old, i don't understand how else this is happening to me... My mood swings have also been very crazy since I had it put in... My doctor recommended this to me and I never did my research on it, i just trusted her. I would never recommend this to anyone, actually i advise against it strongly to everyone I know.. I think it's wonderful people have had sucess with this, and congrats to all of you who have, but I think if it was such a great form of birth control, then they should put in their pamphlets information to people about the possible side effects and when you should seriously consider having it removed. I read it and nowhere in it did it state that it could possibly be lost inside you and cause you seriouse injuries, possibly even death!! Thanks so much to all of you who wrote on the page, i appreciate your stories!!

J.C. 6 years ago

I had the mirena put in April of 2009. Went in for a check up on Feb.3rd and Doctor couldn't find the strings. Next day I had an ultrasound. They still couldn't see it. Today Feb.8 had an X-ray. It perforated my uterus and is somewhere in my abdomen. I have to have it surgically removed. I have a feeling this is more common than is being told. If women chose this birth control that's your choice but you should at least be told the correct side effects and the correct percentage of problems that occur. I will never in my life have something like this done again.

shea 6 years ago

I have had the mirena in for 2 years now and have had no symtoms. No weight gain, no acne, no headaches, and no pain in my joints. I love it and would recommend it for all. everyone has a horror story about something, so discuss with you significint other and you doctor and make sure you know all that occur.

Shandra 6 years ago

I had Mirena inserted in August of 2009 four months after having my third baby. It seemed fine at the time but I have been having terrible joint and hip pain. I am wondering if it has to do with Mirena. It was very painful to have inserted. It is so convenient, but I am also worried about the effects of using Mirena and breastfeeding. I may have it removed.

Kristy 7 years ago

I've had the Mirena for about 4 months now and I LOVE it. The insertion was painful and I had cramps for about a month after but they're gone now. I got some slight acne as a side effect but nothing serious.

From what my doctor told me, it's recommended for women who have had children before not because it causes sterility, but because a mother's uterus is better adjusted to having something in it and will adjust easier to having the IUD. I have never been pregnant and have had no problems so far.

I was on the pill before and had a pulmonary embolism as a side effect. It left me with almost no other options for birth control, but the Mirena was recommended to me because it has a much safer hormone than the other pills. Also, the hormone is in a MUCH smaller dose than the pill, so it is even safer.

Everyone should keep in mind that when searching the internet, you are going to find way more posts by people who have had problems with the device than by people without any issues.

Mari 7 years ago

I have had 4 kids, and prior had a copper iud for 7 years with no problems. I had the Mirena inserted in Oct 09 and have had the worst time. Not really painful inserting or cramps afterwards, just a general feeling of being bloated, swollen hands and feet, blurred vision (need glasses to read computer screen), severe headaches, sore breasts and constant cravings and weight gain. Also lots of hair falling out and no sex drive. I feel as if I have aged 10 years since having the Mirena. Having been pregnant four times, I can vouch that the symptoms that I have had are almost exactly like feeling 8 months pregnant - I even have heartburn! And no, I've had a test two days ago and I'm not pregnant. I want it out and my old happy self back.

Michelle 7 years ago

I have 2 kids. I got an Mirena IUD inserted 6 months ago, 1 month after i had my second child. Im still bleeding and i have sharp pains on my left pelvic bone.. Im considering on taking it out.

Ali 7 years ago

I had the Mirena put in in October 09. The insertion wasn't as bad as I feared just one short but sharp pain. The first 3 days I had the mother of all headaches and palpitations, and slight discomfort. Happy days I thought. It was inserted just before my period had a normal period that first month.

November spotting started and then the pain, OMG. I have children, this was worse than natural labour. Being on the right it was even thought it could be my appendix. Then I started having bowel pain and bloating as well as the abdo pain. The pain was even going down into my thigh and into my back. I bled 16 days. About a week after my period I passed something horrible and overnight the pain subsided. I thought that was it, Mirena gone. But no its still there and suprise the pain is back bad as before, and all the weird bowel symptons and bloating. At my 12 week check, I felt like I wasn't believed and was told to give it another 3-6 months. I want to give it a chance to settle, but really don't like all these symptons. Which apparently couldn't be the Mirena! My advice think twice.

shelly 7 years ago

Hi I've had the Mirena for almost 2 years now I only got it because it seemed the best option at the time since I could not afford to have kids, I am surprised to read of so many of you being in such pain when placed in I maybe the three ibuprofen made a difference but I seriously had no pain when I got placed, I have actually attempted to take it out just because I believe that I should get my body back to its normal self but every time I try the doctors convinces me not to. One problem I did have was that my sex drive went downhill and it actually never occurred to me that it could have been due to the IUD, also although my periods stopped it is really annoying to have constant spotting and unusual odors. The reason why I started searching was because I've been having this horrible pain in my leg and it came to my mind that there could be a chance of blood clots "WOULD ANYONE KNOW" not to mention extreme bloating anyway I will be calling to have it removed thanks to all of you for your information it was very helpful

Amanda 7 years ago

Well i've been hearing all of these good stories about the Mirena which is great, but for me the Mirena just wasen't what it was supposed to be. Last month i went to the hospital because of abdominal pain i was having and they told me i was twelve weeks pregnant. THis was such a shock too me, i didnt know what too say. And after having the Mirena for two years now, and constantly having it checked i didnt know what the problem was. The ER doctor told me that it was somewhat of a miracle because my mirena was perfectly in place, and in working condition...Or sooo i thought.

Rae 7 years ago


I'm 24 with no kids,I got my IUD due to extremely painful cramps. I had my IUD put in Aug 08 and still have it. I wouldn\t go as far to say I love it. For the first 3 months I had a non stop period and horrible cramps I waited the 6 to 9 months for my body to get used to it and I have unpredictable lighter periods but I still have cramps, they are not as painful but they still take me out. My breast get sore every couple of months and when this happens it hurts to even walk , I also get a stabbing pain after sex 75% of the time... But all in all I'm keeping it in, it's better then before I had the IUD and the Stress free feeling is well worth it. I say if u are thinking about read up on it and keep in mind every body reacts differently.. Good luck

Christine Mcelhatton 7 years ago

I have had my mirena for nearly a year (march09) after I had a baby in September 08, at first all was well, then suddenly I started getting an itch all over my body, however after a month or so it stopped,. now I am looking as if I am pregnant, my belly bloats a lot for some time and then it goes down for some weeks, and then again it happens, I have put on weight, I am suffering with acne and I also get a pain in my thigh every now and then. All these symptoms are not all the time, they just happen every now and then, I will try to write down when they are happening. The only reason that I dont get it removed its because I am comfortable not worrying about getting pregnant. however if the symptoms get worse I will have to do something about it. I wish there is some alternative pills/vitamins that can be taken that could help with the hormonal change and that will especially solve the acne problem. I have an appointment with my gyn in February and hopefully I will speak to him and decide what I should do.

tamdesjar 7 years ago

I have had my mirena for 2 1/2 years, and haven't paid much attention to the side effects due to cronic back pain. I only just discovered in the last little while that it is a problem.I went to the doctor to have it removed last week and the strings have vanished. Two doctors have looked and no such luck so I am scheduled on Monday for an ultrasound ,after reading all of your responses I am now terrified that it is somewhere bad. I have had 3 children with one ovary ,and after my first two I have my tubes cut and coterized (tubal ligation) only to get pregnant 6 years later in 2006. I had my baby in 2007 via c-section (all three c-section)I had my Mirena put in after my baby was born and suffered cramping and spotting.I have had cramps everyday since it was put in but have ignored them due to other problems that seemed more pressing.The pros of it were no period for 2 years.I however had all the other effects of a period cramping,moodiness and exhaustion but no bleeding. I also have not been able to get rid of the last 40 lbs of my pregnancy weight,I always have pimples,get migrains frequently and I am tired all the time.I have also been having panic attacks quite frequently for no reason.I will be sitting on the couch relaxed and my heart feels like its racing and I am having shortness of breath. I got the doctor to check my heart rate on monday, and it was fine even though it felt like it was racing .She told me it was panic attacks. I did remeber my friend suffered panic attacks from the iud so I assume this is the reason I have been having them for the last couple years.They have been more frequent as of the last 6-10 months. So I am getting this thing out of me,I wish I would have read this blog years ago, I would have probably rethought getting it done.I will update my results as soon as I know where and what its doing,wish me luck I hope its just floating in my uterus :0(

Robin 7 years ago

I had a Mirena inserted a few months ago (August '09) and I'm very unhappy. I've experienced acne, a tremendous weight gain, Markedly depressed moods (almost constant instead of just pms), NO sex drive, Horrible cramping (which I've never had before), headaches, I'm constantly on the verge of tears and the worst part is when my husband and I have sex, the string pokes the head of his penis and is quite painful for him! I spoke with my Dr. and they said they could clip the string shorter (it was clipped too short in the first place) but removal may have to be done surgically if they can't grab the string! It's been a nightmare!

I love not worrying about pregnancy and my periods have been reduced to monthly spotting, but cons definitly outway the pros.

I'm slowly becoming terrified that it will perforate my uterus-- It seems like it's not a question of "if" it will happen but more of a question of "when"...

I am seriously considering having it removed despite those saying my side effects will get better over time. My husband hates it and neither of us would recomend it to anyone.

Sarah 7 years ago

I have surgery to have mine removed tommorow..Its is my abdomin and a diffrent docotor said thats where it was placed thats y it hurt so bad! Mirenas are unsafe and I really dont think ppl should get them..Tommorow i will find out if it went through my uterus or has damaged any of my other organs..please pray everything is ok

Ashley 7 years ago

I just had Mirena put in and a half hour after my appt my doc called and told me that I have to come in the next morning instead of a week to have it checked and come to find out it perforated my uterus and is now stuck on my ovary. I have to have surgery to remove it =/ My friend however had gotten it three months earlier and she is loving it more than anything else she has ever tried. I really think it all depends on the women

Marie 7 years ago

I had my Mirena IUD placed in this last April, so that makes a little over 9 months now. I was 26 when I got it inserted, with no children.

First, insertion was painful even with ibuprofen. I scheduled my appointment when I was on my period, it's easier to place. When the sound was inserted to measure depth of the uterus, I actually jumped a little and gave a little squeak, it was only a sharp pain for a bit and then it subsided to moderate cramping. I did do some yoga breathing to relax and that helped. After it was inserted I was a tad dizzy so they let me lay down for a bit, but I was out of the office with my apple juice about a half hour after it was inserted, then I went to work and helped my coworkers move the office as crazy as that sounds. I took it easy, but the cramps were manageable with ibuprofen and some ThermaCare HeatWraps. If your doctors office has a heating pad ask if they can put it on your lower abdomen while you rest or even during insertion, also liquid gel Advil is what I used.

First period - after the insertion my period was lighter but it lasted for about two weeks. There was some cramping those two weeks, but not as bad as my before birth control period (without birth control I'm a pretty heavy bleeder and I have cramps for at least a day that make want to stay in bed).

Period now - Now I spot for about two to three days, about every 28 days. No cramping, no real PMS symptoms.

Weight gain - I've gained some weight this last year, 5 pounds, but most of that is from my poor diet and lack of any real exercise. I like chocolate and I don't go to the gym, enough said.

Libido after IUD- It's pretty much the same. I'm not a high drive person to start with, and sometimes I feel that sex is more about your mental state than your birth control. I will say that the first time I had sex with the IUD in place I was concerned my partner would feel it, but that wasn't the case.

Overall I would recommend the Mirena IUD. It has been great for me so far. I know four other women who use it, and all of them said it's by far the best birth control they have ever used.

Hope this helps anyone considering Mirena. As always the experience varies per woman, mine has been positive. I recommend doing some research and talking to you doctor or friends who have it.

Sarah  7 years ago

IM soo worried..I had my iud put in 11 months ago after i had my 2nd child..2 weeks later i went to the doctor for pains and really bad bleeding they told me it was normal..2 more weeks i went back and wanted it out and they tried 2 times to get it and said we cut the strings to short..well ended up having a scope put up to get it and they said it wasnt in there it must of falling out..soo now 11 months went by and i was having hip pain i went to the chiro and they did an xray and he asked me you have an iud i said no i had surgery to have that removed and he said well its still there and i can see it plain as day!! now im really worried its in my abdominal area and has been for 11months!!!

Kristen 7 years ago

I've had the Mirena IUD for about 1 1/2 problems at all! I have gotten some acne but very little...I usally break out around the time I start my period anyway...Im pretty sure thats what it is from. I love it so far.

Im the people who have had a perforated uterus from this and had it move...did you go back and have a string check so that the dr. can make sure its still in place? Or did it just instantly happen?

Ana Mari 7 years ago

In reply to Pam R I have been told by my doc the antibiotics have no effect on Mirena as it is not oral contraceptive..

Ana Mari 7 years ago

Have had Mirena in 5 yrs now & due for removal. Insertion was totally painless must have been one of the lucky ones after reading some of your posts, When I had previous IUD (copper) removed was 2 mins in doctors office and was told upon insertion this would be the same, Now Drs have scheduled me for surgery and I dont know why, after reading posts the reason is clearer never knew it could get lost or imbedded but how would they know they didn't even check I asked for removal and they scheduled surgery??? Before I had mirena inserted I had huge discussion with my doc who assured me there was no weight gain involved??? have had huge weight gain of 30kgs blurry vision headaches and depression just thought unknown health issues didn't even cross my mind that could be related to mirena.. On the up side insertion totally painless, 2 mths light iregular spotting then nothing at all since then that has been great- still get mild monthly cramps nothing more. Apart from weight gain which may or may not be related to Mirena it has been hassle free perfect contraceptive, Wait and see how removal goes and will post info on here and let you all know.. Hate the weight gain with a passion but will work as hard as I can to lose it apart from that my experience has been great I already have my new one to be put in same time as old one is removed.

cresha40213atyahoo 7 years ago

I had my baby July29,2009 I had the mirena incerted at 8 weeks after delivery. There where no issues like pain when it was put in,but as soon as I got up off the table I began to hurt like I was having a baby all over again. I begain to break out in little rashes and my scalp started itching alot,which I thought nothing of it until one day I noticed where I had been scratching my hair was gone and the rash had gotten boyfriend began to notice that I was becoming aggressive. I think my mind was going crazy while on that stuff. I was loosing weight until I started the mirena.noticed I was putting on more pounds.My chest hurt alot,felt like my heart was hurting ,then my whole body started to ache.I thought I had a bone diesease called ms,because my uncle who passed away complained about similar symptoms. I hurt so bad that I could not get up some days. I had the mirena in for about 3 months. Two weeks ago right after my period I slowly pulled it out because I had headache,chest pain abdominal pain,legs throbbed like crazy and nothing was giving me relief. As soon as I took it out,my legs stopped hurting,my headaches have went away.My chest is not hurting as much anymore but I feel it may have alrady done its damage over the few months I had it in. Scared to hear what the drs might say.

let me know if anything ever becomes of this

alyssa 7 years ago

All, I would recommend researching IUD and nerve pain. It is a living nightmare. IUDS can irritate nerves, inflamming them and causing excrutiating pain on your hips, legs and buttocks. Very rare but it does happen. Now I need a epidural steroid shot to bring down the inflammation and lets hope it works, i can't take being in pain every day any more. It is affecting my life, my job and my relationships.

A222 7 years ago

Wow, i wish i would had read on the IUD more before i got it. I got the IUD about 9 months ago and I HATE IT.. My period last so much longer almost 2 weeks, there r times it goes away and within two days i have my period again. Sex is not the same, i use to have sex with my husband almost every other day he doesnt like it cause he get poked as he says. I have also recently noticed a bad vaginal odor, i never had this problem. Horrible cause my husband smells it and i feel so uncomfortable, I am goign to make an appt to get it removed.

Lisa 7 years ago

I have had the Mirena IUD for almost 2 years now and have never had a child. It was painful to insert because my cervix had to be dilated. It has to be inserted during your period because thats when the cervix is more pliable to being dialated. I had cramping and heavy periods for the first six months and then gradually the periods became lighter and lighter. Now I only have slight spotting and very little other PMS symptoms. I am having it removed in Jan 2010 due to the fact that I need to have a LEEP procedure done due to abnormal paps caused by HPV. I have to say I have been really pleased with my Mirena (after the first 6 months). I was on the pill for 10 years off and on before that. I chose the Mirena because the pill caused me to have Melasma hyperpigmentation on my face and I needed to get off of the hormones to give my skin a chance to clear up. When I get it removed in 3 weeks I will not have it reinserted as I will be trying for my first pregnancy with my new hubby of 2 years. I am a little concerned that the LEEP in combo with the thinned lining of the uterus may delay getting pregnant but we will have fun trying!

Ame 7 years ago

I'm having mine insert tomorrow but they said I have to be on my period.. why do I need to be on my period??

Ashley B 7 years ago

I tried getting Mirena today I had a baby about 5 weeks ago for some reason my cervix is scarred and I have had no procedures done. My doctor could not get my Cervix to open up enough it was extremely painful and I don't want to even try it agian even more so after reading these comments

jessie 7 years ago

i have had a mirena iud for the last 5 years. i am having it removed this week only because my 5 years is up. ive tried many forms of birth control in the past... and i can honestly say mirena has been the best overall. it has its downsides, but so do all bc methods. i HAVE to be on bc because i have long-lasting, heavy cycles. first of all i got pregnant on the pill... so ill NEVER take those again. they are not as effective as other methods and there is too much room for human error. i was on depo for 5 years (the max for that as well) and was pretty pleased. i gained a little weight, maybe 10 lbs over the 5 years but i was a twig to begin with so that was welcomed. i had almost no period, but i didnt like havin to go to the dr every 3 months for a shot. also my sex drive decreased. when my 5 years was up i had the mirena iud inserted. it was lil painful but went away after a few hours. if u think ur goin to have a foreign object implanted in ur uterus n not feel a pinch, ur not realistic! and the nonsense about people having it perforate their uterus is usually due to physician error.... so go to a reputable dr u trust! u get what u pay for ladies.... so dont spend $300 on a new coach purse n the see a dr at ur local health department n expect to get good care! anyway (rambling lol) i didnt have much of a period on the mirena n it didnt effect my sex drive, so those were great! and the fact that i havent even had to think about bc in 5 years is amazing! such a liberating experience. i did, however, experience ovarian cysts a couple times due to the mirena. sounds horrible right? not really! the cysts cause cramping for a day or two much like that of a period. ill take 1 cyst every year or two over dysmenoria (painful periods) every month!

i guess my point is that there is no magical form of bc that everyone is going to love. the all have different levels of effectiveness, they all have side effects and u will never know what is going to happen until u try! i mean, a friend of mine even hates the ring because it comes out everytime she has sex... so nothing is perfect. i can tell u that after trying all these methods of bc, im goin to give my body a break for a couple months n then im gettin another mirena inserted. its perfect.... for me! =)

Pam R 7 years ago

I've had the Mirena for a little over 2 years and have done wonderfully with it. I'm 47, never had a child, but because of my age, my doctor and I agreed that this was the best method of birth control for me. I had light spotting for the first 6-9 months, then practically no period at all. The one thing I can't seem to find any info on, is whether or not antibiotics vary the effectiveness of the Mirena, as it does with oral contraceptives. ??? Does anyone know?

Chelsea 7 years ago

I've had the Mirena IUD inserted one month after having my first child (vaginally). The insertion of the Mierna was uncomfortable and painful, and I experience mild cramping the afternoon it was inserted. After a month of insertion I went for a routine examination, the Doctor had checked the placement of the Mirena by 3D ultrasound and the Doctor confirmed it was still in the correct position. I had explained to my Doctor that my partner felt the Mirena while having intercourse and she cut the strings shorter. It's now 8 MONTHS OF HAVING THE MIRENA in place and I'm glad to say that I've had NO PROBLEMS! NO cramping, no more bleeding, although a bit of acne.

I noticed an earlier comment that said "For me I went in 2 months after I had my son and got it put in. They told me there was a chance it could perforate".

My doctor failed to mentioned that getting the Mirena inserted after having a child could result in the device getting perforated into your abdominal cavity.

I would like to know if others have gotten the Mirena inserted SHORTLY after giving birth and it resulted it to getting stuck in your abdominal cavity or other wise stuck inside you?

amiee 7 years ago

i have had an iud for five years now. its been okay but i have had some problems. i have had severe migranes, loss of sex drive, and after having it for a little over four years, i got pid from the iud. i also have horrible mood swings and have gained at least 20 lbs. over the years. it has stopped my periods and prevented pregnancy. those are the only good things about it. i have very painful intercourse, therefor i very rarely

"get excited." also, it is time to have it removed, and i dont have the funds to go to the doctor, so that worries me a bit. all in all, i don't recommend anyone getting the mirena.

sexy23 7 years ago

i'm 23 years old bout to be 24 with a 21month old son and i got my mirena put in yesterday December 8 2009 yes it hurt like h*ll i stayed at the office for 20minutes trying to get right i felt so hot like i was on fire and so dizzy i had to lay down there but after i left i was fine when i got home today im feeling ok i still feel small pain in the lower part of my stomach other then that i'm ok but i will be doing an update evey week

Cate 7 years ago

I had the Mirena iinserted 3 months ago and I loathe it. I cannot wait even three days to have it removed. The first two months were OK..just some heavy bleeding. Now no bleeding at all (my body feels like its desperately trying to have a period but can't). Added to this is, nausea, headaches (back of head), diziness, fatigue, loss of libido and an allergy type reaction to the thing. I have had copper IUDs for years before this with none of these problems. And Oh yes, by boobs feel like they are about to blow up!! I cannot wait to have it removed forever. Hubbies got to go and get the snip. I'm fed up, 46 with 2 kids. I'm done....

jill 7 years ago

Anyone considering the mirena, please take a look at this petition. It contains around a thousand stories of the mirena experience. Some are pretty hard to read. these are real women, and the petition is totally legit.

I'm not saying the mirena doesn't work well for some. One of my closest friend is on her second and absolutely loves it.

Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky ones, and if you become one of us, you may be very sorry.

angie 7 years ago

I have had mirena since jan 07. No major problems except weight gain...almost 40 lbs and very moody/sensitive. When I had mine put in I had to be on day 2 of my period. That way they didn't have to dialate me....barely hurt at all. Might wanna ask ur dr about that if you are thinking about it. aside from the weight gain, I love it.

Jessica 7 years ago

I am a 20 year old college student who has been using Mirena for over a year, and I have nothing but good to say about Mirena. Since I was 12, I have had horrifically painful cramps, with my doctor putting me on prescription medicine for the pain 13 days out of every month.

While I have never had a child, with my doctor's help I decided to use Mirena. The nurse nearly refused to administer it, because they only want women whose cervices have been dilated before to use it. However, I convinced her to give it to me, and after 2-3 days of agonizing cramps, I was pain free--and period free.

The only time I had spotting in the last year was my first month living in a house with 5 other women, and we all synced up, and my body gave into peer pressure. Other than that, it has been a great choice for me. My 2c.

Megan 7 years ago

My OBGYN recommended the Mirena IUD to assist with a medical condition I have. I have 3 non-cancerous masses in the sun-mucousal lining of my uterus that were swelling and causing severe pain. The progesterone in the IUD had aleviated the pain and reduced the swelling that was caused by the masses, but now I have a more localized cramping and pain where I believe the IUD has attached itself.

I have been spotting since the insertion (about 2 months), but have noticed that the cramping and spotting becomes less and less. I also had bouts of diziness and what felt like elevated blood pressure. I have not experinced weight gain, in fact I have lost 10 pounds. I had a few freak breakouts and skin sensitivity, but that has also decreased in frequency.

My OB said it would take a few months for the side effects to even out. I am very hopeful that they will. My other alternantive to handling my condition is a hysterectome. I am only 28 years old and don't want to have my uterus removed. I am hoping that the side effects will lessen like my doctor said. From what I understand, most people experience some changes when the IUD is first inserted. Like any medical device or medication there are risks and potential side effects. I had a severe reaction th the estrogen in birth control, which is why my doctor recommended Mirena.

Lauren 7 years ago

I've had my mirena for about a year now, and it hasnt caused me any problems. At first it scared me, because of the discharge, but shortly after that went away. My periods have disappeared, and I'm actually losing weight. I love it, and can't feel it at all. It hurt getting it put in, but thats about it. If it were an option, I would do it all over again. I'd advise anyone to get one put in. They make you feel safe during intercourse, just make sure that there are no STD's present. =]

Holly 7 years ago

I have had the Mirena IUD for nearly 3 years.

I remember feeling cramping when it went in also. It was painfull, and the cramping lasted all day.

My periods stopped within 2 months of having it and I have spotting once a month but not every month ever since. About every 3 or 4 months I will feel cramps... I call them phantom cramps.

I had a copper IUD before this and bled so heavily that there were large clots in the blood, also my periods were 9 and 10 days long.

The Mirena has been a very good solution for me from a long uncomfortable cycle.

From what I have read here.. it sounds like if you are going to have a problem with this device it happens pretty quick after insertion.

My reccomendation is to be very wary in the beggining and don't take no for an answer from a doctor *over the phone* regarding any concerns you may have. It sounds like these events could have been prevented if folks are more firm in the conviction when something is wrong.

Just my 2 cents

Teryn Ashley 7 years ago

I recently got the Mirena (a few months ago)...I had extreme cramping after insertion and dizziness/throwing up and get the same extreme cramping often. I am bloated all the time and feel pregnant all the time. When inserted I had a 2 week period, then didnt have one for 40 days then started and had another 2 week spotting...after reading all the of comments I am contemplating removal for my own safety!

jalissa 7 years ago

i had my iud for a little less than a year.i loved it when i had it, but then my sister in law told me about her friend that had one and had horrible pain, she went to get it removed and they couldnt find it, she ended up having surgery and got it removed.well when i heard that i went and got mine removed, not only because of that but because i wanted another baby. well i we have been trying for 2 months and still nothing, i got pregnant very quickly with my son, so im hoping that the iud didnt make me sterial. well goodluck to all of you with it,but i wouldnt recomend it to anyone.

Jennifer 7 years ago

Originally I had a okay experience with this. But now I am getting extreme bleeding for two weeks then no bleeding for months. Recently a had two attacks with cramping so bad I couldn't move, literally and vomitting because of the pain. I went in to get the stupid thing removed and my doc couldn't get it out, so after severe pain of trying to remove it, we found out it is embedded and now has to be surgicaly removed. Although I am not sure if this means thatI have to be cut into or if they can do it vaginally? Does anyone know?

Dee 7 years ago

Wow!! I can't beleave all the bad response. I have been hurting so bad for about 6mths, that I can remember. I have been to the doctor 7 times in the last 4mths and going back tomorrow. I had a cat scan and a ultrasound. I had a cyst size between a lemmon and a golf ball. we shrunk that. The pain some times radiates down my right legg. They make me fill crazy.

EbbyinATL 7 years ago

I've had my Mirena for almost 4years nows, after the birth of my 3rd son. I've had IUD's after every child however, this is the 1st time i've had one that gives off hormones and no period! I was very apprehensive from the start cause I didn't want any hormones which seem to always mess me up- Anyways, after the 6week 'bleed' I haven't had anymore periods- however I have been blessed with 15 extra pounds- I have very bad headaches, terrible acne (which went away for awhile, but has come back) and very bad mood swings. I have always been an advocate for the IUD- but not Mirena.. Last year, I was spotting alot after sex and went to see the ob-gyn and she said the string was left too long and it had harded around the base of my cervix and so everytime my husband and I had sex, it was rubbing against my cervix and causing the bleeding- so after some EXTREME torture where my OB actually had to reach inside my body with everything including a 12inch pair of scissor things, she finally grasped the string and was able to cut it down... However, I'm still having lots of cramping-very tender breasts and so much acne, that I would love to have the thing removed... the thing I'm struggling with, is that in the course of 4 years our family has lost our health care coverage (can't afford it) and I have no $ to see the doctor any more... praying we're able to get health coverage again soon to get it removed!

Rebeccca from Arkansas 7 years ago

I had Mirena inserted February 2005 one month after the birth of my first child. I loved it. Everything about it. My periods subsided & everything seemed to be alright. Over the last couple years, I have had cysts on my ovaries appear and disappear. Apparently they are some kind of blood filled cysts that appear and shed sporatically, but it wasn't anything that I should be concerned with. So, I left it in. During all this time, I have occasional bloody discharge & ALWAYS have a white-ish membrane-ish discharge, that is sometimes as much as a tablespoon at a time when it sheds. A couple years ago, I started getting acne. BAD. So, I talked with my gyno about it & he prescribed me seasonique on top of my IUD, said that would help. Well, it didnt & I went to a dermatologist. The derm put me on a variety of of acne medications, and then finally went with Accutane. I used Accutane for 6 months & the acne came back. I just had it removed & am hoping this acne subsides. I'm 25 years old.

rr 7 years ago

i've been using IUD COPPER for 2 1/2 years already..honestly i dont have any problems about this IUD copper,its pretty good to me well i always monitor the string almost everday..but then after reading all of the comments omg i feel very scared....

CC 7 years ago

I am 53 yrs old and got a Mirena in May of 2008 to regulate my long lasting and infrequent periods. I was considered peri-menopausal too. The insertion was not painful just a little pinching. (to me anyway). The hardest part was getting over the frequent spotting in the beginning months but it did regulate my periods. My fiance told me on one occasion that he felt the string but a position change fixed that. After about 6 months my period stopped all together. I'm not sure if I am fully into menopause now or not but I am pain free. (no cramping, spotting or any other side effect of the Mirena). I would definitely get another one if I needed to. Each person's body reacts differently so I won't tell anyone to get it or not get it. Make your own decision from your own findings and research. That's what I did.

brittany 7 years ago

i got the mirena in march of 08. and i havent had any problems with it but lately i have a weird feeling, just weird all over. i freak out really easiely so my first thought was o lord it got lost, but im paranoid and so afraid that im over reacting and i have had a huge appitite lately. it almost feels like im pregnent all over again.. im only 21 and already have a 2 year old. my boyfriend and i dont want another kid anytime soon,,,,.... any suggestions?

Peter 7 years ago

We are both healthcare providers for an extended family history of same. As we have with relative success and health for almost 2 decades, I hope my wife and I stick to holistic solutions, Natural Family Planning and chastity within our marriage (as guide lined by our Catholic faith).

Please delay decision to use this product until you meditate on all these posts and see if mine is on the side of the ballance that wins out. Best wishes.

rainah 7 years ago

I had my iud for 3 years and I really liked it the first two. I bled for the first month after it was in, but after that no periods. I started getting really bad uti's and bacterial infections the last year and also started experiencing sharp pains during sex. I really didn't think about it being caused by my iud, I loved not having a period or having to worry about getting pregnant. I went to my gyno and had an ultrasound to make sure it was in place and everything was fine, but I wanted it out anyways bc I was tired of keeping infection. the office procedure to have it taken out wasn't bad, but my dr couldn't reach it(i could never feel my string but had ultrasounds every year to make sure it was in place). I ended up having surgery oct 8th to have it removed. they put me to sleep and dialated my cervix to take it out. there wasn't much pain and I have bled for the past four days. the bleeding wasn't heavy and has almost stopped. overall I liked it simply bc I always had horrible periods and it was nice not having one at all. the infections and uti's are something I never want to go through again! I wouldn't recommend it if u are sensitive down there! I'm about to start the Nuva ring and thinking about getting the arm implant if that doesn't work for me. I have 4 year old twins and don't want to go through that again anytime soon!

brittnee 7 years ago

i got mine in about 5 months ago, so far i have had no problems besides pain in my uterus here and there, and my husband sometimes gets a poke on occasion, but i have lost weight my hair has got even thicker and i have no periods so those are a plus .. i am moody here and there but im not sure if that is the mirena or just me :) i do get very nervous about the side effects though especially with the more i read about it .. so i just strongly advise looking it up and reading alot about it before you decide it is what you really want ... though i must add that it is amazing have the stress free sex :0

Ashlee Davis 7 years ago

Wow I can't even believe how many people have had problems with this. Well I have to say that I don't like this IUD. But I have a friend that absolutely loves it. So it really all depends on the doctor that puts it in and how well your body takes it. For me I went in 2 months after I had my son and got it put in. They told me there was a chance it could perforate. Well I thought oh that won't happen to me and guess what it did. Of course! It all started after I got it and it was painful and I cramped for days then I started having my period every two weeks. This was not a normal period it was like hell I had to use the super tampons which I have never had to use. So I called the doctor because I was having cramping and bleeding and of course I couldn't feel the strings. They told me it just could be wrapped around my cervix and that I should wait for the 2 month check up. So I did and when I went in my doctor couldn't find it. So I had an x-ray and ultrasound. They found it in my abdominal cavity between my uterus and rectum!!! UH so I have to have surgery to get it out. This is terrible now I will have a scar above my pubic bone for the rest of my life! And now I could be pregnant uh what a bad choice this was!!! Does anyone know if we can report it so that the perforation rate goes up??

Lisa 7 years ago

I was wondering if anyone hade the string come out more then normal? I ve been having really bad cramps latly and now the string is out more then normal. I ve had the IUD for almost a year and a half now. I don't know why it would do that?

Lindsey 7 years ago

Ok, I made the mistake of reading lots of negative comments about the Mirena before I went to get it put in. My experience was great. I hardly felt them insert it, I was 7 wks post partum when they put it in, I had zero cramping,and extremely light spotting which had only lasted 1-2 days after. Yes it can perforate the uterus especially if the Dr. is not experienced inserting them, I had an ultrasound the next day to confirm proper placement, if you start to exp any sharp pain or can't find your strings you should go to the doctor right away! This to me is common sense? If you read a lot of these comments about people having them lost inside them you will notice complaints of sharp abdominal pain that was ignored for some time in most cases, Since the IUD is T shaped I would think it would take a while to move completely through the wall of your uterus and out into your abdominal cavity! I could see a part of the IUD perforating but I am sure it would be quite painful and you would notice extra bleeding. Also aren't these people checking the strings like you are suppost to? If you can't find the strings then assume the IUD had moved and go get it checked right away!! As for side effects, everyone is different, most side effects listed here are also side effects of birth control pills! And BCP's have more horomones then this IUD. Not everyone will exp these side effects. Also, most people who go online to review a product are people who are not happy with the product because if you are happy you don't spend time searching for sites to say how happy you are! I am only posting because I researched this before I had it inserted and I was scared shitless to get it done, I was sure I would have every horrible thing go wrong with it! I thought I should post something good for once so maybe 1 person out there will read this and not be so afraid. You will not know how you will react to this product until you give it a shot yourself and find out. Just remember to check your strings regularily (after sex and any period you have) especially if you have painful intercourse or excessive bleeding or cramping/pain in abdomen that is not normal for you after insertion. Just relax and go for it, you may be pleasently surprised!! Good Luck:)

blondie 7 years ago

HEY: Jblackrose1985 , i have had the same problems as you, I am suggesting the DEPO shot..

blondie 7 years ago

i had the damn IUD in since last FRIDAY I so HATE IT!!! i have to go back to see my OB cause i am in pain i feel like i had a vaginal examie all the time.. the pain is so bad... I hope to God that they will remove it, I read all your ladies stories omg i wish i would have came upon this beofre i got it.. My good friend had hers in four years and she has had problems through out the whole time.. why are we the ones that have the BAD EXPERIENCES????

Jblackrose1985 profile image

Jblackrose1985 7 years ago

I got the Mirena in January of 08. Had no problems getting it put in. Was 2 months after I had my first son. Ive had it in since. First it was great...periods are few and far between....hardly any cramping. But since Ive had it ive gained all my pregnancy weight back which is 30lbs! I feel sad and anxious all the time now. I was having yeast infections and bacterial infections. And im a clean person!!! My Dr didnt inform me of the weight gain and the depression as possible side effects. So its been more of a problem than its worth. Im scheduled to get it removed next month. And just this week I have a UTI. Should I walk in to the dr office? I dont feel I can wait another month, Im afraid of more complications. And mind you before having my son I was on the pill and the patch. Does anyone suggest anything else? How's the nuva ring?

Linda 7 years ago

I have had a Mirena IUD for 2 1/2 years. My fiance has always been able to feel it was there but in the last year it actually slices his penis from side to side, deep enough to cause bleeding and it takes a few days for the cut to heal. Planning on getting it out. I bled every day for the first 4 months (that was gross and we had not sex!!) when I get my period now it lasts for 10 days!! I also immediately gained 15 lbs in the first 5 months and have not been able to lose the weight no matter how hard I work at it and I'm was a fitness instructor.

Amber C 7 years ago

I have the Mirena and I have been having cramps, headachs, geting dizy, my body shakeing. . . is that normal? AND. . . How do they take it out and dose it hurt??

Lisa 7 years ago

OK so I was the biggest advocate of Mirena. It's easy and cost effective. I did my research and had it put in 8 weeks after the birth of my son. This was October of 2008. I went for my annual exam last week and my gyno couldn't locate the string and sent me for an ultrasound. I had both the transvag & pelvic ultrasound and they couldn't locate it. Today I went for a pelvic CT scan and the tech informed me that it was definitely in there. Where? I have no idea so I will be patiently awaiting for the doctor's call tomorrow with the next step. I'm guessing a laparoscopy since she told me that was my worse case scenario. I have experienced no pain with the exception of the insertion and LOVED having no periods. I will miss it if I have to go back on the pill but then again, at least I know where the pill is going when I take it! I can't say the same for Mirena,

undecided 7 years ago

I had the IUD put in me 5 years ago. It is Sept 1 and it expired in June. My doctor told me not to worry about it when I made my appointment in June to see about taking it out. She said people go a long time with an IUD after it has expired and she needed to refer me to an OBGYN, since I was new to the area and didn't have one yet. She said not to worry nothing could be done in the present because I needed to be on my period for it to be taken out--which I was not on at the time.

Anyway, like I said it is Sept. 1st. I had a period around Aug 13th and began another on Aug. 25th. I was still spotting as of yesterday. I'm not sure if I need to go to the emergency or if I should wait until the next appointment on Sept 17th. I've been getting a little crampy and felt a slight sharp pain when I pressed on my abdominal, while getting up off the couch. Last night and this morning I felt a little nauseous. I took a pregnancy test which was negative. Am I experiencing two periods because the IUD hormone component is done? Should I wait until the 17th or should I go to urgent care? Has anyone gone a little longer with there IUD and experienced anything similar?

I left a message with my doctor and they didn't seem to be too worried. They haven't called back, so maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion. Any advice anyone?

dp 7 years ago

I have the IUD for about 4years now and for like 8 months now I been having yeast infection like 2 to 3 days before my period. I go ever month to see my family doctor. She told me is the /iud cause me to have the yeast infections, but the GYN say that the IUD don't cause it. Can any GYN tell me if the Yeast Infection I have Is Cause by the IUD

Brooke 7 years ago

I love my mirena. I had it put in when I was 20, no children. I had bad cramps only the first day it was put in (and I still went to school right after my Dr apt), it cost $515, and I spotted for 3 moths. After that, I have had no worries! Ive had ZERO CRAMPS, extremly light period, no condoms (I was married, now divorced), no side effects, nothing. I love love love love it! Its been almost 5 years, and I'm thinking of what to do next. I don't think Ill have another one put in seeing some of the horror stories. I have recommended this to everyone. My mom, sisters, and lots of friends have it and the ONLY PROBLEMS Ive ever heard about was the pain of having it put in. Mine wasn't painful, just the cramps after for a day.

My sisters was painful being inserted becuase shes had children so she had scar tissue that had to be poked through.

I want kids in the future and HEARD it was unsafe to put a 2nd one in, only becuase your body will get used to not having kids or whatever. I don't want hormones (because Ive always been moody anyway) or have to worry about doing anything daily or monthly. Ill forget /=

Anyway, Ive had no problems whatsoever. I highly reccomend it.

cyclone15 7 years ago

Omg the mirena was horrible for me! I had it for 2yrs..I bleed the whole time i would maybe go a week without bleeding..I would have no sex drive bad headachs, horrible cramps and weight gain! I gained 10pounds and i run all the time and work out all the yesterday i got it removed and they couldnt get it took them 20min to get it out bucz there was soo much scar tissue built up around it! I havnt been in that much pain since i was in labor with my 2 yr old. Im still hurting really bad today..and after reading everyones stories im soo scared i wont be able to have another baby and im only 23 so we atleast want one more. I would not recommend this to anybody!!

frances 7 years ago

i am 26 years old. and after having my daughter in 07 i had tha mirena because i didnt want another surprise pregnancy. well ive had it for a lil over 2 years. at first it cramped for a few days then went away. my period also slowed tremendously to almost none existance, but i have spotting that comes and goes when ever and actually has lasted 2 to 3 weeks at times. after about a year i started having sharp pains to where i cant move til it goes away. i still have it but have been thinking of having it taken out. i made an appointment for this month and im glad ive made that chouse after reading these stories. i do want another kid one day and i dont want some thing tearing my insides up and be floating around in me. thanks for ur stories! also a friend if mine had one when she had her son. she ended up having hers took out because she got cyst on her ovaries. i think ill stick with tha pill from now on!!!!

JEH 7 years ago

I got my Mirena put in in August of 2008. I liked it for a few months then my periods and bleeding got really bad. I was having 2 periods a month. I would stop bleeding for 5 or 7 days then it was back to bleeding AGAIN! I finally got married and since my husband was fixed we decided that it was a better idea to get it removed since I was having problems with it and the string was hurting him when we had sex. It works for some people but I was one of the unfortunate ones that it didn't. After almost 2 years I finally went to the lady that put it in and she couldn't get it out. I had to go to an OBGYN to have it removed because the IUD went a little bit sideways in my uterus because my uterus falls down and to the side when the spectulum is removed. My acne got way worse than before I had the IUD inserted, I started losig large amounts of hair, and my moods were off the wall. So for all of you thinking about getting the Mirena make sure you know what the side effects are, and if your uterus is a NORMAL uterus.

alicia 7 years ago


Theresa 7 years ago

I had mine in for 3 yrs and just got it removed 3 days ago. I actually like having mine. I haven't had a period in 3 years. No cramps, no weight gain, no acne, NONE of the problems they say you can get. But when I went to have it removed, it took them 20 minutes to find the string. It had gotten lost apparently. And that hurt like HE-L... Now I have been cramping for 3 days and light bleeding brown to blackish stuff. I'm assuming that it is my 1st period in 3 years and because I have not had one in that long it's just the old blood that needs to come out. I will just wait it out and see. I hope it doesn't last long, really want to get started on that baby we are planning on making..

kelly 7 years ago

I now had my iud for 3 years I have no problems at all I love it

Shea 7 years ago

I ha my Mirena put in about 2 months ago after a unplanned pregnancy led to miscarriage. I wanted to wait a year or so before trying for another. I have a son who is almost 2. Since I have had the iud, i have had a non stop period. I don't really hae bad cramps or haven't gained any weight. I have had more achne than usual though. I can always feel the strings and my husband hates it! I have lost my sex drive also but who wants to have sex while they are always bleeding? I think I am going to wait it out for a little longer and see what happens or changes before I get it taken out. I guess it is different for everyone. I have friens who have had it for a while and love it. The instalation hurt but wasn't that bad. Nothing like child birth. I guess to know how it will effect you, you just have to try it. Everyones experience is different.

kelly 7 years ago

I really want a safe birth control. my daughter is a year old now and I'm just about done with the worries... I dont want another baby for a couple years .. so me and my husband were thinking of the IUD..BUT now Im a little scared! I dont want to be sterile!!! .P.S...I WOULD NEVER GET NUVA RING. My friend almost died thanks to the blood clots that traveled to her lungs caused by that. Please listen to the commercials they tell you theres a high risk for that with Nuva Ring... and look up the thousands of women who have been hospitalized due to that horrid thing .

felecia  7 years ago

i hate the mirena it sucks.... i had mine put in on april 30,2009 and it hurt so bad.... anyways on june 5,2009 i went back to the dr for a check up on the mirena... turns out the strings are missing so i had to get an ultrasound... it was in the right spot but my dr said it was going to be hard to take out... wow im really lookin forward to alot of pain... anyways i still have cramps my periods are about 20 something days long. it just sucks i want to make an appointment to get it taken out but im scared about how much it will hurt since the strings are not there. so to all of you women thinking about getting the MIRENA....... DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!! IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

That One Girl 7 years ago

I had my mirena inserted 4 days ago. I've never had a child. I'm only 17.

I didn't read all of the horror stories before I had my inserted. I read sites that were pro-mirena, and very few against it.I haven't had my long at all, but after the pain of having it put in stopped, I've been alright. I check for my strings very often. I'm terrified that I will lose my strings. I'm willing to take this chance, because I do not want children.

I have two blood clotting disorders, and this thing is the safest birthcontrol for me. I can't take pills. I can't use anything except this or the copper IUD. My periods are terrible, and the copper one will only make it worse.

And so I must live with Mirena. So far my mood has actually been better. I've been nicer to people. I am a bit emotional now. I've cried over something very stupid in the last few days.

Still, I don't have anything bad to say about it yet, and hopefully it doesn't get lost inside my body or the strings don't fall off like people have mentioned. (I can only feel one string...)

cecilia  7 years ago

I have had mine in for 1 1/2 yrs and I can't feel it in there, after reading that it can perforate through your uteras and end up in your abdominal cavity is realy scary. I have had massive weight gain and discomfort during sex. I'm going to make an appointment to have it removed asap.

rebekah 7 years ago

i had the mirena put in april of 2009. It hurt really bad. I bled for like the first month. Then i started having severe cramoing all the time,headaches,acne on my chin,hair loss, and bad mood swings! I was fighting with my husband all the time! I had it removed today, june 2009 and i already feel better!! Will never do this again, ever!!!!

maria 7 years ago

I really hate mirena ,i hate so much as a devil.

Reneek 7 years ago

I am 41 years old and have been a Diabetic for 28 years. We have always used condoms and recently my husband and I had to stop. I have never had children and at this age we do not want to start. After speaking with my Doctor I chose the Mirena IUD.I also considered the Essure permanent  procedure but I would need 2 more doctor visits to prepare for it. I did not want to wait that long.

I had just finished my period so the time for the IUD was right. 3 days later the Doctor gave me some kind of pill to keep my cervix soft and I had the procedure done. I did not experience any of the complaints listed. Weight gain, acne or mood swings. I had a pinch and a very strong cramp. That was it. The Doctor and I were both amazed because I have not had children. I have had some spotting, it has been 32 days and nothing significant has developed. I have had some difficult cramps so I expect my first period will be heavy if it ever comes. I have never been a regular girl as far as periods but the closer I got to 40 the more regular and heavier they had become.

There is one side affect that I have experienced increased sex drive. not sure if it is related but my husband likes it. We have always been a weekly couple now it is 2-3 times a week.

I wish all who comment luck on finding a BC that works for them.

asia  7 years ago

ok , wow went to the doctor today and told him i wanted a diff. type of birth control, he offered the iud, i was thinking about the shot because i was on the pill but they were not too good for me i would forget and i kept getting infections, now im scared to death to even thing about getting this thing, im 19 years old, and weigh 116, i dont want to gain weight, get ance or lose a baby before i even think about havin one, not to mention getting it loss inside of me... i need to discuss this with my husband, seem kind life threatening situation, im not worried about the cost, or anything like that because im in the army so it free, but this will definitely be reconsidered, thanks for the info ladies, oh ps i would like to know how some of you felt after getting it removed by surgery because it perforated your uterus??? does your body feel diff???

Hopie 7 years ago

Does anyone know how you would know if the Mirena has perforated your uterus?

sabrina 7 years ago

I am 41 and had the mirena for about 6 years, one year longer than suppose to but due to fear of removal i procrastinated....finally prepared myself mentally and went to remove it and wouldnt you believe the strings were not visible it went behind my uterus thus needed it surgically removed...all went well i feel cleansed of all the hormones, weight gain, tiredness.....good riddance

susan1p 7 years ago

I am 47 years old and I have been having horrible experiences with my period for many years. I was on the BCP for 17 years,from the mildest to the strongest, and it suddenly stopped working about 18 months ago. I get cramping, heavy bleeding, spotting, gushing , cramps you name it...really badly affecting my life. So depressing...

I went to see my doctor and she stopped the pill and sent me for an ultrasound and from there an MRI. It appears that I possibly have adenomyosis. I went to see a male OB/GYN who was the most obnoxious human being I have ever met! He did a biopsy and when I went back for the results, he said they found nothing and diagnosed me with Disfunctional Uterine Bleeding and offered no treatment. He had hoped the biopsy might "trick" my uterus into behaving did not. After doing my own research, I went to another doctor to have my hormones checked and she found nothing in that way, but referred me to another female OB/GYN. I wanted an ablation to try and get control of this and my life, but she will not consider any other treatment until I give Mirena a chance. At this age I feel unwilling to try that, I was on the pill for 17 years to control this already, and I am really leery of the IUD. I only personally know one person who has used it, and she was miserable with it. I know each person is different, but i am so upset with this whole thing and I do not know what to life has been severely affected by this.

I need suggestions, I am willing to pay for the ablation, I am so desperate, but the only doctor I know of that will do the procedure electively requires a referral.....

Shannon 7 years ago

I am 34, w/ 2 children 11 and 3yo. I had Mirena inserted on Appril 28 2009, it was expelled on June 8th. I went back to my Ob/Gyn to have it re-inserted on June 1oth and the 2nd one expelled on June 13. I have been bleeding consistently and heavily since it was initially inserted. I am wondering if my uterus was perforated. Will check today once dr. is back in the office.

Bridgett 7 years ago

I had mirena inserted two months ago and it was a horrible eperience having it placed. I,m 28, married, but have never had children, so getting it through my cervix was very painful. I was screaming as it was being inserted and was in pain for days following insertion. I have had some form of bleeding/spotting most every day since insertion. I'm still waiting for the wonderful side effect of not having a period. I'm already dreading having it removed and I still have almost the entire 5 years to wait. If I make it that long with mirena, I will not have another one placed. It was awful.

JBL 7 years ago


TmB 7 years ago

I have just recently had the mirena taken out. It wasn't as bas as I assumed and was over very quickly. I had put up with it for three years but slowly realised the effects. Although my doctor was having none of it. I gained weight slowly over the years, despite being an avid fitness fan. I have put on 18lbs, and had such an appetite. I didn't realise at first until i started to do some research. I, also became very moody and tired, bursting into tears for no apparant reason. I had lower abdomen pain especially during sex and a lose of even wanting sex. The only advantages I had during use of the mirena, was no periods or just slight spotting. And, of course, no worries about taking the pill. having said that, I am pleased I finally took the decision to have it removed. i did try to hang in there and ignore the side-effects,put up with it but in the end other then starve myself, I know i have made the right chose. I think the side effects sort of creep on you. I know it suits some and you really are the lucky one's.

ncw 7 years ago

i am 37 years old and i got the mirena inserted Dec.08 i got off birth control pill two months prior to getting the mirena. my obgyn told me that since i was off the pills that i would have to take the depovera before he would insert the iud. i started noticing my weight gain but thought it was because of the shot. by the end of april i had gained 30 lbs. not including the swelling of my feet and ankles. told my ob about it and he said that it wasn't the iud. i told him that i hadn't had any of the symptoms pre mirena. had it taken out in may 09 and i feel a 100% better. Ladies listen to your body when it's trying to tell you something.

kt 7 years ago

I am on my second month after having mirena inserted. I don't have any issues with it. It did hurt pretty bad inserting it though. They had to dilate me and I have a backwards tilting uterus, which didn't help. Luckily I read up about the insertion process prior so I knew to expect pain upon insertion. I wasnt in pain much after that. I bleed for a few days it went away and then right on time I got my monthly period. My doctor left my strings long which is great for searching for them. I still have to go to my 2 month check up to make sure it is in the right spot. Like I said though no pain not abnormal bleeding and I can feel my strings. Hopefully its not perforated my wall... probably not though because it sounds like I would be in lots of pain if that was the case. Anyways just wanted to share my story, so far so good! :)

Trevsmom84 7 years ago

I had Mirena inserted in December '08. The pain I experienced when it was being inserted was comparable to giving birth. They couldn't get it in the first time. So they took me to Ultrasound to help have some guidance inserting it. My doctor finally got it in on the THIRD try!!! It was miserable! Then, I started having cramps that would make me double over in pain. I couldn't even walk. I thought took so much getting this thing in..I am going to tough it out. The cramps didn't stop. I went in for an Ultrasound in January. It was still in place and everything looked fine. Well, it wasn't fine. The cramps were still excruciating! I am tough though and stuck it out. Well, it is now May '09 and I am having Mirena out today. My mood swings are terrible. I am bloated all the time. I have headaches all the time. And although the cramps aren't as bad as they used to be...they are still there at least twice a week.

Danielle 7 years ago

I had my Mirena put in after my son was born. I have a horrible habit of forgetting to take the pill when I was on it, hence the reason I now have a 2 year old. I also suffer from endometriosis and my periods were so bad that there were days I could not get out of bed.

The day I had it put in I had some cramping and it followed for a few days after. I had a period that month and then some spotting and slight cramping the few months that followed. After that I have not had anything. No period, no cramps and no problems. I love my IUD and I do recommend it to people.

That being said I also believe that you need to be well informed about what you do to your body. I did research above and beyond what my dr told me. I read all the horror stories but I am the daughter of a nurse. Every thing is unique to an individual. Side effects will always be different for each of us, just like allergies to drugs. It is your body's reaction to something.

There is no reason a person should not get a Mirena if they feel it is right for them. Just be educated about it. Yes, some people have had horrible side effects but some of us haven't. You need to look at both the pros and cons before making the decision. Don't let anyone make this choice for you.

Louisa 7 years ago

I had a Mirena IUD for 5 years and it was GREAT! No pain, no periods, lots of sex. Then, I think it started to wear out or something on the hormones because suddenly, my period came back - sort of. I had four months of weird brown, sticky substance. The Dr. said it wasn't the Mirena's problem, but something was wrong. Sure enough, I had her remove it and since then, I've had 3 cycles. Each time, I pass blood clots. The first two periods, they were like large chunks of my children's placentas! It was REALLY scary but the nurse said "Common." Since removal, my periods last 14-18 days, and the amount of bleeding is so drastic I literally have to stay home for the worst 3-5 days because I am going through a pad every 30-45 minutes. I did some research - the IUD allows embryos to form, it just sort of "scrapes them" off. Sort of like a miscarriage every month. THIS alarms me because now I wonder if all those big, chicken-breast sized blood clots were technically miscarriages, which means my poor body has been dealing with pregnant/not for years while I've been blissfully unaware. And was I really carrying them around all these years? Meanwhile, I miss the fact that the Mirena meant spontaneous sex. But I'm not sure what it was doing to my body and I can't find answers. If I knew what really happened, and that it was safe, I'd get another Mirena tomorrow. Oh, yeah: one more thing -- it gave me melasma within 2 months of getting it - that's a permanent discoloration of the skin. I figure it's too late now.

Jessica 7 years ago

I had mirena since october 06 and LOVE it!!! I just got it taken out friday so I can have another baby. I recommend it to all of my friends and I will get another one after I have the baby!

Mrs.Karina 7 years ago

hi my name is karina and i am 19years old i got mirena about 3weeks ago and so far i am still son is only 3months and i dont want another baby soon but since i got mirena i have had spottings,cramps,and my husband can feel the string which is making us have less sex....this sucks but i am not sure if my doctor will have it remove since i got it for free and its so expense....what should i do????how can i convice my doctor that i no longer what to have mirena in me??

Robin 7 years ago

Hi! I am a 29 year old mom of three and I just had Mirena placed in January. Now it's May and I've finally realized what's been making me feel so bad. My symptoms have included TOTAL lack of sex drive (so what's the point in having birth control?), extreme moodiness/depression, fatigue, mental fog, an unexplainable pain in my left arm and a pain in my left leg. I really don't feel that this is worth it. I'd much rather risk pregnancy than live the way I have been. Going now to get an appt to take this damn thing out. Please do your research if you are thinking about getting friend who recommended it to me recently had hers removed and after bleeding for four months solid is now having thyroid issues.

Casey 7 years ago

I had Mirena put in Dec. 08. It's now May 09. I haven't had any problems with it. So I thought. No cramps, no acne, no mood changes, no periods....BUT I have had excessive weight gain. I MEAN EXCESSIVE. I was 135lbs before I had it put in. I am now 180lbs! I have 2 little girls, play softball, go to the gym 3 times a week and diet. I gain a pound every day. No joke. I became so depressed because of this. I've had thyroid and diabetes tests done. I just realized it is from the Mirena. I'm having it removed tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get my old self back.

Erica 7 years ago

I had the Mirena IUD for almost 2 years. I hated it. I had severe cramping and bleeding. I started getting sharp stabbing pain. I kept going back to my doctor and they kept telling me that it was normal. I finally 2 weeks ago had it removed. It became embedded in my uterus. I would not recommend the mirena to anyone.

kylee 7 years ago

Ive only had the mirena for a little over 3 months and absoulutly hate it! Im getting it removed in 2 weeks. the first 6 weeks I bleed horribly and then the next month had a normal period. the following month i was a few days late and decided to be safe and take a pregnancy test it came back positive! i called my doctor right away and went in 2 days later. turns out i had a chemical pregnancy and since then ive had severe headaches and cramps, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. im getting back on the pill i do not recommend getting the mirena.

cn 7 years ago

dang!! i hate to hear that all of u have had all those bad experinces. but i'm 22 and am a mother of two and don't want any more kids i tried to get a tubal but my dr said i was to young and wanted me to try something else, so i got mine inserted in aug. 2008 and i haven't had any proublems what so ever i love it and wold recomend it to anyone. alot of my friends have it to and they also love it it just depends on how well your body takes it i guess.

Jillian Jewell 7 years ago

Hello I have had the Merina for 2 1/2 yrs I'm 23 with 2 children and I love it. I don't have my period I havent had any side effects like acne, weight gain, or cramps. I recommend this to everyone but I also took into consideration that I dont really want anymore children. I dont know if the sterilization is accurate but I'm ok with that. Thanks

Leigha 7 years ago

I have had the mirena for almost 2 yrs. I have experienced many of the syptoms other women have listed, but figured I could deal with them, since my husband and I wanted to wait to have another baby... I also haven't had a period in well over a year, so I was really surprised when about 2 mos. ago I started bleeding really heavy... I bled for 13 days! I felt for and found my string on day 2 of that "period" ( I was scared that maybe I had lost it and thats why I was bleeding so bad).... However, after all the bleeding was over I checked again... and found nothing. I waitted and checked a few more times over the next few weeks and found nothing. During this time I began having horrible cramps, to the point I would have to stop walking and double over... It felt like I was in labor again. I called the DR. and they didn't seem worried, but had me come in anyways. During my appt. the Dr.s attitude totally changed. She couldn't find it! She sent me in for a stat x-ray, and ultrasound... they found it, but are unsure whats going on... the x-ray showed it floating at the top of my uterus, and the ultrasound never really picked it up ( which is strange cause they said the ultrasound would pin point it! After all the drama my Dr. has decided the best thing to do would be to have it removed... I go in in 7 days to have it surgically removed! Lucky Me! .... If you are thinking about getting the mirena I would do your research... I thought I did a lot of research, but I only researched the sites the Dr. gave me.... Check things out on your own!!! I also have a friend that had mirena put in then about 4 mos later started having pregnancy signs... guess what?!?!... Mirena was gone, and shes due in August! Seriously, Do your research!!!

Jade 7 years ago

With all Birth Control methods there are side effects. It probably isn't good to read these things because then you truly believe you have all of the problems listed on here. If you are going to get the Mirena, make sure you have a doctor who will go over everything with you, and will be there if you have any questions. I have had mine for two years and I love it. I have had probably every side effect mentioned here, but knowin it was a side effect is reassuring. I couldn't find the strings in the beginning and my doctor, while looking for them, said that they just get wrapped around the bottom part of the "T" and not to be alarmed unless there is abdominal pain along with it. The side effects do stink, but a small price to pay to have no periods and no surprise babies! The embedding is my only real concern now. EEKS!!

Brittany 7 years ago

My goodness!!! Reading some of these comments are kind of hard to do! I knew there were some side affects, but I had no idea they would have been like some of these were. I've had mirena for about a year now, and I'm very happy to say that I am one of the lucky ones and did not get any side effects that come along with the insertion. Now there were a few cramps here and there. Honestly I can only remember having 2 or 3 cramps since I've had it and that was the day it was inserted, and I know for sure the other week when the friend paid me a visit. And that was for only a day and maybe just a few hours. It caught me by surprise because I had gone so long without having cramps.

I think its wonderful. I dont know if age has anything to do with some of these side effects. I'm only 22 but whos to say that it will be like this for the next four or so years. All I know is that this is the easiest method that you can you for birthcontrol. It's not messy, you dont have to remember to take it everyday, there's no painful needle they stick you with for month or whatever they do.

I would recommend this for any woman.

jamie 7 years ago

I finally had mine taking out after having it in for 6 months. Everyone told me to hang in there it will get better ,but for me it just got worse. The doc explained I will expierance some spotting afterward, well I got more than just spotting I got a normal to heavy period for 2 whole months straight then got 4 days off then would bleed for 3 weeks or so than 4 days free and that how it would go. 1 month before I had it removed I started experiencing all these differant side effects from sharp shooting pains above my left thigh , to burning back pain, to mood swings, to severe headaches in the back of my head going to the front, with blurred vision in my right eye . and 1 week before it came out I bleed black tar for a whole week with abdominal pain so horrifying I thought I was in labor again. The doctor agreed it should come out ,explained that when these severe symptoms appear it could lead to much worse things including cancer. I'm glad I got mine out and would recommend anyone who's thinking abt getting one to do ALL thier research before hand because everyones body is differant than the next.

Amy 7 years ago

I'm 26 with no kids. I've had my Mirena IUD for almost a year now, and I can't say enough good things about it.It was painless (just a small pinch), when it was put it, and I ended up bleeding having slight cramping for the first month, which I was worried would be much worse. Since that first month, I haven't had any bleeding, which has been great.

After sex sometimes I get a little cramp, but that's lessened over time as well. I also have noticed a decresase in sex drive, but that could also be due to other parts of my life being stressful.

mkm85 7 years ago

I am 23 years old and have one daughter.  I had my Mirena IUD put in October of 2007, 9 weeks after I had her via c-section.  I had severe preeclampsia and wanted to give my body time to recover before I had another baby.  I have had horrible acne, mood swings, low sex drive, and weight problems over the past 1 1/2 years, a lot of which I think can be at least partly, if not totally, attributed to the IUD.  I have also had a regular, eight-day heavy period every single month.  My sister had hers put in December of that year and almost immediately stopped her period.  She has also gained about thirty pounds in that time, after being a size 1/2 pretty much her whole life, except when pregnant.  My Mirena didn't really hurt at all when I had it put in, during my period, just uncomfortable and caused slight cramping.  I went today to have it taken out and almost passed out from the pain.  My doctor couldn't find the strings and the pain was some of the very worst I have experienced in my life, including my c-section.  My legs were still shaking about an hour later. He did a sonogram and it is still there, but unreachable.  Now I have to go back Wednesday after taking a prescribed Valium and four ibuprofens.  I am bringing my husband this time, and in addition to being terrified of much more pain, I am scared that it could be imbedded, and extremely worried that it could cause sterility.  I want to get pregnant later this year.  I researched the IUD before I got it but didn't understand or even know about these risks when I had it put in me, and I will absolutely never get another one.  I plan on using condoms, male and female if necessary, and spermicidal lubricant from now on.  I am over the hormones and health risks of prescribed birth control.

Dana C. 7 years ago

i am 29 with two kids. a 22 month old and a 1 month old. i am fortunate enough to have had a boy and a girl. at this time i do not want more children. i am overweight and afraid that the pill will raise my bp as they did before when i took them. my dr is a huge mirena fan and i am considering having it placed on thursday of this week. after reading the horror stories i am so afraid to go thru with this but at the same time i know that the pill is not a good option for me....any advice? i am a worry-wart as it is and don't want to risk my health.

Amanda 7 years ago

Wow! I jus had Mirena implanted 4 days ago. So far the only complaint is the actual insertion. That did hurt but totally tolerable, for me, I did get pretty dizzy after but I completely believe that's just the shock to my body. I layed down for a few mins then drove myself home no prob. I've had 2 vag births and DEFINATELY don't want anymore kids. Haven't had sex yet. My hubby is nervous Because a guy at work told him his wife has it and he can feel it. All these comments have gotten me really freaked out. Like I said, so far, no problems and actually I only spotted the day of. I guess i'll see how things go but i swear, the first sign of trouble, i'm having it removed as I don't have med insurance, and surgery to have it removed would break us. I know everyone's body handles things different so i'm willing to give it time. Wish me luck as I do all of you.

Maria Angel profile image

Maria Angel 7 years ago from ~~~~~~~~~~~~~TEXAS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am going on 2 years now with Mirena, after my baby was born I did not wanted to risk getting pregnant again and I always hated taking pills.

I Have gotten mood swings, very light bleeding and acne maybe 3 times.  I have noticed one problem almost no one is talking about, which might not have nothing to do with Mirena but I noticed it started a few months after I had Mirena inserted in me, and that is lack of sex drive. My husband and I used to have sex almost every day of the week, even when I was still pregnant, but now it's more like once every 2 or 3 weeks!

Oh, and when we do have sex sometimes it hurts and he says he can feel it poking him.  I am not sure but I am thinking about getting it removed next year because I have been having intimacy problems because of that.

Does anyone have any similar problems like this one with Mirena?

Angelica 7 years ago

I have had the Mirena IUD since December of 2005. Now here it is a little over 3 years later and I have grown to HATE this little device. Of course, it's GREAT not having to worry over getting preggers... But now you have to worry everytime you have sex if it's going to hurt like hell afterwards, or if it's going to burn like hell everytime you have to pee for the next week! It's like you have a CONSTANT yeast infection or a UTI. Which I have none of either (per Pap) So, I've made my appointment and I think that I will continue on and have this thing removed.

PROS: No unplanned pregnancies-Little to no periods

CONS: Acne-Mood swings-Pain after sex-Painful urination weeks after sex-Prone to infections-Depression-this list could go on and on.........

Kristin 7 years ago

Yeah I have had mine in for one and a half years now and I think im like alot of other women on here... Ive had the weight gain, pains, and God knows lose of sex drive, but besides that i love it. The fact of not having to worry about getting prego and still being able to have sex.(when we do)LOL!!! I do want mine out though just because the pain gets agervating and I want another child. But i also want to try it again after i have another baby to see if my body reacts any different to it.

brandy 7 years ago

me again i was reading the comment above mine (gina)and i had my string cut 2 times thats why it is stuck in there ....get it removed fast before it gets embedded as the doctor called it...he said the doctor that i had put it in should have never cut the string

brandy 7 years ago

Well besides the weight gain i had no problems till now i have had it for almost five years and i went to the doctor to get it removed and it was stuck i've been back twice for him to try about pain....still in there...i guess i have to get it out with surgery....something i'm trying to ladies dont get it oh it also takes away you sex drive

Gina 7 years ago

ive had the mirena for almost 2 yrs now I LOVE IT the main thing is everyone is different so u HAVE to take that into account, just because it was not good for someone does not mean it wont be good for u. ive had light periods maybe lasting a day or two to no period at all for the month. the only bad thing that has happened is right after i first had it put in my husband said he could feel the string poking him, the "string" is actually a very thin flexible wire, they didnt tell me that anyway they cut the string a lil saying i dont think he can feel it cuz its way up there.......anyway he could still feel it a lil after that so i went bacc and they cut it mire this time, since then no probs. would do it juss gettin worried from all the posts saying its lost in them, but i dont have any pain or other symptoms so i think im good :)

allyson 7 years ago

everything they're saying is true--i have experienced these side effects first hand. for me the most bothersome was the complete loss of libido. also i have gained about 20 pounds

MSU QT 7 years ago

I would not recommend this for someone who has not had children. I do not have kids, and had the copper IUD (non-hormonal) put in. I had it for about a year and that is all I could take. I was told the first four months I would have cramps, but they never went away! The cramps I experienced for that year were like no pain I had ever felt before. I eventually switched to the Mirena (with hormones) and it was just as painful PLUS I gained weight. Both IUD's also caused spotting pretty much constantly.

Christie 7 years ago

I had been on the Depoprovera shot for probably 10 years and loved the side effect of no periods. I had already had 2 children and had no plans for having more. My OB/GYN and I discussed changing my birth control because of some of the long term effects associated with the shot. (One of which I was convinced was low to no libido.) So in July 2007, I had the Merina IUD inserted. I did my research on it and know a few ladies who were very pleased with theirs. I figured the risk factors were low. Went back at the requested timeframe to have an ultrasound to check the placement (can't remember if it was 1 week or 1 month later) and was told everything looked good. Eventually my periods started to come back with a pretty regular cycle (about every 24 days or so for 5-7 days duration) and became heavy and crampy again like they were before the DP shot.

My OB/GYN said I must be one of the small percentage that doesn't experience the lighter and almost non-existent menstrual cycles with the Merina IUD. I was okay with that to know I had a lower dose of hormones and was protected from becoming pregnant.

Anyway, discussions last fall with my OB/GYN led me to consider an endometrial ablasion to slow or stop my periods and tying of my tubes in the same procedure for birth control. Did more research, including someone who has had the procedure with no complications and went back to OB/GYN last week to discuss again and decided to move forward. He looked and felt for the Merina strings and could not find them. Assumed it had been expelled during one of my heavier cycles, but ordered an ultrasound to check it out. Was told the results of ultrasound did not show an IUD. So I am scheduled for the ablationa and tubal in 4 weeks. Asked the OB/GYN to call me as I had thought of a few more questions regarding the surgery. He tells me there's still a possibility that the Merina is inside of me somewhere and scheduled an x-ray that I had done last night. The technician of course, is not permitted to discuss any findings, but is willing to allow me to look at the x-rays. I spotted the IUD right away. So yes, it's in there, but I have no idea where it's hanging out at...LOL

Haven't heard from my OB/GYN yet today about the x-ray, but in talking to him earlier, he thought it would be no problem to pull it out during the laproscopy part of the tubal. So he didn't seem too concerned, but now I'm just a little freaked out that it's "in me somewhere."

I still think the Merina is an excellent choice for the majority of women. You have to remember that if someone has had a good experience with it, it's not very likely they'll be looking up these blogs and postings. The only people searching them out are the people that are experiencing symptons and problems and want to learn from other people with the same experiences.

I wouldn't say that I regret having the Merina inserted, but I'm disappointed that it did not work out for me. I an 46 years old and have 2 grown children, so I am fine with the permanency of a tubal ligation at this point in my life. But 10-15 years ago, I would not have been so willing to make that permanent of a decision.

steph 7 years ago

My dr. made this sound great! I went to have it put in and she could not get my cervix to dialate! It was the most painful thing I have ever experience! I walked out of the office after laying on the table for 2 hours waiting to be able to sit up and get my pulse and BP back up. It was terrible! They would not even let me drive home! I would not reccomend trying this EVER! I have a child and it was more painful than that experience.

Heather 7 years ago

I had the Mirena for the last year and a half. I have four children and don't want more but am not ready for anything permanent. I also have long, heavy periods when not on any hormones. I have used the pill, patch and depo but didn't care for them for various reasons (depression issues, excessive bleeding) After my last baby I tried Mirena. Insertion was painful because I have a tilted uterus and I had mild cramping for the rest of the day. My husband could feel the wire at first but eventually he couldn't. I had normal, lighter, regular periods for the first few months and then they became practically spotting every few months. Very nice! Occasionally I had a mild stabbing pain in the front of my lower abdomen but it would go away after a little while. I recently had minor surgery and after a week they found pulmonary embolisms that to our knowledge did not begin in my legs. My Dr looked at my IUD as a factor and requested my OB/GYN to come in and remove it, which he did. Turns out it was not in correctly, the only thing keeping me from getting pregnant was the hormone, thankfully! I partially blame myself because I didn't get it checked after 3 months or at the one year intervals. I LOVED this IUD and was very upset they took it out, but I do believe it was for the best. I don't know that the IUD had anything to do with the PE but it's definitely something you should seriously consider!

Traci 7 years ago

I have had the mirena for almost a year now. I havent had any other problems besides the spotting. I have been having bleeding after sex but I have been told by my doctor that its from a Leep surgery I had in the past. After reading those stories I am really nervous. I am waiting for the doctor to call me back b/c I want them to check mine ASAP. Other than that I havent had any problems besides maybe the string needing to be cut b/c my partner felt it.

Al 7 years ago

Okay So I had my Mirena inserted about 3 weeks okay. I haven't had a kid, and the insertion was very painful. I had spotting and cramps for about a week after it was put in and then they both stopped. I had sex a few days ago for the first time with the Mirena in and afterwords my uterus hurt pretty bad. Especially on the left side. Now a day later, the pain is starting to go away but I have a white thick discharge with no odor. Is this bad or good? all of these comments on here are scary.

Staci  7 years ago

I had the mirena in for 3 weeks before the tingling and numbness began... it worked its way thorugh my limbs and then the fatigue and muscles aches set in, brain fog, extreme headaches... i spent 2 months thinking i had MS waiting for a neurologist appt, and found out that wasnt it either, and then found out Mirena can cause all of this. I am so scared my body wont ever be normal again. Please please think twice before doing this to yourself.

ashley 7 years ago

I had the Mirena insurted about 4 months ago and just over this past month all of the bad things stated here have started. I am now back to the weight I was after I had my son (gained 8 lbs in 1-2 months), the appetite you usually get before you start your period came this past time, i bled for 2 days lightly (i usually bleed heavily for 5 days) and the appetite NEVER went away. a couple of weeks ago I started to break out really bad (my skin had just cleared up and scars were lightening a month ago), I feel anxious and overwhelmed with everything for the past month (i have depression but have NEVER been anxious), and I never put it all together even though this all started around the same time until last week and am now going to have the Mirena removed. My self esteem has disappeared, ym relationship isnt so good, i feel like I want to crawl into a hole and disappear. Eff this. Soooo not worth it.

Andrea 7 years ago

I had my IUD put in last week and other than a few short pains on insertion, I have had no problems. I will admit that after reading these blogs, I am a little nervous. Hopefully all will be well at my one month check up.

nurgul 7 years ago

I'm FINALLY having my mirena removed tomorrow and not willing to use it any more...

I got weight without awful mood changes all the time and i became much more sensitive then ever.. bleeding was ok..not tht much ...but I don't want to live these just for the sake of less bleeding...

If you can take the risk of getting fatter and uglier(with acnes) and if you are ready to find yourself crying -not knowing why- well then what can I say?

i want to bleed naturallyyyy wihtout mirena:)

Brianna 7 years ago

I have had mirena in for 2 years and will be happilly getting it removed next week. I never relized all the horrible things happening to my body were from mirena until recently reading blogs from people like me. I thought that maybe losing your sex drive, hair falling out, bad acne, moodiness, anxiety, and facial hair was just what happens after you have a baby. Doctors make it seem like there will be little to no side effects and that the cost will be well worth it. I didnt know that it could get missed placed and the string could get lost in your uterus (happened to me) and that it would make removal more painful. My periods are very unpredictable. Some months I have a period and some months i dont. Sometimes I have my period for 2 weeks and other times for only a couple days. I found out it wasnt just me after reading some blogs and it made me feel so much better knowing that im not a freak. Losing your sex drive can really take a toll on your relationship and make you feel like there is something wrong with you. I really do regret getting this form of birth control and not looking foward to the pain of removal. I would never recomend this birth conrol to anyone!

tracy 7 years ago

I am on my second mirena and whilst it was uncomfortable to have it put in, for me its a great form of birth control, I am also lucky to be from the UK where we get all out family planning for free, after reading comments above its a big decision for people who pay cos if you dont like it and have it removed then you also have the financial implications to consider.

Tiffany 7 years ago

Mine was extremely painful when inserted. My cervix had to be dilated twice, which made me want to scream. They gave me 2 600mg ibuprofen, which did NOTHING. I felt like I was on fire. I have headaches, constant fatigue, swollen and tender breasts, pelvic pain, cramping after sex, an ovarian cyst, and I can feel the strings. I haven't gained any weight, luckily, and I hope I don't. I like my weight and I would not be thrilled with gaining. I am moody and I want to cry a lot and I feel like a huge bitch all the time, which is not how I usually am. I have constant cramps and backaches, which sucks. I had problems before and this just made it that much worse. I want this thing out of me already.

Rachel 8 years ago

I've had it for a little over a year. In the beginning it was terrible. I bleed for about two months. But now I love it. My periods are lighter and only every few months. As for the cost my doctor said it would be $875. After calling around I had it inserted at the local planned parenthood which only cost me $550. I didn't feel it was painful to be inserted.

jenna 8 years ago

Well, I am on here eresearching mirena as I have an appointment Feb12th to get it put in. I read everyone's blog but I am still hoping it will work for me. I have not had any children and am only 22. My doctor perscribed me this med that will dialate my cervix so the insertion won't be such a pain. Has anyone heard of this? I read all the blogs and no one indicated they took anything prior other than ibuprofen. Just wondering.

Lisa 8 years ago

OMFG!!! You guys have freaked me out, I'm having mine removed.

8 years ago


Hair fell out.

Constant pain.

Constant spotting.

Caveat: the hormones are the same as those in the Norplant.

carla 8 years ago

hi cindy,

actually you could have had sex like five minutes after its been inserted.

I had mine inserted on dec 08, i have had my period twice with spotting now and then. i have had my follwup appoint on wednesday and when my doc push her hand in my whooohaaaa, she couldnt feel the string, so i am scheduled for an ultrasound appoint on the 20th jan, 09. Hopefully, that bad boy in where its suppose to be and havent perforated my uterus and is just sailing in my abdominal cavity. wish me luck.

cindy 8 years ago

i have my IUD placed yesterday and after it placed i had cramps like so bad and when i got home i took ibufropen and after like an hour ago the pain was all gone.but i just wanted to know if i could have sex now with my husband and not worry about getting mirena safe right away after it placed?anyone know?

Possible Complications 8 years ago

I had my Mirena inserted in Feb 2008 and havent had any problems "that" serious but I am nervous now. I have lighter cycles that last ,at a max, 5 days but Ive had some servere stomach discomfort. I've had to curl up in the fetal position, I know, at least 3 times due to severe stomach pains, my uterus is always irrated and my husband complains because he cant "get it" like he wants to. We used to say he was hitting it until recently, during intercourse, 3 sharp pains scowered through the right side of my ovaries. Needless to say, I am waiting on the advice nurse to call me back as we speak to make an appointment with my OB/GYN to have it checked. I hope everything goes well. For those of you whom had "the worse" side of it, I wish you all the best. For those whom have the success stories, this is the way it's meant to perform. Remember that everyone is different and that just means it's not for everyone to use. I look at the bright side of things and if something is wrong with mines then that means it's not for me. Which means on to the next birth control method. Good luck to everyone..

Con 8 years ago

Hi all! I had my iud for 5 years and had it removed in feb 2008. I had it replaced at the same time with my new one. i had NO problems what so ever with the first one, it was a dream, however...i have had nothing but problems the past 10 months with bleeding and severe cramps with this new one, it will be removed next week....i don't understand why this one is so different to the first...any ideas?????

jenny 8 years ago

Don't get this. Had one for 5 years after childbirth. Slowly my sex drive disappeared along with my period. Very bad for any women, hormones are nasty. Now going 2 years without, periods are normal, can enjoy sex, moods are better... this is a bad invention.

erica 8 years ago

I am a newby to this. I had mine implanted yesturday afternoon. I didnt know bout the ibuprophen idea until today. but yes it does help after from my expirence. I used aleve (naproxen sodium). Yes!! it was very painful being placed. I have had cervical freezing, biopsies, and vaginal birth where my cervix had to be stretched over the bbs head cause my insides were flipped and he couldnt come out my back. well, anyways, the pain was horrid and I was thinking the proceedure would never be over. well, i walked around for a few hrs feeling like i had a sword shoved sideways in my business until i took the 2 aleve and curled up with a heating pad. the pain eased and i fell asleep. today , 24 hrs later i feel great. my bloating from my period or other has come down and the pain is all gone. I hope that I dont get any of the horror stories that these other ladies have had. but I really have run out of options. I have set up a few nasty allergies...basically all antibiotics and so since i cant take the lighter anitbiotics anymore i have to take the strong bet your life you will have a yeast infection meds. and my fave allergy was found out this past year....i am allergic to all spermicides. that knocked everything else out of reach. I have used yaz for over a year and loved it (unless the anitbiotics came then omg the restart was bad cause the hormone adjust). so i had 3 choices, 1 become pregnant 2 take pills and pray i never get sick or 3 this. so far this is good for me. Time will tell. I hope that if you are considering this you will research your options and if you do this be sure that you take a few ibuprophens or aleve and be sure you have that heating pad.

Christine 8 years ago

I had the Mirena put in 3 weeks ago tomorrow. It was painful having it put in. Maybe because I have children but I had c-section. I had spotting right away with very minimal cramps. However I have now been bleeding for over a week now with really bad cramps and sore back. Please tell me this will pass. I really want this to work. I have spoke with my doctor and she said it is ok. It could last up to three months. I don't think I can do this. I want it to work though. My lining was very thick. It should be .5mm and it is 1.1cm. She is hoping that the Mirena will thin the lining because I had pre cancer cells in the lining.

Tracy 8 years ago

I have a question for those people having Mirena who have not had children, as the Mirena suggest this IUS is only suitiable for people who have had children. Why are doctors fitting these to people who have got no children. ( I believe they are easier to fit if you have had children as the cervix has been dialated or streched through giving birth)

Ashly 8 years ago

I had mine insterted the day before yesterday. I am 24 years old (no children) and have no desire to have a child for many years... so this sounds like a good idea.

The instertion was the most painful experience of my life... and I have had endometriosis and sugery for it! (I was an idiot and forgot to take the 4 ibuprofen they recommended beforehand) Feelig pain makes me dizzy and so I had to lay half naked on the table for almost 30 mins before the nurse would let me sit up... my pulse was too weak.

I tried to walk out of the doctors office and couldnt make it past the lobby... had to sit on a bench for 10 more mins... then sat in my car even more... ugh It wouldnt have been so bad if the pain would have gone away quicker, but it was really bad and lasted for several hrs. Ibuprofen really helped me a lot.

Two day later I am only feeling very occassional mild cramps and a full feeling in my abdomen.

I have to say that reading all of these negative comments has me scared. I really do want to have a baby girl someday (maybe 7 yrs from now) and hope that I do not have to deal with my uterus being punctured. How awful =(

I have a check up next month... I hope everything goes well.

jenny 8 years ago

I had one inserted yesterday, the freezing of ther cervix was more painful than the insertion for me. I am 23, no kids.

It sounded like the cadillac of BC to me, but now I am scaring myself reading all these horror stories of perforation. I felt no pain until 12 hours after insertion, in the middle of last night. The first strange thing was a deep ache not in my abdomen, but in my right hip and thigh. May be totally unrelated, but it throbs in unison with the mild cramps. I also feel anxious, and full.

Hope all goes well for me, but I am second guessing my decision.

melissa s 8 years ago

I had my merina in for 5 years After my last child. Insert miner cramps. 2 month of periods then all was well. I was wondering about the removal. I just had mine out 10 days ago. bleeding started 7 days ago when will it stop?

Jena Foster 8 years ago

I just had mine put in a couple of days ago and felt some of the worst pain i have every felt in my life! My doctor seemed pretty shocked is that i sat up almost screaming and almost threw up everywhere. It made me very sick. I have had constant cramps for a whole day, then nothing the next then back to constant cramps the following day. I'm just worried that i will stay sick the whole time i keep it in. My dr. told me Mirena would be my best option is that i tried every birth contol except for the shot. the pill, the patch, nuva ring, the mini pill and everyone of them made me sick for two weeks out of the month.

I am also have and allegry to latax and was finding it more expensive to get lambskin condoms. 9$ for 3 of them. I have no children and i am worried that have mirena will have the same side effects that the shot does. i have 3 friends that haven't been able to have kids since they have gotten off of it. doesn't anyone have any knowledge on this??

Shanna 8 years ago

Hey everyone. I believe I had the Mirena inserted in the end of October 2007. I just had it removed September 6th 2008....I didn't have much trouble with it other than towards the end it was just uncomfortable and I was tired of the spotting. BUT THEN I got pregnant the end of October (I wanted to) and it ended in miscarriage this month (November). I was only about 4and1/2 weeks along but I googled it and it seems alot of women are having this horrible problem. If I knew Mirena would effect pregnancy a month and a half after removal....i would have never gotten it. I am so sad to have lost my little baby but I will try again in a few months.

scorpiovixen 8 years ago

I got the Mirena inserted in 2003 at my six week check-up, after giving birth to my 2nd child. My doctor reassured me that the risk was low & that for me, already having 2 children, was the best option for me. I was very clear that I did not want to have to use it if it required surgery to remove the Mirena & being told that was highly 5 days I will be going in for SURGERY to remove the Mirena, bc it is stuck/perforated in my uterous! I am not happy. Granted I have not gotten pregnant, but now may never be able to get pregnant again if I wanted to.

kittykaydi 8 years ago

I had a little on 6 wks ago and I just got the mirena yesterday and I must admit that I am now doubting my decision. The implantation was very painful and after I had some slight cramping. I have read the blogs and I am so nervous and concerned about my decision that I am actually thinking about getting it removed. I have never had any problems with birth control pills in past but the blogs are s frightening.

kc 8 years ago

In regard to a previous post....and IUD is NOTHING like the nuvaring. Just because they go in the same area doesn't mean anything. I just got my IUD 2 weeks ago and love it so far. The spotting is getting lighter, and once it's gone life will be great.

Rhea86 8 years ago

I have the mariena or whatever and plan on having it removed. I am experiencing severe cramping, heavy bleeding, and extreme discomfort. I am not a fan needless to say...

Kika Rose profile image

Kika Rose 8 years ago from Minnesota

I'm deathly afraid of having an IUD put in. Not because of the usual side effects and junk, but because I'm afraid it's gonna get lost in the netheregions of my being! Plus, the idea of someone shoving their hands that far in my body just horrifies me.

I have to say I am an extreme advocate for the NuvaRing. It's just like an IUD, except you put the thing in yourself once a month. Sure, it's not much fun shoving your fingers up your hoo-hoo to dig it out when you need to put a new one in, but it's better than taking a pill every day. Then again, I can't swallow pills, so my options are limited anyhow. My boyfriend's never been able to feel it, and it's only slipped out MAYBE twice in the past two years. And even if it does slip out, all you have to do is wash it with cold water and put it back in within (I believe) an hour after it flopped out of the hole. It's just as effective as an IUD, and it reduces bleeding and can virtually stop your period in it's tracks. I like it, and I highly suggest it to my girl friends, even the ones who are only taking the pill to reduce bleeding (you have no idea how many people do that).

It's a wonderful alternative to both the pill and an IUD, and it's cheaper than going into the doctor's to have an IUD removed.

Kris  8 years ago

I am a 5 year survivor of the has been really good to me for the most part. It is great to not have to think twice about having sex with my condom and still no kiddies:). When I first got the device, I had experience horrible the point of fetal positioning, but as time went on, I experienced absolutely NO cramps/tender breasts. I may have gained some weight-not sure of the real contributing factor there. Hands down, Mirena has been one of the best decisions ever for birth control!

I am curious about something though...esp from those who have had a positive experience with the Mirena. How has it affected ORAL sexual experiences for you and your partner? I was just wondering b/c I do find that I have a pinkish mucousy substance on a sporadic basis. And it does not have a pleasant taste, generally odor-free though. It is embarrassing now for my husband to go down, whereas before that was utter enjoyment for both parties-taste smell touch. Does anyone have a spouse that remarks feeling the IUD upon sex? What has everyone else experienced?

permanantscarr 8 years ago

I am a 28 year old mom. I had the mirena inserted in July of 2005. I hate Mirena and their lies. I don't believe anything the doctors say. I was told my problems(just like many others). Doctors say that can't happen. Bull, it did. I had My Mirena only till October 2007. I am now experiencing irreperable dammage. I can't prove it was the IUD because the doctors won't help me,but i was a healthy mom before all this . Now i have Nerve dammage in both legs and I suffered ongoing pain for the entire time while having the IUD. I still have tenderness in my cervics and bad clotting problems monthy and they tell me its not the effects of this horrible man made device that has been torturing women. I hate the Bayer Mirena Company they have left me scarred for life and theres not a thing i can do about it !!!!!!.. Ladies , DON"T DO THIS TO YOURSELVES>>>>> 

Angie 8 years ago

i had the mirena in for 8 months. The first 3 months were fine, but my periods never went away. Then for the past 5 months I have gained 15 pounds while dieting and running like crazy, have acne, my hair is falling out and I am so swollen. Not to mention the headaches and tiredness and 2 weeks on my period! My friend said it might be the iud so I reserched it and got it taken out. A month later I have lost my 15 lbs, have tons of energy, my acne is subsiding and my hair is starting to look normal. I must be the 1 out of 10 where the hormones are bad for my body. I am just glad I found out what it was.

arjumand 8 years ago

I had mirana inserted in dec 2007 till then i had no has become easier without periods and i feel more happier now then ever.

Carrie 8 years ago

I know someone personally who had the mirena iud and it didn't attach to her and was floating somewhere in her and her Dr. said it would be fine. She could not however get pregnant when she wanted to. For over a yr. She had to have it surgically removed. If yours has not attached I think you need to get it surgically removed sooner rather than later. Even though it hasn't attached it still prevents pregnancy, if you ever want children. I have one andhave had great results. No periods, no side affects at all. You really have to be assertive with your Dr.'s though, they do not seem to err on the side of caution from what I've noticed.

Jess 8 years ago

My Momo told me how bad IUD's are and I didn't listen so, 7 weeks after I gave birth to my second daughter I decided to get one. For one the insertion was worse than natural labor I mean nothing for pain at all I would rather went through labor a couple more times then get it put in it hurt so bad. So for a week it still hurt wprse than anything I ever felt I called my doctor and they said it was normal to hurt I knew something wasn't right so I just went in 3 weeks after I got it and asked a different doctor to check it. They did x-rays and said it was gone that it was in my abdomen so since I go to a family physician she sent me staright to an OB/GYN. I was scared I had never seen one before I had always went a my family doctor. After ultrasounds they confirmed it was floating, 48 hours later they surgically removed it. Since then I still don't feel right for some reason. I would not suggest a MIRENA to my worst enemy.

arosales 8 years ago

I've had the Mirena since October 2007, i didn't experience the headaches or bloating or anything. As a matter a fact my periods use to be really heavy and crampy and now thier not. However it seems that I'm ALWAYS SPOTTING NOW. IT'S ANNOYING. I'd rather have one period a month, than to spot all the time. The Mirena floated into my uterus and is just sitting there. The Dr. told me that it would be fine, but now I'm reading about all these people that have a perforated uterus. I'm scared.. i can't get in to see my Dr. until november.. and I have no idea how thier going to take this thing out. Does it have to be surgically removed?? Do they put you under??

sochoa 8 years ago

I had mine put in three weeks ago and have had nothing but pain. I go in to day and the doctor said she can't find it i'm soooooooo scared i seen others have had this problem. Any advice ?

ria 8 years ago

I have had it for 8 months and I am getting it taken out tomorrow. I have constant acne now. I did not figure this out till 2 weeks ago what it came from until a friend was so tired of me complaining every time I seen here about my breakouts! She said You do know that IUD you got causing that. I researched it and WOW everyone has this problem! It will surely be out tomorrow, unless I can take it out myself!

Melissa 8 years ago

I've had mine for 2 years, I'm on the fence about it really. I have had some unpleasent side effects, weight gain, acne, pain and mild spotting after sex and crampy periods BUT not having to worry about taking pills or using condoms is a real plus. Research is the key when you are deciding on the right birth control for you. Everyone reacts differently to hormonal birth control so know your body before you decide.

Jillian 8 years ago

I had my mirena inserted May 2006 and in March of 2008 it had perforated partially through my uterus and now it looks like there is a chance i can't have anymore kids (I have one daughter) because of al the scar tissue! i do not recommend an IUD especially if you want more kids but also if you dont want to take the risk of it hurting your body.

romana 8 years ago

hi i got mirena inserted after my son was born,i ave it for three years and since then i dont have my periods,i have bad headaches and i am wery anxious all the time,i also got palpitations when i think my heart is going to stop i had ultrasound of my heart done and nothing was found i get this palpitations espec around the time i suposed to have my period ,did any of you expierience the same?

Tricia 8 years ago

I believe the reason you have to have previously given birth is so that the IUD will fit through the cervix.

mindy 8 years ago

I have had two copper iuds, I loved them no problems. My doctor talked me into a Mirana iud. After getting it in I thought I was going to die. Nausea, headache, major pelvic pain, natural child birth was not that bad. I agreed to wait a few months to give my body time to adjust. Six months later I am still having periods that last 3weeks at a time, migraines, mood swings, pain, and more pain. I went to have it removed and it couldn't be found. It had somehow got loose and is now floating in my body. I now have to have surgery to get it removed. Would NEVER have a Mirana again.

Tammy 8 years ago

I have had my Mirena for 5 years now and am having it removed next week because the time limit has expired. I have LOVED it. I haven't had a period in 5 years. I have experienced none of the horror stories except for maybe some hair loss, but I had thin hair anyway. When it was inserted their was minor cramping but nothing that I couldn't handle and the pain was gone the next day. I definately reccommend it to anyone. I want another one inserted, but my insurance will no longer pay. I was told the total cost would be $850. I think this is outrageous and am considering what to do.

Tracy 8 years ago

I have had a Mirena for 5 years, and i am about to have another one fitted, the thought of having it fitted fills me with dread, i am a student nurse and have read the doctors instructions on the mirena website regarding fitting the devise. i think to much info might be a bad thing. whilst i bleed for 3 monthes after the first mirena , i have since had no periods so no PMT either. The worst thing is i dont even want it fitted i want another baby but my husband doest not.

Star 8 years ago

i'm not a fan of the mirena one bit. I have endometriosis and the doctor recommended that I had it put in, altough I haven't had a child.(and I was never told that it could cause sterilization and shouldn't be used on anyone that hasn't had a child) In the end of January I had my 4th surgery for ebdometriosis and the ICU put in. Since then Ive started bleeding more with clots which causes very bad cramps and pain. I also started having extreme mood swings that my boyfriend or anyone else wants to be around me and its caused severe depression. My doctor says its not caused by it but I believe it is because I'm usually a very outgoing happy person. I've still got the ICU in for now. It's not the first thing I would recommend to anyone!!!!

NZBackpacker 8 years ago

I had the Mirena IUD inserted two years ago after the birth of my first child. I suffered stabbing pains around my cervix and uterine area for well over a month afterwards. I went to have it removed after a year, and it was missing. A vaginal ultrasound showed no IUD present in my uterus. The doctors figured it had fallen out during a bowel movement or had got stuck on a tampon and removed that way.

Today I just found out that the IUD perforated my uterus and is floating around in my abdominal cavity. I will have to have surgery to have it removed, and meanwhile hope that it does not travel around or damage any of my other organs.

To each his own, but I will NEVER have an IUD of any kind again.

D~ 8 years ago

I wish people would stop with the "I hate it!!" "Dont do it" "I love mine!" "Go get it!" ..... It's all to each their own, do your research and decide whats best for you. EVERYTHING effects different people differently. You take a chance with any type of birth control.

abjohnson 8 years ago

I've had my IUD in for over 1 1/2 years and I absoloutely LOVE IT!!! I'm a 44 year old mom of 3 and was having horrible periods, excessive cramping, was horrible. I had the IUD put in. My doc told me to give it 6 months for my body to adjust to the hormones. During that time I had some minor hair loss and moodiness. Since then it has been smooth sailing! My hair is all back (actually thicker than it has ever been!) and the IUD has helped me to level out moodiness-wise! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!

lvl 8 years ago

I've had one for 4 years now and truly recommend it to anyone. My experience has been great... no more cramps or pain, light or no period at all, great stress free sex... I am sorry for those who haves suffered the downside of it. :( I am sure with those experience who would recommend something like it! At least it's been great for me. I am planning another baby for next year when I remove it and I plan to put one back when I give birth... I really have no complaints at all but kind of scared of the moment when they will remove it! lol I kind of felt like giving birth when they inserted it (the had to dialate me) :S 8 years ago

had it inserted a week ago and have started to have som sparatic acne is this normal?

whitneyawhite profile image

whitneyawhite 8 years ago from Northern Idaho

I don't recall if my IUD was a Mirena, but whatever it was, I hated it. My cramps got worse with each passing month. I had it less than a year. I had it removed so I could have another child, but I would have had it removed even if I didn't want to get pregnant again. My period didn't change other than the worsening cramps. I won't ever get it again.

Brenda 8 years ago

I DO NOT recommend the Mirena IUD to anyone! I had one inserted in Jan. 07 and had to have it surgically removed March 14, 08, It had perforated my uterus.

Yes I loved that I did not have a monthly cycle! But what you get in return is so not worth it! I was in constant pain, severe headaches, dramatic weight gain, Joint pain...the list goes on and on. I thought I did pretty good research on it before hand, but I neglected to look up IUD malfunction, or Perforated uterus from IUD's. I guess I only looked up the good web sites for Mirena.

Please before you go through what I am going through, Do your reseach! Make sure you really look into everything that could happen because it happens more then you think! And Yes it CAN happen to you!

megan 8 years ago

I have a horror story. I had the mirena placed in my uterus last friday. Saturaday I had pain, but I figured it was normal, sunday I experienced shooting pains in my uterus. Monday I woke up doubled over, crying because the pain was so bad. I went in to the physician who inserted it to be told "they cant find it." I had an ultrasound and it was no longer in my uterus. I told my doctor I was in too much pain for it to have jus "fallen out" (which is what she swore had happened. She sent me home and later that night I went back to the ER. I told tem "IT is inside of me somewhere and I am not leaving until you find it!" They did an abdominal x-ray and sure enough it had perforated my uterus and was inside my abdominal cavity. Good thing they caught it in time, undiscovered it could have damaged other major ogrgans, including my intestines(whic is life threatening). I was sent to ICU for emergency surgery to have it removed. I would not sggest the mirena to anyone! Perferation is a very serious risk and although statistics are low, I believe it is very underreported!

"T" 9 years ago

I loved the Mirena IUD as my menstrual cycle (and cramps) disappeared. It was easy maintenance and required little to nothing on my part. However, at age 31, I was hospitalized due to pulmonary emboli and must remain on blood thinner medication for 6 months, possibly forever. The risk factor: hormone released contraceptive, including this IUD. I must be the lucky 1/10000 who experience this side effect. Unfortunately, my doctors were unaware of the releasing hormones because 5 different doctors ignored my input until I showed them in writing. They were like, "Oh... you're right." I am now scheduled to have this removed. But keep in mind- these "blood clots in the lungs" can be caused by any type of hormone release. Just make a mental note of it and beware of the symptoms because if untreated, the mortality rate is 26%. Scary!

Jennifer 9 years ago

Well i was one of those people who ranted and raved about the mirena for about the first 4 months but the last 2 months have been horrible.

At first my moods were off and i got put on some depression meds, and now i have severe cramps like 2 times a week, acne, i haven't gained weight but haven't lost even though i have dedicated time to it, and i feel like i may kill my husband at times.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago Author

Thank you, CGull! :)

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cgull8m 9 years ago from North Carolina

Another great hub, I will share this with my friend, is a must read. Thanks.

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