Tony Horton – The Man Behind Ingenious Home Exercise Programs

Tony Horton
Tony Horton

There are few people who actually enjoy working out. Far too many people are willing to complain about their gut while making excuses for why they cannot work out. However, Tony Horton has pieced together ingenious home exercise programs that have even the most skeptical person reconsidering working out.

You flip on the television and are enjoying your favorite show. As it heads to a commercial break, you may be inclined to flip the channel until your show is back on. But just before you do so, a man pops up on your screen promoting an exercise program you simply cannot turn away from. What you have just witnessed is one of the many infomercials Tony Horton has produced to promote his exquisite programs.

10 Minute Trainer
10 Minute Trainer

The most notable programs hitting the market by storm are P90X and the 10 minute trainer. He has brilliantly put together programs that the average person will consider including in their daily lives. But to understand how he got to where he is today, you need to better understand the person behind the fame.

Typically when you see a man ripped with muscles your first reaction is to think that he has always been like that. However, Tony Horton used to be the average person who loved fast food and absolutely dreaded working out. He was just another puny guy that never thought fitness would have an impact on his life.

So how did he become the fitness icon he is today? He always had a passion for acting and soon moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. What he quickly realized is that having a fit body can have a drastic effect on an actor. It was from here that history began

He soon joined the famous World Gym in Venice and started to grow an interest for fitness in general. He began reading books and studying up on professional bodybuilders. However, he never wanted the ideal stiff bodybuilder image. He wanted to maintain a fitness regimen that included cardio and weightlifting to provide him with a flexible and muscular look.

Because of the tremendous transformation he quickly made, he soon became someone people wanted as a personal trainer. He has even trained the likes of Sean Connery, Tom Petty and Shirley MacLaine.

Carl Daikeler
Carl Daikeler

While doing some acting here and there, the true opportunity came when Tony Horton met up with Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody. They instantly had a connection and realized there was potential for huge things to come. As soon as the two became a team tremendous things began to happen.

The first of the team’s programs to be released was the incredible Power 90. This boot camp introduced simple exercises that were to be conducted in a high powered 30 minute workout. After the release of this, Tony Horton came out with P90X and P90X+. However, this was not enough for the team.

They began to realize that many people often complain about not having enough time to workout. With this came the advent of the 10 minute trainer, which was a collection of all of the P90X exercises condensed down to just 10 minutes. It gave people hope that they could actually get fit and healthy with 10 minutes of exercise.

The career of Tony Horton truly is spectacular considering where he came from and the type of person he was. Although he has produced some tremendous programs, there seems to be nothing stopping him from releasing plenty more in the future.

Tony Horton's P90X Plus

Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer

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