The health benefits of the herb VERNONIA AMYDALINA aka bitterleaf which can be used to cure diseases like diabetes


            The VERNONIA AMYDALINA is a widely known plant popularly called bitter leaf, evergreen in nature and florishes where ever it grows. It is called “ONUGBU” by the Igbos of the eastern part of Nigeria who use it as vegetables, “EWURO” by the Yorubas of the western part of Nigeria who use it for medicine, while the Hausas of northern Nigeria call it “SHIWAKA”.

            As we all know the VERNONIA AMYDALINA is popular for its bitterness, its leaves, stem, roots and bark; a little reminder that life isn’t all sweetness, therefore the slang name BITTER LEAF.

            Bitter herbs help to tone vital organs of the body like the kidney and liver. The Liver is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for the secretion of bile and formation of glycogen. It is also responsible for the metabolism of protein and fats, in fact it’s an organ any one would want to keep intact cause once there is a defect it is very hard to correct, alcohol, sugar and over processed foods should be avoided. The Kidney helps expel waste materials from the body; a breakdown of the kidney is a general disorder of the entire body. The bitter leaf contains vernodalin, venomygdin and saponin which are antibacterials that help keep this vital organs(kidney and liver) in order.

            In Nigeria of West Africa the bitter leaf is used to cure Ringworm, Rashes, and Eczema just by applying the pure undiluted extract of the bitter leaf to the affected part.

            The bitter leaf also reduces the sugar level of the body drastically and repairs the pancreas, a wonder cure for diabetes, squeeze ten handful of the leaves in ten litres of water and take 2glasses 3times daily (6glasses daily) for one month.

            Let me give you a story. A relative of mine was diagnosed for postrate cancer and was told to come back in two months for an operation; he was advised by a tradomedical expert that bitter leaf would solve his problem. “how can that leaf over there solve what needs an operation?” he asked, “my friend all you need do is squeeze the fresh leaves in water and take 1 glass 4times daily for two months after all you have two months before the operation, its worth the try!” said the herbal expert, and would you believe it when he got back to the hospital he was told he won’t need the operation any more. Now that’s another wonder of bitter leaf I witnessed myself. I hear the bitter leaf also sooths inflamed joints and eradicates pains common with Arthritis or Rheumatism patients.

            I would really like to hear your comments, observations and also would like you to share some of your experience with the leaf, to those looking for a way to battle these diseases mentioned above, Diabetes, postrate cancer, kidney or liver related problems, is it ring worm, rashes or eczema? Give this wonderful gift of nature a try; they have been with us and around us for centuries.

the bitter leaf plant
the bitter leaf plant
pluck a hand full(15leaves)
pluck a hand full(15leaves)
rinse with vinegar or saltwater before squeezing
rinse with vinegar or saltwater before squeezing
add a little water to extract juice till u get a glassful
add a little water to extract juice till u get a glassful
juice extracted and ready to drink, quite taste.
juice extracted and ready to drink, quite taste.

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paa kwasi 6 years ago

wonderful. will pass information on to friends.tkx so much.paa kwasi

LILY 6 years ago


kofi ad 6 years ago

can i boil before drinking?

Divine emerald profile image

Divine emerald 5 years ago

Great hub.. I also have a hub on the power of this wonder leaf known to cure almost all human health problems including the dreaded diabetes..

Allen  5 years ago

Very Good when i Tried it. Been having Pains in my anus. They said its called Piles.

after just 3days of using the juice extract, the Pain and swelling disappeared. Im totally dedicated to it now, as i store it in my Refridgerator.

Juben 5 years ago

i use to drink it every weekend first thing in the morning i found out that makes me feel good

chinedu chigbo 5 years ago

after taking drugs 4 malaria,did not not stop but when i took the a tea cup believe me i vomitted woof i regained my works

Bright nkemdirim ndukwe 5 years ago

I advise people eat a lot of bitter leaf

Omoyele 5 years ago

This is wonderful,squeeze it and drink or use it as vegetable. Is good for your health

julian 5 years ago

Bitter Leaf works wonder, i was diagonise with Diabetes and my urine was sugary,then i started taking Bitter Leaf, my urine is nomally.

Eunny 5 years ago

I just want to try it and I will get back to this track after trying

Akosua 5 years ago

I tried it and it works especially about the sugar problem. My brother also for prostrate and it worked wonders. but my problem is i itch. Any help?

David 5 years ago

We in northern Ghana use it to prepare soup just the way any leafy soup is prepared. It cleanses the digestive tract as well. All should try it.

bebe from philippines 5 years ago

my husband used to drink this bitter leaf and i notice he wil dscharge a lot to clean his system.... coz he use to drink liquor daily... so bitter leaf as he said it can be help to clean his body.

May 5 years ago

Hi there,

I am very interesting on this VERNONIA AMYDALINA, and I would like to find out from you is where can I get this live magic plant?

Gbenga o. 5 years ago

i have not try this, when i do, i will my experience.

Praise 5 years ago

Truly, its a natural wonder. I don't take drugs at all. Whenever i feel the symptoms of fever, i just go on a Vernonia Amydalina treatment and am good to go!

Johnson m o 4 years ago

Pls can use bitter leaf to cure long time heamorroid that bleeds?

ADELUSI AYOBAMI. 4 years ago

bitter leaf is really good for human thing that really please me whenever i use this herb is the sweet aftertaste that it possess...I LOVE IT.

Justin Duncan 4 years ago

They renamed the species Gymnanthemum amygdalinum. I grow it here at Prairie View A&M University Greenhouse near Houston, TX. I'm curious about 'squeezing' the leaves... could this be accomplished with a food processor or blender?

Bukky odunlami 4 years ago





Iduh Joseph 4 years ago

VERNONIA amygdalina is a very wonderful plant which has been used as vegetable for soup among the various tribes in Nigeria.It tones the organs and I think this wonderful benefits is not unconnected with the alkaloid constituents.

victor muyiwa benson 4 years ago

i got a handful information about the efficacy of bitter leaf,when i paid a courtesy visit to an elder in my locality,sincerely,i used it recently, it energized my whole body system.i really thank GOD for this wonderful increases my strength

Mrs egbe ifeoma 4 years ago

It is a wonderful gift of the nature .it cures all sickness. Try it someone over there .

Lizy 4 years ago

Bitterleaf is a multi healer. Take it always for ur gud health. Thank God for this natural gift.

afolabi ayoola 4 years ago

bitter leaf is good, im suffering from pile with bleeding, but with this leaf, im getting better.

DURODOLA DADA 4 years ago

Life is not sweet,after hardship comes relaxation,i enjoy bitter leaf drink weekly,and i want to mention bitter cola also

Sugar 4 years ago

Hello Can anyone please help me find some Vernonia Amygdalina leaves or roots here in the Philippines. Thanks!

Herbal Plus 4 years ago

I am an herbalist in Lagos bitterleaf leaves and twigs are used to cure more than 200 ailment topically and through ingestion. Please do not use the root as there have not been research concerning the toxic level of that part.

Evangelist Adom Emmanuel 4 years ago

Bitter leaf is good. It is help me sleep like baby

atalata George 4 years ago

The leaf cure me from persistent coughing

VALERIE BUSARI 3 years ago

We need to be careful with these claims, without scientific evidence or research, how can one claim this!!!! If bitter leave does really cure all these diseases claimed by the author of this article, why are thousands of Nigerians still suffer needlessly from these diseases!!!!!!

Ashraf Nomani 3 years ago

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(40% gymnemic acids, leaf)

Fenugreek extract ....................................................... 125 mg

(standardized to 20% 4-hydroxyisoleucine)

Cinnamon Extract(Cinnulin PF) ................................ 125 mg

Use the combination in capsules to cure diabetes in 2o days , it regenerate Pancreas beta-cell to cure diabetes PERMANENTLY for sure. PDF documents Clinical Test are available to share . best regards ashraf nomani +92 345 2001097 Karachi.

Ndidiamaka 3 years ago

Vernonia Amydalina is a wonderful plant, Gods gift to us. But pls u should try to make it mild. Cos it may harm or damage ur liver if tooo harsh. bitterleaf is best taken mild. Over here in igboland, south eastern Nigeria. We washd over 5 to 6 times before using to make soup. For d juice, wash twice then add in ur blender, add 5mml of water, blend and extract. U get d best juice for life.

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