Tissue Paper: Information, Reviews and Deals

Quality product from the best known producer of facial tissues.

These Kleenex ColdCare Facial Tissues are extra large (by 50 procent), meaning they offer better and more comfortable coverage of runny noses and coughs.

Three layers of germ-blocking, incredible soft, but still sturdy layers provide extraordinary comfort. Furthermore, the absorbent middle layer keeps you hands dry and free!

The pack contains 18 60-count boxes, which adds up to 1080 tissues in all.

Amazon.com customer reviewer Debbie Montgomery of Lynchburg, VA says:

"These Extra Large Kleenex are worth the few extra pennies you pay over the smaller versions. I have been using them for several years and once you start using them, it's hard to go back to a regular sized tissue. My only drawback is that I cannot find them any longer on the shelves of our local stores. Therefore, I order them in bulk from Amazon, usually a couple of cases at a time and store them in my walk-in pantry. It's an easy way to get them, Amazon's website is wonderful to maneuver through, and the service is always fast and reliable. I promise you that this is the best tissue you will ever use!"

Tissue Paper: General Information

Tissue paper is defined by properties such as its light weight and the fact that it is crêped paper. It is possible to make using both virgin paper pulp as well as recycled paper pulp.

Known for its versatility, tissue paper is used in the production of a large set of products, requiring differing quality and properties. Important properties include strength, weight, thickness, brightness, appearance. ability to absorb, and ability to stretch.

Tissue paper is fabricated using a machine with a single large drying cylinder , using heat from steam, and fitted with a hot air hood. The basic raw material is known as paper pulp and, as mentioned, it can be of the virgin kind as well as the recycled kind. In order to make the paper stick, the drying cylinder is sprayed with adhesives. The paper obtains its creping by the cylinder's blade that scrapes the dry paper off the cylinder surface. This crêping can be controlled using the strength of the adhesive, the shape of the blade, difference of pace between the cylinder and the final section of the paper, as well as characteristics of the paper pulp.

One of the most important applications is the facial tissue.

Facial tissues, also known as paper handkerchiefs, is the term used for soft, absorbent, disposable paper designed to be used for the face. Often facial tissue is sold in boxes and is designed to making it easier and more comfortable to get rid of nasal mucus. The term may, however, also refer to other types of tissues such napkins and wipes.

Tissue handkerchiefs were first presented in the 1920. After being refined over all these years, becoming softer and stronger, it is remarkable how the basic design remains intact. A testament to the popularity of this product, is the fact that it is estimated that each person in Western Europe uses approximately 200 tissue handkerchiefs a year, a number that is expected to be even higher in North America.

The paper tissue's usefulness was highlighted during the swine flu epidemic, where its ability to minimize the spread of infection was promoted with slogans such as “Catch it, bin it, kill”.

Other important applications include:

Paper towels

Wrapping Tissue

Toilet paper

Table Napkins

Quality product from Kleenex, containing four packages, each with 8 rolls, meaning a total of 32 rolls of paper towels.

These are softer, stronger, thicker, more durable and more absorbent than competing brands, thereby ensuring effective cleaning of spills and messes

For the conscientious consumer it is worth noting, that these paper towels are biodegradable.

Amazon.com customer reviewer Michael Kerner from Brooklyn, New York says:

"Thickest Is the Best!

Everyday we use paper towels to cleanup in the kitchen and the batroom. We also use it to pickup those little messes on the floor. Out of all the brands I've tried, Kleenex really knows what it is about when it comes to really making the best in paper towels. This pack of Viva paper towels is very thick, and really picks up much more than other brands like Bounty and Brawny. Although it is more expensive than other brands, it really deliver the best in value and quality, and you could sometimes re-use it because it is so thick to pickup thicker messes. I absolutely love this brand, it is really worth the money. I just wish there were more sheets to use per roll.

Price: B+

Convience: A-

Overall: B+

Toilet Paper Deal From Amazon

The Charmin brand is famous for making the softest toilet paper, and Charmin Ultra is their finest achievement yet, the softest and the most absorbent toilet paper they have so far produced.

The whole family will love the extra comfort Charmin Ultra provides over the regular brands.

Amazon.com customer reviewer C. Guinn of Seattle, WA says:

"This Charmin tissue is soft, which is key to use on the areas that TP is typically used. It is so soft you can use it for your nose with no problems. The tissue is also thick so it is absorbant as well. On the down side, be careful not to use too much at a time or you might clog the toilet. I tried Scott tissue and was sorely disappointed by its 1-ply thickness and rough texture, but this Charmin does the trick."

Lunch Napkin Deal From Amazon

This is an extremely environmentally friendly product of good quality and price, that comes practically packed in boxes.

Seventh Generation uses 100% recycled paper with minimum of 80% post consumer materials. In addition the napkins are whitened using an environmentally safe process, never with chlorine bleach.
Recommended for people with allergies, this product is hypo-allergenic, dye and fragrance free.
Amazon.com customer reviewer Andrew James from Western MA says:

"Just as good as other brands...

...We use them at dinner time to wipe our hands and faces and they work just fine. No fancy pictures just a napkin that I don't feel as guilty using."

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