The Religion and Meaning of a Narcissistic Sociopath - Define Sociopathy - Part II

The religion of narcissism. . .
The religion of narcissism. . .

Sociopathic Traits Manifesting in a New Age Religion. . .

In the past, sociopaths have often manipulated religion to achieve their political goals. However, traditional monotheist religions present a few problems for the sociopath. Most religions have a general acceptance that A) there's a higher power and B) respect for our human mortality. To our dear narcissistic sociopath, nothing is more allergic than the acceptance there just might be higher powers than himself and his own mortality. Over the course of history and throughout millennia of human sacrifice, sociopaths were eventually exposed for their glaring hypocrisy and were briefly cast away from power in the renaissance era. However, sociopaths quickly regrouped and found other means of gaining power. They even created a religion of their very own.

The modern sociopath has achieved power by using the media to convince us that narcissism is a virtuous trait rather than a shameful trait as traditionally accepted. This is a clever ploy by the sociopath, as while an average person cannot understand why a sociopath has no empathy, everyone is capable of narcissism. However, the average person has no hope of competing in the game of narcissism against a sociopath. In this area, our average person is severely outmatched, as narcissism comes quite naturally to the sociopath. Due to humans being conditioned to believe that narcissism is now something to be admired; sociopaths have been able to achieve great economic success. Ordinary people just can't compete; and the admirers are always quick to buy the sociopath's idols, oops, I mean products. Indeed, the vast majority of the wealthy are most likely sociopaths.

Sociopaths have successfully infiltrated the game of money to flow in their direction. Productivity is now no longer the best means of achieving profit; manipulation and idol worship is. . . However, it's in the best interests of the sociopath that ordinary people are still fooled into believing that productivity is the path to wealth. This helps to serve the sociopath for two purposes. The first purpose, by getting the masses to believe productivity leads to wealth, incentivizes the masses to do the productive work the sociopath either can't or refuses to do. The second, and perhaps most important, is that if people believe wealth and productivity are interchangeable, then anyone who is critical of how the wealth is achieved by the sociopath will be subject to immediate scrutiny by society. The sociopath is comfortable in the knowledge that any dissent will be met with swift defense and perhaps even societal ostracism.

You’re paying me to preach about how to get rich – then you act surprised why you’re still not rich and I’m getting richer. . .
You’re paying me to preach about how to get rich – then you act surprised why you’re still not rich and I’m getting richer. . .

This is the emergence of the concept I call "moral authoritarism." I will discuss this is greater detail in Part III of my study on sociopaths. “Moral authoritarism” is the belief that an authoritative figure is by default virtuous and what they speak must be true and knowledgeable. To be a “moral authoritist” is to put faith in humanity that’s represented by what the “moral authoritist” sees as our best: mainly our leaders and the wealthy. For example, you cannot question that rich CEO - for if you knew better you would not be a person of lesser wealth and title. In a world where money is now manipulated to reward sociopathic and narcissistic behaviour, this is a dangerous way of thinking that's becoming increasingly prevalent. This method of thinking subconsciously paralyzes people into accepting a social pyramid structure - where the sociopaths stand at the very top.

Essentially, powerful sociopaths have managed to create a religion of narcissism were we gladly pay to hear them preach. They get rich by pathologically lying and having a parasitical relationship with society. It's an unfortunate reality that with a free market; comes the freedom to manipulate. Sociopaths understood that people can indeed become obscenely wealthy through the short term by use of manipulation; however in a free market there's always a risk that one day someone could potentially invent either a product or idea that exposes the witchcraft brought forth by the sociopaths. The sociopaths needed an insurance policy against this threat - they found it in the state. . .

-Donovan D. Westhaver

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