The awesome benefits of B vitamins

A quick look at B vitamins

  • Thiamin, also known as B1 - Thiamin helps to regulate mental functions and nerve growth and can also help with memory. It also helps convert food to energy. Thiamin can be found in whole grains, beans, oranges, peas, peanut butter, pork, liver and fish.
  • Riboflavin, also known as B2- Riboflavin releases energy from foods, makes many of your bodies hormones and aides in growth and development. It can be found in diary products, green leafy veggies, avocados, meat, beans and nuts.
  • Niacin, also known as B3 - Niacin is used for over 50 body processes including releasing energy from food, making hormones, removing toxins and helping to keep your cholestrol within the normal range. Niacin can be found in dairy products, meat, chicken, fish, beans, peas, nuts and peanut butter.
  • Pantothenic acid, also known as B5- Pantothenic acid also releases energy from food. It works with other B vitamins to help break down protiens, fats and carbs from the food you eat to give your body energy. You also need it to make vitamin D and red blood cells. It can be found in liver, fish, chicken, beans and whole grains.
  • Pyridoxine, also known as B6- Pyridoxine can help prevent heart disease and combat depression. You can get Pyridoxine by eating fish, chicken, potatoes, bananas, peas, beans, and avocados.
  • Biotin, also known as B7- Biotin helps to break down the proteins, carbs and fats you consume into energy that you can use. You can get Biotin by eating liver, salmon, clams, eggs, milk, peanut butter and bananas.
  • Folic Acid, also known as B9 - Folic acid helps your cells grow and divide properly, prevents birth defects and prevents heart disease. You can get folic acid by eating dark green leafy veggies, avocados, beets, orange juice, beans and liver.
  • Cobalamin, also known as B12 - Cobalamin breaks down the proteins, carbs and fats you consume to give you energy. It also helps prevent heart disease and combats depression. You can get Cobalamin by eating eggs, milk, yogurt, chicken, fish and meat.

B vitamins fight depression, aging and boosting your immune system

Several studies have shown that the majority of patients admitted into the hospital for depression have a deficiency in the B vitamins pyridoxine and cobalamin. Taking a multivitamin or a B-vitamin complex may help with depression.

Do not take more than 2000 mg a day of pyridoxine, unless prescribed by a doctor. Taking more than 2000 mg a day for a long period of time may cause permanent nerve damage. The RDA (recommended daily allowance, which is the least amount of a vitamin or mineral you should consume) is only 2mg. Taking at least a hundred times that will not likely cause any problems and might help you out of your depression.

Taking extra pyridoxine and cobalamin not only help depression but also fight aging and help to boost your immune system. Folic acid also helps your lungs, skin, and your intestines stay strong against infection. Taking high doses of pyridoxine, cobalamin and folic acid will also help protect you from heart disease.


Getting enough B vitamins will keep your energy up, keep you mentally alert, improve your memory, combat aging, boost your immune system and fight against depression. Many eldery, vegetarians or people who are on strict diets often don't get enough of these important vitamins. Also people who are stressed out, eat out often, dont make good food choices, or abuse alcohol could also be deficient. Pick a good mulit vitamin that has high levels of B vitamins or buy a good B vitamin complex that contains all of these important vitamins and start to improve your health today.

All Natural Health Supplement Recommendations

There are many great all natural supplements. I personally prefer products from InnerLight Inc. which are inspired by the research of Dr. Robert Young. You can learn more about the Alkarian Lifestyle and Dr Young's research at pH Miracle Living. Below are a couple vitamins that can help keep your B Vitamin levels good.

  • Mega Vita-Min is a powerful vitamin that includes several B vitamins plus essential cell salts and minerals that help proper absorbtion of the vitamins. When I started taking this vitamin, I could feel the effects the first day I started taking it.
  • LL B-Complex is formulated to assist in cell formation and promote cell longevity. It contains B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Folic Acid, and Biotin. It is in liquid form so you just take a couple drops every day.
  • LL B-12 can help overcome vitamin B-12 deficiencies that can cause fatigue, depression, and potentially neurological disorders. A proper balance can help digestion, protein synthesis, and the metabolization of carbohydrates and fats. This can be a great "pick me up".

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Dali Burgado profile image

Dali Burgado 7 years ago from Stafford, VA

Excellent Info on B Vitamins. Much appreciated!

Dali Burgado

Dali Burgado profile image

Dali Burgado 7 years ago from Stafford, VA

Excellent Info on B Vitamins. Much appreciated!

Dali Burgado

Eleanor Jarrett 6 years ago

Now I have a new weapon with which to fight my fatigue and

skin breakouts. Thanks.

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