Toenail fungus

Toenail fungus which can hurt.

      Toenail fungus can be a real pain and unpleasant.  It is called Onchomylysis (sic).   Who really cares what the name is as long as I can tell you how to take care of it without prescription medicine.


     First of all it will probably start as athlete's foot or toe fungus.   Then it can spread to your toenails.  so before it gets nasty you might want to cure just your athlete's foot.   There are many creams on the market which work temporary but cost a lot.


    A very simple treatment and as you see I did not say cure.  Very, very hard to cure this condition, but it is possible, but it is expensive and after a few years it comes back again.


      This simple treatment is getting a bucket or pail or large pan and putting water in it along with 1 part bleach  to 40 parts of water.  Just start weak and increase the bleach later.  Put in a little vinegar and soap.   Soak your feet for about 10 minutes and then rinse off your feet.  

    In a couple of days you will see an improvement.   That fast!  It is amazing,since all those creams do not work any better at all. 


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