The Spectre of Fear

Fear?! from Francesco
Fear?! from Francesco
Fear & terror from Manuel Ribadulla Rodreguez
Fear & terror from Manuel Ribadulla Rodreguez
Fear of Atomic War
Fear of Atomic War
good war? from Yaron
good war? from Yaron
FEAR from Hartwig HKD
FEAR from Hartwig HKD

The Spectre of Fear

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Above all, the most malevolent and destructive force that any of us have to deal with in life is fear. Fear, regardless of warrant, can dominate our thoughts, our actions and in that sense control our lives. What we fear determines a whole set of rules and actions to disassociate with the core of that belief. It neither needs to be logical, nor even real to imprison us in psychological containment. By adhering to this avoidance of a fear, we inadvertently limit our lives and narrow the possibilities of positive outcomes.

Fear manifests the most negatives and destructive scenarios our minds can contrive. Based on reality or not is can determine so much of our waking decisions. For example if you fear someone breaking into your home, going out then becomes a prolonged regime of locking and sealing you home to prevent break in. Given enough repetition and invested thinking these fears can become a phobia and without treatment the sufferer’s problem may develop into an obsessive and compulsive disorder or even psychotic behaviour.

What begins as a rational fear can quickly escalate into an irrational and unrealistic response to an improbable event. What causes this reinforcement is the way we are fed negative information through the media. Whether on television or by magazine or newspaper, we are continually fed stories of crime, destruction, war, terrorism, which eventually creates a negative expectation.

We fear being robbed, assaulted, and raped, shot, we fear war, invasion, end of days, and the list goes on. Should we put them in perspective the chances of any of these things happening are small. For example the fear of flying is irrational because more people die of car crashes than airline accidents Yet we don’t worry about driving cars.

We store up all this negative input from the world and suddenly change our behaviour by focusing on one such scenario. This mental investment then attributes weight and importance to the fear, giving it unrealistic proportion. What I have found, is that fear like many obstacles, must be rationalized by close examination. We must realize the source of the fear, how it came to be and the real possibilities of that event occuring. What is concluded is a realisation the fear is without basis.

In the end it is often the fear of fear itself that can motivate us. That all encompassing feeling of fear can be so overwhelming, both mentally and physically, we attach ourselves to it mentally, thus beginning a self-torturous journey. Fear itself will dissipate once faced.

The following poem is about fear.

From the Darkness Comes

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Tired and desperate fears, clinging haplessly to escape.

Uninspired wretched fears, refused dying, ever waiting.

Seething vengeful fears bound for flight, beneath skin and trying.

To chart a course, to wield its gnarled intent and take the reins,

and to unleash insidious plans of decimation.

Clothless, unperceivable spectre within, knotted flesh and carnal sin,

remove clawed fingers from me, and tempt not this world of will.

Instead release me and face the darkness of your womb,

never to twist me out and drag me into the void of dark misplace.

Leave me in my mortal husk to hone life, as I will,

and to suffer the designs of my indiscretions, without your hold.

Long have you torn my weary flesh, as you emerge from my darkness.

I wish now the peace that possibility proffers,

without your malevolent whispers, and silence stare.

Leave me sleep a tranquil slumber, unclothed by murky hues,

and open my eyes at morning’s break, dispelled of my one true foe.

Fear- release me!


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