Tips To Ensure A Safe And Effective Workout

Any fitness expert will tell you that safety is the key to ensuring a trouble-free workout. Whether neophyte or professional in the field of exercise, it is always best to work out under safe conditions in order to achieve your desired body built.

The following tips will enhance your well-being, both in terms of safety and physical fitness:

  1. Check with the doctor- The intensity of your workout will ultimately depend on the capacity of your body. Your doctor should be able to identify your limits especially if you have cardiovascular disorders or any health risks.
  2. Exercise slowly but surely- Beginners usually fall into the trap of starting fast and hard, thinking that speed and intensity can hasten their objective. However, this can end up pretty bad. Experts advise to begin your exercise program at a slow and steady pace, say 15 minutes thrice a week. After a few weeks, you can lengthen the duration to 30 minutes or increase the intensity.
  3. Warm up to perk up- A warm up routine may seem redundant to those who just started with their exercise program, but it is more than that. Warming up prepares the body before the actual exercise, preventing any untoward injuries. Routines may involve stretching, walking, or doing your original exercise program at a very slow pace.
  4. Load up before working out- Exercise dehydrates your body by making it perspire. Hence, it is very important to take in a lot of fluids before and during the workout. Start with about 500 ml of water a few hours before exercising. In the same manner, try to eat two hours before the workout. The food that you ingested can boost your exercise and prevent headaches caused by hunger.
  5. Monitor your own body- If you feel something abnormal during or after working out, scrutinize it more closely. Your body might need to take some time off the exercise routine. Although the phrase “no pain, no gain” is inspiring, take note that small pains often lead to chronic injuries when not attended to.
  6. Know when to rest- While you may be itching to get rid of your excess pounds, give your body some time to breathe. Aside from giving yourself enough time to sleep, you can take rest days from working out.

All in all, working out involves a balance between aiming for physical fitness and maintaining a safe and risk-free routine.

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