Tiny, Red, Itchy Bumps on Elbow - Dermatitis Treatment for Painful Clusters on Forearm Crook or Crease

Atopy of the Flexure Crease of the Elbow.

Atopy of the flexure crease of the elbow.
Atopy of the flexure crease of the elbow.

Tiny, itchy bumps on your elbow and forearm can be quite upsetting. Lots of things could cause small itchy bumps to appear on your elbows, so you should always speak to your doctor about treatment. With an accurate diagnosis, you can be more sure that you are using the correct treatment for a rash on your elbows.

The skin is the largest organ in the body. If something is wrong in the body, you will see signs on your skin fairly quickly. You should never ignore any changes that you see in your skin and should always discuss them with your doctor.

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Lichen Planus rash on right arm and forearms, couldn't wear sleeveless dress

Itchy Rash on Elbows Due to Gluten Allergy- Dermatitis Herpetiformis Treatment

Some people get an itchy rash on their elbows and other parts of their skin because they are allergic to gluten. Gluten is a protein that is found in lots of different processed and natural foods.

If you are allergic to gluten, it is vital for you to read labels carefully on all the foods that you have, since gluten can appear in foods that you don't expect to see it in. Even bottled sauces can contain gluten.

The Best Test for Gluten Sensitivity

Dermatitis Herpetiformis is sometimes an indicator that inflammation may also be taking place in your digestive system. An itchy rash on your elbows may be the only obvious sign that your body has a sensitivity to gluten.

Cutting gluten out of your diet can cause an itchy elbow rash to go away in persons who have Dermatitis Herpetiformis.

Is It Eczema or Celiacs symptom?

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Treating Atopic Dermatitis in the Elbow Crease

Tiny, red, itchy bumps on elbow & forearm in painful clusters may appear around the crease of the elbow. This is sometimes a sign that you have atopic dermatitis.

This type of rash tends to itch but it is not contagious so you never need to worry that you may pass it on to other people in your household.

Atopic Dermatitis (Lynda Schneider, MD)

Atopic dermatitis near the crease of the elbow may extend all the way up the forearm. People who are affected sometimes have red, irritated, scaly dry skin on other parts of their body.

Your doctor can correctly diagnose atopic dermatitis if it is the cause of the bumps on your elbow. In many cases, people with this type of dermatitis tend to have other family members who are affected.

Atopic Dermatitis Eczema

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Natural Treatment for Tiny, Red, Itchy Bumps on Elbow & Forearm in Painful Clusters

A good moisturizer can prevent atopic dermatitis from developing on the elbow. This is because the moisturizer keeps the skin from drying out. Use an all natural soap to clean your skin if your skin tends to dry out easily. Iowa Soapworks has a good line of skin cleansing products that work well on sensitive skin.

Shea is a good moisturizer for the skin and it is natural. Some stores sell raw shea butter but you can also get all natural moisturizers that contain shea and other natural oils, such as coconut oil which are good for sensitive skin. African Skin Solutions sells unrefined pure shea butter which is extracted without using any chemicals. Kukui oil is also good for irritated skin and people with rosacea have found it beneficial.This is one of the best natural moisturizers for dehydrated skin in babies.

How to: Whipped Shea Butter for Dry skin/ Eczema

Tiny, Red, Itchy Bumps on Elbow & Forearm in Painful Clusters- Heat Rash

Tiny, red, itchy bumps on elbow & forearm in painful clusters can also be due to heat. People who have a tendency to develop heat rash usually get bumps when the weather is really hot and humid.

They tend to get a prickly feeling on their forearms and in other areas that are affected by the rash. Prickly heat powder is good for people with heat rash. If you have heat rash, you should avoid oil based products since these will clog your pores and make the rash worse.

Heat Rash - Easy Solutions for Prickly Summer Problem

Treatment for Tiny, Red, Itchy Bumps on Elbow & Forearm in Painful Clusters- Avoid Irritants

Tiny, red, itchy bumps on elbow & forearm in painful clusters can be prevented by avoiding the things that cause your body to react in that way. If you find that you develop a rash after coming in contact with certain detergents or other chemicals, you should avoid using them.

Contact dermatitis is fairly common but it can be a source of discomfort for people of all ages. Eating well and drinking lots of water can also help to keep your skin soft and prevent some rashes.

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