Top 10 Best Workout Songs

I like to run. A lot. But I can only get in the groove if I have fast-paced songs to listen to. Otherwise, it's just not motivating.

Here are my top ten favorites... enjoy!

1. Pearl Jam - Whipping

I know... you wouldn't think Pearl Jam would be a great workout band, right? Think again. This is the ULTIMATE running song. Just listening to it now makes me want to go dust off my sneakers and hit the track. Almost.

2. Gnarls Barkley - Run

'scuse the pun, but "Run" is a great song for... well... running. You may want to fast-forward the video into until the song kicks in at about 40 seconds in. Also, "Going On" is another close second for a great Gnarls Barkley workout tune.

3. Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

Trust me, there are fewer artists I loathe more than Avril Lavigne. However, this song is damn catchy, and even though the lyircs are horribly cheesy, it will get your blood pumping.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers - On Mercury

I think it's a shame that not many people know this song. It's by far the best Chili Peppers song ever. And a great workout tune!

5. Tom Petty - Running Down a Dream

Another run pun, another great tune. Thank you, Tom Petty.

6. Stutter - Elastica

Some of my fellow 90's fans may remember this song from the 1995 gem "Mad Love" with Drew Barrymore and Chris O'Donnell, where Drew is dancing like a maniac to this song. It has that effect on people. Go try it.

7. Green Day - Coming Clean

To be fair, most of Green Day's songs are great workout songs, although this one is my favorite. Seconds runners up are "American Idiot" and "Welcome to Paradise."

8. Stone Temple Pilots - Unglued

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a regular video for this song, only terrible live ones. This one's decent, but you have to forward to 45 seconds in when the song kicks in.

9. Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger

This is a new one, but a goodie! Gets me going, every time.

10, Aerosmith - Young Lust

And last but not least... an oldie but a goodie! Another great fast-paced running track, courtesy of Steven Tyler and crew.

So, what do you guys think? Did I miss any crucial workout songs? I'd be happy to take suggestions to add either to this list or to my personal workout playlist.

So... what are your favorite workout songs?

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Savva Pelou profile image

Savva Pelou 4 years ago from London

A very well put together list, I love these songs

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