Tony Horton's 10 Minute Workout For The Busy Folk

10 Minute Trainer Workout

No time to lose getting fit in 10 minutes - Tony Horton's 10 Minute Workout

Experts agree that exercise is not only good for you, but also necessary for reducing your chances of getting cancer, heart disease or having a stroke. Many adults find it difficult to make the mental shift from viewing exercise as just another chore that must get done, to an activity that is fun and can truly generate results. Still adding more ‘chores' to an already over-booked day is usually not welcomed. Perhaps a shorter workout might be possible. However, the belief among many of us is that exercising less than the so-called required amount of time won't do you any good. Is this necessarily true?

According to several recent studies, working out for less than the norm of at least 30 minutes per day on three or more days per week, is still an effective strategy for fitness and weight loss. In fact, short, intensive exercise for as little as ten minutes at a time can be just as effective as longer lasting workouts.

Tony Horton

That's welcomed news to busy folks in the 21st century. So the truth is, even if you have ten minutes at a time to work out, then you can still achieve your fitness goals. Tony Horton is a popular athlete and personal trainer who can give you the best workout in the shortest amount of time. Even though there is evidence that shorter workouts can yield a decent level of fitness, the assumption seems to be that the playing field among exercise programs is level. Would each and every workout that someone undertakes for those ten minutes yield equal results?

Horton would agree that workouts are not created equal. Tony's vast experience in the fitness industry gives him the credibility to weigh in on this issue. In fact, he has designed a program that addresses two issues; time and efficacy. Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer is just what the name implies; ten minutes to reach your goals while still keeping your commitments. What's more is that the program has flexibility where you are encouraged to do more than one ten minute block of exercises. The more you do, the more dramatic will be your results.

Tony wanted to maximize those ten minutes so that you could best utilize the time. The moves and support tools like resistance bands power up your workout and shift your personal best to a new level. The program is packaged as a comprehensive kit which has a guidebook, 10 minute meals, on the go workout cards, and a resistance kit.

Tony Horton's 10-Minute Program is a comprehensive plan which is user-friendly, consistent with current medical opinion and flexible. It presents as a credible choice for those seeking an effective workout.

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Lgali 7 years ago

good info

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thanks man. u helped alot dude and im looking forward to heading to the gym.

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