The benefits of Shark Cartilage and possible side effects

Like everything we take these days there are good stories and bad.  I have written this to show how shark cartilage has helped some people.  Also I have listed some of the side affects associated with this product.

Shark Cartilage is taken from the hammerhead, and spiny dogfish sharks, and cow (bovine) and other animals then made into a powder. The protein of collagen is found in the connective tissues of skin, bone and cartilage.

Uses for Shark Cartilage

Shark cartilage first became popular as a nutritional and dietary supplement.

There was a book published several years ago claiming that sharks do not get cancer, although it is now a known fact that they do.  Since then there are many conflicting reports as to the true benefits of using it.


People still believe if they have cancer and use the shark cartilage it will help cure them even though there is no proof.  Some doctors and many researches believe the cartilage can help inhibit the growth of tumours.


The process of a tumours growth is known as angiogenesis.  Our body makes new blood vessels that feed the tumours with oxygen and nutrients.  The tumours will die if the blood supply is removed.   The researches believe that shark cartilage kills the development of these new blood vessels killing the tumours.


Tumour growth involves a process known as angiogenesis, in which the body creates new blood vessels to feed a tumour with oxygen and nutrients as well as remove waste. If the blood supply is removed, the tumour dies. It’s believed that shark cartilage does just that, stopping the development of new blood vessels and thereby starving the tumour.

Dr Simone's study

In Dr Simone’s study he regards that the improvement in patient’s quality of life improves in more than 75 percent of patients. These patients are no longer being treated with chemotherapy or radiation, which could account for some of their improvement.

Methods for taking Shark Cartilage & dosage

Never intake more of any product than what is prescribed on the product

The most popular form of taking shark cartilage is an easy to swallow capsule.

It can also be taken as an eneama (in the rectum), a powder, liquid or in an injection.

Possible side effects of Shark Cartilage

Some effects can cause serious problems. Research has shown that one patient with diabetes had a low blood sugar level. It is suggested that people with liver disease should not take shark cartilage.

Some side effects are:

  • Diarrhoea
  • High blood calcium levels
  • Hand and feet swell due to fluid
  • Tiredness and loss of appetite
  • Indigestion
  • Sick feeling

My conclusion

In conclusion, if you believe that shark cartilage is helping you then go ahead and take it. It is always advisable to speak to your doctor about any medication that your are taking. Some medications are good for some situations in one person and cause a reaction in another.

Always be honest and tell your doctor what kind of tablets, capsules or medication you are taking, at all times. He cannot help you if you take it upon yourself to self medicate.

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einron profile image

einron 7 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Thanks for the hub. A pharmacist friend of mine who had cancer of the breast took shark cartilage plus medication and chemotherapy. Unfortunatelly she did not survive and died at the age of 57 years. Maybe her case was too far gone.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 7 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

eiron, There are so many people with cancer these days, I still think it is the food that we eat. Sorry that you lost your friend.

BeatsMe profile image

BeatsMe 7 years ago

I've never heard of this before. Thanks for introducing.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 7 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

beats me, no problems, thanks for stopping by

Rudra profile image

Rudra 7 years ago

This is the first time I have heard of shark cartlilage but I will be looking at it in the shops from now.

stu 7 years ago

killing sharks is criminal. you have no issue slaughtering other animals for your own sake.....

BEEKAYDOUG 7 years ago


marie 6 years ago

it says on the bottle that its a by-product and no sharks were killed just for cartilage

scott lay 6 years ago

Have there been any reported problems with this supplement for people who have seafood allergies? My friend can eat Tuna but not nuch else. shellfish especially gives her a big problem.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 6 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

scott, your friend would need to contact their medical practitioner for specific details pertaining to their problems. I could not even guess as to how it would affect them.

John 6 years ago

I was diagnosed with hodgkin's disease in 1992, I battled it for (3)8 months remissions I started taking shark cartilage after I read an article on it, and I've been in remission for 15 yrs.+ My doctors don't think it's because I take 4 capsules a day but my wife and I believe it is!!!!!!!

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 6 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

John, well done as long as it works for you then that is excellent. glad it has worked well. cheers.

Hamma 6 years ago

Oooops...I meant to say "make her feel better all the time". She cut up potatoes to fry last night with no pain in fingers or toe! She also make very tasty fry chicken with help of Shake & Bake...

Tania 5 years ago

Hi John, well done that is great news. How did you work out the dosage?

Daniel Arango 5 years ago

you stupid people, Sharks do get cancer and they also get sick. You are just promoting the illegal fishing of sharks! .... STOP DOING THIS!!!!


sorry for killing your hopes. but its true, sharks do get cancer and you will never get better if you eat shark... ignorants.

Daniel Arango 5 years ago

author ...

please ... you don't have the right to tell people this, is not true! if you want to know about sharks and see the effect that this problem is having in the world just watch the documentary Sharkwater.

hope you realize the damage your creating in the world

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 5 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

Daniel arango this is my opinion and from research that I have done. If you read the title it states benefits and possible side effects it is up to the individual to make up their own minds.

Sharon Wallace 5 years ago

I have been taking the shark cartlidge for approximately for 4 months for a knee pain for a torn meniscus and arthiritis in my knee. I had such excruiting pain that I could not get up from a sitting position without extreme pain. I have taken the product for 4 months and there has been a GREAT improvement and I have better mobility and no pain. I live by this product as one of the best that actually live up to the statement that is mentioned from other testimonials.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 5 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

Sharon wallace, thanks for stopping by and commenting, I am a firm believer that if something works for you then continue to take it but also check with your doctor that it doesn't conflict with other medications that you are taking. cheers

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos

A great piece. I am benefitted and the experiences shared awesome. I hope others read this especially the aged. Bless you

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 5 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

unanichijioke, glad that this has helped and like you say hope it helps others too.

Sylvia 3 years ago

I have Rhumatoid Arthritis and bought Bell's join relieve quite a while back and don't know if there is an expiry date and whether or not it would go against the Chloroquine I am presently taking.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 3 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

I would talk to a chemist or your doctor about that. As I am not either so could not say one way or another.

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