The Super Prostate Diet

If you are a man, or know a man, you should be concerned about prostate health. About one minute of research on prostate issues will teach you why you need to worry about it. More than half of men between the age of 40 and 60 have enlarged prostates. Twenty percent of all men who are 50 years old have been found to have cancerous cells in their prostates. Now, I’m not quite 50 yet, but I will be that is certain. The one thing that I am better at than anything else in my life is aging. In fact, I haven’t missed a day of aging yet. This is why I have compiled the Super Prostate Diet.

The Super Prostate Diet may help you avoid serious health risks with minimal effort!

The Super Prostate Diet consists of adding six different foods to your daily diet. You don’t have to eat everyone each day, but a good mix of them is very helpful. In moderation, add watermelon, guava, pink grapefruit and tomatoes to your diet. These fruits all contain high levels of lycopene. There has been a lot of research that shows that lycopene may help keep your prostate healthy. Lycopene can also reduce the size of tumors, so if you have been diagnosed with a prostate tumor, it can still help. Next, add Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds. Again, you don’t need to eat of bag of each every day, just keep them in your home and add a Brazil nut to every dinner and a handful of pumpkin seeds to each lunch. The reason that I stress moderation on your consumption of all of these ingredients is that too many fruits a day can bring on loose bowels and Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds do contain a lot of fat, so just a few each day will do.

The other key ingredient to the Super Prostate Diet is water. I know that I constantly keep reminding people to drink more water in many of my Hubs, but it is just that simple. Even just adding one 12 ounce glass of water a day to your diet can help you lose weight and become healthier. An extra gallon of water a day is even better! You should drink enough water that your urine is almost always clear.

The Super Prostate Diet is not a guarantee against prostate problems, but it should provide some serious health benefits to you. Do your own health-related research, talk to your doctor, and determine the right course of action for you and your prostate!


Putz Ballard profile image

Putz Ballard 6 years ago

great hub

Mat 4 years ago

A great hub .. It is both useful and informative...Will try to follow this diet for sure.. Cheers for this post..:)


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