There's Power in Our Prayer

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

There's a power in prayer,

that humankind cannot compare,

It lifts us up in times of despair,

into the light, and sky, so fair.

When life seems so unkind,

and way too much for us to bare,

Strength in verse, is our hope,

to let us know our Lord does care.

Feel the power, then share the love,

and stand assured in the word,

With bowed heads and open hearts,

To be sure, our prayers are heard,

An awesome God, before us now,

We are His children, to be revered,

No thing on this earth can stand,

against us all, or will be feared.

Hold on in your faith, all hold on,

for to our God, we do all belong,

We are weak, and He, so strong,

To live our lives, so right, or wrong.

Our Maker watches over each,

our belief in Him, He does all beseech.

In a world of joy, so beautiful,

and beyond its gates, is heaven to reach.

In prayer we find our answers, well,

and to our God, a story to tell,

For when we ask, we all shall see,

with His great help, we cannot fail.

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

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