The steps to take for Bariatric Surgery

With the proliferation of bariatric surgery as a result of the lowering of requirements many surgeons have embraced, there are some issues one need to address. The most successful surgery of this type is that which is researched extensively. Here are some of the steps to take:

  1. Locate website and learn about weight loss surgery, and what steps to take to initiate process
  2. Check with insurer to ascertain coverage, requirements.
  3. If not covered investigate alternative funding
  4. Visit family physician and get determination of need for surgery and precise documentation.
  5. Investigate Bariatric surgical methods and surgeons/centers.
  6. Make possible choice and obtain appointment, or referral from home physician
  7. Discuss surgery options and choose type of surgery. (possibly you will have to choose different surgeon depending on services offered)
  8. Make appointment for assessment (psychological, medical, etc.)
  9. Secure coverage/financing (file appeal if necessary)
  10. Participate in pre-surgery requirement (nutrition classes, follow-up psychological sessions, etc.)
  11. Schedule surgery and recuperation time
  12. Have surgery
  13. Participate in post-surgical care (follow-up appointments on bariatric diet, exercise, use of vitamins and supplements.)
  14. Follow direction from surgeon (Nutrition, bariatric diet, exercise, use of vitamins and supplements.)
  15. Keep track of weight loss
  16. Immediately report any adverse situations to surgeon and follow instruction.
  17. Enjoy your new life

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Conservative Lady profile image

Conservative Lady 4 years ago from Surprise Arizona - formerly resided in Washington State

Very helpful and informative Hub - I manage a Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery Center - you have provided a great service to people considering this option. Voted Up and Useful/Interesting.

musicalbutch profile image

musicalbutch 4 years ago from Fresno, CA

Wonderful Hub! Thanks again for visiting mine, and I will be sure to follow yours as well :) Keep them coming!

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