The many uses for Penicillin.

How I got perscribed Penicillin in the first place.

Well, here's how it all started. I had a sensitive tooth and I figured I would go to the dentist to get it seen, and hopefully resolved. I sat in their chair and waited as they looked at my tooth with one of those mirror tools, the results were inconclusive, so they decided to take an x ray of the area of the tooth and surrounding teeth. That was a great idea, because after the dentist looked at it and goes "Oh" it made me feel better about the whole situation (sarcasm). She turned around and told me that my tooth had an infection in the root, and that I would need a root canal. So in order to fight the infection she prescribed me Penicillin.

The uses of Penicillin

Penicillin is an antibiotic and is used to treat and prevent a variety of bacterial infections. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria. Penicillin treats and prevents ONLY bacterial infections, it will not work for viral infections.

Here is what the information above means.

I didn't know about this stuff until now really, but here are the differences between bacteria and a virus. Apparently bacteria which is considered a living organism thrives on "non-living" surfaces such as our floors, cups, plates etc, A virus however is not considered a living organism and can only survive inside a living being. For example HIV, and the flu. I found out that a virus once in the body will take over cells in the body and make them produce more of the virus. WOW, that's scary. Eff virus'. However there are defenses against a virus, like viral antibiotics and immunizations. Penicillin is for bacterial infections.

Now, to the good part.

  I found it humorous that I was prescribed Penicillin, and here's the reason. I have heard that people are prescribed this medication for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's). Now, if I were to tell my friends that I was given this medication, that is exactly where they heads would go and of course I would be given shit for having to take this antibiotic. So I go up to the counter of the pharmacy  with this in mind, unfortunately for me the pharmacist was a good looking lady, one that I would definitely "do" if you get my drift. I'm embarrassed so I devised a scheme, just to let this babe know that I don't have the clap or any other sexual related disease. Here is what I did, I called one of my buddies and was like "yea man I got to take an antibiotic because I have an infection in my tooth and have to get a root canal", I said this loud enough to make sure she could hear what I was saying. Genius.

The outcome.

  With all the above being said, I still made no impression on the babe. Not only did I not make an impression, I probably made myself look like a complete dick bag. I am now taking this medication and awaiting my root canal which should be fun, or at least that's what I hear. I will let you know how it goes. Oh yeah and this is my first blog on this site and I hope you don't expect more informative blogs from me because I am a goof ball and will probably post some dumb yet interesting things on this site. Anyway thanks and goodbye for now.

This is me as phill collins

su su sudio
su su sudio

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TheRealTruth profile image

TheRealTruth 7 years ago from Virginia

Phil Collins! Phil Collins!!

rahul singh 7 years ago

sir can u tell me wht use of penicillium

da hood 6 years ago

lol...u just helped me with my essay.

bobthebuilder 6 years ago



say 6 years ago

this help me with my projct. thank you

tiger 6 years ago

FYI--Penicilin is a VERY common antibiotic that is not just primarily used with people that have an STD. It would be common to be prescribed penicilin at a doctor's office, say, even for the common cold. Therefore, your attempts to sway the hot pharmacist were in vain. She found out instead, that you are getting a root canal--the result of not getting your teeth checked regularly every 6 months. (Afterall, dentistry is a preventative field, so regular checkup would have detected the carious lesion before it spread to the pulp of your tooth.) One could assume then, unless you have some systemic problem, you don't take care of your mouth. That might have been the reason your little plan didn't work.

Just FYI.

Anon 6 years ago

STDs make up an extremely small portion of what Penicillin treats, and that cute pharmacist would know that. Its broad spectrum and often prescribed as "Oh, you feel bad? Take some of this to make you feel better." Although due to resistant strands this use is becoming less common.

coco08 6 years ago

thanks for the info it gave me an idea to star working in my project. also the comments are helpful. thanks

awesome man me 6 years ago

omg....u ppl who add the random sht about the uses and how its used not just for bla bla bla blaaaaaa.............i got some info for are NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

leroy 6 years ago

yo wut u been putin yo mouf on fer dat bakterium infetus

CJ 6 years ago

LMAO! Phil, ur story matches mine to the 'T'! Im going thru that exact story as I type this! I was like, Penicillin? Wait, wasn't I prescribed that a few years ago when I... umm... Anyways, I am awaiting a root canal also and I am taking that. I just thought your story was hillarious! Thanx 4 sharing bro. Cj from Chicago

coolzz 6 years ago

i have a project what is the benefits and use of penicillin

WEEE 6 years ago

LOL, I just took ur info for my science essay and my teacher wants me to send her the link of where I got all this good info '-_-,,, Im gonna send her a site where the article has "DICK BAG" and "SHIT" for my teacher to read :D

lalacha16 5 years ago

Penicillin can be used for tonsillitis aswell, that's what I have to use for my throat.

angle1441 5 years ago

You know I read a lot of post from a lot of sites, usualy when im trying to find answers to questions on other subjects, and I run into the same thing over and over. Dumb ass people who got nothing better to do then make rude comments about people and there storys! What the hell do you think the internet is for? sharing! So all you people who call others "nerds" and other ugly things need to get a flippin life! I mean how do you expect people to open up and share info and other storys that the rest of us may find useful or even funny?! Here's a don't like what someone has to say? Move the hell on! Im sure they liked what you had to say even less! I know I did! And as for all the "nerds" and "dick bags" keep up the good work! Some of us apreciate the time you take to post your storys.

yo 5 years ago

yo sukers

PrettyGyrl 5 years ago

Although quirky and very funny, I found this story to be very useful. For those of u who wanna be technical and all...thanks, but the Guy was obviously trying to offer up the basics on penicillin, with a twist of "funny" added. Life is serious enough, we don't have to be too folks. I loved it!

livvy9182 5 years ago

hey, thanks this helped me with my project

lolzery 5 years ago

This is not real!! This is all Fake!!! those that think this helped them, ur teacher's gonna give you a d+ at the most!!

me 5 years ago


Corrector 5 years ago

Bacteria is not only able to survive on non-living surfaces, bacterium can survive also on living surfaces and use the food material that surround/are inside the living tissue.

Common food sources for bacteria are glucose and sucrose and will always find glucose as the primary food source, different bacterium will vary its diet and only digest certain food sources.

jeetendra 5 years ago

thanks for explanation....

Darkbydesign 5 years ago

This is retarded

dr.igotsomethingbettertodo 4 years ago

U r all laim

flip 4 years ago

Will it cleanse ur urine for a drug test?

ohvickylol 4 years ago

I'm on penicillin now! & getting a root canal done next week!! Yikesssssssss LOL

C` 4 years ago

ni cjunfrwev 8fmj

Apparao 4 years ago


akhilesh pratap rao 4 years ago

gives some uses of antibiotic....

Gdoll 4 years ago

Dude your story is funny. Mostly because that's what I thought when I was given an antibiotic that is most commonly given to patients with chlamydia. I got it for a respiratory infection and was like ok this isn't awesome. Anyways all your little negative nancy commentators are 100% wrong in saying your wrong. Hey root canal lady- I had to get one because my dentist left a hole in my tooth when he removed braces bracket. Grade D person- lol you must be on some wikishit cause the information provided is actually very correct. I'm in my 6th year of earning a phd. Don't ask me for a job in ten years. But i bet you'll be paying me boat loads for me to prescribe you penicillin :*

prof.Ahmed 4 years ago

i entirely agree with U mr.collins, all the imformation gv above a actually right...either use them or....gdoll u cool

umar 4 years ago

o yar koi kam da nae tu

Thanks Homes 4 years ago

It Helped Bro! :)

rakesh reddy 4 years ago

the imformation is right bro''''

shutthefuckup 3 years ago

stay white

penicillin 2 years ago

penicillin gives us second chance to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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