The pregnancy option

The phone call

Driving home from the office where you just announced to everyone that your pregnant again. It was a great day everyone wanted to talk about how you felt and it was starting to feel like the announcement went well. You have a missed call, but with such great news to share you opt to check your messages later.

Settling in from a long day at work you realize you haven't checked your voice mails. You listen in shock as your doctor tells you, you have options it's really early we should drop the phone.

I found out through research this is going on daily these option calls. I was pregnant, I saw my baby what do you mean option?  Well during my ultrasound there were some shinny spots on my babies heart. This has been said to linked to down syndrome so because technology has progressed doctors can see signs early but being pregnant for the fourth time who asked technology to step in on my behalf? What was supposed to be a joyous final pregnancy turned into a nightmare.

The waiting game

I was angry because it was very valuable information but I felt like it meant nothing. It could have been told to me on the day I gave birth because feeling your babies heart beat is not an option, it's real.

There are stages of guilt when you get news like this. Are you being selfish giving birth to a baby you know might have birth defects or are you doing the only real option you have; not making life an option.

There were family members who were so angry with me they wanted testing, results decisions. I was disgusted. My beliefs were clear, I was having a beautiful new baby!!

I think this is a crazy practice telling woman in early stages of pregnancy a guess, something that is linked to so many things stressing that person for the remainder of their pregnancy.

Testing .....

There are test that can be done to detect early signs I did take the blood test but that was as far as I could go.It was negative for Downs. I didn't want to waste my doctors time and he told me he was required to tell me but he already knew how I felt.

I had about four ultra sounds and with each one I felt better but they had so many gray areas it was still a long process. My little girl is moving around and making her presence known. I rocked her to sleep tonight and I thought about my options and it hurt my heart. We all like having choices in our life but lets make sure we are making sound choices and not just choosing an option...

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Hannah Ministries profile image

Hannah Ministries 6 years ago

What a great HUB!!! I know exactly what you felt because I have been trough something like this. Thanks to become fan on my HUB. I will mark you down. Wich hub mine did you read? Loved your work will read more. But please tell us how it all ended. Did you have a healty baby? Or do you need to take extra care of her? Or is she not born yet? blessing

AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you so much she will be one in a few days, and we have not had any medical problems thank God!!

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