Toothache and tooth Abscess


This morning, I am suffering the worst facial disfigurement due to a tooth abscess..yup.

This started a week ago with slight pain in the tooth on drinking hot tea, it has progressed to no pain at all, and over the course of last nite..this, acute pain and huge swelling of my top lip,nose and cheek. I haven't slept all night and after a much unwanted and fought against trip to my dentist, I am back with a week long course of Anti-biotics .

This is the fourth tooth abscess I have racked up this year alone, I wait and wait in appaling pain, not wanting to give in and go to the big D, (the mare mention gives me a sick feeling so sticking to D) but eventually I have to give in..

The pain associated with the teeth in particular abscesses , is a pain we all know well and we know it can be excrutiating, even worse than labour for some women, this is because the teeth are located so close to the head and the pain receptors and nerves are located in the brain giving the pain a shorter distance to travel, indeed, we often feel like dropping a weight on our foot to take away the pain from the mouth!

There are a few home-made remedies on the web to relieve pain and swelling and I am fortunate(or unfortunate) enough to have tried most of them-amazing what crazy and odd things we try when in pain.

I have to admit there are a few that do alleviate the symptoms , but no way should be substituted for a swift trip to the dentist, as these may alleviate only the SYMPTOMS not cure the cause or clear the infection.

An abscess forms from either a crack in the tooth or decaying hole in which infection starts and spreads rapidly, the infection can be either in the tooth pulp, or at the base of the tooth around the nerves and tissues, giving the tooth an elevated appearance as the swelling pushes the tooth up out of the socket.

Left untreated , the pus (poison) can erupt through the bone or jaw and spread into facial tissues as in my case, or in the case of a lower tooth infection, down into the base of the mouth and throat. In the worst-case scenario and although it is extremely rare, death can occur from sceptacemia. The abscess may go away , but it will almost certainly come back again if the initial cause is not treated, this is usually a root canal filling, removing the nerve or extraction.

Assuming it is nighttime and you cannot get to a dentist till the morning here are some home-made remedies that may help alleviate symptoms till the morning;

A tea bag, wet or dry packed against the tooth and kept in for a few hours has the effect of drawing away the poison , and this indeed helped me some time ago.

Clove oil, available from chemists or health food shops is an instant pain reliever. As is anbusol, an antiseptic liquid available from supermarkets and chemists and worth having in -also can be used on mouth ulcers and is ok for children to have.

Salt water, swill it round the mouth for ten minutes -as salt acts as an antiseptic and has been used for many years for medicinal purposes.

A hairdryer blast into the mouth and aimed at the tooth in question will take away pain whilst it is blowing, not for everyone but always works for me.

Finally-there is no substitute for Prescribed Amoxycillin and penicillin , my symptoms have almost gone and I took my first dose of tablets only an hour ago!!

Word of warning, if you are prescribed Anti-biotics, do not do as I did and many other people do and only take the tablets till you feel better, as some of the infection may remain and the Abscess will return even stronger than the first time , always always ALWAYS finish the course you are given!




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