Tips and Tricks to Increase Height After Puberty

Many think that increasing a persons height after puberty has finished is impossible, and that a body's height is settled at that point. Bones will definitely not grow any more after they've done with the fusing process that happens during puberty, that does not mean that you cannot increase height after puberty, you can. I can hear you thinking - but how can I increase my height as an Adult?

There is a solution. Check out this article on 'How to Grow Taller '.

#1 Grow Taller Guide

Although the bones are unable to lengthen any further, there are other parts that make up your body which can be encouraged to lengthen. Often these ligaments and tendons are not working optimally. In addition, for many people, compression has occurred. So it is logical that by working on these parts of the body, you can make them lengthen and become more supple. Working on these areas can help you to increase height by quite a few inches.

There seem to be two main ways to increase height after puberty. Exercises for stretching the legs is the first way, secondly - working on elongating the spinal column and correcting any issues with posture. These are both ways you can increase height after pubert, but remember that it's best not to overdo any of it and to treat these exercises with great care.

Jumping rope is a great exercise for your legs. Its best done in several short bits, with a good amount of resting in between each session. Make sure that when you do this exercise that you jump with both legs at the same time.. Five minutes each time is the best amount of time for this exercise, also make sure that you don't do it every day or on days that you are doing other leg exercises.

Another really cool way to grow taller and increase height, is to use a bike. Moving the seat of your bike up a bit is the trick to this one, this makes you stretch your legs every time you use the pedals. Although it might be a little uncomfortable at first, your legs will slowly stretch each time you do a turn of the pedals. For those that feel a little unsteady, using a stationary bike to start with is a good plan..

Yet another good exercise regime to grow taller are Yoga stretches, the are really good for helping your spine to lengthen. Using Yoga is great for all of your body, it helps to increase your strength and also helps to make you more supple. In particular, the yoga poses like the Bow and the Wheel are really great for encouraging height increase. Many of the very basic yoga poses are also excellent for the spind and will help to lengthen it and increase height. To ensure maximum effectiveness it's important to make sure that you don't arch your back while doing these yoga stretches.

A lot of options are available for those wanting to increase height after puberty and to grow taller. I found my answer through the site 'How to Grow Taller Naturally' - I highly recommend that you look at it today. It reviews a great program on how to grow taller by adding 2-3 inches to your height in 6 weeks. It's guaranteed!

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ayesha 6 years ago

i like your views

Aakriti 5 years ago

I really like your views i hope this would work

Simran 5 years ago

I like your views. They can be helpful to us.!!!

Priyanka 4 years ago

I lyk ur tips this is realy useful 4 us

pramod patil 4 years ago

Its true, its realy work

ANU BAGANG 4 years ago


LUCY TALOM 4 years ago


yogesh 4 years ago

i am 26 year height is 163.5 cm . I want to grow my height up to 166 cm. please suggest me any medicine or tips . how can grow my height at this age? My E-mail Id:

seper shapoori 3 years ago

how can I be sure that this is true? plz answer me

Rajkumar Narvariya 3 years ago

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tanusodhi 3 years ago

Pls tell me the way how can i increase my height pls pla

bharat 3 years ago

my height is 5.5 I want to grow up to 5.8 my age is 20 please tell me how to increase my height fastly

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s mahender yadav 3 years ago

my height is 5.6 I want to grow up to 5.8 my age is 20 please tell me how to increase my height fastly

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viswa 3 years ago

Anyone get height

ajit yadav 3 years ago

My height is 5'8.5" .I want it to b 5'11". Plz suggest me ur tips so I can enjoy my life in a positive way..

shivani 3 years ago

Add Your Comme..

I m 16. But my heightis only 4 ft. I really want to increase my height. Wht should i do? Plz rply

juwa 2 years ago

im 24 years old, asian and 5'5 in height.. i want to be at least 5'7.. is that possible?.. plz reply..

aayushi 2 years ago

I m jus 14 and my hyt is juss 4'11 give me sujetion that i won 5'4 at least

basketball 2 years ago

hey i am 21, i wanna grow few inches more me!

Shallu malhotra 2 years ago

Hey i am 17.i wanna increase height some inches....pls help me

Shallu malhotra 2 years ago

Hey i am 17.i wanna increase height some inches....pls help me

ankush sonone 2 years ago

hi...i am 20. i wanna grow few inches hight more....plzzz help

CHANDRA KANTH 2 years ago

my height is 5.2 I want to grow up to 5.8 my age is 20 please tell me how to increase my height fastly PZ My E-mail Id:

sneha 2 years ago

my height is 5 ft & I am 24 i wanna increase my height 4 inches, pls help me

shiva 2 years ago

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mohit garg 2 years ago

How can i increase my height and my age is 22 and i want to increase 3-4 inches suggest me some ways

Shreya 2 years ago

I am 15 years and my height is 5"2inches. I want to increase 5-6 inches.pls give me suggestion

Sagar 2 years ago

I think this solution may work because it really about scientific reasons,

karthik 2 years ago

Hey iam 16 and my height is 5.5 how to grow pls help me

Johnk493 2 years ago

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ok 2 years ago

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shaik yunus 2 years ago

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pankaj saini 2 years ago

great to view toll....!!!!

kirak kiran 2 years ago

My Height is 5.5 iwant 5.8 tell any height plz tell any tricks 23 months ago

I am 16 how can I grow my height plez tell

pratyush panigrahi 23 months ago

hey friendss do simple streches to increase height mainly touching toes ..this is the best it daily maintian good posture sit stright stand a age is 24 i hv incresed my height my 1 inch in just 1 week by just try out..and be positive mainly ...u wil see result...think positive your brain will listen to work mind and strt working according to it...

Yukta 17 months ago

I m 14 yrs old height is 4.9 .....and I want to increase my height .....and want to gain height above 5.2

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