Tips to bring back your youth and body

Bring back your Youth

If you are above 60 and you think that you are becoming old, here are the six things that can bring you back your youth.

1. Are you feeling old, then the first thing for you to do is, " Simply wipe the thought that you are old from your mind, just forget it."

2.Give more preference to vegetables, fruits, and as much as cereals in your food. Totally avoid substances that can cause you cholesterol, such as oil, salt, sweet, etc., if you adapt to this system of diet then you can really be sure of staying away from obesity, diabetics, and even cancer.

3.Do some exercise everyday. Make it a practice to alot atleat 30 minutes a day for exercise.Go for a walk,or do some simple exercise, or engage yourself in your garden, do some cleaning work in your home. This will help you keep away stress from your mind and physically also you will feel strong.

4. Make it a practice to stick to your favourite pass time everyday. It can reading books, listening to music, checking with the crossword puzzles, going for a small trip. Do anything that is your favourite because when you do what you love you involve yourself mentally and physically, which rejuvenates the mind and there wont be any stress. Your mind will so fresh.

5.Never hesitate to go to your Doctor. Go for periodical check ups even if you don't have any problem in your health, talk to him and take his advice and follow them.

6.Be always cheerful, try to keep smiling, a cheerful temper promotes digestion and that promotes good health, it gives a sunshine to the face. Always remember, " A merry Heart does good like a medicine".

Follow these simple tips you can bring back your youth.

"When one is willing and eager, then God will join us".

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msms profile image

msms 8 years ago

"Are you feeling old?" Not only feeling old I am old. Ha ha ha :-)Thanks Easwer!

You thought of old people like me.

One more TIP you can add: Dye your hairs regularily with good colour.Another TIP can be "Always be in company of young people (preferably females)".

Jokes apart, your Hub is good advice ...Only danger is that writers on Hub Pages will not accept that they are 'old'. They are all young. See my photo on left, 5 month child.

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