The Power of Crystals

Use Crystal Power the Right Way

Crystals work with the power of your mind to help you focus and manifest your intentions. Be clear about your intent when working with crystals and focus on healing and a higher good.

There are a wide variety of gems and crystals with various powers. To activate the power of your crystal, hold the crystal in your hands and focus all of your intention and attention on it, dedicate the highest good to the crystal and ask that the power of the crystal be activated to work in harmony with your own will and specific intention.

Use your crystal power by wearing the crystal like a pendant, or simply carry the crystal in your pocket. When placed around your home crystals such as Black Tourmaline or Amber will offer protection and security.

The Power of Agate

This beautiful stone puts you in touch with your inner self. Agate may help to eliminate negative emotions like jealousy, bitterness, and resentment. Agate can help you assimilate challenging life experiences and accept the spiritual lessons they come with. Agate helps to increase self forgiveness and a loving acceptance of all events that happen in your life. Agate promotes feelings of confidence and courage, making it a great stone to keep with your during challenging times.

The rebirth of Emerald

Emeralds are thought to represent successful love and partnership. This stone has long been believed to guarantee a happy marriage. Emeralds symbolize immortality and re-birth and may give you the power to pass through life's challenges with grace and poise. Emerald is said to enhance relationships on all levels. Promoting harmony, emerald balances emotional states, turning negative emotions into positive action.

The healing power of Quartz

Quartz is useful wherever healing is needed. It helps to restore your whole being to a more energetic state and wellness. The transformational power of quartz is that it possesses a dynamic universal appeal. The indigenous people of America call quartz the actual cells of the Mother Earth. Quartz is one of the most popular crystals and is thought to amplify energy, remove negativity, and raise your consciousness. You can't ask for much more than that. This deep soul cleanser helps to balance the mind and cleanse your spirit.

The beauty of Turquoise

Turquoise is a beautiful stone with plenty of healing power. When placed over the throat chakra, turquoise helps to release inhibitions and promises from the past that are holding you back. Turquoise lets you fully express yourself. Those subconscious acts of self sabotage may be released when you wear turquoise. If you tend to be a negative person, turquoise forces you to focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems of the past. Turquoise helps to lessen negative thought patterns and removes toxic energy.

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