The Thumper Maxi Pro

The Purr-fect Massage
The Purr-fect Massage
Thumper Mini Pro
Thumper Mini Pro
Thumper Maxi Pro
Thumper Maxi Pro
Percussive Massage
Percussive Massage

My first experience with the Thumper Maxi Pro was when I went to my wife's chiropractor here in Salina, KS about two years ago.

I had no idea a simple machine could make me feel soooo good.

I had been dealing with a knotted up muscle deep in my lower back, kind of low on the left side.

The knot was a leftover from my 20's when I used to lift anything and everything (with no help, thank you very much) because that's what dumb kids trying to show off do when they at 20.

I take every opportunity these days to let dumb 20 year olds know that they should ask for help when lifting heavy stuff and they look at me just like I looked at 40yr olds who told me the same thing 20 yrs ago.

Basically just wasting my breath, but I tell 'em any way.

Getting back to the Thumper Massagers... The Maxi Pro is a beast when it comes to getting into muscles that need getting into and what is so nice about the percussive action is that there is no twisting and kneading and sometimes pinching that usually goes with shiatzu type massage and massagers.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting greased up and rubbed down just about any day of the week, but the girl I go to gets a little rambunctious when it comes to twisting her thumb (or whatever) into my neck.

That might be a question I need to ask, is every body's neck skin super sensitive or am I the only sissy necked whiny baby out there.

She can take a stick in both hands to the rest of my back and the only sound I make is Aaahhhhhhh... but as soon as she gets to my neck (what little of it there is) I start squirming and try to figure out how to say "it hurts my skin" in Chinese.

Anyway, the Thumper Massagers are NOT your ordinary, everyday drugstore massager, these things do the job they say they will if you only let them.

The reason I say that is because much research (and I mean LOTS) went into the design of these massagers and when using them, especially the Maxi Pro, you need to understand that the weight of the machine (7 lbs) and the position of it's eight percussion heads are designed to do all the work for you.

There is no need to bear down and try to get one or two of the knobs into the knot of the muscle, let the machine do what it is designed to do and let it do it for you.

As you can see in the picture, the Maxi Pro is a two handed device (it can be operated one handed with practice) and for the back and thighs, a second person would come in very handy.

There are other styles of Thumper Massagers that need no second person and are a bit more compact for ease of storage or if you decide to take it with you on a trip.

Each Thumper Massager has it's own unique set of benefits and of course their individual shortcomings so not every Thumper will be right for every individual but I guarantee that if you do decide to treat yourself to one of these massagers, it will be one of the best decisions you will have made.

Thumper Massahers

A Few Thumper Massagers To Choose From

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