Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

My father always encouraged me to watch the champions of any sport I played. Every good coach I have even trained under, regardless of the sport, has always encouraged me to do the same. My father and coaches wanted me to study these great athletes for two reasons: first to feel inspired, and secondly, to learn the techniques from the masters.

At the time, I thought I was just being trained to be competitive in sports. Little did I know how important these lessons would become in the arena of life.

The discovery of this idea is the single most important event in my life. It's not just the discovery of an idea, but an awakening, a revelation, the essential purpose that has eclipsed and brought focus and clarity to my life. A transformation of a direction that mysteriously emerges slowly has began to take place.

Today, I am still very much in transformation, and at times I feel as if I am progressing. While at other times , I can't help but feel that I am taking a few steps back. I have learned by watching the Champions(Old Timers) and listening to my Father(Higher Power), as well as my Coaches(Sponsors) that my feelings can be a poor indicator of the work that is actually being done. I have come to believe that at every turn in life's road, My Higher Power is drawing the path I am to follow. Whether I am aware of it or not. My courage to accept the present and my hope to make it through today comes from remembering how to use the skills I have been taught, to achieve the goals(sobriety) I have just for today.

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