Tibetan dZi benefits

dZi with red cinnabar

What can dZi help you in health?

In traditional of Tibetan, dZi is like a part of their lives where it is kept within their community of people. That is why there is so little understanding of the source where dZi is originated. The word dZi or also pronounced as Zee that comes with the special white line design on the black or brown surface as patterns. These patterns made it unique and carries different meanings with values. As far as it is said, the ones that come with 3-eye or 9-eye are mostly classified under the top of the range in value.

The obsession of the Tibetan dZi by most Tibetans have come a long way since centuries ago where the fascination of the etched agate beads which carries some meanings of protection and guardians. It had managed to survive from antiquity and now it has emerged to the world again where it belongs to religion, social and economic spheres. It is deep in the root of the Tibetan culture community where the ancient beliefs link between them and making hard for anyone to gather more details. Only a handful of dZi beads were being sold in the West since most Tibetans hold them as high value in part of their lives which make them selling at high prices. At that time, it happened that authors from the West got acquainted with the Tibetan refugees in 1978 and 1979 where it was first sold.

It has been used in the form of medicinal purposes like healing with a touch of the dZi and consume as a powder mixture with other ingredients. There were many sayings that the dZi protects the owner against illnesses, strokes and evil spirits. Once the dZi is broken or damaged when worn then it had absorbed the bad effect of supernatural and render it useless thereafter.

This dZi is being used as a part of the ingredients to make traditional medicine where its combination can help to cure brain diseases or extract poison. It also uses for detoxifying the body to help with liver ailments, blood pressure, migraine, seizures, fevers and physical disorders. The mixture of ingredients are well over 100 which developed by Tibetan scholar, Khedup Ugen Rinchen Pal where it consists of gold, silver, pearls, lapis lazuli, dZi, etc. These are mixed together into fine powder and made into pills for consumption. These are known as Precious Pills where it has been used to administer as safeguard against illnesses like poisoning, blood clots, ulcers, cancer, paralysis and high blood pressure. It is used as therapeutic effects based on the combination of many different organic and minerals substances to gain the healing benefits.

Lastly, each dZi bead comes with a source of Qi energy that can also be used to heal a person as it helps to align the life-force in our bodies to be attuned with the earth energy.

Testing dZi energy force


Journey of seeking dZi bead

We remembered a person who we had met many years ago where he was shown the dZi bead but it was just a brief introduction and he did not take interests. Surprisingly after several years later, he came to us again and looking at the same dZi that he had years ago, this time he took a serious look and feeling the dZi. After several hours of chatting and he felt the vibration of the bead and finally he realized that it was meant for him. Even though that he did not have it the last time when he was shown, it means the time isn't right yet. So we do believe that only those who are fated to possess these sacred dZi will come around when it is time.

Every individual dZi bead is meant to be only possessed by the person who is fated. It does not matter what you maybe thinking at that moment, when it is not time yet, you will never want it for yourself. The power of dZi can help a person to journey through life in the path where it helps to avert obstacles and dangers in life. Embraced your own dZi and feel its power within and the energy that will guide you through daily life.

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