Toddler and Child Heros

I was reading another news story today about a child saving another child's life. The boy was drowning, he was a young 13, and he asked rescuers to save his brothers life before he drowned. I have been hearing countless storries about children saving other children. I even read a story, wich I will also list, where a three year old pulls his one year old sister out of a trailor fire. The baby ended up with burns, and the mother died, but none the less, those babies are alive.

When I hear stories like this, it makes me want to cry, and I am not an emotional person. Babies and children are very sweet, they can put their life knowingly on the line for someone they love. When you hear stories like this, and then stories of parents killing their children, it sickens me. How can someone look at a precious life, something inocent, and is capable of nothing but loving the ones that take care of them, and then murder them in cold blood?

I am going to share a few links to news articles for you to read. These are only a few of the many children heros that we have today. The one that has touched me the most, would be about the 3 year old that has saved his one year old sister from a fire. The baby burns himself, and was still capable of saving his sibling. I have not found the article that states his burns, and this information was in a news article a couple of years back. However, I did find an article on it.

If you have any information on a touching story about a child hero, feel free to share it.

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Myra Tylor profile image

Myra Tylor 5 years ago from China

Good story, I like it.

sarclair profile image

sarclair 5 years ago Author

I am glad you liked it Myra.

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