The Most Effective Ways to Prevent HIV/AIDS: Simple Prevention Methods

HIV/AIDS prevention

HIV/AIDS is one of the world leading killer diseases more so in countries with slow economic growth. HIV/AIDs in this country spread like fire due to the poor living conditions. There has been some great effort by world health body and affected people on how to improve the living conditions of those affected by HIV/AIDs by offering some preventive measure

HIV/AIDS prevention is a war that cannot be fought by only an individual but by the world at large, HIV/AIDS has no boundary and anybody can get the disease at any time, in anyplace regardless whether you are a man or a woman. People have to come together and helps prevent HIV/AIDS epidemic. The world needs to put more emphasizes on HIV/AIDS prevention rather than curing, prevention of HIV/AIDS is the best way to deal with the spread of AIDS

There are many ways in which people can help in HIV/AIDS prevention rather than wait for treatment. Below are some fundamental ways to prevent HIVAIDS

1.       Behavior change

It is the right times for people to develop some right or positive attitude concern HIV/AIDS, with positive attitude you will be more instrumental in changing other people’s behavior. Behavior such as rape and sex scandal would be very minimal and this could help in HIV/AIDS prevention. Unless we change our attitude towards HIV/AIDS then prevention will be difficult to attain

2.       Safe sex

Sex is something that we can’t avoid unless you are physically challenged to the extent that sex is a privilege to you. Having sex is your body’s right. HIV/AIDS prevention can only be realized when people starting having some safe sex by ensuring that at any time you are having undoubted sex, it is good to have some HIV/AIDS preventive devices like condom. We can only prevent HIV/AIDS if we plan the way we have sex. Reckless sexual behavior will have a very bad effect on how HIV/AIDS is prevented and will increase the spread of HIV/AIDS. Since sex is one of the natural force that one cannot resist, as human beings we can resist having sex at the wrong time or places.

3.       Food security

To prevent HIV/AIDS, we need to have more food that will help those who are trading their body for food and other valuable that arise from poverty.  In the countries with poor economical growth sex trade is much ripe with wealthy in the society taking advantages of poor little girls. There is need to have food secure world that everybody have access to food without having to risk being infected by HIV/AIDS

4.       HIV/AIDS Prevention education

Many people to date still do not have enough knowledge about HIV/AIDS, to prevent HIV/AIDS in the world; government authorities with the responsibility of protecting its citizen should educate people about HIV/AIDS prevention. In rural places where majority do not have access to basic education knowing about HIV/AIDS is just not possible. In these places young people with great exposure are having unprotected sex that poses great risk to contracting HIV/AIDS. Having knowledge on HIV/AIDS prevention is the greatest investment that you can have as an individual

5.       When we talk about fighting HIV/AIDS it will fight back

As you may have known that for every action that must be some reaction, we talk of fighting HIV/AIDS the more HIV/AIDS will fight back. As in life when two people are fighting one has to won the fight as the other looses, the terminology should be change I could give my own terminology as “ Working with HIV/AIDS”  this will enable you understand HIV/AIDS more. Government should stop using scary drawings depicting people with HIV/AIDS

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candy 6 years ago

practise safe sex people plz we are begging u

snow_white88 6 years ago

i think abstenance is the safest way above all... as hard as it is, it does over ride everything else..... a good hub:- ) its a good reminder to all of us.*

oderog profile image

oderog 6 years ago from Nairobi Author

snow_white88 you are right abstinence is the safest

way above all but in the world where temptation is

all over and where people do contrary to what they

say, sometimes it can be a challenge to abstain hence

exposing oneself to HIV/AIDs and just as candy said safe sex can be good preventive measure if you cannot control yourself

ashish 6 years ago

can u tell me how YOGA helps reduce the effect of HIV AIDS

Tablet Android Honeycomb Terbaik dan Murah 5 years ago

Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to sumit it again if i do not have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot Tablet Android Honeycomb Terbaik Murah

seniour 5 years ago

fear god by abstaining from sex before marriage but if uyou are failing then law of condom use is the best.

fatima oyawoye 5 years ago

this a good way thanks

Deraro kerbo 5 years ago

Care we take for our self conributes to others as well!

jual tas murah 4 years ago

I just wanna say thank you for the information that you have been shared to us readers. Thanks for posting this kind of theme.

nekaybawemptage 4 years ago

i think using a condom is the best way

VIOLA 4 years ago


portia.M 4 years ago

condomise people that's the only solution.people are dieng of this killer diseases,be aware.

Khaloba 3 years ago

Lets all take the precautions and fight against HIV/AIDS

alexander 3 years ago

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