The Only Cause of Cold Extremities Explained


By Dr Artour Rakhimov (

Millions of people suffer from problems with cold extremities (hands and feet). This problem with poor circulation often leads to diagnosis of Raynaud's disease. It can be particularly severe during sleep (at night) and is common in people with diabetes. Medical research suggests that cold hands and feet are classical signs of chronic overbreathing (hyperventilation) that reduce oxygen levels in body cells.

Respiratory parameters in modern people

If we consider body oxygen levels and breathing parameters in modern people, we can find out that we breathe much more than the medical norm. Here are the results of two dozens medical studies that measured respiratory minute ventilation during last 90 years.

Breathing Rates in Normal Subjects

CO2 dilates arteries and arterioles

Effects of overbreathing

What could go wrong with the human body during over-breathing (hyperventilation)? To begin with, normal breathing delivers close to optimum oxygenation of the arterial blood (nearly 98 per cent). The first shocking fact is that every time when we breathe more (automatic breathing patterns), we usually lower oxygen amount in the arterial blood. Why is it so? It is possible to see around, that deep or big breathing is done employing the chest or costal muscles. Lowest parts of the lungs do not obtain new air supply with higher oxygen content. As a result, oxygenation of the arterial blood is lessened.

Secondly, during overbreathing, humans decrease amount of CO2 in the arterial blood. This product is a vasodilator (relaxant of blood vessels) and is essential for delivery and release of oxygen in tissues (the Bohr effect). A few hundreds of recent medical studies have demonstrated that chronic hyperventilation reduces oxygen content in the body cells. As a result, our ineffective breathing pattern results in systemic tissue hypoxia or lack of oxygen in the brain. Furthermore, development of all chronic diseases (such as heart disease, asthma, migraine, insomnia, CFS, mental problems, epilepsy, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, COPD and numerous others) is primarily based on cell hypoxia.

Temporary and permanent remedies to problems with cold extremities

It is not a surprise then that most people can warm up their cold extremities in 2-3 minutes using a simple breathing exercise (see resources below).

Is there a permanent solution to problems with cold feet and hands? Yes, the logical answer is to slow down breathing back to the medical norm so that to have normal circulation 24/7. There are several techniques and methods that help us to increase body oxygen levels.

The Buteyko medical breathing method had 6 successful clinical trials for asthma and several trials in Russia. It has the powerful system of lifestyle suggestions and Buteyko breathing exercises. However, the Frolov breathing device therapy provides even faster increase in body oxygen levels during breathing exercises. The Frolov device can trap exhaled CO2 and changes the air composition for our respiration. The Amazing DIY breathing device can achieve even better results.

Therefore, the most effective system for breathing retraining is Oxygen Remedy therapy: the combination of breathing devices and Buteyko lifestyle modules that you can find for free on

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This is really interesting. Great hub!

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kpcwriting 4 years ago from New York, New York

Count me in for one of the ones that suffer from cold extremities.Your suggestions should really help.

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artour 4 years ago from Canada Author


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