Thyroid Vitamins for Thyroid Health

Thyroid Vitamins


Thyroid vitamins for Thyroid Health

Thyroid vitamin is essential to thyroid health. The list comprises of vitamins as well as minerals that you may actually source out from a wide array of foods.

Most often than not, you already have thought of incorporating vitamins in your daily lives – whether you are seeking thyroid treatment or not. But to make sure that your thyroid gland remains healthy, you should look only for qualified sources of these essential nutrients. Below, you will find a list of vitamins and minerals to take note of when thyroid health is concerned.

Vitamins and Minerals for Thyroid Health

The most essential minerals needed for thyroid health are iodine, selenium and zinc. For a list of vitamins, you should consider Vitamins D and E. Look at how each of these vitamins and minerals give benefits to thyroid health.


This is considered a very important supplement for thyroid health. However, you have to take note that although it is essential for the thyroid gland, you should not take too much iodine. Excessive iodine in your body may also cause thyroid problem in the long run.

People who need iodine supplement are those who do not consume foods rich in natural iodine. You can obtain this mineral from sea salt, seafood and seafood vegetables. If you are fond of eating these kinds of food, you do not have to take iodine supplement.


This kind of mineral is extremely essential in the development of thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland known as T4 and T3. It is also crucial in the production of TRH in the hypothalamus to accelerate the pituitary gland. It dictates the thyroid gland to develop more thyroid hormone.


This is essential at the intracellular level to aid the thyroid nuclear receptors which connect and compel the interpretation of the so-called DNA genetic code. You should remember that the major purpose of thyroid hormone is to aid in positioning the genetic codes in action. The required daily dosage for zinc is 10 mg while selenium supplements should be taken at 200 mcg daily.

Vitamin D:

This kind of vitamin is also essential for the development of thyroid hormone in the pituitary gland and probably in the premature phase of T3 that connect to its receptors. The required daily dosage of Vitamin D should be 800 IU.

Vitamin E:

This vitamin is considered as an essential system in sustaining the conversion of T4 into T3. The quantity of vitamin E required daily is from 400-800 International Units.

Other Kinds of Vitamins and Minerals Vital to Thyroid Health

The highest forms of thyroid supplements mentioned above will become more efficient in supporting the thyroid by incorporating other kinds of supplements. Doing so will also help particularly if you are also experiencing some types of ailments aside from thyroid problem. Here are some more essentials.


Vitamin C and E are not the only vitamins that contain antioxidant properties. Vitamin A should also be supplemented to persons with thyroid problem. There are also some forms of antioxidants which are usually excluded in numerous vitamins and minerals, but are at hand in antioxidant combo.

Essential Fatty Acids:

Elevated dosages of essential fatty acids are also needed to supplement the health of your thyroid. This can be obtained in gel capsule supplements. There is also the liquid form for these essentials.

Amino Acids:

This is essential in metabolizing the thyroid’s performance. It is important that you should take a few grams of amino acids daily to support thyroid health.

The finest thyroid vitamin can create an extraordinary distinction for your thyroid health. It does not matter whether you are taking the natural or artificial form of thyroid supplement as long as it can help in your condition. With the proper guidance of your doctors, remember to ask about the proper dosage of these supplements as well.


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