Thigh Fat And How To Get Rid Of It

What is the Best Way to Lose Your Thigh Fat Fast!

Many women suffer with excessive thigh fat which can be very depressing, but what can they do to alleviate this problem? Excessive weight is a problem that millions of people around the world have and one part of the body that causes concern more than most are the thighs. Although men can often have fat thighs it is a problem that is more often associated with women and this is mainly due to the fact that as women age their estrogen levels drop. Estrogen is the hormone that controls the fat content in a woman's body.

We have always been judged by how we look and this is why so many people believe that being thin is the only way they can be fully accepted. It hasn't always been the case though...remember Marilyn Monroe? She was looked upon as being the perfect woman, adored by millions, both men and women...yet she was a size fourteen! There's hope for us all still!

If you want smaller thighs it is entirely within your power to get them and it needn't take that long to achieve your goal either as long as you are dedicated. The biggest plus when tying to lose weight from your thighs is that the fat you will be looking to burn is attached to one of the largest muscles in the body. Thigh muscles are one of the easiest muscles in the body to work hard as they are used continuously every day anyway, it's just a case of increasing their work rate. Increasing the work rate of the thigh will help you to lose fat quickly.

One thing that should be noted however is that although exercise can target specific muscles it will not target fat loss. Whatever you may have heard or read, targeted fat loss through exercise and diet is not possible. But that doesn't mean that exercise isn't vitally important as it will still tone your muscles and is none-the-less a major contributing factor in burning fat and by combining an effective exercise regime with an equally effective healthy diet it is amazing how quickly the pounds will drop off.

Never try to run before you can walk, start your exercise program gently, walking is a particularly good way to start. A brisk walk will help get the oxygen flowing through your body and is ideal preparation for more strenuous exercises that you will be moving onto later. All forms of exercise will help to stimulate your metabolism into burning more fat no matter how difficult it is.

The next phase, when you feel ready to start it, is some very basic step work which you can do easily on a step at home. Simply step up and then down fifteen to twenty times, no need to do this at lightning speed, take your time. If you are finding that 15 to 20 steps is a little too much to begin with do as many as you feel comfortable with initially and increase it by a couple of steps each day until you reach twenty.

It may seem like very little exercise to start with but the secret to successfully losing weight through exercise is to set yourself achievable targets as failing to meet unrealistic targets will leave you feeling demoralized and will eventually end in complete failure. Aim to set yourself small increases in your daily exercise targets that will be much easier to complete providing much needed encouragement making you less likely to quit.

Eventually, you will feel like you can move up to the next level which is when you should join a health centre, taking advantage of the multitude of exercise machinery they have on offer. However, not everyone feels comfortable in the health club environment and would prefer to exercise at home. If this sounds like you then cycling is well worth considering.

For giving the thighs the best work out possible there can be fewer forms of exercise better than cycling, especially if you stand when cycling! Alternatively, there are many different exercises and routines that target the thigh area which are easily carried out in the privacy of your own home.

Here's a FREE report on how to lose weight on your thighs and some further information about the causes of thigh fat in women that I am positive you will find helpful.


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