The Truth about Maggi Noodles

The Old Favorite Maggi Noodles


First Published on on 9th August 2011

The first thing that I was actually ever allowed to cook was a packet of Maggi Noodles. Those same noodles which my generation and I loved, are now loved by my children and their generation; evidently they stumbled upon a highly saleable hit formula back then and never looked back.

I have hardly ever come across a child who does not like Maggi Noodles – or a mother, who, never, in spite of her misgivings, lets her children eat this tasty and convenient food product at least occasionally.

A Widely loved convenience food

Maggi noodles have been around for so long and they are so quick, cheap and convenient that pretty much everyone has eaten them – and often. So that everyone has a Maggi memory – and very cleverly the manufactures have tapped into this nostalgia factor associated with Maggi noodles. Tired of hostel food, students turn to Maggi, you can carry them when you go camping and so on.

In spite of being arguably one of India’s most popular convenience foods, Maggi has repeatedly come under the scanner for being unhealthy, low in nutrition and high in salt, MSG and fat. And there is also the allegation that this product has wax in it – you have likely got an email to this effect at some point (the same email that probably told you about Kurkure containing plastic and Coke being an excellent toilet cleaner etc.).

The Advent of the Atta Noodle

To counter this ‘unhealthy’ tag the marketing people quickly came up with the Taste Bhi Health Bhi slogan. They also came up with Atta noodles in the green packaging that send the subliminal message about better health – with the goodness of three rotis and with vegetables.

The Apprehension

So, on the one hand there are all the various claims about the noodles being fried before packaging, therefore being high is fat, about unhealthy packaging that causes plastic to leach into the actual food and about maggi noodles being dangerously unhealthy junk food. On the other hand there is the manufacturer Nestle claiming that it’s all good, safe and healthy. What does the consumer believe?

The Likely fact about Maggi Noodles

As always the truth is probably somewhere in between the scare mongering and the slick marketing. The Atta noodles may be slightly better than the maida ones, but to say that they have added veggies is a bit of a stretch – three desiccated peas and 5 shreds of dehydrated carrots in the Tastemaker hardly counts for added veggies. Nutritionally there isn’t much that maggi noodles can offer, unless you decide to add mixed veggies of your own (however, good luck finding a kid who is not outraged by such additions).

Also, now that ‘No MSG’ claim that is prominently made on the packet, other substitutes are used for it – such as excess salt. It is this salt content that makes kids like it so much. There is also the claim that the product has Goodness of protein and calcium – know that it perhaps has just enough to let them legally make that claim.

So while the kids love it, and moms find it hugely convenient, don’t be fooled that maggi is anything as healthy as they would have you believe – also don’t be satisfied that your child has had a substantial meal just because a considerable quantity – read calories – of food is consumed. One regular packet has about 400 calories, so don’t forget this is high calorie food.

But equally you needn’t believe the scare mongers that tell horror stories about toxicity and other dangers. The occasional maggi meal is not really going to harm you.

So bottom line is, whether you have it for reasons of nostalgia or for reasons of convenience, once in a while is OK – don’t believe the marketing chaps or the scare mongers.

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crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

I like Noodles but have not tasted Maggi Noodles. I will try and give it a trial

Ruchira profile image

Ruchira 5 years ago from United States

I still love this product and when something needs to be prepped up for's done in 2minutes...thanks to Maggi :)

The atta version makes me not feel guilty thus, have been using more of that and love it.

Loved your hub Reena since, it took me back to my old sweet days. good topic and voted up!!

kishore 5 years ago

Atta Maggie contains? DSG (DiSodium Glutamate), which does contain Bactosoytone. Not written in ingredients as such, hidden under alias Flavor-627.

Maggi contains MSG (Monosodium glutamate) used as a flavor enhancer, which is made? using Bactosoytone, itself made from soy protein using a catalyst enzyme porcine (taken from intestine of Pig). Chemically, catalyst never goes in the molecu...lar structure of Bactosoytone, hence it's Vegetarian for Nestle. MSG as such is harmful to health. Recently Maggi Launched no-MSG series known as Vegetable Atta-Maggie, but that's just a makeover.

nafisa agrawal 4 years ago

i does not like maggy.

Veenu Jain 3 years ago

It is non vegetarian, Jain's don't eat it.

manjula 3 years ago

What are you guys being paid to popularise this crap food that all of us were better off without? All the lazy bums who eat this junk to save themselves the trouble of cooking, try aalu chat instead, it might leave you as fat as maggie does but without killing you!




JASZ 3 years ago


Padmaja Vasireddy 3 years ago

Even I am against to Maggi Noodles and as a Nutritionist and student in Nutritional Science I did a little research on Maggi Noodles - Just a quick drive to the ingredients:

1. High in Saturated Fat -Palm oil

2. High In Sodium- 1/4th Package have 950mg of Sodium. American Heart Association limited to less than 2000milligrams of sodium per day

3. Caramel Color "Caramel coloring, when produced with ammonia, contains contaminants, 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole. In 2007, studies by the U.S. National Toxicology Program found that those two contaminants cause cancer in male and female mice and possibly in female rats. The U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) has again determined that both chemicals cause liver tumors, lung tumors, and thyroid tumors in rats and mice. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a division of the World Health Organization, concluded that 2- and 4-methylimidazole are "possibly carcinogenic to humans." Then, the State of California's Environmental Protection Agency listed ammonia-caramel coloring as a carcinogen under the state's Proposition 65. The state lists chemicals when they pose a lifetime risk of at least 1 cancer per 100,000 people"

3. Sodium-bicarbonate- May cause side effects that usually do not require medical care, according to These include increased thirst, stomach cramps and bloating.

4. Guar Gum- It is unclear if prolonged ingestion promotes cancer or suppresses Cancer.


Surprisingly half our grocery aisles are dumped with Maggi Noodles- Article by Padmaja Vasireddy (Student in Nutritional Science)

angrrybirrd 3 years ago

Farah 3 years ago

Define 'once in a while'? Once a week? Twice a month? Once a month? One for every two months?

AIN 3 years ago


hi, I m just shocked looking at video how maggi is made in factor.. is it true tat pig pork is use make maggi... I child loves it to eat but looking at it who will give, being a muslim I have done sin... pls tell us the true

sheeza khan 3 years ago

Being a muslim I would like to know the truth of maggi that whether it is made up of pig poke

sneha agarwal 3 years ago

By knowing this truth of maggie I'll never eat it again!!!!!

fareeda. 3 years ago

Being a muslim I would like to know is pig fat added in maggie

Anup 3 years ago

When I started eating Maggie noodles, I suffered from stomach problems and dehydration. So, it was my first and last try on Maggie noodles...

vanitha 3 years ago

ok , i agree maggie is tasty , easy to prepare...n so on but why do these people hide that its a non veg, make it clear na , ill tell u , our children r aimed by these rubish junk foods .

aman 3 years ago

Magie is vry tasty bt while i have seen the video of manufacturing magie,i have given up this rubish magie bcz it contains a tat pig pork.sheeeee i am vegetarian yr

aman 3 years ago

Magie is vry tasty bt while i have seen the video of manufacturing magie,i have given up this rubish magie bcz it contains a tat pig pork.sheeeee i am vegetarian yr

mahek 3 years ago

magie is very tasty but in magie have egg. cheeeeeez what a rubbish.

akash 3 years ago

Guyss stopp eating maggie... its a non veg

Pooja 3 years ago

Omg... Maggie is non-veg.. And what about maggie masala?? Is it non-veg too??

bhavik jain 3 years ago

f goes for maggi

sujay pandya india 3 years ago

all of above is completely true...thank u madam..spread all over much as possible plzzz

ansh agrawal 3 years ago

When I am come to know this truth I never like to eat maggi again because it is non-vegetarian !

Ayan 3 years ago

After knowing the truth about maggi i will never eat maggi

riya 3 years ago

Thank for this information.. I will never eat Maggie now..

kkumars 3 years ago

Who cares.. I like Maggi and I'm eating this since I was like 8 so I like it and will always like..

Prashu 3 years ago

This is the reply I have got from the company. And I fully trust this rather than rumors. So its veg officially.

"Thank you for your email/query.

We would like to assure you that, all other variants of MAGGI 2-Minute Noodles (except the Chicken Noodles) are 100% vegetarian and display the green dot in accordance with the same. Our only Non vegetarian variant is Chicken. We would also like to inform you that MAGGI Noodles do not contain Mono Sodium Glutamate (Ajinomoto).

The flavor enhancer E635 (which is mixture of E627 and E631) used in MAGGI Noodles is made from vegetarian source i.e. from Beetroot and yeast extract.

As per the Indian regulations any product containing ingredients, which are derived from the animal sources will be indicated on the ingredients mentioned on the pack. In our case, we ensure that all our products with a vegetarian mark (green dot), we only use vegetarian ingredients. We ensure that the suppliers who manufacture some of these ingredients for us also follow stringent requirements at their premises. Therefore, all our products with a vegetarian symbol have only ingredients from plant origin and do not contain any ingredient manufactured using any non-vegetarian ingredients.

Thanking you for your interest in our products and assuring you of our best attention at all times. "

Saahil 3 years ago

I eat maggi quite often.. like one packet every second day (evening snack).... is it okay if it is atta noodles than the regular ones?

ananya 2 years ago

der is a vedio on itrnt sayin dat maggi sud nt b eatn by vegetarians........i lv maggi bt z it tru dat it uses porks wen being manufactured..........plz ansr it

Sarah 2 years ago

The email reply from Maggi owners clearly states that they do not use MSG BUT use vegetable sources like yeast extract. Clever!! Yeast extract is actually A source of Msg!! Talk about marketing techniques... Yeast extract is read is actually Msg incognito!! So Msg is actually going in our bodies after consuming Maggi. Wow.

Sonimanjari profile image

Sonimanjari 2 years ago from India

Nice article, even I am a big maggi fan. Now when my son eats it I get these strange questions like is it bad. But whatever my love for maggi would not fade.

Meraj shah 2 years ago

I was very shocked. when i heard abt the pig pork... in maggi.

Arpit sogani 2 years ago

It's all fake !!

Maggie is pure.. It is not a non-veg..i've been in several manufacturing units of maggie and found out nothing bad about it considering cleanness etc !

Pl stop claiming false comments.

nilofar 2 years ago

It is a sin for all the Muslims .so plz plz don't eat it .its haram for us n if haraam enters in oyr body will not able on the day of judgement plz tell all the Muslims not to eat it...

Thrisha Ramesh 2 years ago

I love maggie but now i don t like it i hate maggie now i say to all maggie is a very good tiffin now i will say maggi is a very very bad food

Guar Gum Powder 2 years ago

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Janki 2 years ago

Maggi is a crappy food! What's good for the industry is bad for you,dammit!

anjali 2 years ago

its yummy

vekariya roshni 2 years ago

its just rubbish what a cheat being non veg: they tell its veg

i dont believe its such a lier

roshmin 2 years ago

I love it but I just wanted to know what in it truly please confirm

joya Mansuri 2 years ago

I am a Muslim and I don't care about anybody. If Maggi is not good for health then why amitabh bachchan & madhuri dixit like big stars gives its advertisement? Why? Anyone answer my question?


tk jayanthilal 2 years ago

Once in a while as mentioned it is ok. Often don't. It may have some discomfort in the abdominal region which u may not b aware is this might b due to what u have consumed.

ayesha 2 years ago

Guys stop eating maggi It is made up of pork cheeeeeeeee we are muslim

Plz spread a newz to all over wold

It is harram to us.

javeed 2 years ago

This topic is going on and on I am working in a muslim country if this is true then why the government is allowing. Some one who is having true kmowledge please share and clear every ones doubt immediately.

anuj 2 years ago

Is there some thing related to pig.

2 years ago

i know it is bad but having only once a month or two weeks must be fine right!

ha ha ha 2 years ago

joya Mansuri 4 weeks ago

I am a Muslim and I don't care about anybody. If Maggi is not good for health then why amitabh bachchan & madhuri dixit like big stars gives its advertisement? Why? Anyone answer my question?


Answer: These stars can do anything for money..............

Mahesh Patel 2 years ago

For your kind information, stars hardly care what is the content in it. Most of the stars eat non veg so they don't get any shock to it. Amitabh campaign for coke, pepsi. He had serious stomach problem due to carbonated drink and then he stopped it completely.Do you find him in pepsi ads now? just check it.... Stars don't know price of petrol,atta,namak ... then how can you rely on them... They are the uncivilized bastards and we are the fools following them. Its their moral responsibility towards society not to promote those bullshits of foreign companies. Its my firm advice to everyone not use any product of foreign companies otherwise you will get shock now and then.

dev 2 years ago

Maggi 2-minute noodles in India contains hydrolysed groundnut protein, It contains MSG (Monosodium glutamate) used as a flavor enhancer, which is made using Bactosoytone, itself made from soy protein using a catalyst enzyme porcine (taken from intestine of Pig)

sahibjeet singh 2 years ago

I m from sikh family, and i m pure vegaterian, so please tell me about maggi that it really contain any non veg item... or all this are rabbish...

Sanatan 2 years ago

Maggi Contains E631 : PLease google and check for yourself what this means....

Its Surely NON-VEG....

Thoughts of a teenager 2 years ago

Who freakin cares until it stops being delicious. Nobody eats maggi on a daily basis.I'm a good child though, as I like my maggi with oodles of veggies, especially tomatoes.

Sankalp 2 years ago

Plz confirm that maggi is pure because I am hindu ialso eat non veg but iam not a muslim to eat a pig


jjjggvvcc 2 years ago

Maggi is made from pigs juice

jjjggvvcc 2 years ago

Maggi is made from pigs juice

sonali 2 years ago

If maggie is really not good for health why it is not banned completely. If the company is hiding its ingredients, the pig pork especially, how a single case is not filed against it?

Astha Batra 2 years ago

its ok for me......b'coz m non veg..........hoooorrrrreeeeee

ilma saiyed 2 years ago

In maggie wax is added in it nd bcz of wax it takes 3 to 4 days to excrete in our body nd pork pig also mixed in it heyy guysss dnt eat its not gd 4 our healthnd specially muslims don't eat pork is haram for us..........

nir 2 years ago

Maggi non.veg

Kavita 2 years ago

I love maggi but when I know the truth about maggi .its non veg then I leave it to eat .

kan 2 years ago

I m shocking I can't believed in Maggi pig wax its cheering for our religious..

Faryaz Ahmed Qureshi 2 years ago

I am from J & K. When I heard about maggie that it contains pig's material I was shocked and leave it for ever pl you also leave for ever if u are a true muslim.

preeti 2 years ago

it is very yuk

sarika 2 years ago

yes. guys maggie is non veg when I heard about maggie I leave it

Yash 2 years ago

Hi reena,

I am not sure why are you in favour of Nestle as its ban on many countries. if you can seen the ingrediants you will come to know the truth. its simmilar like colget and other american products.

dipika dwivedi 2 years ago

Hi sonali if don't mind i want to answer ur ques that why its not been claimed .....tell me whi will claim against it .....we all youths are busyin chatting on wats app nd fb our elders r not so technical so not knowing facts about it ....

swathi 2 years ago

maggi is liked by children but it is not good

shria 2 years ago

Hvng maggi once in a while is not bad but being habitual of it may harm.

kalpna 2 years ago

is it true dat maggi is non veg food?

vishnupriya 2 years ago

My kids love eating maggie but when i heard about the truth of maggie i showed the facts about on google and now my kids hate it.

khushi 2 years ago

i love maggi but its non vegetarian which i don't love

khushi 2 years ago

i love maggi but its non vegetarian which i don't love

Karthik 2 years ago

Good article. thanks, Reena !!

Himanshu 23 months ago

I have heard that maggi is made of some of the harmful substances which can damage our internal body organs. I have also heard that maggi is non-vegeterian. Is it true? Please reply...

preeti 23 months ago

Maagi is made up of pork pig

hp 23 months ago

i hate maagi

komal kalpar 23 months ago

hamari family main sab maggi bahut pasand krte the bt jb hame is ki made procedure ka pta chala to tb se hum sabne ise khana bilkul hi chhod diya .kyu k hamri family vegetarian thi...aur hme tb tk is baat ka nhi pta tha bt after knowing this truth we never like this..

Megha 23 months ago

Magie is very bad please do not eat Add Your Comment...

S.A 22 months ago

Maagi is made of pig prok and it is non-veg

neeraj 21 months ago

i like maggi but i not conform that it is veg or non veg

vikas 21 months ago

make any product but maintain the quality of product and firstly stop adultration of pigs pork and cancer causing materials

helena@ 21 months ago

What can be substitute for it. I don't mind time that will take to make it.

Gaurav 21 months ago

maggie is question mark for me.good or bad? Tasty nd healthy? Or Tasty nd toxic?

akam bhaiya 20 months ago

I'm a Maggi addict....even if it contains MSG ,DSG,pork fat or aall baall.....I'm not going to leave it.....I just love MAGGI!!!

1000001111 20 months ago

utter waste stop eating or u well be eaten by it

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