The NON-workout plan!! The multi-taskers guide to exercise

What do you mean?????

If you are like me and probably most people, finding time to work out, or fit in any kind of exercise is next to impossible. You really want to, you buy all that expensive equipment, and wind up using it as a coat rack! You also may get a gym membership, swearing that since you are paying for it every month, you'll be more motivated to go, but that would require you actually having to leave the house in spandex.......not a chance!!

I am a self proclaimed multi-tasker-I don't feel like I'm getting anything done, unless I'm doing at least 2 things at once. So I decided to take that approach when I was trying to find time to exercise. I was surprised at what I was able to do, without any exercise equipment, or gym membership involved!

Morning "workout"

Lets start with wake up time. The alarm goes off, and you hit the snooze a few time-well thats gotta count for a few arm exercises right there!! I usually hit the shower right away and there's no better way to warm your muscles up. I do some simple, safe stretches, and then some heel raises-just lifting up on my tippy toes and back down again. Once I'm done, I proceed to drying my hair. I take turns switching hands with the hair dryer to get in some arm lifts. Sometime I will also stand in a semi-squat position to work my quadriceps. Then it off to get the kids ready for school. On the nicer days, I walk with my son to his bus stop, which is at the top of a hill, and then sprint down back home. Then its work-I work from home, which is really not as glamorous as it sounds. I sit in front of a computer all day, and although my fingers sure get a workout-my body does not. So I get creative-every time I need to use the bathroom, I take an extra 5 minutes to do some sort of floor exercise-crunches or leg lifts. While sitting at my desk I do some seated leg lifts-raising one leg at a time in front of me holding it out straight for as long as I can. Sometimes I also keep light weights at my desk and while reading my emails, I do some basic shoulder presses. You can also use any other object that has some weight to it, like your stapler, can of veggies, your in bin.........! Before you know it-its lunch time!!

Mid-day "workout"

If you work outside the home, you may get a lunch break and depending on where you work, there might be a good place to get a brief walk in. Recruit some co-workers to walk with you, that way you can catch up on all the office gossip while you burn some calories!! If you work at home, or are a stay at home mom or dad-try to get in a walk too, take your children for a walk, or your dog, or if the weather is bad, walk around the house. If you have stairs, go up and down them a few times, or take this time to check the mail, or take out the garbage.

Evening "workout"

So now you are home, the kids are home from school and you are ready to make dinner. While dinner is cooking, take that time to get in some standing abdominal exercises. These are my favorite. There are many different variations of them, I just do the basic one-standing tall, shoulders back, contract your stomach muscles in, like someone just punched you in the tummy. Squeeze your butt in too. Try to use just your abdominal muscles, and don't lean forward. Now release that hold and do it again--its that simple!! You can also work your obliques by standing in the same position and squeezing your waistline to the side, like a mini crunch. Alternate sides, sticking your hip out with each crunch. Trust me-it may not seem like much, but you'll feel it the next day!

After dinner, I usually take time to play with my kids, or catch up on some housework. I can always find plenty of ways to fit in some sort of exercise while playing with my boys. I'll ride my bike with them, chase them around, jump, or just playing airplane-lifting them up on my feet while I lay on my back. If I do housework-I incorporate exercises that go along with what I'm doing. Laundry-that's pretty easy- I have 3 flights of stairs to go up and down while carrying a heavy load--enough said! Vacuuming-I switch arms with the back and forth motion. Washing windows-another excellent triceps exercise.

Bedtime "workout"

 Now its time for bed-so the exercises stop here right?  Nope!  As I lay in bed, and watch a little late night TV-I do some mini crunchs, just lifting my shoulders up a few inches and back down again.  Now if I could only run in my sleep.......

Other ways to "workout"

See-its really simple to get your workout in without even realizing it. All these things do add up and maybe won't be quite as effective as a rigorous 5 day a week workout routine-but at least your trying! Of course doing these things in combination with a healthy diet is the best.

There are many other ways to incorporate exercise in your daily routine, here are a few:

**Try to park as far as you can when you go to the store, you'll get some extra walking steps in

**Use stairs instead of elevator or escalators

**When you have a doctor's appointment, and are waiting in the exam room for the doctor, do some heel raises, squats, or standing ab exercises

**DANCE!! Do you ever really need a reason to just dance??!!!

**Play fitness games-Wii has the Wii fit and also some great fun dance games

**When shopping, take some extra laps around the store-good for your body--not so much for your wallet!

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Betty Reid profile image

Betty Reid 5 years ago from Texas

Wow! I started off thinking this was a humor hub, but these exercise tips are really great!

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