The symptoms of Jock Itch - How to use Home Remedies for Jock Itch and other Jock Itch Treatments

Development of the "itch"

Dark, moist, stuffy areas are best friends of Tinea Cruris. In the following paragraphs I will cover some of the symptoms of Jock Itch as well as some Home remedies for treating Jock Itch.

Stage One: It's been a hot sweltering summer. For the last week a gentle slightly annoying itch has developed in your genital region. (Yes ladies you are not immune to this) Your first reaction is to brush it off as every one's had the occasional itch. Fast forward two weeks and that slightly annoying itch has turned into Dante's Inferno. A simply itch has turned into a bright red rush that covers your inner thighs, buttocks, and any other creases in your groin region. Amongst the intense itching you also have to deal with an extremely rancid smell. You've tried soap, shampoo, and even cooking grease to try and alleviate this intense pain but still have no answers.

Symptoms of Jock Itch

  • An intense rash in genital areas (Buttock / Inner Thighs)
  • Uncontrollable / Persistent Scratching
  • Rash doesn't disappear with conventional methods
  • Ripping, Peeling, or Cracking of Skin

Causes for the Crotch Itch

As I've alluded to early damp, dark, moist areas are the breeding ground for the bacteria that cause Crotch Itch. To answer your next question candida albicans, trichophyton mentagrophytes and epidermophyton are some of the common bacteria in question. All of which I still can't pronounce with my trusty dictionary.

The "mentagrophytes for dummies is as follows: You just finished using the last of the anti-fungal cream for that bad case of athlete's foot you had. In the process some of that bacteria rubbed against your hand and landed smack dab in your genital area. You put on your handy dandy jock strap (every one has a jock strap right?) before your bi- weekly basketball game and bam you have just created the perfect environment for treating the symptoms of jock itch.

Home Remedies for Jock Itch

After hours and hours and hours and hours of research (please excuse the hyperbole) I found some tried and true remedies for eliminating jock itch. These products are fairly common and I would imagine at least one of these products being in your refrigerator or medicine cabinet as we speak. I haven't tried these products out nor do I have any type of medical degree and I haven't stayed at a Holiday in three weeks so please take this as my lawyer like disclaimer.

Listerine. Listerine as opposed to say Toothpaste? I'm just not sure about it myself. But yes prepare yourself a small cup of Listerine but don't drink, put it on well you know.

Antiperspirant- Who knew? Instead of breaking out the right guard sports stick or old spice for men (my personal favorite) apply Liberally to the infected area.

Aside from those home remedies, keep the infected area as open as possible. Think air dry! Wear loose fitting clothing and stay away from those tight spandex whenever possible. These are some of the ways to treat the symptoms of jock itch.

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Home Remedies 7 years ago

So it really depends what the remedy is for things like cleaning bacteria off objects or skin regular vinegar would be fine but for something like dandruff remedy the beneficial bacteria and vitamins of a cider vinegar will be much more effective.

Natural Home Remedies 7 years ago

Amongst the intense itching you also have to deal with an extremely rancid smell. You've tried soap, shampoo, and even cooking grease to try to alleviate this intense pain but still have no answers.

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