Simple breathing exercise: How to unblock the nose

Blocked Nose Brings Misery

Woman trying to unblock her blocked nose
Woman trying to unblock her blocked nose

By  Dr. Artour Rakhimov

This exercise was used by many thousands people in Russia since over 200 doctors taught it to their patients as a part of the Buteyko method. Most patients, even with severe sinusitis or rhinitis, according to reports of these doctors, could safely unblock their nose in around 1-2 minutes.

Here are the steps to follow

Pinch your nose and then start fast walking with the nose and mouth closed (you could be able to walk for 15-25 steps). Hold your breath for as long as possible or until your get a very strong desire to breathe (suffocate yourself). Then relax, take a breath only through the nose and sit down with correct posture (the straight or erect spine). Concentrate on your breath. After releasing the nose, while sitting, you should keep the mouth closed. Do not gasp for air, but, instead, make a smaller and slower inhalation and then immediately relax body muscles, especially thoracic or costal muscles. Take another (easier) inhale and completely relax. With each breath, take a smaller or shallow (reduced) inhalation and then again completely relax body muscles. The main goal is to constantly preserve the strong level of air hunger for about 2 minutes with best possible relaxation of the whole body.

Our basal breathing pattern has strong effects on cardiovascular system, circulation and blood supply for all cells. For example, breathing through the mouth (including sleep and exercise) affects hundreds of biochemical and physiological processes and reactions in the human body (due to CO2 and NO effects). Sleeping on the back at night can make breathing about twice heavier reducing cell oxygenation and triggering asthma attacks, sleep apnea, insomnia, mouth breathing, migraine headaches, anxiety, many other conditions.

If you retrain your automatic breathing pattern, so that after your usual exhalation, you can easily hold your breath for 20 or more seconds, your problems with nasal breathing will completely disappear. You can achieve this using the Buteyko method, Frolov breathing device, Amazing DIY breathing device or even correctly practiced yoga.

The permanent solution of this problem with the blocked nose is to have normal breathing pattern 24/7 so that to have normal or healthy body oxygenation (visit for more details). Learn more about normal breathing and watch this GoogleVideo clip. It explains the connection between breathing patterns and tissue oxygenation:

Unblock a nose in 1 min

Resources and References


Tidal volume - what this physiological parameter mean with values in healthy people and people with chronic diseases.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov is an author of several bestselling Amazon books including "Doctors Who Cure Cancer", which features the most successful ever-known clinical trial on metastatic cancer: 6 times reduction in 3-year mortality due to ... the same breathing exercises that is explained above!


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RESULTS: All patients had an elevated respiratory rate (>18 breaths/minute) with an upper thoracic breathing pattern. Twelve of the 14 patients complaining of nasal obstruction had an elevated Nijmegen score indicative of HVS. An average number of 2.5 procedures had been performed on each patient. End-tidal P(CO2) levels were < or = 35 mmHg in the three patients who had expired P(CO2) levels measured. Breathing retraining was successful in correcting the nasal congestion in two of five patients.
CONCLUSION: HVS should be included in the differential diagnosis of patients presenting with nasal congestion, particularly after failed nasal surgery. One possible explanation is increased nasal resistance secondary to low arterial P(CO2) levels. Another possible explanation is reduced alae nasae muscle activity secondary to the reduced activity of serotonin-containing raphe neurons. Additional surgery may not necessarily be the answer in HVS patients complaining of nasal congestion.

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David Cottam 7 years ago

I've been practising these Buteyko techniques for about two weeks now and have felt much more alive and healthy. I have managed to stay awake every day without sleepiness, I've started sleeping without CPAP and I'm waking without mental fog and exhaustion.My general alertness and mood is also much improved. I've stopped using Modafinil to stay awake and no longer need to use my nasal spray.I've also reduced my inhaled steroids Strangely enough, I also seem to be eating less and drinking less tea and coffee. Altering my breathing has made me feel alive again and it has cost me almost nothing! I can't understand why everyone misunderstands the vital role of CO2 in healthy respiration. Asthma and sleep apnoea have been ruining my life for several years but at last I think I have them under control. I am a terrible sceptic when it comes to "alternative" therapies but this is based on sound scientific principles and does everything it claims to do.

anonymous 7 years ago

WOW! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, I seriously mean it!! My nose has been blocked for a long time, and this exersise unblocked my nose completely! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Aj 6 years ago

dear sir,this worked a lil bit for me if a try this again and again for month or so will it effect the unblock of the nose a lot?,And i even have backteria or i don't know the medical name of above my nose.

Amazed 6 years ago

This actually works! Soo much relief. It amazed me hands down 100% real

Shannon 5 years ago

Omfg thank you ;o;

Shocked 5 years ago

OMG! It actually works!

artour profile image

artour 4 years ago from Canada Author

Cool. If you get over 20 s for the body oxygen, you will be fine 24/7.

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