The power of a relationship with God

I believe in God

This will certainly not be a hub that preaches about God or the Bible, etc. I know almost nothing about the Bible, God, or Jesus. I grew up in a household that never even mentioned religion except in instances such as, G*d dammit!

I remember pretty vividly that a friend of my mothers offered to take us to their church on Sundays, since we obviously had no religious background, and not much for parental supervision either, I think the friend just wanted to help in any way she could. Well, she didn't help, sadly. She actually made things much more confusing for me.

First let me say that I don't want to completely chop my mother off at the knees here. She was the one person to teach me the lesson that I would remember, and follow, for the rest of my life. I'm not sure where she learned it, because she hadn't necessarily lived by it. As my mom and I drove to town in the car one day, I even remember the moment she said it, we were zipping by the local bar that she had hung out in so frequently. Here were mothers words, "Do Unto Others As You'd Have Done To You." In total wonderment I asked her "What does that mean, exactly?"
She went on to explain to me that a good person will be nice to others, help others, and promote others to live by the same rule. If you would want someone to tell you the truth, you must tell the truth, always. If you would expect someone to help you if you needed help with something, then you better be a helpful person, always.

I was wrapped in happiness after having this conversation with my mother. Especially after being in her friends church for a few Sundays. I don't know what kind of church Nancy brought us to, but I knew that it wasn't a "normal" church. I won't go into detail because I will in no way insult anyone's religion here. That's not why I write this hub today. But this Golden Rule that my mother taught me, overrode any silliness that I may have witnessed in that church. I only visited this church for a couple of months before I explained it to mother and asked her if my little sister and I could stop going. All I needed was the Golden Rule. Nothing else. Everything else would fall into place, no matter what or who I believed in.

So I went through my teens and twenties, without ever attending another church. I'd never necessarily believed in God, in fact I was probably on the other side of the fence altogether for all of those years. I never loved myself and continued to make bad choices throughout this decade or so of time in my life. I must've felt that I wasn't worthy of what I really wanted in life because my choices proved just that. I always took the easy way out because the hard way would yield nothing, and end up to be a big waste of time. Well, I didn't want to waste my precious time. As a young person it's all about you. You think the world revolves around you and of course you think you know everything! And why waste that time doing something that's hard when you could just take the easy way out and do whatever you want with the rest of your time. Youth logic, isn't it refreshing?

After years of undiagnosed illnesses and extremely poor decisions, one day I decided to allow God into my life. I had two children at the time (ages 9 and 10), pregnant with my third. I was in the middle of an abusive marriage that had lasted much too long. I knew my older children had already seen too much, and I wanted to protect my third child from the same fate.

I'd been to Sunday school one summer and heard the typical religious discussions going on in the world. That was the limit of my Godly education. But at this age (31), having two children and a failing marriage, I knew something had to change. As pessimistic as I could've been at that very moment due to 31 years of misery, I drew out the little bit that I knew about God, and asked him for his help. I sat there in a small circle with my two older children, and the baby in my stomach. We all closed our eyes and prayed.

I actually, for the first time, felt that God was above me, as I sat there with my children that day. I asked him to forgive me for not believing in him, and for making the decisions in life, that I'd made thus far. I told him that I needed his help to get myself and my children out of an abusive relationship. I was too scared to do this without support, and I had been isolated so long that I didn't have human support. That day changed my life.

After this prayer, within that week, I had been sitting in my chair in the living room and it had been a little cool in that room all day. As I sat there thinking about God and how my entire body and felt different since the day we prayed. Just then I felt large, warm hands on my shoulders. And it felt like the sun had just shone on the top of my head. Nobody else was there at that moment. I knew that it was God.

Ever since that time when my kids and I enfolded ourself in God's hands, my life has been getting better and better. Not only is my quality of life fresher, but good things have happened, and continue to happen to this day. I was finally given the strengh to leave my abusive marriage. Although we were recently together again, it wasn't the relationship that was together, it was my compassion for people. Now that is done for good. I feel that in my soul. I will suddenly find things that I've been searching for. That never used to happen. I would frustrate myself by losing things constantly, and I'd never find them! Now, when it's convenient, I will locate the actual item I'm looking for, at that moment. Some religions say you must tithe (give 10%) of your total income to the church, in order to gain financial freedom yourself. Honestly, I haven't gone to church since I was a teenager and I haven't donated a dime to one either. But I've gotten checks in the mail, or over-paid rent checks (so I pay less for rent that month), and found money in my clothes, at the most opportune times. Just when I need the money, it shows up. And from where? Never in my life before this, had I ever ran into money when I needed it. I suffered many financial losses by being irresponsible with money, and I certainly had never received money, to help myself out of that money-pit, at the moment I needed it.

There are a million examples I could give you. But I not only wanted to address my own experiences, but those of the world around us today. It seems that there are more personal crimes and natural disasters happening. Hurricanes, global warming, child abductions and murders, guns, and so many more horrible events.

Does nobody wonder why things seem to be so much worse on earth today, than it was at any other time in history? Granted, the world is over-populated in my opinion, therefore there are that many more chances for things to go wrong. But, it's not just the external disasters I'm speaking of, but the internal ones as well.

People are more depressed than ever. Anti-depressants are the number one prescribed drug in the world! Why? In my opinion it's because people do not take time out for God in their lives anymore. I'm not talking about the fact that nobody goes to church anymore, compared to the ratio of church-goers in the 1800's, but even having God in their hearts. It's just not as important anymore. Everyone's too busy to show God that they care. In the past, Sunday was a day to worship the Lord. Now Sunday is the only day of the week that some people get, to rest or catch up on other work that they couldn't finish during their work-week. It's incredibly sad. There God sits, being ignored. And that doesn't mean that God is vengeful. In fact it's quite the opposite. God knows we need him, therefore I believe that he shows us that he's here, with the natural disasters and human crime, possibly thinking that we'll come to HIM with help to heal the world. We're not taking the time to do that.

If we want the world to be strong and prosperous for our children and grandchildren, we need to allow God to help us do that. But we cannot do that by sitting back and ignoring him. We cannot expect the world to out-live us, unless we get help now. It's crumbling all around us. And not only is the world crumbling all around us, but so are its inhabitants. Ask God for help. I promise, if you truly believe, he won't let you down or the earth down.

Whatever religion you are, whatever you decide that YOU want to believe in, is all you'll need. It doesn't matter what kind of God you idolize, believing in the creator of the world and its tremendous healing power, will free you.

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MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

Thanks roni--I wish you the best as well:) Hope to see you again sometime!

ronibgood profile image

ronibgood 7 years ago

You are right about the power of prayer and faith. Don't know what I would have done without it. Thanks for sharing and good luck to you.

jacobt2 7 years ago

thanks you for agreeing, but also, (I forgot to say) there is only one true God.

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

jacob--you're exactly right. All I know is what I've experienced and I'm happy to share it with everyone:) Thanks for reading.

jacobt2 7 years ago

good article and testimony, but God is not someone we call on just for help. He is watching over all things and is in control of all things. He wants to have a personal relationship with each and every one of us. He sent his one and only son, Jesus, to die for us so that we may be able to have eternal life in Heaven with Him. Without Him we would be and have nothing.

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

William--Thank you for reading. Good things can happen to those that believe in something!

Williamjordan profile image

Williamjordan 7 years ago from Houston TX

Powerful Keeping sharing this is good as it gets thank you.

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

Toad--lol...I only laugh because I've thought the exact same way on many occasions. I'm sure that is why I didn't believe in God as a young person, I thought it was HIM that caused all of my grief. I didn't stop to appreciate the small things, the life lessons. As you said (in a nutshell), we all must deal with some bad times, to truly enjoy the good times.

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

sometimes I think God is putting me through some bullshit on purpose, he likes to see me squirm and get all pissed, it must amuse him I think, sometimes. I have to admit though, I do seem to get through the challenge and stronger for the next round.

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

AE--I'm glad to see you:) No, God won't let you down. He'll allow you time to learn a lesson, but in the end he will not let you down.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

You are so right God won't let me down..:) This was a wonderful hub.:)

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

AAww Ben, you always know how to put a smile on my face:) I've lived by the Golden Rule ever since that day. I've been used as a doormat plenty of times, but I wouldn't change my ways for anything:) Pay It Forward is another phrase I like to live by. Hugs

Benjimester profile image

Benjimester 7 years ago from San Diego, California

I love the new picture by the way. You are a great mother and the new picture is a perfect display of it. I read some parts of this hub again, and am inspired yet again :) I love the golden rule. It's something I often forget.

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

Whikat--Wow, that's one of the nicest compliments I've ever received in my life! Thank you so much, and being as sweet and supportive as you are, you deserve the best in life also. I don't just say that to be cliche, it's adorable people like you, and so many here at HP that will keep my life in the positive instead of the negative. God bless you right back!

Whikat 7 years ago

Faith is powerful, along with respect, and courtesy. You have all 3 going for you girl. I have been in the abusive relationships myself, so I can relate to your story. I think your wonderful and hub page community is lucky to have you be a part of it. Stay blessed.

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

KD & ely--I respect and appreciate your support and opinions, thank you so much for reading:) I wish both of you the best in all you do!

Satyam--You're right. Everyone needs to have something to believe in, no matter what that might be.

Whikat--I can take the heat from anyone if they have something to say about my faith. I've dealt with criticism my entire life. If there's one good thing that I've taken from an abusive life and marriage, is the tough skin I've grown. I've always been opinionated, and sometimes things will still hurt my feelings, after all, I'm still human. But as far as someone's beliefs go, everyone has a right to their own. Thanks so much for reading and for your support, all of you:)

Whikat 7 years ago

Thank you for sharing your story, I know it could not have been easy, knowing you might have faced ridicule or something. I am glad that you have found faith in something, and that faith has helped you to get out of bad situations and recognize the good in your life. You are a wonderful person for sharing your story. Stay blessed.

Satyam7 7 years ago

Thank you for sharing your experiences and you come to know God. Everyone needs faith to find peace.

Elynjo profile image

Elynjo 7 years ago from Sin City

I admire you for sharing your thoughts. Not all people are like you, having the courage to write a hub about God and beliefs, most people you'll find here on hubpages are respectful, but some will really ridicule you when you write something about religion. Respect is the key word here. God Bless.

K.D. Clement profile image

K.D. Clement 7 years ago from USA


Thank you for writing about your experience with God. I hope you continue to feel this sustaining love and bounty in your life.


MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

Ben--Thank you. I knew this subject would be a little touchy to some people, but that's the reason I wrote it. I believe everybody truly believes in something else. I want to hear from other people what they believe in. Thanks, I will read those verses in the bible. Hugs

Benjimester profile image

Benjimester 7 years ago from San Diego, California

Jamie, those are very encouraging words. I'm glad that you found God, or that He found you at just the opportune moment :) In hearing your thoughts, it seems to me like you would get a lot out of the Psalms in the Bible. Most of them are simple, heartfelt cries to God for help in the midst of trouble. It seems like they would be right up your alley. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

It's in no way detrimental to the heart and soul, to believe in something. Thank you:)

issues veritas 7 years ago

I agree with Raj

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

Thanks for your opinions!

Raj kamal profile image

Raj kamal 7 years ago from Guntur, A.P., India

That's a really great hub. Thanks for sharing your experiences. You have rightly pointed out that religion or belief in god is a personal thing (feeling). I am not mocking you but please consider my thoughts here.

First, people need a comforting hand in the times of grief. When we lack that, we turn to God. He will always be there for us because he is nothing more than our hallucination.

Secondly, you have realised for yourself that you have taken some poor decisions. Our future is decided by the actions we do today. So in a way, we and only we are responsible for our lives.

Thirdly, you know that you have been irresponsible with money. When we don't remember where we have kept the money we are sure to come across it on day or the other. That's not a miracle, that's a coincidence.

And finally, for all the calamities in the world occuring today has got nothing to do with belief in God. The increased depression in people is due to the increased stress because of the importance attributed to economic development.

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 7 years ago from Minnes-O-ta Author

Cris--Thanks for reading:) Haven't seen you for awhile. I guess that's because I haven't said anything interesting for appreciate when you visit! Hugs

ropi--Thank you:)

ropilori profile image

ropilori 7 years ago

Nice thoughts..

Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Great points all over. And I am glad to note that you have found the faith to believe on, and that you believe on it firmly. And yes, good is freeing. Thanks for sharing :D

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