Time to Quit Smoking

As I noted in my profile I am a smoker. Have been now for about 25 years. I would say that I smoke between 15-25 per day – depends on what I am doing really, or how busy I get during the day. For example, I tend to smoke a lot when I am at the Casino! But the thing is, I do not even like smoking, it’s more a ‘habit’ I guess, I get cravings for a smoke.

I smoke full flavor cigs, Seneca 100’s if you must know, but have been seriously thinking about quitting. Both for health reasons and it is really a waste of money. Truth be told though, I am not the ‘cold turkey’ type and honestly do not think I could do that. So I was thinking of setting a date to stop (and more than likely follow the patch plan) but until then I was thinking of switching to a lighter brand to cut down on the nicotine…not a bad idea, right?

But I remember reading or heard on the news, can’t remember exactly, that low-tar or light cigarettes are just as harmful as full-flavor cigs. Is that true? How can that be? After all, I will be getting less tar which will be good and most importantly – less nicotine - which is what I am addicted to and why I keep puffing these things.

But according to the Federal Government's National Cancer Institute (NCI) light cigarettes provide no benefit to smokers' health.* According to report, the reason is that people are more than likely to who switch to light cigarettes from regular cigarettes are likely to inhale the same amount of hazardous chemicals, and they remain at high risk for developing smoking-related cancers and other diseases.

And now for some good and bad news – for me at least – the NCI go on to say that there is also no evidence that switching to light or ultra-light cigarettes actually helps smokers quit. In fact, a smoker of full’s will more than likely smoke more! Just to get the nicotine the body is used to. Hmmm. So maybe that is not such a good idea….but the good news is that if I can quit before I am 50 I will cut my risk of ‘dying’ from lung cancer and other smoking related chronic disease by one half! So maybe it is time to suck it up and just do it.

So I am going to try. Quit I mean. I am setting a date of June 26th as THE DAY. I know, I know, why not just do it right now. Well I have already had a few this morning so today is shot and I have a brand new carton in the house. (Excuses….?) Truth be told I think I need to actually set myself deadline when I am going to stop and prepare myself with things like what to when a crave hits me...etc.

Wish me luck….

*National Cancer Institute. Risks Associated with Smoking Cigarettes with Low Machine-Measured Yields of Tar and Nicotine. Smoking and Tobacco Control Monograph 13. Bethesda, MD: NCI 2001

Update: Well, the patches were not working. I mean they did sort of take away the cravings but I was still smoking along with it. Plus they gave me too vivid dreams! Not nightmares but weird dreams. And i guess the point of this is to rid myself of the 'nicotine' which using patches is not. Same thing - different form. So I started to look for different avenues - saw a commercial on CigArrest which is supposed to be natural. I also came across Nicocure which has good reviews, better than the CigArrest. Who knows I may try them all. I also am curious about the e-cigs that have become popular. Blu Cigs is about the only one I have found that does not have automatic monthly commitment.

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Health Conscious profile image

Health Conscious 8 years ago from South Florida - USA

Great Timing

After 30 years, I quit 5 months ago, which happens to be 10 months shy of 50y.

A couple of suggestions that helped me.

It is a good idea to set a date and yes I think it is best to begin the process with a new smoke free day.

One other suggestion is to hold off on the 1st cig of the day as long as possible till the big day --

Try to make it at least a weekend and best a long weekend and make sure not to plan anything.

I happen to disagree with most on the nicotine addition severity thing - It's not the nicotine - Tried the patch many times and it never worked.

I just happened to have posted a Hub - How to Stop Smoking in One Step

Check it out


Bonnie Ramsey profile image

Bonnie Ramsey 8 years ago from United States

I wish you all the best! My hubby and I are doing the same thing! We are also not the cold turkey type and because I am prone to seizures, I can't take the pills or patches most use. So, we have bought half the cigarettes we normally do, emptied all the ashtrays, put them out in the utility room, along with all the cigarettes and we no longer smoke in the house. Because they are not as convenient, we don't smoke as much and we are going to be timing ourselves, not smoking for a certain number of hours with that increasing each day until we are totally off the cigarettes. I have enlisted the help of my little grand-daughter who is staying with me this summer to make sure that I am successful. I told her that when we finally get down to none at all and I am craving one, I want her to give grammy a really big hug and tell her how much she loves her but she can't smoke. lol. She can be very persuasive!


tlap profile image

tlap 8 years ago Author

Hi Bonnie

I think I may be going the same route as you - yesterday I did not make it through the day even. I suppose it would help if my wife quit too! But that is no excuse. I had bought the patches after the Pharmacist recommended those over the other options - like the gum - so I bought the generic ones at Walmart. They really did not seem to do much though and I struggled throughout the day. Finally could not take not more and 'begged' (threatened??? :)) my wife for one. So any way I have six cigs for Today - along with the patch on and if that goes well ( so far it is OK - had 1 after breakfast and one a while ago after lunch), then I will continue to cut down until I am patching alone .... then ..... well hopefully I will eventually be a non-smoker.

But I am trying.

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